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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Ripper Legacy By David Stuart Davies,

  • Title: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Ripper Legacy
  • Author: David Stuart Davies
  • ISBN: 9781783296606
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson investigate the case of a kidnapped child With no ransom note, and a sinister connection to the highest echelons of Victorian society, the companions lives are in danger What is the child s true heritage And what is the connection with the vicious Whitechapel murders
    The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Ripper Legacy Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson investigate the case of a kidnapped child With no ransom note and a sinister connection to the highest echelons of Victorian society the companions lives are in dan

    One thought on “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Ripper Legacy”

    1. David Stuart Davies latest addition to Titan s Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series is a ripper, pun completely intended.Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the kidnapping of a child This is no ordinary kidnapping, as he discovers when Mycroft becomes involved Some old enemies return and there are some new ones All well written and well rounded.Sherlockians will recognize the plot as a what if extension of a fairly well known Sherlock Holmes movie from the late 1970s.The relationship [...]

    2. 1.5I m literally feeling a bit heartbroken over my rating of this David Stuart Davies is my go to for Holmes pastiches His stuff is generally in character, his stories are interesting, and I like the way he writes However, all the things that I love about him were gone in this book The plot is promising and intriguing, but there were too many things wrong than write.First, the characterization.Sherlock wasn t Sherlock John felt pretty okay, because he can be easy to grasp you just have to downpl [...]

    3. I ve read all of Titan Books Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series of novels, including the three other books David Stuart Davies authored for the line I m bringing this up because I think my feelings about The Ripper Legacy are related to how many Sherlock Holmes sequels by other hands I ve read I found myself disappointed by The Ripper Legacy not just as a novel but specifically as a Sherlock Holmes novel First of all, the novel is partially extracts from Dr Watson s papers, as is tradi [...]

    4. This book was a win Very enjoyable fast paced read Very much written in the style of Conan Doyle Would certainly read of these books.

    5. The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Ripper Legacy 2016 by David Stuart Davies takes place not long after Sherlock Holmes has returned from his demise at the Reichenbach Falls It involves Holmes and Watson in a kidnapping case that has baffled the authorities Young William Temple wandered away from his mother and his nanny while at Kensington Gardens The women lose sight of him near the Round Pond and the next they see him, he is in the distance being dragged from the park by two men Ch [...]

    6. This was okay but it had almost nothing to do with Jack the Ripper I am sick of being suckered into reading something that supposedly has a strong Jack the Ripper connection in it and finding out it doesn t I will also say that as an ordinary mystery this was pretty good, though somewhat predictable, but as a Sherlock Holmes mystery it was disappointing I only gave it three stars because I didn t think it deserved two it wasn t that bad.

    7. Definitely one of those, it s not you it s me, kind of ratings I just could not get into this book I m way to much of a Sherlock fan and way to invested in Jack the Ripper to believe the unbelievable things in this book Overall, I m rating this book 2 stars but it was ok, not horrible, but not the best Sherlock book I ve read.

    8. I am a sucker for Sherlock Holmes and this story, written by David Stuart Davies, is true to form fan fiction Davies is an expert on his subject Holmes so this book fits easily within the canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Highly recommend to anyone addicted to post industrial smoky urban crime fiction.

    9. Maybe the weakest link in the Further Adventures series of Sherlock Homes stories published by Titan Books that I have read thus far The plot has no depth many points brought up along the way are never integrated back as things develop More like a comic book plot than that of a novel I will probably not read the other books in this series by this author.

    10. Exciting Holmes Adventure This is a very enjoyable Holmes Adventure with a good central problem for him to solve and a cast of interesting charactersFans of the great detective will derive the keenest pleasure

    11. This book was rolling along as a very would 4, and then the author slumped back on a much over used crutch if SH pastiches in terms of the mastermind in the shadows crashing to the final chapters to the 2.5range Such a good start spoiled.

    12. These Further Adventures are great Completely had me from the first page Long time Holmes fan Perfectly paced in my opinion Drew me in as if I was there.

    13. In 1888 five prostitutes were killed in London by a shadowy person known as Jack the Ripper Though there were other similar murders, only the deaths of Mary Ann Polly Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddows and Mary Kelly were officially assigned to the Ripper The murderer was never apprehended.Over the years there have been many theories as to who the Ripper was and what his real motive was The question has also been asked whether the Ripper was one man or several working tog [...]

    14. Really like four and a half stars This is up there with Lyndsay Faye s Dust and Shadows when it comes to Holmes vs Ripper reads which is saying something, because this book is actually set some near decade after the Ripper s attacks It is what it says on the tin the aftereffects of the Ripper attacks, or rather, the aftereffects of what the Ripper was after It s been awhile since I ve read a Holmes pastiche that so neatly balances the mystery with the action This is definitely a Holmesian adven [...]

    15. Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I am a very big fan of Sherlock Holmes stories and I quite enjoy the new ones that are written these days Some of them are set in modern times, some are authentical as much as possible Many authors try to write in Artur Conan Doyle s style, but very few can do it successfully I think that David Stuart Davies did a really good job here, including real facts to spice up a fictional story.This time, the great detective and his companio [...]

    16. Really disappointing Anyone who knows anything about Jack the Ripper would find the plot connection to be unbelievable And if you visit the Tower of London area, take the Jack the Ripper tour offered with the tour buses The history lesson is worth it The story s dialog is wooden, it lacks the charm of the Holmes stories, and the ending is a downer Holmes would never allow a child to be separated from his adopted parents.

    17. A fine adventure yarn.A fine adventure yarn for the sleuths This tale weaves an interesting story, that despite the title, only tangentially touches on the Autumn Of Terror The somewhat modern myth it takes inspiration from is worn thin and cliched by now, so it is a good sign that the adventure soon whizzes off into something far interesting The overly familiar trappings of the Ripper conspiracy give way to something far akin to a traditional Holmes adventure, with a solid cast of villains an [...]

    18. An exhilarating mystery solved by the one and only Holmes A marvelous book with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson They work marvelously together to find a boy that was kidnapped Holmes is an intelligent detective that with little evidence he can deceiver the whereabouts of the kidnappers The plot was very interesting and had me thinking who and why would take a child Great book for any lovers of Sherlock Holmes.

    19. An incredibly enjoyable book that suffers only because the fate of one of the characters and it s not Holmes or Watson is never in doubt Political intrigue, action, surprising violence, and some solid twists have Holmes trying to find a kidnapped boy and having things spiral wonderfully out of control Once I started this I couldn t put it down Any time Davies writes a Holmes novel it s worth picking up.

    20. I enjoyed this book I found it engaging and, while not quite as good as the original Conan Doyle stories, still quite interesting All thus said, I must admit it was occasionally predictable Regardless, the short chapters and plot kept me turning the pages I will likely read other entries in the series as the teasers for a few looked interesting.

    21. A real page turner,very atmospheric and highly recommended.One of those books you enjoy so much you feel so sad when you come to the end.I look forward to the next adventure.

    22. Good piece The villain became obvious on page 144, in a very thinly veiled reference I expected a bit better after The Devil s Promise, which was very unique, if not somewhat unfaithful.

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