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Doctor Who: Technophobia By Matt Fitton,

  • Title: Doctor Who: Technophobia
  • Author: Matt Fitton
  • ISBN: 9781785752308
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Audio CD
  • When the Doctor and Donna visit London s Technology Museum for a glimpse into the future, things don t go to plan.The most brilliant IT brain in the country can t use her computer More worrying, the exhibits are attacking the visitors, while outside, people seem to be losing control of the technology that runs their lives.Is it all down to simple human stupidity, or is soWhen the Doctor and Donna visit London s Technology Museum for a glimpse into the future, things don t go to plan.The most brilliant IT brain in the country can t use her computer More worrying, the exhibits are attacking the visitors, while outside, people seem to be losing control of the technology that runs their lives.Is it all down to simple human stupidity, or is something sinister going on Beneath the streets, the Koggnossenti are waiting For all of London to fall prey to technophobia
    Doctor Who Technophobia When the Doctor and Donna visit London s Technology Museum for a glimpse into the future things don t go to plan The most brilliant IT brain in the country can t use her computer More worrying the e

    One thought on “Doctor Who: Technophobia”

    1. LOVED this It was so wonderful to hear Catherine Tate as Donna again Matt did a brilliant job of capturing the Tennant Tate era The story, set on Earth in a couple years time, had exactly the right feel There were also loads of women characters, including a woman CEO of a tech company Donna was hilarious and Tennant had some good lines too He did get a little too full of himself at the end, but despite that this was still brilliant The plot was a lot of fun and some fantastic character moments I [...]

    2. Well, that was a wonderful start to the new Donna and Doctor series I didn t expect to just smile at hearing the two of them together again I must have really missed them The story was a pretty good Doctor Who romp Lots of interesting characters, Donna being generally awesome, and entertaining performances.Can t wait to listen to the next one.

    3. Something really odd is happening You know what, I m usually having fun when something really odd is happening, but this is just, well Really odd I don t like it.This was so much fun It perfectly captures the tone of David Tennant s Doctor, and just listening to him and Catherine Tate reunited was worth it Their bickering is as adorable as always, and the story people being made terrified of technology to the point where they were barely functioning they got that scared of voice recognition sof [...]

    4. After this, I wondered why I haven t listened to any other Big Finish adventures with the Doctor That was so good, well produced and so fun to listen I have been missed a lot 10th Donna and their comeback couldn t be better The plot itself is a classic DW story with an interesting villain and plot development I liked it a lot Pretty sure I ll follow this series 3

    5. Perfectly marvelous fun with the Tenth Doctor and Donna Magic A really great pair of actors together again It s a celebration

    6. This was not only my first Doctor Who Big Finish audio play, this was my first audio play ever The only thing I have to compare it to are the couple of audiobooks that I ve listened to Let me say, this is nothing like that This is 1000x better It literally sounds exactly just like you re watching an episode of Doctor Who, just without the watching part There are a couple of spots that you notice some expository dialogue necessary in some cases, since you can t see what s happening , but those mo [...]

    7. It was so good to have a new story from the tenth Doctor again Good story and great topic Humorous, exciting, fast paced just like the television show.

    8. It was just under an hour s listen and it was so fun David Tennant and Catherine Tate sound like they never stopped adventuring together

    9. Fantastic Oops I didn t mean to quote 9 there So wonderful to hear the Doctor Donna duo back together again I LOVED it

    10. Rated 3.5 People are saying modern technology is becoming too complicated to actually use That s a line that holds a lot of truth In Technophobia, Matt Fitton takes this theory one step further with an element touched on in The Bells of St John as well as being touched on in the recent series Humans , What If technology was in control or used to control of human kind Scarily there s so much technology in the world that you can t help but relate to this one as something that could well happen It [...]

    11. Of the three initial releases featuring the Tenth Doctor this is the most authentic to the style and tone of the televised series It is structured perfectly to mimic that format with a pre titles teaser that kicks the story off and while it is still a big adventure, it is easy to imagine what this would look like in screen.The two stars are both good, though a few lines of dialogue near the start seem a little flat and unnatural something that doesn t happen in the two other stories I am not sur [...]

    12. An inventive idea At first, I thought Technophobia was going to follow the old the toaster attacks storyline, but having humans regress to a pre technological mindset was interesting The Doctor David Tennant doesn t miss a beat here as the Tenth Doctor It s almost as if he d never been away from the part That said, I did notice that Matt Fitton tried to hit every one of Ten s verbal ticks in this story It was a bit much for one audio Or perhaps I haven t seen a lot of Ten s episodes recently, so [...]

    13. It s so lovely to have Catherine Tate and David Tennant back as Donna and the Doctor The author captured the DoctorDonna s voices brilliantly and Catherine and David easily found their rhythm again and were happily sparring with each other as if no time had passed Absolutely loved the story technology making humans stupid and thus making them scared of lifts and vacuum cleaners Brilliant and the aliens were kooky and a great foe for the Doctor The minor characters, most notably lovely Bex, were [...]

    14. My excitement at new Tenth Doctor and Donna adventures may have overwhelmed my critical faculties somewhat but I really enjoyed having this team back Only minor negative point is the music trying hard to emulate Murray Gold s and falling slightly short Also the Doctor gives away his sonic screwdriver and yet seems to have it for a key scene I choose to think this is an homage to the many times this has happened during the series.

    15. A nice revival of my favorite new series Doctor companion pairings Fitton gives Tate and Tennent some good witty lines to play with and they pick up where they left off taking the puss out of each other I missed these two Great to have them back The story was a bit on the fluff side but it was solid and, let s face it, with 10 and Donna it didn t need to be flashy to be entertaining Looking forward to of these.

    16. A good story read by the actual actors, so that was sweet The banter between the Doctor and Donna was pretty hilarious On the other hand, since this is actually an audioDRAMA and not an audioBOOK, there were no descriptions of scenery or of what was going on, the listener had to deduce it all from the dialogs, and it became a bit confusing from time to time, to realize where they were and what was actually going on.

    17. I didn t realize how much I missed the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble until this story reunited me with them They really were are will be a great team Damn time travel A nifty little story set in the near future with humans in London suddenly turning severely wait for it technophobic I loved it.

    18. The first episode truly captured the Tennant era vibe of the television show While this is an audio adventure, I can say that it is in par with the Tenth Doctor Donna episodes of the show with its twists and turns Finally, it is good to hear David Tennant and Catherine Tate again filling the shoes of the characters of the Doctor and Donna Noble.

    19. This new audio series by Big Finish made me realise even how much I miss Ten and Donna going on on adventures Funny, witty and full of Ten Donna moments, this first installment brings back everything that make the duo so popular and loved Congratulations Big Finish, you have made a new hit

    20. La coppia Tate Tennant torna a bordo del Tardis e riprende, sotto il patrocinio della Big Finish, i panni di Donna Noble e del decimo Dottore.Storia tipica per la coppia, sia per i dialoghi che per la situazione Trama forse gi vista, non ultima la GI succhia utenti, ma originale per come i cattivi cercano di invadere la solita Londra.Buon inizio di serie, adeguato alle aspettative.

    21. It s such a pleasure to hear David Tennant and Catherine Tate together again I d forgotten how much I really missed the Doctor and Donna together until I listened to this audio Bravo, Big Finish Here s to Ten and Donna

    22. Not really much oompf or sparkle to the story But it was so good to have a part in an adventure of the DoctorDonna again Excellent production quality, good voice acting by Tate, Tennant and all the others.

    23. It is so good to have David Tennant and Catherine Tate back as The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble Standard Doctor Who premise with technology problems, alien invasion and witty banter Well done and a great start to the Tenth Doctor audio adventures.

    24. The plot was so silly But in the typical Doctor Who fashion so it s ok As everyone already knows, the audiobook features Tennant AND Catherine Tate so of course that s awesome I ve read a great book isode and a bad one This one is good Satisfies the need for Donna episodes

    25. Wonderful Doctor and Donna goodness brings you right back to their era The charcterization is spot on And the plot idea revolving and society loosing their ability to use their own technology was a really interesting way of turning the standard tech is taking over trope.

    26. I didn t realise I wanted 10th Doctor and Donna stories but this was a splendid story that really recaptured the feeling of those episodes.

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