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Possessed By Selene Charles,

  • Title: Possessed
  • Author: Selene Charles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS YOU LL GET THE ENTIRE TEMPTED SERIES INCLUDED IN THIS DOWNLOAD RECKLESS IS THE THIRD AND FINAL BOOK TO THE EXCITING TEMPTED UNIVERSE Flint DeLuca had hoped that recapturing Abel from Layla s vicious clutches would have been the end of a very long nightmare, but she couldn t have been wrong She s taken her friend now twisted into a thing of rFOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS YOU LL GET THE ENTIRE TEMPTED SERIES INCLUDED IN THIS DOWNLOAD RECKLESS IS THE THIRD AND FINAL BOOK TO THE EXCITING TEMPTED UNIVERSE Flint DeLuca had hoped that recapturing Abel from Layla s vicious clutches would have been the end of a very long nightmare, but she couldn t have been wrong She s taken her friend now twisted into a thing of rage filled darkness deep below the earth to heal and recover from the atrocities his mother committed upon him, only to discover they ve been tricked by the dark fae court and have been thrust into a game of high stakes Where the winners walk away, but the losers die As if that wasn t bad enough, back on Earth, Cain s grappling with biblical end time prophecy, an Aunt who may or may not be the reincarnation of the Scarlet Woman doomed to tear open the Gates of Hell, and the loss of his mate and his brother Great sacrifices will be required of them both, losses will accrue on every side, will Cain and Flint find their way back to each other Only time will telltime neither of them have much of

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    1. I loved, loved this book Ms Charles wrapped up this book series very well and I couldn t have made a better ending than what she did Read no further because the rest of this has spoilers So with that said When Flint came to and Adam was no where to be found two Brownies came and lead her to her next destination It seems she was tricked by her unknown to her grandfather And she has a brother she never knew and the fey are very freaky looking and deadly and Ms Charles description is such that you [...]

    2. There was no reason to have a third book It ended at 33% It was a so so ending Flint and Cain were together as well as Abel and Janet nothing was said about how they got together Rhi, Eli and Seth all died, along with Layla by Adam s hands I m glad it s over, because I won t be reading another book by this author for awhile.

    3. HOLY SMOKES I read all the books in about 2 days I was glued from the moment I picked up the series Flint is a character that I instantly liked and Cain was OMG kind of possessive, but he grew on you The twist and turns the book took was crazy and yet exhilarating The dark faeries are not ones to piss off and to find out the secrets there were hiding GAH But all in all the book was a success and the battle to stop the darkness was EPIC The ending was bitter sweet but Flint and Cain got the happi [...]

    4. Love this Series I have been on pins and needles waiting on this book to come out This series has had me hooked from the beginning This book is an awesome addition to the series It has a ton of surprises and fun along the way, as well as some heartbreak I loved finding out about Flint s heritage, and meeting her family Her journey in this book is quite a rollercoaster ride Although I hate to give up a wonderful series,this was an excellent book I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series

    5. Amazing conclusion to the Tempted Series Could not get enough of Flint and Cain Love this power couple Flinty has to figure out how to save the world from the Armageddon that is right at their heels With some help from her grandmother Grace from the Night series Dean and Pandora also from the Night series they need to get the upper hand and defeat Layla and save their friends and the world.

    6. Just couldn t get into itI read the 1st 2 in 1 sitting, but I just couldn t get into this one I made it to about 16% ill have to try it again later.

    7. GreatI loved all three books Even reading for the second time around Hope to read from this author Brilliant

    8. I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion.I will point out, as I always do with my reviews I offer no spoilers So this review may not offer everything you could be seeking, and I won t summarize the book as you get that simply by the book s description.What I can say is this once you start, you can t simply finish this book Twists, turns, stops and well a lot of what omg l the good things you want in a book This book is the third and final book of the Tempted series It brings a lot of [...]

    9. ObsessedBy Selene CharlesW Finding words to describe this book I had to spend a day just holding what I had read to myself before writing the review and sharing it, like allowing a good piece of chocolate dissolve slowly in your mouth, the taste stays with you for a while.What a wonderful culmination to a trilogy I would defiantly allocate this book 10 stars if I could.The first book drew me in immediately and enthralled me with its twists and turns and larger than life characters at the Cirque [...]

    10. A complete series At the time of writing this review Jan 2016 , if you buy this book from you get books 12 free As I hadn t read any of the series this was a good deal for me I understand that this series is a spin off from the Night series by the same author under the name of RS Black I haven t read that series, but you can tell where the two stories overlap I can imagine if you d read the other series it may have enhanced this one, but I don t feel it spoiled my enjoyment that I hadn t That sa [...]

    11. wow, that is quite the package If you haven t already started the Tempted series, this is your chance to get all three books in one YA, yes, but so much than your average teenage angst, girl meets superboy, school s out for summer story I loved the first two books and I was swept away by the third Couldn t put it down Flint grows up during this series, has to, but she does it with grace and strength and pride Cain is pure sugar, he lets her do what she needs to do but is there for her all the w [...]

    12. Beautiful Ending to an Amazing SeriesThe authors did a fabulous job ending this trilogy The storyline starts off exactly where she left it in book two Flint had to go through many trials, learn of new loved ones, make sacrifices, and all at the same time, keep her faith Cain also had to learn how to move forward without Flint constantly at his side grounding him and have faith in her Everyone lost someone dear to them during this final story It was full of action, adventures, than enough secret [...]

    13. It started off real slow, all that describing the fae land and politics, just bored me to death, but once the story picked up the space I really liked it, but it ended way too quickly for my liking without really explaining what was happening and the final battle what they preparing for all along was kind of lame They did not face the real enemy, we don t really know what went down between Dean and Pandora, or why was he even involved Characters died for no reason, I mean the whole fight felt li [...]

    14. This is the last book in the series and all my questions were finally answered I enjoyed the last part of the series, but felt the very end of the book was a bit rushed and could ve been in a bit detail.Whilst reading this book we learn a bit of Cain s aunt, Pandora who has her own book The Night series which runs concurrently to this book I m now going to read that as it s got me interested to know Pandora s story.A good ending, but I recommend having some tissues ready, and maybe not reading [...]

    15. DrossThis felt disjointed, and I suspect it could probably have benefitted from proofreading Also, the book itself finished at 33% the remainder of the space was taken up with reiteration of all 3 books, which was just tedious I m still not sure why I bothered with this series maybe I was hoping it would improve

    16. Nice endingThis book ending was perfect All the loose ends were tied or answered, except exactly who the triad was unless I missed it in a previous book I was upset with the deaths that occurred, but it made the book intense.

    17. This was a really good series It had a very satisfying end There was love, loss, heartache, sadness, justice, sacrifice , and life all rolled in there in a mesmerizing but shabby bow because life is never neat and tidy It really was a beautiful story of all those things.

    18. Never againThis whole series gave me a migraine Too much going on all at once Shifters, were people, strange fae, time loops, death, demons WHAT THE HELL All these five star ratings are lies The Night Series was better This series didn t make any sense

    19. Sooooo what the hell I was sad that, that was the ending Her other series was so much thought out and brilliant and this series was just smushed together.

    20. Excellent ReadExcellent book to read The third and final book in the series And a great series it is I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.Happy ReadingEnjou

    21. Honestly it just got a little boring and I couldn t finish it Nothing new, I feel like I m drowning in books that seem to use the same storyline only modifying it slightly.

    22. Awesome series must read I loved this book it was worked into the other series impressive these books are a must read You shouldn t miss this series

    23. Meh The title is a complete misnomer The writing felt much weaker than the first two in this series and it almost felt like she was writing down to her YA audience with all the childish slang.

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