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Taxi Driver By Richard Elman,

  • Title: Taxi Driver
  • Author: Richard Elman
  • ISBN: 9780553026818
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • The terrifying thriller of a night rider in New York by Richard Elman Based on an original screenplay written by Paul Schrader.
    Taxi Driver The terrifying thriller of a night rider in New York by Richard Elman Based on an original screenplay written by Paul Schrader

    One thought on “Taxi Driver”

    1. Wow this wasn t what I was expecting at all certainly not from a movie novelization.Everything about this novelization is different especially for this genre It s an impressive little read More of a novella than a full length novel A trip into the mind of Travis Bickle.A first person narrative from a mental patient It s disjointed and fractured just like you would expect from a man like Travis At times it verges on being almost incomprehensible, but that s okay Travis is a fringe dweller and his [...]

    2. Remember TAXI DRIVER The 1976 movie directed by the poet of New York, Martin Scorsese, about the gun loving loner, Travis Bickle It won a bunch of awards Less remembered is Taxi Driver, the novelization of Paul Schrader s screenplay, written by New York poet, Richard Elman Not only did it exist, it went through six printings.Elman was best known at the time for three novels he wrote in the late 60 s The 28th Day of Elul, Lilo s Diary and The Reckoning each one telling the story of a Hungarian fa [...]

    3. This is the first novelization of a film I ve read since I was 9 years old and read William Kotzwinkle s novelization of E.T The Extra Terrestrial I was expecting Taxi Driver to be a real train wreck it is, after all, a novelization a genre barely one step above fotonovelas , but it was actually pretty good Richard Elman captures the rhythm and cadences of Travis Bickle s speech really well, and there are a lot of creative misspellings and weird punctuation that work to get you inside the charac [...]

    4. This is a very interesting book its written in a slangy, stream of consciousness style that effectively captures the fractured mind of Travis Bickle The whole book has a hypnotic, flowing rhythm not unlike the visuals for the film Most novelizations are crude and obvious and written with as much grace and style as the phone book but Richard Elman s adaptation of Paul Schrader s screenplay for TAXI DRIVER genuinely qualifies as post modern literature Read this book and see for yourself It has an [...]

    5. I Got Some Bad Ideas in My Head Travis Bickle CONTAINS SPOILERS The novelization NOT THE SCREENPLAY for Taxi Driver was written as if it were Travis Bickle s diary during the events that took place during the movie That s where his voice over in the movie was coming from anyway, right His diary Well, here is that diary Pretty cool, huh That s the one big difference between this book and some omnipresent novelization with weak filler We all hate those books, don t we Richard Elman s approach to w [...]

    6. Sar di sicuro stata colpa anche della traduzione se in vari punti non riuscivo proprio a comprendere alcuni terminied il romanzo non abbastanza lungo da poterci far l abitudine.Dicono che il film sia bellissimo, ma non l ho mai visto rimedier di sicuro a breve.

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