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Starlight By Adrienne Woods,

  • Title: Starlight
  • Author: Adrienne Woods
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: ebook
  • In the Fifth and final part of the Dragonian Series, eighteen year old Elena Watkins and her dragon, the Rubicon, need to find the missing ingredients in order to free her father from Etan.But what could the missing ingredient be And will she be willing to sacrifice her life if they don t find it before time runs out
    Starlight In the Fifth and final part of the Dragonian Series eighteen year old Elena Watkins and her dragon the Rubicon need to find the missing ingredients in order to free her father from Etan But what co

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    1. What just happened What did I read I m usually all over this series but this book and the one before it Na uh The story in its general being is amazing the world, the characters, amazing I mean dragons and dragon riders, hello What s not to love But it seems like in the past two books Woods might have lost her vision or I actually don t know I m not the writer here, I just love books It just seemed like a lot of extra drama and angst for no reason And it was an incredibly cheesing ending view sp [...]

    2. I thought this book was a whole lot of drama, and too little action I imagined this book would be filled with badass fighting scenes, kick ass dragons clearing all the evil out of Etan Instead, this novel is strife with a series of misunderstandings, and unnecessary drama, if you ask me Time after time, we get a SUPER annoying Elena, who honestly, acts like a five year old child As soon as she sees something she doesn t like, she runs away in the shower and hides away from everyone She ignores A [...]

    3. WOODS IS ABSOLUTELY CREATIVE AND I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK One of the best authors out there.Update these newsletters make me go crazy of wanting the book already

    4. I was really dissapointed in the Starlight I loved this series and this book was highly anticipated but this book was probably my least favourite in this whole series While reading it, I had to take long breaks and I even skimmed most of it, just to finish it and even the ending wasn t the best The plot was all jumbled up and felt like it wasn t even connected to the previous books This whole book was based on the drama between Blake and Elena and Tabitha Most of the characters went downhill asw [...]

    5. Really Is this the turn this series had to take Why is there the pic of Elena in a warrior look, coz the book have everything else than the war Its all nonsense drama and nothing else It bored me to hell with all the drama going on,I skipped most of the conversations and was just hanging to know the final end But the misunderstanding part was the final blow and I can get on with this book any It was a great series but the last two books ruined it and how.

    6. To quote Tweebs, Grabs mic Clears throat and begins to scream FUCK YOUFUCK MEFUCK THISFUCK THATFUCK EVERYTHINGI HATE YOU, ADRIENNE WOODS No rating No review No nothing.I hate you, Adrienne Woods And I don t mean the I love you so much I hate you hate you, I mean I really hate you.I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH Why couldn t you have left it alone The book was fine enough Not the best end to an otherwise brilliant series but it was well enough But no You just had to attach that bonus chapter along too [...]

    7. I expected of this book Especially since it was the last one The pace was slow and it made the book feel too long They re supposed to be planning things, they re at war after all, but she goes back to the academy like nothing is going on It also wastes time describing boring facts about her routine That plus the misunderstandings made want to pull my hair out It was such a let down until the very bitter end What a shame

    8. My Review view spoiler 5 books I spent all this time waiting for the epic story of Elena and Blake to get the mess that was Starlight And if I didn t know any better, I would have quit this book I ll quickly brief why this book made me mad 1 The entire story dragged on, and on and on This was not the same page turner as the last four books.2 Elena and Blake are still fighting 40 60 percent of the book Ugh It s book 5, I think they deserve somehappiness.3 Things got confusing with some very promi [...]

    9. I am happy, sad, hopeful, excited, so many emotions I can t even put into words how much I ve grown to love this series It has been such an amazing journey My love for dragons has grown over the past month I ve been reading the Dragonian series I ve sobbed and laughed, and cried at school twice There has of course been ups and downs, a moment where I wanted to quit because it seemed hard to get through but I read on and it was all worth it Sure I get confused and a tiny bit annoyed just a tiny b [...]

    10. A disappointing conclusion to a promising series After a weaker 4th book, I was hesitant to read the final installment, but stellar reviews convinced me to give it a try I hardly made it to the end, and not because of the significant amount of editing errors.The cover of the book shows the image of Elena as a fighter and could not be misleading I presume that the writer intended to show through the first half of the book the internal struggle of the young women with her traumatic past She faile [...]

    11. OKAY, I really love this series and the characters in it, but this book and Moonbreeze had MAJOR ISSUES Like the horrible sentences that made no fucking sense The wrong names and words that didn t even fit together were ALL OVER THE PLACE It made me mad and took a lot away from the reading experience This book felt like it had missed the final rounds of editing Also, Blake and Elena s relationship drama annoyed me They already went through the running away not doing this phase I didn t need to s [...]

    12. I don t even know where to begin on this book The whole series has torn apart my life, soul, and heart I connected with these characters on a very deep level, and now that the series is over I feel like apart of me is missing I thought that this was a great finale to the series We got some loose ends tied up, they finally finished what the whole plot was about, and overall it was just amazing I feel that Elena really grew up a lot in this book, even if she was still being annoying about the dent [...]

    13. The following review is for all 5 main books in the series and contains spoilers.Overall rating of the series 6 of 10Rating 6 of 10First book in the series and pretty good as one A bit slow at times We get too much information in it though 50 pages okay, maybe a 100 and readers are already aware what Elena s destiny is Her feeling for Lucian well, lets say I didn t quite believe in them It lacked gradation, it looked almost like some insta love but lacked chemistry I can accept insta love in bet [...]

    14. This is the final book in the Dragonian series I finally decided to read it after I let it sit in my TBR for a long time cuz frankly, I was very tired of the drama between Blake and Elena Mostly, Elena She was one of the most annoying characters in the series and she does not disappoint, as usual, with this book The overall Dragonian series story is very interesting However, Elena always got on my nerves The story continues with Elena and Blake trying to reconcile with each other after the tragi [...]

    15. Review to come Update 6 4 16 See reviews on my blog Novels and NecklacesActual rating 3.5 starsThis review is breaking my heart to write I have been in love with this entire series since I first picked it up back in 2013 I have had a special place in my heart for all of these characters for so long don t worryI still do but this finale was a let down in many ways I actually considered not writing a review for this because I simply didn t want to write a review that wasn t raving over this book [...]

    16. As the last book in the series I am happy to say that Starlight didn t disappoint as so many others sometimes do I enjoyed the build up to the inevitable final conclusion and battle I really couldn t put it down I love that Adrienne doesn t feel the need to dumb anything down for her readers small little tit bits and clues are dropped along the way, and yes you are asked to connect the dots and they all finally get tied up which makes me so happy as cannot stand to get to the end and not have cl [...]

    17. I m so disappointed with this series I very muchhate to admit that I did not LOVE this book Blake and Elena kept fighting with each other and I believe that they will keep fighting for the rest of their very long lives They both got their happy endings but many others didn t Poor Sammy And what happened to Queen Maggie and King Helmut was tragic Despite what Tabitha did, I m still confused whether to like her or not When Blake showed Elena what the Dent was, why did they keep mentioning Elena s [...]

    18. i m sorely disappointed regardless of the eventual desired ending, the story was poorly written, in need of some serious editing, grammar reworking, and spell checking i had to force myself through to the ending, taking multiple breaks between chapters, pages and sometimes even paragraphs i don t remember the previous books being so poorly written but i hate that it ruins the story for me, especially when what i can remember was that i really LIKED the story pthe only reason it gets two instead [...]

    19. Never has a book needed an editor or at least someone to track continuity Storylines were abandoned with no explanation the viden Who with Cain tried to trick her to doubt her powers Did the prophecy ever turn blue AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GIRL WHOSE BED ELENA TOOK Has no one there ever noticed that she went on her trip and NEVER came back

    20. I always try to rate a book as soon as I close it so that I can capture exactly how I feel at the time and exactly where that book transported me to This book is a wonderful example of why I do this because if I had waited until today to rate it, I probably would have dropped that rating to a three star, but truthfully this book was satisfying in so many ways and when I finally came to the close of it and reminisced about the entire story that I had read, I needed to give it the four stars becau [...]

    21. This is so bitter sweet I have been a hardcore fan since Firebolt first released And to read this book really made me emotional.First, let me say how honored I am that I was a beta reader for this book, but some of my suggestions made it into the final book I honestly have no words I have loved Blake from the start There was just something about him that amazed me even when he was an a and fighting his dark side I had always wished that he and Elena could be together In Starlight we got to see s [...]

    22. I have now read all 5 books of this series I started in the mood for some light, fun fantasy I liked the first 3 books ok I found the fourth book to be the best of the four because it finally addressed the Etan plot Yes, there was a lot of whining by Elena and I wanted to say grow the hell up but it was definitely the best of the four then came book five Let me start by saying that had the first book been of this quality then I would have never finished it let alone read all five In other review [...]

    23. I was looking forward to this book, so I wish I could give it a better rating The story was ok, even though the orbits bit was absolutely unnecessary And I can t help feeling that the book could be half the size I don t really care if Elena put on jeans, a t shirt and flipflops to go to breakfast, as it was of no consequence to the story at all like there was never a she later had to run but couldn t go fast because she was wearing the stupid flipflops , for example The book is full of these kin [...]

    24. Review ini cuma unek unek pembaca Jadi abaikan bila ada kesalahan penulisan, kata kata yang tidak jelas, grammar yang amburadul aah sudahlah.2 hari maraton nyelesain seri ini Sumpah, kecewa banget Dari buku satu udah gondok banget sama si Elenanya Tapi terus berpikir positif, berharap di buku buku berikutnya ceritanya akan lebih baik lagi Dan iyaa, di buku 3 mulai seru tuh.Tapi sampe akhir seri di buku 5 ini, pembaca kecewa Selama baca seri ini terus terusan mikir ah ini kan ceritanya kayak seri [...]

    25. Wow this was an incredibly gripping read I started this book having really loved the previous books in the series but I was still completely taken with the characters the plot and the way it s written Definitely a series to read if you like fantasy and adventure.This book in comparison to other books in the series was maybe not quite as gripping but all that shows is that all the others are just SO good.I personally love all the characters in this book they are so nice they act as real people wo [...]

    26. I felt as if everything and anything was happening except the action that I was looking forward too It was such a cool and great concept that the author had but it all watered down to a big bummer.Plus, the writing style of the author was a bit all over the place at times she wrote very well and then there were parts which made me wonder as if it was written for thirteen year olds So, although Adrienne Woods has a very creative mind, her writing style could still use some work.

    27. This is one of the best book series I ve ever read I was sad that many of my favorite characters died in the final battle However it did make the story that much realistic I am looking forward to reading the 3 spinoff books coming out I also hope that the author considers writing many books in this universe she created There are endless possibilities with prequels and sequels

    28. I ve been privileged enough to read the first 13 chapters in Adrienne s fan group And I must say I am diddling around knowing it will be on shortly Everyone get ready, because here it comes and your going to need tissues Just saying

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