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  1. Memed, My Hawk nce Memed, 1 , Ya ar Kemal 1353 515 1357 1362 515 20 1362 216 1382 755 1955 1977 1964 1961 1961 1957 1959 1966 1964 1967 1963 1961 1962 1964 1964 1962 1965 1962 1963 1967 1968 1962 1967 1970 1971

  2. One of my criteria for rating a piece of fiction is this Would I, or have I read it than once No matter how good, I almost never watch a movie than once But some books, I come back to over and over This is such a book I have read it several times For me it is always entertaining and moving Set in Turkey, and written by a Noble Prize nominee, it is a kind of Robin Hood saga I tell all my students that if they wish to understand the prophetic passion for social justice that is to be found in the [...]

  3. I m a native speaker of the language in which this wonderful work of literature is written Turkish.After reading the comments on the book here,I ve started to think of reading it in English too because I ve always thought its English translation could not possibly match its original version since cultural elements are a dominant part of the books.I see that I m wrong,though and I m glad for it.I strongly recommend the whole series composed of 4 books,which shows Ya ar Kemal s extraordinary talen [...]

  4. Yashar Kemal is probably the best known author from that most admirable of Middle Eastern peoples The Kurds His Memed, My Hawk is a folk tale of injustice by a cruel landlord turning a young farmer s son to brigandage At the same time he is a brigand, he is scrupulously justice, especially when dealing with the poor and the innocent Slim Memed, as he is called, is a hero created by an author who doesn t believe in heroes In his introduction to the New York Review Books edition, Kemal writes I ha [...]

  5. Her ne kadar Ya ar Kemal bu seriyi pek be enmese de bunu bir r portaj nda s ylemi ve ince memed i yaln zca para kazanmak i in yazd n belirtmi tir biz seviyoruz D nemini, y reyi, y re insan n ve k lt r n en iyi anlatan kitaplardan biri O kadar karakteri ya amak ve onlar n ruh halini bu denli ustal kla aktarmak i in ya izofren ya da Ya ar Kemal olmak gerekirdi san yorum Kitap bilindi i zere 4 cilttir Her cildin arkas nda nce Memed in, bu b l mde kimi ld rece i yaz l oldu undan okunmamas nda fayda [...]

  6. Wayyyyyyyyyy longer than it needed to be and it was only book 1 of 4 by the 200 page mark I already gave up on the narrative It is of important historical significance, especially to Kurdish people, BUT for someone estranged with the geography and the political climate, it drags on without any apparent purpose.

  7. I already had this checked out from the library for my ongoing reading of Turkish literature when I came across a mention of the author in The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux I ve had a great many reading coincidences lately It isn t surprising that this book was originally published in serial form It has the distinct feel of sections, with repetition that would have been unnecessary if it had originally been one volume Those repetitions were tiring to this reader, and I have the same beef [...]

  8. Yashar Kemal is able to evoke the arid, yet effervescent, land of Taurus from the ebullient sunsets to the incandescent moon light, to the pellucid mountain slopes and parched plains or the baleful lives of the peasantry who struggle to survive beneath the oppression of feudalism, all of this is conjured up within the poetry of Kemal s prose.The central character aside from the protagonist Memed, is the country in which the story is set Kemal Desolate, yet beautiful, Kemal captures the deciduous [...]

  9. There s something about Turkish literature that speaks to me, and this book is no exception Written in Turkish by Yasar Kemal, the book was originally published in 1955 and translated into English and several other languages since then The novel follows the life of Memed, from his harsh young life in a poor village, losing his father, toiling day and night for the cruel local agha, subsequent attempts at escapes and then transition into a roving brigand, the story touches the heart and and speak [...]

  10. nce Memed ahinim Ya ar Kemal in betimleme g c ve usta kalemi sayesinde ukurova n n s ca n , Dikenlid z n n insan n dizlerini par alayan ak rdikenlerini, a g zl ama dindar Abdi A a ya duyulan korkuyla kar k nefreti, Hat e nin sevgisini, Iraz ana n n fedakarl n , haks zl , k yl lerin adalet aray n ve nce Memed in sava n g rd m, tan k oldum, ya ad m T rk e ger ekten zengin bir dil mi sorusuna verilecek benim yegane yan t m Ya ar Kemal nce Memed olacakt r bundan b yle.

  11. Thi n anh h ng ca v m t t ng c p xu t th n n ng d n V n ch ng kho i ho t v c ng, b n d ch c a Tr n D n c ng tuy t di u M i l m, m i s u tu i m c c cu n n y th m l m t ng c p m t th i May m qua tu i

  12. G r sahas ne kadar dar olursa olsun, insan muhayyilesi geni tir De irmenoluk k y nden ba ka hi bir yere kmam bir insan n bile geni bir hayal d nyas mevcuttur Y ld zlar n telerine kadar uzanabilir Hi bir yer bulamazsa Kafda n n arkas na kadar gider O da olmazsa, d lerinde ya ad yer ba kala r Cennetle ir imdi, u anda d ler veryans n ediyordur uykular n alt nda u f kara, u kah rl De irmenoluk k y nde, de i mi d nyalar ya an yordur nce MemedMemed Zalimler i in e k ya, k yl ler i in elik gibi, y k lm [...]

  13. Ya ar Kemal in bu muhte em eserini ocuklu umdan beri k t phanede izleyip yeni okumu olmam kendi ad ma b y k bir kay p Bu kitap de il bir efsane, bir 20.yy destan , T rk insan n n kaybetti i insani de erlerine bir a t D rtlemeyi bitirmesem de, bu ilk kitap Ya ar Kemal in D nya Edebiyat na damga vurmas na yeterli nce Memed e bunca vg , d l, sayg kesinlikle tam yerinde.

  14. Buram buram toprak ve insan kokan harika bir kitap Ak c bir dil, y resel deyimler, arada kalm l k, aresizlik, umut, umutsuzluk, e kiyal k, a al k, toprak, ekin, hasat, ovalar ve da lar Karakter geli imi ve de i imine dair yaz lm en g zel ve bizden eserlerden birisi.

  15. Memed s story is begining with his fantastic love and his youngness than changing life Apart from many good thing, story was also explaing about grudge and hatred inside of people in Anatolia Espesially in the thought aganist to Aga or any authority power, unfortunately the story seems us people how can be such a low charcterfull.And two sections from book, Evaluate people with their behaviour not their words.Even your enemy is a ant, even so dont misprize.I liked this book, recommended.

  16. A an n, k yl ye etmedi i zulm n kalmad , k yl n n boynunu b k p kendini her eyden st n g ren a aya kar koyamad bir zamanda kt geldi nce Memed.Bu haks z d zenin tekerine omak sokacak, ark k racak bir kahramand o.Halk n y re indeki korkuyu hafifletti, zorba a alara ve adaletsizliklere kar k yl ye seslerini y kseltmeleri gerekti ini g sterdi.Ama halk kahraman olurken, bu u urda kendi hayat ndan en ok da sevdiklerinden fedakarl k yapt Y re imi pare pare etti okurken ukurova, Toros Da lar ve evre k y [...]

  17. Memed, known as Slim Memed, is just a boy when he runs away from his village due to the cruelty of his village s Agha a feudal lord He returns after a number of months as he is worried about his mother The Agha punishes them both and they nearly starve that winter None of the villagers in the villages that this Agha control have any liking for him but pretend to out of fear Lots of I kiss your hands, I kiss your feet to his face and name calling infidel is the bad name they all like to use when [...]

  18. I m heading to Turkey soon, so bought this classic as homework First, the author s bio is a rag to riches story of growing up as a peasant farmer s son in pre Attaturk rural Turkey, who becomes a professional letter writer then the nation s most famous and beloved author The feudal society he describes is so primitive, you are jarred when a character references an automobile The descriptions of the natural beauty of the Turkish interior are lush.Memed is oppressed all his young life by the evil [...]

  19. one of only two clunkers i ve encountered on the normally superb New York Review Book backlist of reprints this is a classic turkish novel about a boy who becomes a legendary robin hood like hero in the turkish thistle laden countryside constantly beaten and unfairly treated by a cruel nemesis, he eventually gets his revenge there are some nice descriptive nature passages, but i found the story too predictable and repetitive and slow it was painful at times could be the fault of the translation, [...]

  20. A chilling and fascinating narrative of rural Turkey soon after the formation of the Republic Memed s experiences and those of his village are offered in brutal relief the helplessness of the peasants reveals the inevitability of human ignorance the pettiness of the bourgeoisie is starkly honest I found interesting how key moments of dramatic resolution are sometimes avoided in the narrative the fate of a main character, the removal of another in a single sentence without comment It forced me to [...]

  21. Elimden b rakamad m, deli gibi s r kleyen harika bir k y roman yd ok ey reniyorsunuz k y halk ad na, k y ya ant s ad na As m avu beni olduk a etkileyen bir karakterdi ayr ca Tabii nce Memed den sonra kinci kitapta ne olacak, merak ediyorum

  22. Kind of like Robin Hood, if Robin Hood were a badass Turkish brigand riding to the rescue of Taurus Mountain villagers Good stuff, and great writing to boot.

  23. There s a fantastic review of Absurdistan I once read that said Just unbutton its shirt and let it bare its chest Like a victorious wrestler, this novel is so immodestly vigorous, so burstingly sure of its barbaric excellence, that simply by breathing, sweating and standing upright it exalts itself.And yeah, I think that applies to Memed, My Hawk a whole lot than it applies to Shteyngart s work It s rare when you can write a classical legend in 1955 It s a John Ford Western except that it is ju [...]

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