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The Buckskin Trail By Joann Arnold,

  • Title: The Buckskin Trail
  • Author: Joann Arnold
  • ISBN: 9781462118229
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • A miracle saved Kelzi s life when she was younger Now it s her turn to save others Discovering the truth about her parents deaths places Kelzi on a dangerous path, one where she must avenge those who have died and protect the land of her Cherokee people at all costs Old traditions battle against modern values in this thrilling mystery
    The Buckskin Trail A miracle saved Kelzi s life when she was younger Now it s her turn to save others Discovering the truth about her parents deaths places Kelzi on a dangerous path one where she must avenge those who

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    1. My attention was immediately caught with the arson fire that claimed the lives of the parents one Cherokee and one Irish of an eight year old girl, Kelzi Tsali Hidden by her parents who realized they were under attack by unethical men willing to stoop to murder to steal a valuable land deed, Kelzi sees her parents murderers and with supernatural help, manages to escape and be raised to adulthood, hidden in plain sight Only then can she, the hereditary chieftain of her tribe of Cherokee, reach he [...]

    2. Within the pages of the book The Buckskin Trail readers will embark on a journey of fascination and excitement, of amazement and suspense.As a young girl, Kelzi Tsali hid while men shot her parents then started their house on fire Miraculously Kelzi survived, then went to live with her Cherokee grandparents As she grows, she is taught about her heritage, the ways and teachings of her father s people and the role she is to play in preserving the sacred land that belongs to them She knows that she [...]

    3. I signed up for the blog tour for The Buckskin Trail because the cover and blurb made it sound like a wilderness adventure I hadn t read anything like that for a while and it seemed fun.Unfortunately, I was mistaken Although there are a few beautiful scenes with nature as the backdrop, most of this drama takes place in a courtroom and lawyer s offices While that s not at all my cup of cocoa, The Buckskin Trail did have it s merits Right from the beginning I could tell this story was written by a [...]

    4. When Kelzi was young, her parents were killed in front of her and then their house was set on fire She survived and went to live with her grandparents Years later, she learns why they were killed and her role in protecting the land of the Cherokee people.This was an interesting story We get a little bit of Kelzi s life when she was young and then we briefly learn what happened until she became an adult When she s asked to help protect the land of the Cherokee people, she immediately drops everyt [...]

    5. Kilsi s life was anything besides ordinary Born of Cherokee and Irish parents, she generated the best of both cultures Through a strange experience, she was rescued from the fire which she was presumed by her community to have taken her life, along side her parents She was raised on a Cherokee Reservation by her grandmother and uncle who taught her of the ancient ways They saw she was educated in ways far superior to the White man s schools By the time she graduated from the Resrvation s High Sc [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It captured my attention from the beginning and never let go I love knowing that I can count on this author s books to be entertaining, intriguing and wholesome.Her writing skill keeps getting better and better I look forward to reading her next one.

    7. This book has a lot of good points and is an interesting, exciting story, but I can t rate it higher because of the confusing head hopping points of view and the awkward transitions.

    8. A mystery with a bit of fantasy.A very enjoyable book with a touch of fantasy The Cherokee ways are used to provide the story with a rich background It even has a tiny bit of romance.

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