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The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity By George Couros,

  • Title: The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity
  • Author: George Couros
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  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kids walk into schools full of wonder and questions How you, as an educator, respond to students natural curiosity can help further their own exploration and shape the way they learn today and in the future.The traditional system of education requires students to hold their questions and compliantly stick to the scheduled curriculum But our job as educators is to providKids walk into schools full of wonder and questions How you, as an educator, respond to students natural curiosity can help further their own exploration and shape the way they learn today and in the future.The traditional system of education requires students to hold their questions and compliantly stick to the scheduled curriculum But our job as educators is to provide new and better opportunities for our students It s time to recognize that compliance doesn t foster innovation, encourage critical thinking, or inspire creativity and those are the skills our students need to succeed.In THE INNOVATOR S MINDSET, George Couros encourages teachers and administrators to empower their learners to wonder, to explore and to become forward thinking leaders If we want innovative students, we need innovative educators In other words, innovation begins with you Ultimately, innovation is not about a skill set but about mindsetE INNOVATOR S MINDSET is for you if You are a superintendent, district administrator, or principal who wants to empower your staff to create a culture of innovation You are a school leader at any level and want help students and educators become their personal best You are a teacher who wants to create relevant learning experiences and help students develop the skills they need to be successfulE INNOVATOR S MINDSET includes practical suggestions for unleashing your students and teachers talent You ll also read encouraging accounts of leaders and learners who are innovating inside the box You ll be inspired to Connect with other innovative educators Support teachers and leaders as learners Tap into the strengths of your learning community Create ongoing opportunities for innovation Seek effective methods for measuring progress And, most importantly, embrace change and use it to do something amazing
    The Innovator s Mindset Empower Learning Unleash Talent and Lead a Culture of Creativity Kids walk into schools full of wonder and questions How you as an educator respond to students natural curiosity can help further their own exploration and shape the way they learn today and in the

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    1. Although I have been a huge fan of George s blog for the past 7 8 years, his book brings his thoughts on leadership and innovation in education to a whole new level Many education books are either too philosophical so you are left nodding your head and saying yes Now what or too much like a recipe so you are left with little room for context or personalization This book is an effective balance between big picture, philosophical ideals and stories that share how it can be done All of the ideas ar [...]

    2. I ve just finished reading George Couros The Innovator s Mindset and I think it s time that we addressed the elephant in the room The word mindset is so five minutes ago There I said it What I mean is that putting the words innovator and mindset together in the same phrase is oxymoronic s a contradiction in terms, like jumbo shrimp, military intelligence ouch Doesn t the very word mindset imply that the mind is formed and finished George does acknowledge that the precursor to his book was influe [...]

    3. I saw Couros speak at Ohio State University, and he was super inspiring I think I came away from that session with six or seven pages of notes, a lot of them ideas unrelated to the speech itself but ideas spurred from the speech.Education seems to be always described as this slow moving machine People often poke fun at all government institutions this way This book is a testament to the learner teacher model the best teachers are the best learners And if we model all classrooms this way, the bes [...]

    4. First half Blah blah blah 2nd half good stuff He extols the virtue of grit, but I thought grit is now out

    5. An interesting read about pushing progress in the static system of education with an innovator s mindset However, I found a lot of the suggestions in this book a bit mundane blogging as a way to learn, reflect, and share, teacher education and risk taking, empowering employee strengths, etc These ideas, instead of being innovative, are actually quite derivative from the progress in every other field besides education These are already common ideas in business, technology, and design, and it alm [...]

    6. I felt empowered by the ideas and sharing in this book I am so glad I stumbled on it on line during a Google search I am also now enjoying the blog posts from George Couros What I wish, though, is that blogs and twitter weren t so heavily touted as the path to sharing, learning, or innovation I have than one reason for this, but not insignificant is the implication that teachers have time in their day or that writing a blog about school what about their personal passions would be how they would [...]

    7. This books speaks to me like only have a handful of the hundreds of education books I ve read While innovation in my school and classroom are not new, I found myself tweeting and emailing my colleagues with great ideas that would build on what we are already doing Mr Couros answered the questions often posed to those pushing for innovation for all of the learners in schools I often don t read an education book from cover to cover, rather pick and choose the chapter as menu items Not this one Hop [...]

    8. I saw George speak in 2011 and he was amazing Excited that he shared his views in this book Must read for anyone in education.

    9. A good reminder to think about how and why you are doing the things you dod how to encourage those around you to improve as well.

    10. One that I imagine I will go back to frequently Side note first book I read on my phone Interesting experience.

    11. The Innovator s Mindset was one, if not the, best education books I have ever read This borders on required reading for anyone who is interested in education All too often, today, innovation serves as simply a buzz word It sounds great Authors write books and basically say if you do this, this and this, then you will be innovative That misses the entire point Couros basically says, here are my ideas for how I am innovative Hopefully, they will inspire you He also challenges some basic assumption [...]

    12. Some key ideas Levels of TechnologyLiterate I can use the deviceAdaptive I am doing something with the tech that I used to do with paper pencil Transformative I am doing something with the device I couldn t do beforeCrowd accelerated innovation 1 People share a common interest2 Everyone shares to see what others are doing3 There is a desire to change, grow and improveCreating a Learning Culture 1 Focus on strengths2 Work together and push each other to grow3 Don t expect people to improve their [...]

    13. This goes hand in hand with Sheninger s Digital Leadership Changing Paradigms for Changing Times, and is absolutely essential reading for ALL school administrator s, in my opinion It s inspiring for teachers if you have a culture of trust already in your school, and perhaps teachers can begin to affect change with a change of mindset, but if your administrators do not have the same mindset and haven t established a culture of trust, teachers will feel even frustrated reading this book It will m [...]

    14. The best educational book I have read to date George will challenge your thinking as an educator and share his ideas of how having an Innovator s Mindset can transform your teaching and your students thinking This will require for teachers to have an open, growth mindset and to think about that might look in your classrooms Highly recommend to all those in education, leaders, tech specialists, superintendents, teachers of all age levels I am a huge fan of all that George brings to education.

    15. This book gets 5 stars for its message, graphic representation of ideas, and LOTS of really powerful quotes But 4 overall because I just didn t think the author s anecdotes spoke to me as powerfully as the succinct intro to each chapter Most of the stories of what demonstrates the innovative mindset were just common sense teaching I did love what the author had to say about administrative support and cultivating and holding on to innovative educators.

    16. This book was a book of observations by one educator, not to be confused with research based studies to help students I also had trouble with understanding where all the budget money and time came from to empower teachers the way that they suggest in this book Mindset by carol dweck is a great book and if you really want to learn about Mindset that is where to look.

    17. So glad that I finished George Couros THE INNOVATOR S MINDSET in the month prior to school starting I found myself saying YES at multiple points in each chapter Couros inspires and provides learners with the tools to transform their schools to be innovative Grateful for the time I spent reading this and will return to it often as a resource.

    18. This is one of the best books about education that I ve read It s not about huge, sweeping changes, or a bunch of new initiatives It s about teachers and administrators working together and seizing opportunities to make things better Even the smallest changes can go a long way in transforming students from simply being good at the game of school to passionate lifelong learners.

    19. I read the book previously, but took part in the IMMOOC course offered by the author for my second read If you have the opportunity to take part in the online MOOC do it

    20. Great read to prompt thinking The perfect book for reading with school staff to collaborate and innovate at your own school.

    21. In our world today, what is a student likely going to need to be able to write an essay or a blog post Couros, 2015, pg 28 George Couros uses this quote to reform educators thoughts around the type of skills students will need as they prepare for their future In his book, The Innovator s Mindset Empower Learning, Unleash Talent and Lead a Culture of Creativity, Couros details his experiences as a former teacher, principal, district administrator and now educational speaker and how he has helped [...]

    22. Not just for administrationA casual glance may have you think this book is for education leaders i.e administration It is really for anyone interested in others learning If you are a teacher, parent, or student anyone that cares about learning you can find something valuable Everything I do is with great focus passion I am a teacher, husband, father, friend, and so much I m a life long learner always looking to learn something new or improve what I already know It s nice to know I m not alone T [...]

    23. What a great title for a book, right George Couros proves why he has such a strong following on social media with the release of The Innovator s Mindset Maybe I m biased because it is the first book I read on my new Kindle Paperwhite, but books like Innovator s Mindset are why I purchased the device I wanted an easy way to aggregate all of the quotable, rememberable roll with it parts of a book Couros has it all, and along the way, cultivates a book that is imperative reading for those who aspir [...]

    24. My boss chose this as the summer read discussion book for the teaching staff Call it a self help book for schools It has all sorts of ideas for increasing student learning and engagement through innovation, including creating a culture of risk taking, modeling learning, using collaborative methods, encouraging digital portfolios, and using technology most beneficially One point that resonated with me was the importance of allowing the kids reflection time I d like to facilitate that with my stu [...]

    25. I have been following the author s blog Principal of Change for a few years now sometimes a specific post strikes me so deeply that I share it with others in the school I was excited to read this book, and Couros did not disappoint me In fact, he exceeded my expectations I wish everyone in my school would read this book It s easy to follow, offers practical advice, provides just the right amount of philosophy and research, and includes anecdotes that inspire us to realize we can do what others h [...]

    26. First problem was I bought this book after Mr Couros came to speak to my school district His speech was so inspirational, but I could ve saved myself the price of the book because the two were almost verbatim identical I agree with so much of this book, but at times, I think he too heavily ties innovation to technology Innovation can happen without a single tech device And at times, the technology seems to overshadow the content something I think is easy to do when incorporating technology into [...]

    27. Inspiring book that I know I will go back to mulitple times I never mark pages in books but I found myself doing that repeatedly as I read There are things I want to go back and review for my classroom Great reminders for myself as a teacher and creating the type of learning environment I want to strive to create for my students Highly recommend, especially for people in leadership positions in education.

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