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Paris Immortal By Sherry Roit,

  • Title: Paris Immortal
  • Author: Sherry Roit
  • ISBN: 9781905005666
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Trey meets his new legal clients, the stunning Michel and his equally striking partner Gabriel, he can t believe his luck The rumour in the office is that the pair can be difficult at times they have a staggering number of assets to manage and are elusive during the daytime hours.
    Paris Immortal When Trey meets his new legal clients the stunning Michel and his equally striking partner Gabriel he can t believe his luck The rumour in the office is that the pair can be difficult at times they

    One thought on “Paris Immortal”

    1. I feel slightly guilty now because I read this ages ago and have since read the author s three other books in this series but only realized when I was updating this page today that I d not done a review As a fan and a writer of vampire stories, I couldn t leave it sitting on the shelf in Waterstones when I first spotted Paris Immortal It has a very delicious sleeve and the blurb and the first page when I read them were also most enticing The first novel, and this is undeniably the first part of [...]

    2. This story is told in a traditional way for a vampire story, in fact I kept forgetting that it was set in the present day, and was jolted every time someone mentioned cell phones, or modern clothing This impression is helped by the fact that the characters move about on foot, with hardly any mention of cars, trains etc It starts slowly, and it takes the main character almost until the end of the book to realise what is going on There is violence and sex, but much less of both than in other mode [...]

    3. I have just realised that I haven t reviewed this And it is one of my favourite books, and it is often on my re read list I remember wandering into Waterstone s and seeing the cover It drew me in because I remembered that view of Paris from when my husband and I visited in the early 80 s The blurb on the back clinched the deal as soon as I realised it was a Vampire novel The book held me in thrall as soon as I started it and I read it in 24 hours flat I couldn t put it down I fell in love with t [...]

    4. This is the first in the series and it was an enjoyable read and as with first books it involves a lot of character development If you like this aspect you ll enjoy this book The next book in the series is Paris Immortal Awakenings which I don t seem to be able to add as perceives it as the same book and won t let me add it I like the second book than the first because there is action in this book and of course revelations about the main protagonist, Trey, his history as well as the history o [...]

    5. INTENSEThis book grabbed me the beginning I thought I new what was going to happen and then there would a curve that swept you in a new direction A must read for this genre, cudo s to the author.

    6. High camp, this novel consists mostly of descriptions of the gay attraction between the two main vampire characters and their bi sexual male lawyer Expect lots of descriptions of lustful longing, hard bodies, clothes and interior decor The plot only launches about half way through when their glamorous lifestyle is threatened by another vampire Then the book ends.The narrative consists of the thought processes of either Trey or the vampires, much of which is incredibly banal and repetitive consis [...]

    7. Chore and Routine Such a shame it started so wellThe page that the story become interesting was on 326 Can you imagine To me the plot of this instalment of the series serves as a prelude to a great story, but ultimately is really bland Also the self psychoanalysis the protagonist, Trey, indulges in is annoying He even talks about his self in the 3rd person It s as though S.Roit is trying to hard, to make this the thinking persons vampire tale.

    8. I m really not into the whole vampire novel deal, but I decided to branch out a little bit and see what the big deal is And maybe this just wasn t the best one to go for, but I m still not too impressed Story was interesting and I liked the way it was written, slightly staccato in some parts, but overall found that the whole book was build up to a revelation that happened in about the last chapter and then the book was over No wrap up or anything No thanks.

    9. I found the story jumped around from character to character is a rather confusing way, plus some of the characters internal monologues were long winded and dull The premise of the story is fantastic, however the plot takes quite a while to unfold while the main character steps through the story with the constant internal voice.

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