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Girl Online On Tour By Zoe Sugg,

  • Title: Girl Online On Tour
  • Author: Zoe Sugg
  • ISBN: 9780141359953
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Penny s bags are packed.When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can t wait to spend time with her rock god tastic boyfriend.But, between Noah s jam packed schedule, less than welcoming bandmates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she s really cut out for life on tour She can t help but miss her family, her best friend ElliotPenny s bags are packed.When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can t wait to spend time with her rock god tastic boyfriend.But, between Noah s jam packed schedule, less than welcoming bandmates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she s really cut out for life on tour She can t help but miss her family, her best friend Elliot and her blog, Girl Online.Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer
    Girl Online On Tour Penny s bags are packed When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour she can t wait to spend time with her rock god tastic boyfriend But between Noah s jam packed schedule less than welcoming

    One thought on “Girl Online On Tour”

    1. Girl Online On Tour was a definite improvement compared to the previous novel I don t like Noah but I do really appreciate all the important themes Penny talks about in this book such as anxiety and standing up for yourself Although very predictable, it wasn t a bad read just not the best.

    2. She s just writing Chapter 11 right now, and it s publishing in 7 months If you think it s not gonna be quality and you know it, clap your hands.

    3. I ve been reading many hate comments about a book that hasn t even been published yet Yeah, Zoe may not be the world s best writer because we all know it s JK Rowling but she is a good writer Girl Online was relatable and funny and cute It was a little unrealistic but it still had a good message and it was, in my opinion, a good feeling book I m very excited to read Girl Online On Tour I know that Zoe has been working hard on it just check out her vlogs She has a good voice as an author and peop [...]

    4. EDIT damn, the amount of messages I m getting with people assuming I m attacking Zoe personally I m not attacking Zoe, she s a lovely girl from the vlogs I ve seen, but I m criticising the industry which are exploiting fans of people like Zoe, and sticking their names on anything and everything just for a profit I would also like to note that the above review was supposed to be sarcastic It s okay if you enjoy the book, I m not going to stop you from reading it or judge you if you do As Khaled H [...]

    5. it was terrible legit worse than the first one I actually liked the first two chapters quite a bit and got all excited just to find myself 20 pages later with my brain seeping out of my eyes in the form of bloody tears.I m not even joking I rated two books with 1 star this year, but now I m seriously considering giving them twos, because THIS is a one star read in fact, it s a negative one a negative hundred at one point I felt physically sick and that has never happened to me before, and I ve r [...]

    6. 3.5 5This book is cute, sweet and very much like Zoe, so I think that her fans will, like I did, enjoy reading it a lot I liked how realistic the tour life is in this book While Zoe has never really toured herself, it s evident that she knows a lot about this life and I m glad it wasn t too good looking Penny s reaction to it was realistic, too, because anyone would be confused and have a hard time adjusting to this train of life, especially someone with anxiety This part reminded me of Zoe a lo [...]

    7. 4.5 5i somehow finished this book in one sitting and i m not even sure how i literally could not put this book down i am so invested in noah and penny s relationship for some reason i actually wasn t even planning on reading this book because i was content with then end of girl online but i picked it up today and 5 hours later i m done with it also this books ends with a cliffhanger so i m dying to read the next book in the series once again, purely rating these books on entertainment and oh my [...]

    8. LOVED IT oh my gosh I feel like there has to be another book after this, please Zoe Sugg two love stories in one book I love Noah and Penny and would love to see there next chapter.

    9. 4.25 SELF DISCOVERING STARS If there is something in life that you really want to do, then do it You ll only ever live this day once in your lifetime, so start now Even though these books aren t the best or the most original ones out there, I always end up thoroughly enjoying them Job well done, Zoe Sugg Review coming soon

    10. Hmm what can i say about this book If you asked a total outsider who have no idea who Zoe Sugg is or what is youtube community they will rate this book 3 maybe 4 stars and comment that this book is cute It s very cute Before writing my thoughts on this book i have to rant a tiny bit I noticed that most books that youtubers write get lots of one stars rating for that exact reason They are written by youtubers It does not matter that the books are cool, creative, about self confidence, about varie [...]

    11. Dans le genre contemporain YA ado, c tait une belle lecture Je pense qu une des raisons pour lesquelles j ai autant aim ce livre, c est que j ai encore pu m identifier Penny, d autant plus de levels que le premier Certes, c est assez clich , un peu niais et autres, mais bon, je savais aussi dans quoi je m engageais donc j ai fait abstraction de certaines choses

    12. Wow, she s surely milking the cash cow after the first one I wonder if she ll carry on using a ghost writer too.Trying so much not to rage inhale and exhale This is the perfect way to describe what I wanted to do when I saw this

    13. Before I start this review, I would like to say that I love Zoella and I watch a few of her videos I watch her brother , but I really like Zoella and she is just so gorgeous But I wasn t a huge fan of this book, please don t attack me, I am just expressing how I feel about this book I wish I liked this book, but I was not into it Maybe this book wasn t for me, but someone out there will like it Before I start this review, I would like to tell you about the reactions I got from my friends when I [...]

    14. No s ustedes, pero sea quien sea la persona que escriba estos libros Zoe, ghost writer , a m me encantan y me enganchan un mont n Quiz sea porque me imagino que Zoe es Penny o porque me encantar a estar en todos los lugares que describen, pero me lo paso genial leyendo esta trilog a Girl Online On Tour empieza con Penny prepar ndose para ver a Noah despu s de much simo tiempo, pues l ha estado prepar ndose para su gira europea como telonero de un grupo muy importante As , cuando Penny y Noah se [...]

    15. 4.5 TOURING STARS Oooooh, how lovely was this book even I would really love a friendship like Penny and Elliot have so badly it makes me weep And someone who cares so deeply for me as Noah does for Penny I loved this, it was also such a quick read I recently found out that there will be a third book which makes me SO happy because then ending had me wiping away a tear or two Tbh, all in all this story isn t one that blows you away by it s uniqueness or shit but it s enjoyable I always thoroughly [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book The first plan was to do a readalong with a friend but we both gave up after 1,5 week of torture with only 20 pages a day This book is way to cute for that During the reading of this book, there were some things that I hoped for would happen or I saw them coming It was nice to see my hopes for the story became real view spoiler I hopes Leah was going to put Penny s photo on her album And I hopes Penny stood up for herself and quit being on tour with Noah because it did [...]

    17. This book totally deserves five stars It was such a magical book and I really enjoyed reading it Before I read this book I kinda was done with reading for at least a month but thanks to Girl Online On Tour, I got over it Sometimes the story got a little long winded yet it is an amazing book But there also were some really exciting parts view spoiler for example when Alex arranged that thingy for Elliot, that was so cute It also was so nice from Leah to take Penny on a shopping spree and buy the [...]

    18. Read for a laugh after despising the first book and I was secretly interested in where the story could go from there All I can say is thank goodness for library copies The same cliches around boy bands and celeb everyday human relationships, the same boring drama for the sake of drama bits, and general niceness Read blandness What I did appreciate was the emphasis on not letting negativity control your life, forgiving people who ve wronged you and overall making decisions that benefit you the mo [...]

    19. Fand die Geschichte gut, aber der erste Teil hat mir einen Tick besser gefallen Freue mich aber schon auf November, wenn der 3 Band erscheint.

    20. Vo fin le asi 3,5 Pre o som dal 4 Lebo to bolo to bolo nap san na nerozoznanie od prvej knihy, a t to naozaj nap sala Zoella Lebo som zistil, e je to tak Pretty Woman pre dne n gener ciu Lebo sny by sa mali plni , a ak nie mali by sme o tom m c aspo sn va Lebo je to to najslad ie, o som za posledn roky pre tal a miestami toho bolo u aj na m a prive a ale nakoniec to bolo ve mi pekn A ta sa to sam Kniha sa na ni nehr , chce len pote i a zabavi A za to m plec hore A je to tak pozit vne Aj ke sa fu [...]

    21. Vond het dus weer een leuk boek, maar heb me kapot ge rgerd aan Penny omdat ze alles maar goed vond en geen enkele keer voor zichzelf op kwam Kom op Penny, zo laat je je toch niet behandelen Daarom een sterretje minder

    22. I lovedGirl Online and couldn t wait to get my hands on the sequel, but this book didn t hold the same magic and heart warming gooeyness as the first book There were a few cute moments in the beginning between Penny and Noah, but the minute they got on tour Noah turned into a jerk There was no Magical Mystery Date, which as cheesy as it sounds was my favorite moment in the first book, and he brought her on this tour but had no time for her Then when Penny is almost view spoiler taken advantage o [...]

    23. Ik twijfel heel erg of ik dit boek 4 of 2 sterren wil geven daarom hou ik het nu even op 3 Aan de ene kant vond ik het een vermakelijk en leuk boek met een sterke personage ontwikkeling en belangrijke onderwerpen Aan de andere kant vind ik dit boek geen goed voorbeeld voor jongeren die willen lezen over eerste liefdes en hier misschien een voorbeeld aannemen Want ik ben het er totaal niet mee eens hoe Penny zich laat behandelen en alles maar slikt SCHIET EVEN UIT JE SLOF WANT ANDERS DOE IK HET W [...]

    24. I m sitting here thinking to myself why did i just sit through reading this book again i actually don t have an answer for you but the only reason i could think of is that i hate leaving series unfinished The writing style annoyed me, the characters annoyed me i still have no attachment to these characters what so ever I mean hats of to you if you actually enjoy this series and love reading these books because i just don t like it There was character development from the first one and the charac [...]

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