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Noble Vision By Gen LaGreca,

  • Title: Noble Vision
  • Author: Gen LaGreca
  • ISBN: 9780974457949
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful, strong willed ballerina Nicole Hudson, who rose to Broadway stardom from a heartbreaking childhood, finds her life shattered by a head injury that leaves her blind Her only hope lies in an experimental procedure pioneered by young Manhattan neurosurgeon David Lang.But David s revolutionary treatment a way of re growing damaged nerves to cure brain and spinalBeautiful, strong willed ballerina Nicole Hudson, who rose to Broadway stardom from a heartbreaking childhood, finds her life shattered by a head injury that leaves her blind Her only hope lies in an experimental procedure pioneered by young Manhattan neurosurgeon David Lang.But David s revolutionary treatment a way of re growing damaged nerves to cure brain and spinal cord injuries requires the approval of New York s health system, CareFree Wracked with budget overruns and other priorities, CareFree is skeptical of David s claims and rejects the new technique.Moved by Nicole s desperate pleas for the treatment, David does the unthinkable Believing his procedure safe to try on humans, he performs the first of two brain surgeries on Nicole A second operation must follow within weeks, if she is to regain her sight.David s defiance of CareFree unleashes a firestorm His license is suspended, and he is ordered to discontinue Nicole s treatment or face jail He implores the one man who can bend the rules to allow Nicole s treatment, the head of CareFree his father But the father is running for lieutenant governor, and an act of favoritism would foil his vast political ambitions.Pulled together in the turbulence are David and Nicole He vows to complete her treatment, no matter what price he must pay She, mortified at the trouble she is causing him, refuses to continue her treatment, no matter what price she must pay Will she ever see again A visionary doctor, a courageous patient, an intense family conflict, and an exciting medical discovery converge in one explosive case.This novel won two national awards ForeWord magazine s Book of the Year and Writer s Digest s 13th Self published Book Awards The author, a former pharmaceutical chemist, offers a romantic thriller and insider s look at the conflicts we face in healthcare today.
    Noble Vision Beautiful strong willed ballerina Nicole Hudson who rose to Broadway stardom from a heartbreaking childhood finds her life shattered by a head injury that leaves her blind Her only hope lies in an

    One thought on “Noble Vision”

    1. A true story of hopeTo be honest the first few chapters of this book felt slow and barely held my attention at the beginning, but I am so glad I persevered with it because I was pleasantly surprised This story is one of hope, perseverance, fear of the unknown with some love thrown in too.

    2. VERY, VERY highly recommended All about a surgeon researcher innovator, who struggles against time, politics and bureaucracy to save a patient with a new procedure Anyone in the medical profession or anyone concerned about the growing takeover of it by government, SURELY should be able to relate to this story More broadly, anyone concerned about the difficulty of leading a moral life will find this a can t put down read You might think by that statement that the book is preachy By no means It ju [...]

    3. Noble Vision was such a refreshing breath of fresh air from the other books I have read this year Romanticism is alive and well in this book, and it is so touching I loved and enjoyed every moment of the vivid descriptions and detail oriented look into government run healthcare and the dangers is poses I loved the characters of David Lang and Nicole Hudson, they are not unlike Howard Roark and Dominique from The Fountainhead Goodness, I loved David s poetry and the sensuality of sending flowers [...]

    4. Thoroughly fantastic tale of Exceptionalism pitted against the System A brilliant neurologist, on the cusp of a fate changing medical breakthrough, is stymied at every turn by CareFree, the state run medical system As with all socialist programs, CareFree doesn t so much raise the standard for the poor as it drags everyone else down to the lowest level But hey just so long as everyone gets equal treatment, that s the important thing Dr Lang, however, refuses to be bound by a corrupt and arbitrar [...]

    5. Actually, the date I finished was the date I finished WITH this book At the risk of sounding elitist, I attended Objectivist functions when I was younger I loved Ayn Rand, I met Nathaniel Brandon and seeing this novel getting so many positive reviews from Libertarians makes me wonder if the gene pool in this country is getting shallower and shallower OK, it is So much for others reviews Now to LaGraca, who wears his politics on his sleeve and embeds it in every sentence here That can be a blessi [...]

    6. Noble Vision is a terrific read and a poignant social commentary The romanticism is a refreshing approach compared to gloomy distopianism that has become so popular While the best and worst of the major players are exaggerated a bit, the characters are still believable and their motives are compelling Clearly the author was influenced by Ayn Rand or maybe it s just me as parallels to The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged were seemingly abundant I found this modern story with contemporary dialogue [...]

    7. I loved this book I have read b4 sometime in the past prior to 1998 since I have those years all in a spreadsheet Wonderful story of 2 people going against the flow a wonderful love story is tied in too Look forward to of her books

    8. Noble visionOmg Omg I have no words None I ve read many books in my life None have ever affected me like this one What a powerful book This amazing story left me literally breathless My heart pounded as hard as David s What a hero I loved that man A romantic hunk The Phantom deal was sensual and sexy as hell His love notes to Nicole made me want to cry tears of love It reminded me of Phantom of Opera, the glorious musical, but with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman I want to give this a zilli [...]

    9. More a diatribe against socialized medicine than a novel, this book is filled with stereotypes and overblown language that does little to engage readers It s a series of info dumps and monologues, with unbelievable and largely unlikeable characters And dear goddess, who told the author to beat the reader over the head by using the word noble at least three times per chapter On the plus side, the evil bureaucrats lose at the end, while free enterprise wins Yay

    10. Best book I have read in a Decade This book actually deserves than 5 Stars, I could easily give it 10 The main characters were well developed and were very likeable The author , in her choice of words made me feel David s frustration with Carefree The contrast with Nicole s world of dance was great but easily countered David s The Plot was outstanding, just the right level of drama and suspense I really did not want to put this book down until I finished it Since the author has written the scre [...]

    11. It is a joyful experience when one is able to enjoy a book with a well knitted plot, whose suspense holds one s attention for hours on end, whose characters are so well defined that one finds himself so emotionally invested in them so as to continuously think about their fate even while not reading the book Such is what Gen LaGreca s first novel Noble Vision delivers.Noble Vision is the story of David Lang, a brilliant neurosurgeon whose chirurgical breakthrough, a way of re growing damaged nerv [...]

    12. The reason I rated the book so low is not that the stories plot was not good it was the execution that was not great There was so much fluff in the book with these long drawn out over decribed scenes I normally can finish a book of this size in a day or two since it was only 334 pages, but this one literally took me a week and it was because it was sooo drawn out the author should have cut the book in half and it would have been better, still not perfect but better For those not wanting to have [...]

    13. Someone once said, If you think medical care is expensive now, wait until it s free That seems to be the case in Noble Vision Medical care in New York state is now under the control of the bureaucrats who have created a network called CareFree Indeed, care is free, but instead of lowering costs, the expense has gone through the roof, and CareFree can t meet its next payroll The bureaucrat in chief, the governor, singles out the physicians as the culprits With all their unnecessary procedures and [...]

    14. This book was a work of fiction but it hits on a lot of issues that have come to the the surface during the last 20 years as health care and its delivery has drastically changed from fee for service to the many other options of payment These became available as cost cutting measures Many have proved unacceptable Billing and regulation was probably necessary as there were abuses of diagnostic testing and treatments There were articles written as far back as the mid 90 s stating the results of unq [...]

    15. I definitely enjoyed reading this novel In spite of my own views about health care being quite different from the author s which reminded me of Atlas Shrugged in it s strict preference for individualistic individualism over compassionate community , I couldn t stop myself from reading through to the final pages in fact with gathering interest I was originally attracted by the title, Noble Vision , because of my respect for Vision as the first step of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path In an unexp [...]

    16. I really liked this book It is a medical science social political romantic drama all rolled into one One expects to be enthralled by the beauty of dance, but this book in addition shows us the beauty of neurosurgery what an acheivement We all know that health systems are difficulty and often those who need it the most are disadvantaged the most This book shows the flip side of what would happen if we tried to make it freely available to everyone how lacking and unfair it would still be I read an [...]

    17. Noble Vision is a love story first and foremost, or rather two love stories one between a man and a woman, and another between a man and his passion for medicine Through telling those fictional stories, LaGreca examines the all too real issue of how government interference is ruining medicine in the United States in the same way that it has already been ruining medicine in Canada for decades.Anyone who has the idea in their head that the government should guarantee free healthcare for everyone s [...]

    18. This was another BookBub find for me, and I want to tell you it was incredible on multiple levels The plot was engaging A doctor wants to help a ballerina regain her sight after a terrible accident The writing is superb, and targeted the medical industry in how the doctors hands are tied The BOM monitoring organization micromanages medical procedures which stifles the best method of treatment and draws out the entire process to be not necessarily the best benefit to the patient, but rather how t [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book, found it well worth the evening A well written, captivating medical thriller foretelling both daunting challenges and ultimate hope for humanity, this is a quick, enjoyable and educational read, particularly at this time The characters were engaging, with believable villains and complex heroes, and believable stories of how they got that way Even Milton Friedman and Walter Williams gave it positive reviews Kindle edition 99 cents I give it five stars.

    20. Such a valiant struggle to stand what he believes in David sense of life, his capacity to deal with the world, his appraisal of man an of existence was the impediment of his success but he tried to fight the hardest battle, until the end.What a gripping novel The plot was intricately woven that you can t wait to turn the next page Its suspenseful at time thinking not to continue reading, because I was afraid what was going to happen I highly recommend this book, its worth it.

    21. This is a wonderful story Intriguing Even as Canadian, we can relate to the reality of the healthcare system nightmares The plot and the characters were interesting and intriguing The philosophy, the psychology, the politics, the dreams of the individuals everything was tremendously captivating Congratulation to the author for I do believe is her first book.

    22. Breathtakingthis book deserves 5 stars I would have given stars if possible Wonderful storyline you become drawn into the story itself The only thing that I wood have liked to have been done differently was the use of some curse words I will read books by this author.

    23. This is not only a wonderful love story, it is an inside glimpse of socialized medicine and why we should avoid it at all costs There s no such thing as a free lunch and as soon as you turn control over to a greedy government, any hope of progress or assurance of treatment is stripped away Highly recommended.

    24. A terrifying view of where our healthcare system is heading as one doctor stands his grounds against the bureaucrats All of this layered over a romance between him and a ballerina and patient Fans of Ayn Rand will love this one Recommended.

    25. This book is at once, a medical thriller, a romance, a family saga, and a cautionary tale of the near future of medicine You can have the book for, literally, the price of a song 99 cents on your Kindle, or the Kindle program on your PC.

    26. Thought provokingLook out, this is where medicine is heading I am in medicine, and see the sad truth in this story.

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