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The Hardest Set By Karolyn James,

  • Title: The Hardest Set
  • Author: Karolyn James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Van took the first drink from her, but then she offered a second one and she offered him a place to stay just for one night.Van has had his fair share of love em and leave em romances He s the ultimate rockstar, living a wild life as the bassist for Willow Son But when an old flame finally decides to move on for good, Van can t believe how much it bothers him HeVan took the first drink from her, but then she offered a second one and she offered him a place to stay just for one night.Van has had his fair share of love em and leave em romances He s the ultimate rockstar, living a wild life as the bassist for Willow Son But when an old flame finally decides to move on for good, Van can t believe how much it bothers him He has a cure in mind some drinks and a new woman.Natalie has been playing a dangerous game with her heart for years It s finally caught up to her though and she s in trouble Not to mention the school she teaches at lost its funding and shuts down Her only choice now is to take any jobs she can get from her best friend who owns a catering business.When she meets the sexy rockstar at a party for his record company, she offers him a drink Then another and another and soon she s dragging the drunk and obnoxious bassist to her car, trying to help him from embarrassing himself or the rest of the band.Their one night together reveals they both need to let go of lost loves What they don t expect is for a new romance to begin right before their eyes Sign up for the official Karolyn James newsletter and you ll never miss a new release NEW RELEASES CONTESTS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FREE EBOOKS Sign up here tinyurl KJSignupStay social with Karolyn James hereKarolynWritesOn Twitter KarolynWritesfacebook KarolynJamesAuthor
    The Hardest Set Van took the first drink from her but then she offered a second one and she offered him a place to stay just for one night Van has had his fair share of love em and leave em romances He s the ultimat

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    1. Sated, I am Van, the bassist for Willow Son, should be on top of the world with his wildly successful band s come back He s not She was supposed to wait for him She didn t and now she is getting married The kicker is that she still has his ring Van s ring.Natalie s world is crumbling around her The school where she taught art is closing and there s an eviction notice on her table Reality What s worse is how she feels about herself The man she loved, as she discovered, is married The kicker is sh [...]

    2. Natalie and Van meet when they are both at their lowest, their most broken So we could be broken together There is something that Van sees in Natalie and that Natalie sees in Van thT just works They have a lot to overcome and it seems like an insurmountable task, will it work How could things possibly work I feel pretty good right nowat s because you just got laid Natalie gets her chance to face her evils and feels much better for it so she encourages Van to do the same thing and it almost ends [...]

    3. There is a reason why Karolyn James will always be one of my favorite authors She writes amazing stories with endearing characters you can t help but love She allows her readers to experience the journey of her characters right along with them The Hardest Set is a story of two broken people searching for the impossible a love strong enough to put the pieces of their broken hearts back together Brilliantly written, steamy, sexy, and thought provoking.I received a courtesy copy of this book in exc [...]

    4. Book 4Whada get when you have a ahole rockstar and a broke waitress artist both with broken hearts, one very good read

    5. Ms James has done it again Another great installment of the Willow Son series this time centering on Van the bassist for the band I have to admit it took me a little bit to warm up to Van The guy was a huge ass who seemed concerned about his pity party than he did for the beautiful girl who saved his butt one night after a party when the rest of the band left him there because they thought he had already left with someone else Natalie was afraid that Van was so drunk he never would have made it [...]

    6. The Hardest Set by Karolyn James is the fourth book in the story of Willow Son and I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I ve read thoroughly enjoyed the earlier books, but this story about Van, the bass guitarist, the one we ve heard very little about, was initially, hard to get into Why Well, Van really comes over as not a nice guy in fact, he seems to be a bit of a pr k He s discovered that a former girlfriend, one he d left behind with a ring, was about to marry [...]

    7. Book four of the Willow Son Brothers of Rock series brings us the story of bassist Van and artist art teacher Natalie Van is having a rough time because he just found out that the girl he left behind, with an engagement ring, is getting married, but not to Van Van s way of handling this is to lose himself in the music or booze Let s just say he is not much fun to be around right now Natalie is also having a rough time because the school she teaches at closed, she is out of a job, and about to be [...]

    8. we re back with willow son and this time it s Van who has to face the music, or rather face his past he s conflicted as they get and booze seems to be the only thing lessening the emotional pain it still causes when the band has a mandatory appearance Van does his best to stay away from everyone his first encounter is knocking over one of the waitresses, when he makes eye contact something inside him stirs not sure if it s good or bad, he can t put her out of his mindtalie, the waitress, is than [...]

    9. Natalie had the perfect job, one she was loved then the school was closed for lack of funds And the lack of funds was exactly the place where Natalie sat with the last glass of the last bottle of wine, staring at the eviction notice Her best friend gives her a job with her catering company to try to stave off the wolf at the door and that first job is where her fate intersects with Van, one of the hottest Rock gods in the world.Van can t move past the woman he gave a diamond ring and his trust s [...]

    10. This book is FABFREAKINGTACULAR I absolutely love Karolyn James Brothers of Rock series, they are exceptional stories of rock stars falling in love The latest story in this series is The Hardest Set Book 4 of Willow Son has sold out the stadium Ms James has another winner If you are a lover of rock star romance, this one is for you, actually the whole series, each and every book is for you I am not going to give a synopsis of the story, you have read the blurb, and have liked what you read Other [...]

    11. A wonderful addition to the series Arrogant and abnoxous is the only way to describe Van Typical rock star right Nope This bad boy bassist is hiding a painful past His Heart was broken twice by the same woman He doesn t trust woman now In comes Natalie a poor artist now waitressing for her friend who owns a catering business He meets her at a part she is working and is fascinated immediately She takes his drunk sexy behind home with her when his friends and band mates left the party without him [...]

    12. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review The Hardest Set is the 4th installment in the Willow Son books and I feel like this series keeps getting better Van is the bassist and he s trying to get over the one who hurt him He still dwells on how she left him which leaves him with difficulty trusting women and getting close to them Natalie is down on her luck she lost her job and cannot pay her rent, not to mention that she was involved with a married man who left her Natalie [...]

    13. I was given an ARC of The Hardest Set book 4 in the Willow Son series, for an honest review I am so in love with this series, it just gets better with each band member, can t wait for Brantley s book Poor Van Natalie are still struggling with their pasts, with ex s that did them wrong At their first meeting Van, being a jerk, judged Natalie based on what his ex did to him thinking all women are the same Natalie not wanting Van to get hurt or thrown in jail, because he was drunk, takes him home t [...]

    14. I absolutely LOVED the story of Van I love the brooding rock star thing that he has going on He is cocky and has this attitude that rolls off of him, but digging in to his story there is another side to him A reason he is the way he is Natalie is a bit spunky, she made some bad decisions and she is trying her best to move on from that I love the strength she has to keep her chin up The sparks fly between Van and Natalie and just continued to heat up Such a great connection It s a great ride for [...]

    15. I got this in exchange for an honest review, I love Karolyn work and this book was amazing I liked the characters a lot Nathalie and Van are great characters to meet and learn about how they came across one another and the events that starts between them I liked the emotions the pain the suffering that each one had and connected to each other with I like how real it felt to know these characters and how the fact that at one stage or another we were at that stage and the way things move on a grea [...]

    16. Rock n rollI received an Advanced Review Copy in exchange for an honest review The main guy in this one holds on to his angst a little too hard for my liking but the main girl makes up for him as a very likable character Together they help each other forget about past loves and move on together HEA ending A must read if you ve read the rest of the series or just like angsty rockers.

    17. I cannot get enough of this band This is Van s story I thought it was so good Hurt in the past by a woman he thought was forever, Van is enjoying the rock star life but missing not having a love of his life When Van meets Natalie, it is not love at first site Enjoy this story as we watch two people try and figure how to get past their past and try for a happily ever after Is it possible or is the pain too much You will enjoy this one

    18. Outstanding read The best Willow Son yet I was surpirsed by the depth of emotion Van showed which caused me to fall fast and hard for him Natailie was so strong and fiesty yet has a sweet and tender heart I don t want to give anything away so I ll end with the fact that this was a beautiful story of self discovery and love Don t miss out on this or any of the other fantastic Brothers of Rock books.

    19. I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewWOW WOW WOWI absoeffinlutely love this book this whole series is just amaaazingKarloyn James ROCKS I have loved this series from the beginning and each book just seemed to get better there is no doubt in my mind that you will enjoy this series I don t want to give anything away if you love them rock stars, you will most definitely love this bookdefinitely a keeper

    20. Amazing This was one hell of a book I loved it from beginning to end I could really love getting with a man like Van Hard on the outside but warm underneath I would defiantly recommend this book.

    21. I am going to be nice and not reveal anything but I will say this will keep you on the edge You like rock bands, their everyday struggles, finding love in unlikely places then you will enjoy this ARC was given for a honest review

    22. I love this series It keeps getting better The chemistry between characters is well written The story it self is awesome If you love bad boy rock stars this story is for you I received this book as an ARC copy.

    23. Great bookGreat quick read Van and Natalie have a great love story Can wait for the next book I recommend this book.

    24. Awesome story of finally letting go of lost love and opening your eyes and hearts to the love right in front of you Van and Natalie s story was badass and sweet A must read for your reading list.

    25. Short This book was Free one for me it surprised me in the fact that I really enjoyed it I could have kept reading about Van it was a really sweet, sort, HE A, book

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