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Swish By E.Davies,

  • Title: Swish
  • Author: E.Davies
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I wouldn t be caught dead kissing you Alex was always something else Bank teller Thomas Riley is the youngest of three brothers, and the only single one That s not to say nobody s interested His ex, hunky Alex, is back in town and wants to see him But Alex nearly screwed up both of his brothers lives, and Thomas isn t willing to forgive him easily There s no way I wouldn t be caught dead kissing you Alex was always something else Bank teller Thomas Riley is the youngest of three brothers, and the only single one That s not to say nobody s interested His ex, hunky Alex, is back in town and wants to see him But Alex nearly screwed up both of his brothers lives, and Thomas isn t willing to forgive him easily There s no way reigniting an old flame can work right I knew we still had chemistry Moving back to your hometown isn t easy when your ex moves back, too especially the one that got away After getting on Thomas s bad side, private detective Alex Walker is determined to at least explain himself He s not just looking to screw Thomas again Then, on the ski trails, Thomas falls head over heels for him literally than Alex hoped How can he prove he s trustworthy to the family after spying on both of Thomas s brothers Is it becoming Becoming boyfriends is risky when Thomas just wants to get ahead in life and Alex is challenging his morals and his fears If Alex wants to catch Thomas, this time, Alex will have to keep up and change his ways for good And can Thomas overcome his own fears to come clean to everyone Swish is a steamy, stand alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
    Swish I wouldn t be caught dead kissing you Alex was always something else Bank teller Thomas Riley is the youngest of three brothers and the only single one That s not to say nobody s interested His ex h

    One thought on “Swish”

    1. Here s book 3 in the series We get the story of the young brother, Thomas He s had issues about hiding his gayness, and it s time for that to stop His High School love is back in town, Alex, who s doing private investigation Neither man has ever stopped loving the other, even though they had never had sex But, there are bad feelings between Alex and Thomas s brothers from a past investigative job The men begin to see each other, including very hot sexiness, and the deep emotions are still there [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI absolutely loved this The end of book 3 had me wondering who the heck Thomas was talking to When I all of a sudden saw Alex s name, I thought WHOA I didn t see that coming We finally see Thomas getting his happy ever after He is such a quiet person, especially compared to his brothers He struggled with finding personal happiness, and he closed himself off from finding it much by focusing on his professional happines [...]

    3. Swish was a bit of a let down for me I just got tired of all the manufactured drama Frankly, when I finally found out why Thomas had been hiding this sexuality from his family for years I reacted likeHuh, what That s why you never told them Lame Between Chase s dad coming around, Cam s ex selling their story, and the cheating spousesere was just too much drama being built up, but in the end all the storylines ended up sort of fizzling out or being a big let down with how they were handled.And c [...]

    4. I knew after book 2 I was reading this one to finish the series no matter what others reviews were I gotta say, it took effort to not DNF this one At best it was boring If the 2nd was formulaic this one was even so The issue is there was no real drama left to offer up Thomas was the boring brother Another reviewer mentioned the reason for him staying in the closet made no sense This was like a bad life time movie with the manufactured drama , the insta love reunion, boring jobs Even the sex cou [...]

    5. Couldn t get into it, at all The chemistry between Thomas and Alex was weird and horrible I forced myself to get to 29% then DNF I admit to skipping to the end to read the epilogue Disappointing because I loved book one, and book two was okay They just got worse I did not like Thomas as a character at all He was an asshole to his brothers and Alex Alex had nothing going for him I just felt as if the author was checking items off a list Depression check, heart problem check, being kicked out if r [...]

    6. 2.25 starsMy least favorite of the series so far I really liked the first two books, but not so much this one I found myself skimming over quite a few of the parts The story, along with Thomas and Alex s relationship, was just too boring and couldn t hold my attention Hoping things improve in book 4.

    7. This book was just okay I didn t like Thomas as a MC and felt he was emotionally stunted They really don t encounter any difficulties, which is fine, but then they don t have any amazing encounters either You would think Alex s life as a private detective would be exciting The first two books in the serious are much better.

    8. OK how does one drive while watching a cat sit in the driver s seat Yeah, I have no clue either, but Alex managed to do it in this book snort LOL Thomas and Alex, Jackson and Chase and Cam and Noah not to mention the rest of the gang that s a lot of names to keep straight and I would like to say that the author did a great job at it in this book, but that s NOT the case The name mixups were really obvious and annoying, but NOT annoying enough to get me riled grin I am NOT sure what happened with [...]

    9. Good with a couple of butsWhile I was very happy to read Thomas s story I was left feeling rather confused I don t think it was fully explained why Alex wasn t welcome in Toronto, why money was such an issue, why he needed therapy Did I miss something I understand what his job was but I m still left with questions.Also, there are several instances where the incorrect names and words are used Chase being named when it should have been Alex, Alex looking at the cat in the driver seat etc are just [...]

    10. I had been waiting for Thomas story I knew it would be about him and Alex and wanted to know their history It s a good story but I kept getting turned around because half way through the book there begin to be problems with who was actually talking Alex and Noah were talking and then the book said it was Cam that was having the conversation If it s hard to explain, imagine how many times I had to reread that part It took away from the story because it happened than once I gave it 2 stars becaus [...]

    11. The 3rd in a series I was hoping for like the 1st one I wanted to get to know about Thomas I skipped past the many sex scenes I think the scene with Floyd could have been deleted, it made no sense The reason Thomas was hiding the fact that he was gay from his gay brothers through out all 3 books, was a let down.

    12. Thomas is the littlest brother of the Rileys, but is an ambitious, enthusiastic employee at his bank Alex is a private eye who likes the adventure, helping people with everything from cheating spouses to pet retrieval When they meet again after dating in high school and Alex leaving to go to school in Ontario, Thomas is still angry about being dumped But even so, he s upset because Alex was hired to spy on both his brother and his other brother s boyfriend Thomas forgives him, and they can t he [...]

    13. I never warmed to Thomas I liked Alex well enough but Thomas remained reserved and frankly cold to the point where I didn t understand why Alex would care for someone so unyeilding and private to the point of never letting anyone in I did enjoy this book in terms of seeing the Riley Brothers and being in this world but the romance did not work for me.

    14. Not really memorable I believe this is the last I ve purchased for this series so I may not continue since I m rather underwhelmed so far Depends on whether I could find it from someone to borrow I don t think I care enough to buy it myself.

    15. I cannot get enough of this seriesI have deeply fallen in love with not only the Riley brothers, but their partners as well Each bringing to the table their own baggage to be worked through Off to read book 4

    16. Another great storyIt keeps getting better and better with the Riley brothers and their significant others I wonder what up next, so I m diving right into the next book

    17. I love how each book gives you about the characters while also giving you questions Now I m wondering what s up with Floyd And Cam s ex, really Can t wait for the next one.

    18. SwishThis book was the turn of the youngest Riley brother who s always known he s gay but is in the closet as such to his family

    19. Fyi, this is the third book in this series and I haven t read the others DNow it s about Thomas, the younger brother His ex boyfriend is back in town They were boyfriends in school Several years after, he used Thomas to find out stuff about his brothers Well, suffice to say, Thomas is not very amused that he is back Alex s clients taught him he should not trust relationships But there is this crazy feeling in his stomach whenever Thomas is around Will they give in to it In the beginning, I reall [...]

    20. A free copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.3.5 stars This book focuses on Thomas and Alex story Alex and Thomas reunite after Alex takes on cases involving Thomas s loved ones The reunion is less than a happy one Thomas is hot and cold towards Alex because of the cases involving his brother and his brother s SO Alex is regretful but needed the money so had no choice but to take the jobs Alex is than willing to make it up to Thomas as long Thomas is willing to give [...]

    21. Swish is the best and worst book of the series The sex scenes are improved and detailed in this book The flow is still clunky but is vastly improved I liked the Riley brothers They look out for each other and are protective of their men The series has some unique ideas HOWEVER, Swish suffers from too much manufactured drama 1 Thomas reason for hiding his sexuality makes no sense I was expecting something BIG 2 Alex s past in Toronto and his professions while there are confusing OK a 23 year old [...]

    22. Three times the charmNow this one was just right.just like the 3 little bears Now here is a couple that really belong together Alex and Thomas are so natural together They share a fun banter and easy comrade which I found refreshing Maybe because of their history togetherey can tease and call each other names just for fun Alex is a really great character which you can t help but adore Poor guy just wanted to do his job and make a living like everyone else Set out as a detective to help save the [...]

    23. It is always harder to be the youngest son.Parents learn a lot from the older children, and so do the younger ones as they see the stages their elders pass thru Family secrets and lies can tear a family apart, but the Riley family has learned to provide support and forgiveness with love and understanding so powerful that is attracts great friends and greater lovers into their lives Each is capable of expressing their love of family, warmth of friendships, and very vocal and physical responses to [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book It is the third story about the Riley Brothers and features the youngest brother Thomas and his high school crush Alex Alex, a PI has featured in each of the other books, and not necessarily come across in a good light, but with some of the POV coming from Alex himself, it is much easier to get a sense of his personality and to understand his reasons and motivations The book was sweet with less of the angst that had taken place in the other two books, but no less inter [...]

    25. I ve Come Back for YouThis is my favorite book of the Riley Brothers series, so far.All of them have been great, but with this one we have the opportunity to see Jackson and Cam in much comfortable roles, plus we have the added benefit of seeing Thomas move forward.To say nothing of the resolution of putting of Chase s past relegated to the past I m still worried about Floyd, though That whole cryptic conversation over the phone with Alex and then the cancellation of their meeting makes me won [...]

    26. good book but I struggled to get into this one as much as the first 2 books I was really liking forward to Thomas Alex s story but it didn t feel me as much.Saying that I did like the fact that Thomas and Alex dated in high school and found each other again even if the circumstances were less than ideal.I would still recommend this book to anyone as part of the series and I have already downloaded book 4 I hope everyone else enjoys this set

    27. I liked this one the most out of the three Alex and Thomas used to know each other and were once in love Time and circumstance separate them and when they find each other again, Alex is determined to win Thomas back It s extremely weird that in their close knit group, Thomas has never admitted to his brothers that he is gay However, when Chase drama comes back, Alex is ready and able to help and try to make amends for hurting most of the Riley brothers Sweet romance and sweet read

    28. 3.5 better chemistry between the main characters in this instalment I think what lets these books down for me is the lack of tension Just when you think there s going to be some real trouble, it comes to nothing Chase s family could have tried to kidnap him and been foiled but all it took was Chase to tell them to leave him alone and they do The problems are far too easily overcome I want drama

    29. Very sweetI love the Riley Brothers All of the characters are so sweet and I have enjoyed watching all of them fall in love I have cared about all the characters since book 1 and Thomas and Alex had a very sweet story Once I started this book, it drew me in and I couldn t put it down I like that this author does a great job of keeping you updated with the characters you love from previous books in the series I m very excited that there will be another book too.

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