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Lion (Chasing Rescued Love) By D.S. Sage,

  • Title: Lion (Chasing Rescued Love)
  • Author: D.S. Sage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Businesswoman Julia Monroe is nursing a broken heart and wanting to feel something strong and sweet at her side A visit from Derek, her lying ex, tempts her to give him another chance, but the man s old habits rear their head all too quickly Along with a sudden violent streak that threatens Julia s very life Suddenly saved at the last minute by a mysterious stranger, JuBusinesswoman Julia Monroe is nursing a broken heart and wanting to feel something strong and sweet at her side A visit from Derek, her lying ex, tempts her to give him another chance, but the man s old habits rear their head all too quickly Along with a sudden violent streak that threatens Julia s very life Suddenly saved at the last minute by a mysterious stranger, Julia finds a savior in the sleek and sexy Rex He takes her out of harms way, and soon she is riding in his luxury car and brought to his posh pad Unable to resist him, Julia falls into Rex s arms and discovers the kind of passion that she has never known Longing for , she is surprised when he backs away, and her fury is about to bubble over at the thought that she is the victim of a con But the dark truth of who and what Rex really is than she could ever imagine After spending a perfect night with the mysterious Rex, Julia Monroe is stunned to see her sudden lover morph into a massive cat Drawn to the beast in spite of her fear and thinking that she might be the only one that can save him from what appears to be a horrible curse, Julia is shocked to see him change again And Rex is in no way surprised by what he can become Once Rex reveals his sorrowful past, Julia can t help but find the man in any form attractive than ever But then the vestiges of a long ago bargain appear on the scene, and Julia realizes that there are far dangerous powers at work After committing themselves to one another, Rex and Julia are confronted by the creatures that originally changed him Julia finds herself a captive, but her own unexpected powers run deep, and she gets the upper hand on Harris Risking safety and sanity to bring her new love back to the land of the living, Julia soon finds that she suddenly has in common with Rex than she ever could have imagined Will she run and hide one last time Or will she give in and share Rex s fate for all time
    Lion Chasing Rescued Love Businesswoman Julia Monroe is nursing a broken heart and wanting to feel something strong and sweet at her side A visit from Derek her lying ex tempts her to give him another chance but the man s o

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    1. I was offered and provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Hello Doormat Set To The Beat Of Some Odd Scenes I m immediately stricken by the doormat FMC a rather odd storyline here Julia We meet Julia as her ex, Derek, has appeared to rekindle their relationship following him cheating on her FMC is lonely and agrees to meet him for drinks While she does muse that she might just toy with and discard him, she also is naively hopeful of changing his manho ways She blames lonelin [...]

    2. 2 starsI was offered this book in exchange for a review Ok so this is a low rating for me but it had nothing to do with the authors writing which was in fact very good, the writing flowed well and I didn t notice any editing issues I was actually surprised this book was written as well as it was because a lot of authors that write books similar to this shifter books of novella length tend to be fairly average in my opinion and I have found only a few that do a good job So onto what I didn t like [...]

    3. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewThis was my first book by this author and while I feel the story had some potential, sadly I was not impressed First and foremost, while first delving into this read it s glaringly obvious all of the grammatical errors, which wouldn t be so bad if there weren t so many of them They just continue throughout the entire book and it s quite distracting to the reader, especially since the words his and her are not interchangeable.In any case, I also always [...]

    4. I read some reviews before reading this book so I thought maybe some people might be a little harsh Nope Spot on This story was pretty ridiculous and way too fast Disturbing, under developed, and confusing are three words that can be used to describe it Everything that happened in this book was all in the span of less than two days it seemed I was surprised by the bestiality part of this book that happened at least two times I say at least because there are parts that you just have a hard time k [...]

    5. Businesswoman Julia Monroe is saved from her lying ex by a mysterious stranger that she is unable to resist in this paranormal romance.After spending a perfect night together, Julia is stunned to see Rex change nto a massive cat and the reader is pulled into this story as the events escalate from scorching passion to deadly violence as Julia and rex are confronted by the creatures that originally changed Rex The characters are compelling and grab the reader s attention in this fast paced plot fu [...]

    6. This is the first book I have read of D.S Sage This book was definitely different then the other paranormal shifter stories I have read I am honestly not usually a person who won t finish reading a book I have already started but I know when it is finally time to give in.

    7. This was my first book to read by D S Sage I have to say it was a shocker for me I have to say this and not in a necessarily bad way but this book to take me to some extent out of my comfort zone The only reason I gave this book 4 stars is because at one point I thought there was too much going back and forth between locations and characters that the reader actually can get lost in what is going on I did But the contest and the plot of the book was good and thought out I would recommend this boo [...]

    8. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I must warn you that this is different and there were several times I wanted to stop reading it Its darker than I like to read Its got things in it that really really push the envelope for me There ought to be warnings for people before buying the book It needs to be listed Coercion is one of them Bestiality is another I guess no matter how you explain its a shifter in shifted form having sex with a human so you can label it however you lik [...]

    9. This is the first book by this author that I have read, and I can honestly say that it is very different from the normal paranormal book I have ever read I say this not in a bad way, but be prepared for anything and everything There is a darkness lurking in every page that will have you wondering what will happen during the next paragraph, let alone the next page or chapter Packed full of violence, unrest, unusual occurrences, with a bit of steamy sex including a special form of bestiality perha [...]

    10. This book is very different from any other shifter story that I ve ever read This story is definitely out there I was expecting shifters and magic, but not in the way it was presented So it started off fine and the normal woman scorned, macho man wanting what he screwed up and woman considering taking him back She found her backbone and kicked him to the curb, which he couldn t handle and got violent on the verge of possibly killing her Julia is saved by a handsome stranger, Rex, and decides to [...]

    11. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book was a bit farfetched and rushed to me We begin reading this book with Julia Julia has had bad luck with men, when a lying and cheating ex blasts from the past and wants a certain hand at revenge, he gets a little than what he bargained for We then meet the mysterious and aloof Rex Rex sweeps Julia off her feet, but he s hiding a dangerous secret A secret that has a sort of domino effect and could have a disastrous en [...]

    12. I received this for an honest review This is the first book I have read of D.S Sage It was pretty good and interesting Julia Monroe was lonely and wanted a man She wanted someone she could cuddle up with at night She had not had much luck in that department Her last idiot jerk boyfriend Derek Owens was a piece of work She does not know how much until it is almost to late Sorry you will have to read the book to find out Julia seemed to be interested in this cat that she kept seeing She had hope t [...]

    13. I got this in exchange for an honest review, I am a fan of this genre I love shifters and this one had a great shifter in it and I am a fan of this author and enjoy their work a lot this book was amazing the plot the story line and flow of events were perfect and well written as well I loved how they author wrote this one very great work I liked the characters Julia and Rex I like how they meet and how the story starts from there I liked also the second characters who made things interesting th [...]

    14. THIS BOOK WAS GIVEN TO ME FOR FREE IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWI was undecided on whether i should give this book 3 or 4 stars because it wasnt the best book but it wasnt the worse I went with 4 stars because when its all said and done I actually enjoyed reading this book There were a few errors in the book but they didnt take away from the story This story is about Julia and a shape shifter named Rex Rex steps in when Julia is in trouble and the story takes off after that The synopsis menti [...]

    15. So, I needed to think about what I wanted to say in this review for a while I finished this book just over a week ago In all honesty, this book is kind of brilliant I love paranormal, especially paranormal romance BUT it went a little too far with me, and I wasn t sure how to let that go or where to go in a review with it Being 100% honest, if when he turned into a lion and left her alone sexually, I d have been great and this book would be receiving a 5 star review and I d run and tell all my f [...]

    16. julia had been lured by her ex to try again but little things convinced her that going that route wouldn t be the best decision finding him with a young girl on his lap only proved that rushing out he manages to catch up with her and his intentions are far from honorable when things take a turn for the worse a passerby steps and and tries to diffuse the situationroducing himself as Rex, she s swooned by his handsome appearance and despite her apprehension she feels a connection rex tries to make [...]

    17. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review My rating is closer to 3 3 1 2 stars, but I rounded up I m not sure how to describe this book Lion Chasing Rescued Love was one of those books that I had a hard time understanding The overall premise left me kinda lost Who knows, maybe I just had an idiot moment The storyline was fast paced, full of emotion and was quite wild in the process Definitely read the reviews before reading due to the nature of the relationship between characters Right [...]

    18. I was given a copy exchange for my honest reviewFor me this was a new author, so I had no idea what to expect.w Julia The main female character what I got from her was she s almost taking everything in and dissecting it before she gives her honest answer so I guess I would say she s clinical so where I think she s going to have her meltdowns over something that comes up she doesn t which shocks me I did find that this read was really fast and kind of bunched together there was just so much going [...]

    19. A lonely woman, a tortured cursed man and a evil man who wants it all.Julia is a business woman of her own She is tired of being lied to and manipulated by all the men she had dated so far Especially her most recent ex So will she give him another chance So lately she has been spotting a stray cat in the alley Thinking to bring it home, she tries to find it Little does she know that average looking cat has a really huge secret.Rex may be a rich man but he is a cursed man, due to a woman of his p [...]

    20. I received this book in exchange for an honest review The story starts with Julia agreeing to go out for a drink with her ex because she is lonely and decides to give him another shot after she caught him cheating She catches him cheating again and then he assaults her in an alley and she is saved by Rex The story is a little cliche to say the least, but it does have a very different take on shifters and how they are created I will warn that there is bestiality in this story and is not for the f [...]

    21. I have conflicting feelings about this book I like it and yet I don t The first part of the book is about Julia and her ex and could be any number of paranormal shifter stories And the second half is Julia coming to terms with Rex s life and story and all the bad things that could and do happen Maybe I got too involved and felt what Julia was feeling Maybe it was just antagonist that irritated me But if the antagonist is that good to make me hate him too, then maybe the story was perfect But don [...]

    22. Mister Derek Owens, is a lying cheating no good ex from Julia Monroe s past He wanted her back In his case, I would gladly slam the door shut and throw away the key.Julia Monroe can t help being drawn to Rex, lion shifter He s a great rescuer for this damsel in distress He inspires so much deep inside her but Where will this lead This novella isn t all sunshine and roses At times, darker undertones are apparent This novella has a unique voice and storytelling I was able to read it quickly despit [...]

    23. I ll be honest and this review will read very differently than the others I have written Sometimes I felt sorry for Kelly and hated how she was treated by the people in her life, her mother in particular, poor little rich girl and all that At others times I hated her, and wanted to slap her silly, for the way she was treating Marcus Marcus the man who has loved Kelly for years, and wants nothing than to make her happy, he s such a sweety I was so happy when Kelly finally grew a pair, told her m [...]

    24. I was given an ARC by the author in return for an honest review I actually had a bit of a struggle reading this story The storyline was very rushed One thought or action wasn t completed before another one began The parts that flowed well we re good There were several editing errors Simple things like he instead of she type errors Because it was an ARC I m not certain if it was a rough unedited draft, so I m not sure if the purchased version will have the same errors It has serious potential I h [...]

    25. I received this book in exchange for an honest review All in all, I enjoyed this book I was a bit confused by a few things which were never fully explained that made it difficult to understand what was happening at times, at least for me, but I don t feel that it really took anything away from the story overall I am looking to see if there is a second book for this story I think it was a really different take on shifters and would enjoy another book but would like their origins and how they came [...]

    26. Book review Lion Chasing Rescued LoveI am an independent reviewer This is a standalone novel with an HEA The book is labeled as erotica Erotica is a dark form of romance, but bestiality is not romantic, nor is it erotica Themes of kidnapping, abuse, rape and bestiality abound in this book The plot seemed secondary to the shocking sex.I dislike a book with a weak plot and this book had the weakest plot I cannot recommend this story The side characters weren t developed and the descriptions were c [...]

    27. This was the first book I have read by D S Sage Julie Monroe a business woman found her now ex boyfriend in bed with another woman She is trying to get over Derek but he will not let her, he asks her to meet him but she finds he is still just the same cheater After throwing his drink in his face she leaves , and Derek attacks her in an alleyway, Rex who she does not know comes to her rescue Rex is not human like Julie thinks.What is Rex and why is the evil that was after Rex now after Julie I wa [...]

    28. I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review Not my usual kind of read.I was disappointed in Jules from the off she let Derek kiss her and agreed to meet him and then let the stranger act like a chauvinistic saviour She struck me as a very weak, typically drippy woman.This was quite well written with a good mix of dialogue and description Unfortunately the characters let it down they appeared to be stereotypes and there was very little character development.

    29. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.I love shifter books this book was good but very dark in ways, I pushed me a little beyond my comfort zone, almost to much, I would recommend this book but be forewarned that it may be a bit than you think it has a very good plot but a bit rushed in some parts and not enough in others, I recommend this book, but be forewarned that it is a bit dark

    30. I received this book in exchange of a honest review This book really didn t suit me I felt that there were too little in term of background story and even less in the characters relationship I know it is a short book so it is understandable that things happen quickly but here, they take place too quickly and not logically Another point that bothered me was the way Julia was with the animal side of Rex That was just disturbing as was the 2nd half of the book.

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