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Blood Ecstasy By Tessa Dawn,

  • Title: Blood Ecstasy
  • Author: Tessa Dawn
  • ISBN: 9781937223205
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Julien Lacusta is a troubled soul, born into tragic circumstances, and raised in a violent time Despite being a Master Warrior in the house of Jadon, and one of the most elite trackers the Vampyr have ever seen, he is damaged to the core tormented by endless shadows, haunted by unseen ghosts And he knows by all the celestial gods he knows that if he ever releases thoseJulien Lacusta is a troubled soul, born into tragic circumstances, and raised in a violent time Despite being a Master Warrior in the house of Jadon, and one of the most elite trackers the Vampyr have ever seen, he is damaged to the core tormented by endless shadows, haunted by unseen ghosts And he knows by all the celestial gods he knows that if he ever releases those demons, the beasts that lurk within, there will be hell, fire, and brimstone to pay.The very earth will suffer Rebecca Johnston is fighting hellhounds of her own a stalker who won t let her go, an enemy she cannot defeat, a life that is no longer safe or free When she ventures into Dark Moon Vale to raise funds for a worthy cause, she has no idea that she is knocking on the door of fate She has no idea that an ancient Blood Moon and an inescapable dark Curse are about to change her life Caught in a web of ever increasing danger, the machinations of an ancient foe, and a burgeoning house of lies, Julien and Rebecca must summon their courage, face their fears head on, and fight their way through the chemical allure of BLOOD ECSTASY.
    Blood Ecstasy Julien Lacusta is a troubled soul born into tragic circumstances and raised in a violent time Despite being a Master Warrior in the house of Jadon and one of the most elite trackers the Vampyr have

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    1. This series definitely gets better as it goes on We get another troubled, bad boy who finds his mate, but his new mate is also troubled She s had a stalker after her for years and isn t too thrilled to be claimed by this giant, scary man who tells her that she now belongs to him.The thing about these books is that they are not only really dark, scary, and bloody, but they are really well written and have great insight into the character s feelings The author has a degree in psychology, and you c [...]

    2. Nice addition to the series I liked both Julien and Rebecca I liked Julien s background story but wish there was of something interaction, etc with Ian and Julien but it was still good Lots of action I really liked how Julien and Rebecca s story unfolded.Rebecca Only pet peeve with her and some of the other female characters in the series is that she fell real quick into calling him by Warrior It is a term I can easily see Ciopori Vanya also using When Rebecca used the term my brain automatical [...]

    3. Holy smokes what a ride that was Loved Julien and also loved Rebecca The book starts off with a bang and sucks you in immediately Although it was tough at times I enjoyed seeing the story of Lucien and Rebecca unfold Both having experienced such evil and pain during their lives they both seemed to find a way to beat their demons together Was thrilled to see Nachari oh how I love that wizard and several other of our favorite characters Can t wait to read the next one, crossing fingers it won t be [...]

    4. This one has non empathetic me shedding tears or it might have been low blood sugar Truly one of the best in this awesome dark vampire series.

    5. This is the Story of Julien Lacusta An Elite Tracker for The House Of Jadon His Destiny Rebecca Johnston Neither have had an easy life, they both are fighting Demons of their past.I have been waiting for Julein s Story from Book 1 , even tho he was briefly mentioned , their was something about him that just grabbed my attention and said He has a Story to tell.Even with the teasers I knew it was going to be an Epic Story I thought I was prepared, how mistaken I was This was not an easy book to re [...]

    6. Do you want to know the first time our hero and heroine met She on her free day doing door to door walk to ask donation for her charity work, when she arrived on hero s house front door, no one answer her knock but the door open and lovely music play inside.So, of course she invited herself and there he is, sat down on the sofa, one hand wet with blood, the other hand holding a glass of whiskey, close to his feet unconscious female lie down on the floor with bleeding neck.Oh, he high on heroin B [...]

    7. I just finished this story and I am so disappointed Don t get me wrong, I loved this book just as much as all of the others in the series I am disappointed because now I have to wait for the next one The great thing about discovering an amazing author is that you get to binge read the whole series without waiting in between, but then the high wears off when you get to the end and you want the next book but it s not out yet I can honestly say Tessa Dawn is one of my favorite authors in this genre [...]

    8. The good outweighed the badOverall, this was a really good addition to the Blood Curse series BUT I m so tired of the author using the word baby, baby girl, or babe It s like she gives the heroine a name then forgets all about it The baby word was used 47 times Really And when that wasn t enough he called her little mouse 22 times And Angel 33 times Her name was REBECCA, for pete s sake I just hate that And let s talk about Julian s heroin use Yuck I know he couldn t get addicted to it but the f [...]

    9. Wow Another fantastic story in the series Fantastic Narration by Eric Dove audible review He sings again Loved it If you haven t read listened to this series you are missing out They are all fantastic Absolutely love this series and the world building and characters.Loved Julien he was big, strong, handsome and just cool I really liked his Destiny, Rebecca too They made a great couple She was strong and sick and tired of being a victim of a stalker Enter Julien right on time They did have some g [...]

    10. Rating5 out of 5 Hearts OMG What a Raw, Emotional Rollercoaster Ride This eighth installment of Tessa Dawn s Blood Curse Series is Absolute Genius.The world is dark, psychologically thrilling, mysterious, horrifying, and full of angst, betrayal, lust, and danger With picturesque, heartpounding turns and insane twists, this installment brought tears to my eyes, giggles to my soul, and also touched me deep inside on an, I can relate level.The characters OMG Julien is a force to be reckoned with He [...]

    11. TrackerI just can t get enough of the blood curse booksl the characters are just so great and look forward to loads

    12. Another great storyTessa Dawns Vampyre are so out of the ordinary and so fantastical, you can t help but love each one and the personal story for each that she creates is outstanding For all the reading I do, I ve never read Vampyre quite like these I imagine if you ve read this far, book 8, you know how awesome she is, if you ve come across this review and have never read her, go start at the beginning, you won t want to miss anything, I promise it s worth the time and the money, get ready to b [...]

    13. WowJust like the other stories I loved it Julien was dark, brooding and mysterious Loved seeing the change in him from beginning end.

    14. Another great story by Tessa Dawn The vampires that belong to the house of Jadon, residing in the Dark Moon Vale, just keep getting better and better I loved the depth of this story The emotions that shaped and warped Julien were prophetic and beautifully written I also loved the fact that Rebecca was very strong and did not fall for this whole you re my destiny and have to be mated She fought it as long as she could and even though they are mated, she is under the belief of taking this whole re [...]

    15. Another good installment to the Blood Curse series I have enjoyed this series since the beginning, however the darkness that was once what this series was drenched in has become a little fluffy Not that fluffy is all bad, but when you come back to a series that has been shrouded in a darker path and get smacked with fluff you kinda take a step back and say what the heck what happened to the dark fantasy books I have been reading I absolutely LOVE Tessa Dawn s writing style and will always buy an [...]

    16. Amazing Series Tessa Dawn s Vampire world, just keeps getting better and better The Blood Curse Series is not your typical Vampire genre Her characters are tough, Alpha and just plain sexy And their destinies are just as amazing And this book is just another amazing addition to the already addictive series The epilogue on this book has left me on pins and needles waiting for the next book

    17. One of my favorite vampire series This is one of those series that I don t have to read the back cover before I buy it I know I m going to love it And this one didn t disappoint I loved it What an awesome, page turning story I can t wait for the next book in this series

    18. Can t wait for the next book I m hookedAlthough we see the repeating cycle of blood moon and destiny Each journey is an individual one I like the different take on how these Vampyr reproduce, feed, live and Love The house of Jadon is the place to be Xx

    19. MoreMore wizards and socerors vampires and werewolves curse blood and chemical dependencyBest part little mouse and the saving of rhe soulWorse part the next book deceipt

    20. It kills me to say this but, I was really disappointed in this book it s like 2.5 2.75 stars I ve loved this series so far I ve even come to terms with the lack of sexy times because the story telling has been good This book though I got bored with couldn t wait to be finished with it just to be done I couldn t get on board with the characters I didn t like Rebecca or her personality I thought she was a one dimensional character Julien is supposed to be this badass, alpha, warrior vampire I did [...]

    21. This novel was a true page turner When I began reading this series years ago, I was, like many readers, hooked in to the Silivasi Brothers But as we ve seen with Blood Redemption, Blood Vengeance and Blood Possession, this series is so much than the four brothers This latest tale focuses on Julien Lacusta and his journey toward meeting his destiny, Rebecca Johnston The story takes us into his past where we learn the source of his angst and his intense need to escape certain feelings Blood Ecsta [...]

    22. This book is an erotic romance paranormal.Not enough emotional connection for me Sorry The book is good, but I could not connect with the characters Julien is cursed until he meets his soul mate, the one person that can save him He is damaged and his only peace is drugs He had almost given up hope until he opens his eyes and sees an angel the moon and sky warned him at his darkest moment which left him showing off a first bad impression to the woman that is going to save him.Rebecca is down on h [...]

    23. Julian and Rebecca had further to go to come in order to come to terms with one another emotionally than most other couples in the blood curse series She s lived in terror of a stalker from years, moving from state to state, changing identities and starting over time and time again He is an emotional hull with a death wish and drug addiction His baggage includes having known his twin brother was a soulless evil creature that Julian failed to prevent from murdering their innocent mother on the bo [...]

    24. I just love this series Another fantastic book by Tessa Dawn I had been waiting to hear about Julian and I think Tessa picked the perfect destiny for him Dark versus light, that is the common theme of these books and this book puts that to the test What happens when you don t make the required sacrifice to the Blood What is to become of the Dark One, if he isn t sacrificed You will get your questions answered in this book I cannot wait for the next in the series and hate that I read so fast

    25. Like all the books before this one, I absolutely loved it The world she has created and all the characters in it are amazing You will fall in love with these characters too Julien and Rebecca are tortured souls, but will find happiness with each other They will go through some obstacles like all her couples He has a dark one for a brother and she has a stalker who has followed her around the country Can they overcome their past to find a happy future Read the book to find out and you won t regre [...]

    26. julien a drugged up vampire and rebecca a victim of a stalker.what could you ask for when these two meet up and discovery that are each others destinyrow in an evil one and you have a potent mix that makes for a very good storyand now i will have to find another series to read until the next book in this series is out.what a series

    27. Julien s story was absolutely fabulous Tessa Dawn has a way of writing that brings out all your emotions, she makes you actually feel everything all the blood and gore aside, you will definitely need a box of tissues because your heart will break when Julian s full story comes out this is a definite must read for anyone who loves paranormal

    28. I just love this series Master Warrior and tracker Julien Lacusta of House Jadon meets his Destiny in Rebecca Johnston, a woman on the run from a sadistic stalker Carrying demons of his own, Julien and Rebecca must summon up the courage to face their fears head on.

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