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Almost Starring Skinnybones By Barbara Park,

  • Title: Almost Starring Skinnybones
  • Author: Barbara Park
  • ISBN: 9780394825915
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you thought Junie B Jones was funny catch laughs from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Park with the hilarious sequel to Skinnybones just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I Funny And the award goes to Alex Frankovitch Roll out the red carpet Alex Skinnybones Frankovitch is about to become a HUGE star in his very own TV commercial But AleIf you thought Junie B Jones was funny catch laughs from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Park with the hilarious sequel to Skinnybones just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I Funny And the award goes to Alex Frankovitch Roll out the red carpet Alex Skinnybones Frankovitch is about to become a HUGE star in his very own TV commercial But Alex s plans for stardom go HORRIBLY wrong Forget fame and fortune his friends think he s a FLOP And his fan club only has two members a cat and a drooling toddler Can Alex figure out another way to get his name in lights Or is this star going to crash and burn Skinnybones equals tickled funny bones Booklist Young Alex Skinnybones Frankovitch finally gets his chance to become a Big Celebrity in this amusing follow up to Skinnybones Publishers Weekly Once again demonstrating her remarkable ear for dialogue, Barbara Park also shows a good sense of timing in this fast paced outing School Library Journal
    Almost Starring Skinnybones If you thought Junie B Jones was funny catch laughs from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Park with the hilarious sequel to Skinnybones just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I Funny

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    1. I thought that this book was a significant improvement over the original Skinnybones , and I liked that book, too This is an example of Barbara Park s writing after she has ascended to the inspiring summit of her writing skills, and it is something that I feel privileged to see This story is wise, touching, and as always for Barbara Park SO absolutely hilarious that I often found myself trying to catch my breath through the laughter I was glad to once again have the opportunity of reading about [...]

    2. This book is all about Alex Frankovitch who is really stupid and can t stop talking at all But in this book he goes on a commercial about the cat food and his friends thinks it is weird to go on a cat food commercial I think that it is weird because he doesn t really think before he gets in trouble but he thinks when he makes excuses I thinks he never gives up in this story because even though he gets in trouble he does it over and over again the same problem that he makes I think this is a good [...]

    3. Not quite as funny as the first Skinnybones, but we still enjoyed reading this together as a family There were still lots of laughs.

    4. Read with my son we were laughing so hard at one point, everyone in the house wanted to know what was going on

    5. Park has the uncanny ability to create protagonists with obvious and often annoying or even obnoxious flaws, and yet make them likeable enough that we just have to laugh at their antics Which my 6 y.o and I did.

    6. In this sequel to Skinnybones, Alex stars in a national cat food commercial which he hopes will make him a star at school, but he acts a bit too cool for his classmates and they caught at him until he tries to redeem himself by clowning around at a school assembly.

    7. I liked this book because I liked the part when Alex was joking around with Albert I also liked this book because I think the commercial was funny.

    8. Summary Alex was chosen to be a part of a commercial on television He thought this would instantly make him famous, and that finally other people would start treating him like he was a star The commercial ended up being cheesy and his classmates made fun of him over it Alex looked for other ways to get attention and make his name known He volunteered to help in the school assembly and tried out for a play at his school Both made him noticed by his classmates for a short period of time There cam [...]

    9. Barbara Park pulls through with yet another relatable children s book Her abilities to create characters for any age to connect with and process different struggles of childhood is amazing In this specific story, Almost Starring Skinny Bones,it explores the trials of peer criticism and sticking to who you want to be The story of this young boy who is going to be in a commercial for cat food, but his classmates are very much under impressed and how he goes forward with it regardless of their opin [...]

    10. Alex and his parents travel to New York to film the Kitty Fritters commercial, which ends up being much work than he expected Although the commercial only airs during reruns of Gilligan s Island, Alex attains some notoriety around school, and even goes on the local Amazing Mel show, where he has quite the funny turn This leads to a role in the school production of a Christmas Carol, where he ends up playing Tiny Tim, rather against his will In the end, Alex decides that fame isn t all it s crac [...]

    11. It s a little dated, but the themes are eternal Alex, our hero, is a dweeb with a quick wit and a big mouth, and these qualities gain him both friends and enemies It would be a stretch to call him self aware, but by the end of the novel he s coming to recognize that his habit of pushing people s buttons may have unfortunate side effects.Almost Starring Skinnybones is a quick read, wonderful for reading aloud Park has a talent for sparkling dialogue and a gift for getting inside the lives of twel [...]

    12. Almost Starring Skinny bonesFor my book report I did Almost Starring skinny bones This book a sequel to the original skinny bones In Almost Starring skinny bones Alex goes to Hollywood to do a commercial for cat food In the original skinny bones at the end of the book it was announced at the school Alex s friends thinks the commercial is the dumbest thing ever Alex is also called Skinny bones he is the one who is going to Hollywood to do a cat food commercial.Read the book for yourself and see g [...]

    13. I am seriously annoyed by anyone who thinks he s better than other people, and Alex, the protagonist in this story, seems to be one of those Park does a wonderful job of portraying him as a snob because he won a contest where the prize was being in a cat food commercial As a discussion starter for respect and equality, it would work, but Alex s naive arrogance drove me nuts This s a book that can be skipped.

    14. I loved the first book when I was in fourth grade The author is full of humor She has a great voice for a young boy narrator However, I think a lot of it is dated, sadly Her pop culture references would never land in today s generation And if the main character was in elementary school instead of middle school, he might be convincing, but unfortunately middle schoolers today are not this innocent Middle schoolers today are a lot darker and sexually charged.

    15. This book is about a boy named Alex who goes to New York to shoot a commercial in which he tries to gain fame, however things go the wrong way and embarrasses himself on TV It was an okay book to read and has some humor which i enjoyed i liked how at the end Alex lets go the fame he was trying to achieve in order to help his school.

    16. This is about a book who thinks he s about to become a star because he s in a cat food commercial He is beyond excited because it s national television Though these plans take a turn when his friends thinks his commercial is dumb He is devastated He can t believe it and wonders if he ll ever be a celebrity.

    17. If you liked Skinnybones you will love this book It picks up right where they left off in the first one Almost Starring Skinnybones is just as funny as the first Skinnybones book, if and, even better Just like the first, if you want a good laugh, this is the book for you Happy reading RF

    18. I read this short book in a couple of hours today, and would recommend it to my students especially my boy reluctant readers Funny, slightly irreverent toward adults, and realistically voiced, I think that students will identify with Skinnybones They might also laugh durring SSRI did

    19. Skinnybones is back but I find this book just as bad as the first one Alex is still rude, arrogant, and a bad model for young readers I can t understand why parents would let their children read a book about a boy that nobody would want in their house for ten minutes.

    20. The loved loved this book They started to get a little bored and I had to explain a lot of junior high and terminology I wasn t quite ready for yet They loved it and now off to the next kid book.

    21. It was a good book My favorite part is when he asked his dad to carry his suitcase because he thought he was a star His dad didn t do it You should read this book DK

    22. This book is sure to make anyone laugh as they discover the personality behind skinny bones I can t remember his name right now.

    23. A very humorous story about a mischievous boy It shows a believable picture of how a 11 12 year old boy might perceive his world might be good for boys who do not enjoy reading Author

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