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Scars Do Heal By Shilpa Menon,

  • Title: Scars Do Heal
  • Author: Shilpa Menon
  • ISBN: 9789352065721
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sonal Kapoor is a reserved, hardworking entrepreneur running a florist boutique in London She fights a paradoxical battle between her responsibilities at work and her only family there her mother And caught in between these is a story of Sonal s past a terrible event that got her to flee India Scars from her troubled past continues to manifest in multitude of ways,Sonal Kapoor is a reserved, hardworking entrepreneur running a florist boutique in London She fights a paradoxical battle between her responsibilities at work and her only family there her mother And caught in between these is a story of Sonal s past a terrible event that got her to flee India Scars from her troubled past continues to manifest in multitude of ways, reminding her constantly about that horrific event Serendipity happens when Dr Ryan Percy enters her life and Sonal is challenged in ways she had never imagined Ryan turns out as everything from Sonal s quintessential definition of the man of her dreams BUT, Ryan too comes to the party with his own baggage from the past A pivotal piece in the jigsaw of their lives appears to be missing Could their puzzling lives be ever completed by each other Do they complete or destroy each other
    Scars Do Heal Sonal Kapoor is a reserved hardworking entrepreneur running a florist boutique in London She fights a paradoxical battle between her responsibilities at work and her only family there her mother And

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    1. Edited Added Author Interview Link Story in my words Sonal Kapoor, a successfull professional became rape victim She left her India and settled in London After six to seven years of psychological and business struggle she reach to a kind of stable life Story started a this point though don t worry her past is revealed in first 3 4 chapters only Sonal has made her mind of not getting into anykind of relationship with men Dr Percy entered into her life with new hope.With help of Sonal s mom and ot [...]

    2. Giveaway winnerSynopsis Sonal, an Indian girl leads a spinster life with her mother in England She runs a flower d cor business and is curled inside a circle comprising of a very few friends According to her, she had a scarred past as she was raped and survived but got severely injured with respect to long term psychological abnormalities Initially, she denied to move on and to have a healthy life with the man of her dreams, however situation changed slowly and incidents entangled with flowing t [...]

    3. Simple story that makes you believe in LOVE and the power to HEALThe book is too positive for life I thought LIfe ain t that simple.So, when Baig sir lent the book from me, I happily parted with it He really enjoyed reading it He asked me to convey to Shilpa, how he enjoyed the simplicity and positive vibes from the book When I asked how He said such simple stories are all around you, that fill you with hope and make you believe in miracles Then, it got me thinking,LIFE is what we believe it wou [...]

    4. I got this book as giveaway for free And I am really happy that I entered it It was an interesting story without any extra cheesy lines Its worth a read And how to cope with Trauma tips described sensitively I would recommend this book for everyone whether they have faced trauma or not.

    5. If you are a big Bollywood buff and believe in love stories like the ones you see in Karan Johar Yash Raj films then brace yourself Shilpa Menon, in her book Scars Do Heal, manages to take you to a ride full of love, emotions and drama The story is about two people living in same city not knowing of each other s existence Sonal Kapoor, a beautiful girl from India, finds solace in running a flower business in London She is reserved, quite and has less friends She has no boyfriend neither does her [...]

    6. The title Scars Do Heal confused me because a scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or an injury has healed and scars a natural part of the healing process So, how can scars heal I have been reading and reviewing quite a few novels by new authors, and generally find they are described as highly educated from prestigious institutions, well placed in high positions in India and abroad, and their books already have 5 star reviews from gushing reviewers But when I get to read the books, I be [...]

    7. A compelling and an exciting page turner Author Shipa Menon skilled in depicting a graceful and a compassionate story filled with life traumas, pains, decisions, emotions, betrayal, relationships, confidence, revival, and courage Where the main character Sonal Kapoor a rape victim struggles to face her unknown and uncertain future, but is blessed with a healing in the form of Dr Ryan percy who supports her through all the thick and thins thus being her greatest emotional support.The story line f [...]

    8. The most amazing book i have ever read The narration was so perfect that i was able to imagine each and every scene she has described in the book The male protagonist character was portrayed so well and was in love with that character.

    9. Scars do Heal it s a good book to read which comprises of all things from hate to love While reading this book I was feeling like watching a movie in front of me Author had done justice to all the characters mentioned in the book Story was altogether ok but there where many situations which were predictable For example, when final starts to get blank calls and threatening messages she would not tell Ryan and he will get to know from somebody else There were many such situations like this but aut [...]

    10. I Received this book in a Giveaway from , hosted by the author My first thoughts about the book Must be great,with a beautiful cover Quite a gripping story from the beginning, Dr Ryan Percy was the sweetest of all _ The book is a light read and very refreshingAnd the Ending ohmygawd the ending In India was the least expected point in the story, and with all the action and the creepiness welllol and love shown at the end, this book actually became a goodread D Beautiful, gripping, freaky, everyth [...]

    11. To sum up this book makes an emotional read by giving a plausible solution to the issue of rape and in no way can a reader not fall in love with the magnanimous character of Ryan and the courage and confidence filled character of Sonal.The publishing quality of the book though being a paperback edition apart from the storyline adds to the overall appeal of the book and doubles the pleasure of readingI won this book as a part of the Giveaway.You can read the complete review of this book on my blo [...]

    12. I got a copy of this book through Giveaway.This book really has a very powerful storyline The protagonist Sonal Kapoor is very inspiring The narration creates a bond of love between the story and the reader What I felt was that this book really made me realize that everryone goes through mental depression But if you are strong at the core and willing to resist the flow of negativity into your body then stand up Fight with your negitivity Let Positivity be victorious Let Love blossom again.Very w [...]

    13. I Received this book as a Giveaway from in exchange of an honest Review Do Scars Heal.Does Love conquers all Yes.It does Well it did conquer the fears and insecurities of Ms Sonal Kapoor in her journey to become Mrs Sonal Percy.Shilpa Menon the author , has an exceptional talent of story telling, which has made me her FAN.Every twist and turn in the Novel make it engrossing and one can t pick anything else until one has finished it.

    14. Absolutely brilliant Kudos to the author for writing on such a sensitive subject The story was gripping and very beautiful A must read for all romance lovers.

    15. Dr Ryan Percy, I fall in love with you He is the superpower of this book I wish every man could be like him This book not only shows a positive transformation of a girl but also presents a pure love story Apart from the story, this book gives a great message which I think every girl can relate After finishing this book, tears roll down from my eyes so you can imagine how hard this book has touched me The author has picked up a sensitive subject and brilliantly managed it This book is fast paced, [...]

    16. I won a review copy from Chevus Read Follow Chevus Read blog chevusread or their facebook page facebook few for updates Scars tell untold stories and each of us have scars Very often the deepest wounds leave scars that cannot be seen A scar keeps haunting you and can inflict pain on your conscious mind The author has chosen a brave and important topic in our lives First of all, kudos to the author.The characters are strong and let me get in their shoes except for the protagonist and it is impos [...]

    17. Very interesting book Each page you read , makes you want to read and to know what will happen next I liked the positive side , the strength of the main character to move on in life with the help of a friend Looking forward to read a second novel from Shilpa

    18. Well,My first giveaway gift and I have thoroughly enjoyed the book.I was really excited to read the book and always felt that the book never comes to an end and I keep on reading,which actually took some time to write this review.At the end of the book,I am having such a satisfying and fulfilling feeling that I can t really explain.A very good read and liked every bit of it.This book actually teaches you how to make peace with your past and move on.Everyone has scars,some way or the other but le [...]

    19. Picked this up recently when I visited a used book store Little did I know that I have answers to questions that haunted me long I never heard about the book or the author before I picked this book There was an institution and it pushed me to pick it up even without reading the synopsis.Scars do heal is a beautifully written book The protagonist is a rape victim She changes everything in her life to let go of her past but she never succeeds until she falls in love again which she never expected. [...]

    20. Won Scars do heal as part of the Good reads giveaway Thanks to Good reads and the author The plot of a victim and a survivor, Sonal who because of her tragic past migrates to London and begin a fresh start She is not able to get into relationship and trust it to work She then meets Dr Ryan Percy who accepts her and helps her deal with her past He helps her realize to make peace with her past to move ahead in life Is she ready to accept her past and move ahead in lifee story reveals it.The story [...]

    21. I feel Shilpa Menon has explained the fears of a rape victim very aptly We can connect with the lives of Sonal, Ryan, etc and the story because the story seems so real, unfolding in front of your eyes The author has really understood what is RTS, the feelings of a rape victim and must have done a good amount of research to understand the thought process and fears of a Rape victim I loved the Epilogue Angels do come in our life to heal our scars which could be physical or emotional And I also bel [...]

    22. Scars Do HealThis book is a gem in the sense that the author tackles different subjects from trauma to social and cultural differences by passing through love and success At a critical point in time where BREXIT is the talk of the town in UK, it is a certainty that cultural differences and tolerance will be at stake.

    23. I have got the kindle version of this book and I must say it s a true page turner so much so that I finished the book in one day the book speaks about the scars and it s a sensitive topic Kudos to the author for choosing this topic Totally recommend

    24. Awesome storyI just loved the story Well written, very romanticI strongly recommend this book to people wanting to spend some quality reading time.You would not want to stop reading once you started.I was completely drowned in its world.

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book unique story and easy to read Good to learn about what all a rape victim goes through and loved the aspect of hope and healing.

    26. Being a storyteller myself, I realise that there are some books you would not read for the language or with the critical mind to see if it matches your expectation of your best book ever, but you would just read to relate to the story of the words and behind them as well and be grateful to how the author portrayed a pressing matter in such a positive and hopeful manner Rape victims or abused women often lack self esteem and the confidence to be their own selves Often, they resort to a false disp [...]

    27. A simple book with the basics in check Scars do heal A positive and warm book that makes one believe in love and faith A re read kinda book for sure

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