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Peta By Shannon Mayer,

  • Title: Peta
  • Author: Shannon Mayer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: ebook
  • Peta An Elemental Series Novella is only available to Shannon Mayer s newsletter subscribers It is not for sale anywhere See the official URL to sign up for the newsletter.
    Peta Peta An Elemental Series Novella is only available to Shannon Mayer s newsletter subscribers It is not for sale anywhere See the official URL to sign up for the newsletter

    One thought on “Peta”

    1. Cute story told from Peta s POV Definitely adds a little something to the series, and a fun extra offered by the author to her fans Worth the read.

    2. Peta, a short about the feline familiar able to shift from snow leopard to house cat used to being assigned to Salamanders fire elementals , closely follows the story told in Firestorm, but from her POV Throughout, however, there are snippets about her past and her former charges This inside look gives fans of the series an opportunity to learn a bit about this bad luck cat and how, after mothering elementals for hundreds of years , she struggles after so many losses Nepeta Peta is ready to be [...]

    3. Peta Is My Hero It didn t take long to fall in love with Lark s character when this series began, but I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite between Lark and Peta at this point By the end of Firestorm, Peta was so much a part of Lark and Lark so much a part of Peta that it s difficult to imagine one without the other Peta s reticence to accept Lark as first her charge then her heart mate makes sense considering the loss she s suffered during her time as a familiar Mother Goddess s explanat [...]

    4. At the end of Firestorm we were promised a little something extra if you signed up for Shannon s newsletter Well, I had already been subscribed for I don t even know how long, but it so nice to get fun surprises especially when they are free One of the things I loved the most about Firestorm was that we got to see the relationship build between Peta and Larkspur In Peta we get even Peta is a basic recap of Firestorm from Peta s POV But it is so much deeper than that We learn who Peta is down to [...]

    5. Oh how I love Peta I had read every single one of Shannon Mayer s series about Lark and even read Ash, but could not find the Peta novella Finally I found it This book really puts the heart and soul into the relationship between Larkspur and her charismatic familiar The depth of Peta s pain at being a bad luck cat really strikes a cord, not only for her, but for how Lark endured that same cast aside feeling her whole life Their bond is extraordinary.

    6. Peta s story is set in Firestorm from Mayer s Elemental deries and is told from the familiar s point of view It was nice to see of how Peta and Lark Dirt Girl as Peta calls her start to work together and how their bond grew There are parts that will make you pause and feel sympathetic for one or both characters or laugh A great short little story Ms Fortang did a nice job narrating

    7. Supplement to book 3, this is a shortened reselling of book 3 It is from the perspective of the main character s familiar It doesn t really give much insight to the series, but you do get a little background on Peta.

    8. Interesting viewpoint shiftIt was nice seeing the story from another perspective But some of the scenes weren t well fleshed out It was as if the author already knew what happened and assumed readers would too This made Peta s character flat It also seemed rushed.

    9. Excellent as all the stories in this series are I give this five stars because I couldn t put the story down from start to finish.The characters come to life right off the pages You will love these stories.

    10. DisappointingThis is the first book by Mayer that has ever disappointed me There was nothing new, just a retelling of other stories from Peta s point of view It was like Cliff notes than story.

    11. I feel like this novellas was a missed opportunity to really get into Petas head and heart on a seeker level It felt very mechanic arms personally, there was no great revelations as far as how she felt that I hadn t already picked up from the series.

    12. Love the ViewpointLet s is such a strong character She really became a stronger part of this series with reading this short story from her perspective Am really enjoying those series

    13. It was great to get Peta s view on things I really felt for her with everything she has been through and how she was treated by everyone.

    14. Didn t finish, it was too boring since I had just read number 3 I didn t need a rehash of the whole book.

    15. Great seriesI ve read every book to this series and loved every single one of them This book and every other book in the series does not disappoint.

    16. Keeps getting betterAs I continue to read Shannons books I keep getting pulled into the world s she has created and wanting only one thing That the books never end

    17. This was a cute little look into Peta s history and POV during her connection with Lark Well written and a nice addition to the series

    18. Lark s journey in the eyes of her familiar Peta The thoughts and feelings of what she has been through as well Very good

    19. Magic, fire and none listening charges.That is what Peta has had to put up from twelve different charges None of which except her first have ever listened to her advice As a familiar she can change into a snow leopard or a house cat to help her charge Her last charge is a lot like her in so many ways, she doesn t even know Knowing this is her last and final charge she will do her best not to let this one hopefully not die Her name isn t bad luck cat for a reason as stated by people But can she h [...]

    20. I received Peta as ARC advance reader s copy book from the author via InstaFreebie The gifting did not determine the review rating, which reflects my honest opinion While I loved the extra background on the familiar, the storyline was so accelerated, I felt I was missing major pivotal points in the plot That said, I assumed we are seeing thru an animal s eyes, so the author may not have wanted the familiar to get a lot of nuances but this conflicted with the familiar s role as than an animal Go [...]

    21. I received this book in exchange for an honest review I haven t read any of the series so I thought I would be lost but the book was good The writing clear and the characters were well developed I really got into the familiar thing and enjoyed how the story bought redemption and friendship forward as important tools in life A message in a story and a good one at that.

    22. This is is my first book in the Elemental series and won t be the last I love the world created in this story and Nepeta s role in it Having not read the previous books in the series, Peta works as a stand alone, and is from Peta s point of view.

    23. So we ve had earth, water, fire, peta in that order Based on the title I say wind is next, but I wonder if that will be the end of the series or if there will be a spirit book as well Well I won t find out until I reach the end of the wind book.

    24. This was a gift to the readers from the author It presents as different POV for Larkspur s 3rd story The storyline was pretty much the same, but had a few gems that you could only get from Peta s view point.

    25. An amazing little accompaniment to Firestorm from Peta s point of view, it just goes to show that she and Lark were made to be together, I love these characters every time I read about them.

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