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Cruel Mercy By DavidMark,

  • Title: Cruel Mercy
  • Author: DavidMark
  • ISBN: 9780399185113
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The latest installment in David Mark s internationally acclaimed Detective Sergeant McAvoy series, Cruel Mercy is McAvoy s first adventure on American soil.In the New York Police Department s 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side, Detective Ronny Alto is investigating a crime that s left one man dead and the other in a medically induced coma after surviving a shot to the heaThe latest installment in David Mark s internationally acclaimed Detective Sergeant McAvoy series, Cruel Mercy is McAvoy s first adventure on American soil.In the New York Police Department s 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side, Detective Ronny Alto is investigating a crime that s left one man dead and the other in a medically induced coma after surviving a shot to the head One hope is that Brishen Ayres, a boxing coach and legend in the gypsy community in England, will wake up and reveal the person or people responsible for the murder of his protege Shay Helden and his own mutilation Another hope is Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy.Far away from his home in the U.K from his familiar Hull, and from the guidance of his boss Trish Pharaoh, McAvoy is flown in to assist with the case, but he has his own motives for the trip find a man named Valentine Teague another amateur boxer, a rival of the Helden family, and, perhaps most important, his brother in law But every step toward locating Valentine is a step deeper into a sinister underground network of misguided loyalty, faith, and honor that pulses beneath the streets of New York The latest installment of the Detective Sergeant McAvoy novels, and the first to be set in the United States, Cruel Mercy finds Hull s most enigmatic detective treading unfamiliar ground in this wicked stateside thriller.
    Cruel Mercy The latest installment in David Mark s internationally acclaimed Detective Sergeant McAvoy series Cruel Mercy is McAvoy s first adventure on American soil In the New York Police Department s th Prec

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    1. In this sixth book of the series, David Mark puts DS Aector McAvoy in very unfamiliar territory in New York City I m from rural upstate NY, and I find the city very unfamiliar, too The author has a knack for making his settings atmospheric, and this time it s cold and snowy and bleak.The author also has a knack for bringing together disjointed elements into a coherent story In this, it s underground bare fisted boxing, the Italian mafia, three Irishmen and a Chechen, a Catholic priest, and one v [...]

    2. Scottish Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy travels to New York City to try to track down his missing brother in law who may have been involved in the shooting of 2 of his friends who were visiting the city The crime is exacerbating pre existing conflict between 2 clans of Travelers in Ireland and thus stressing out McAvoy s Traveler wife The investigation leads McAvoy to the underground boxing scene, Russian and Italian mobs and NYC police who give McAvoy a suspiciously free rein to practice unau [...]

    3. This was a well crafted mystery with puzzles and red herrings galore Hull DS McAvoy is asked by his wife Roisin to find her brother Valentine Teague Valentine went to New York to fight as a boxer with another Irishman, Shay Helden Shay and his trainer Brishen were attacked and Valentine is missing Shay is dead and Brishen is in a coma The Teagues and Heldens are rival Traveler families in Ireland and the Heldens believe Valentine killed Shay.Some of the players in this novel, besides the above C [...]

    4. Cruel Mercy DS Aector McAvoy, 6 by David MarkI did not know that this was a series as I read this police procedural It can definitely be read as a stand alone I was reading the Author s acknowledgments and he stated that this is the first of the series to take place in America The character that I was hugely impressed with was Aector McAvoy He is genuine and humble and does his job without breaking any rules Aector McAvoy is a family man who loves his wife Roisen, and his children McAvoy is from [...]

    5. Book 6 in this excellent series finds DS Aector McAvoy on a personal mission across the pond It all begins when Irish boxing coach Brishen Ayres his protege Shay Helden travel to NYC Within days, Brishen is in a coma Shay is dead Det Ronald Alto of the 7th precinct is handed the case it s a head scratcher So when he hears an English detective is coming over to check in on the investigation, he welcomes the help.Aector has no clue what happened to Ayres Helden It s a third Irishman he s intereste [...]

    6. Brilliant If you haven t read any of the Aector McAvoy series by David Mark, you could possibly read this first as it s almost a stand alone I really enjoyed having the plot revolve around Aector out of his comfort zone in New York, as opposed to Hull, East Yorkshire and away from his boss, Trish Pharaoh and wife Roisin However, I d recommend starting with book 1, The Dark Winter, and enjoying the character development along the way.

    7. I love David Mark s McAvoy series but while it s a bold idea to take our hero out of his home territory, this didn t really work for me The story is complex but it feels too large screen for Mark who tends to work with a smaller canvas, filling in detail and minutiae that make the scene feel authentic Here McAvoy goes to New York to follow up on what s happened to his wife s brother he s unofficial, he doesn t know his way around, and I missed the usual series characters who get shoe horned in a [...]

    8. David Mark deserves much attention in the US than he seems to get To this reader, he is in the top tier of crime writers from across the pond right up there with Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, and Mark Billingham, and I am constantly recommending his books to lovers of gritty, carefully plotted, suspenseful, and exceedingly well written crime fiction That recommendation comes with a caution though Mark writes so realistically and convincingly about murder and violence that these books are not for th [...]

    9. enjoyed the latest in the series , this time the book is based in the states new york and not Hull but felt this one had a different feel to some of the other books in the series but it didn t disappoint though and looking forward to the next book being back in hull the only flaw in the book was the character valentine teague and how he fitted in overall with the plot without giving too much away

    10. I would like to thank Netgalley and Hodder Stoughton for a review copy of Cruel Mercy, the sixth novel to feature DS Aector McAvoy of Humberside police.Valentine Teague, McAvoy s brother in law, has disappeared in New York and worse the two men he was travelling with have been shot, one dead and one in a coma Back in Ireland the dead man s family hold Valentine responsible for his death and are threatening his family Roisin sends McAvoy to New York to find Valentine He soon finds himself out of [...]

    11. For some reason, I keep entering and winning giveaways for dark novels I don t like dark novels.I liked this one I don t like mob storiesI liked this one I m not a fan of stories where evil seems in control.you get the picture, I liked this one Detective McAvoy is sent to NYC to find out what happened to his wife s brother and stop a clannish feud that has been calm as of late but is ready to erupt over Valentine s disappearance McAvoy gets mixed up with Alto, a cop whose previous struggles tryi [...]

    12. Instead of cutting crime in Hull, DS Aector McAvoy finds himself on a personal mission across the Atlantic in New York desperately trying to find his missing brother in law and save warring gypsy families from all out war Desperate not to let his wife Roisin down he throws himself from his comfort blanket into a world of the Mob, underground fights and a killer that has been hiding for years.David Mark has again proved he is a true master of the police procedural novel In the 6th instalment of t [...]

    13. I have not read any of Mark s earlier books, and think I might have enjoyed this one if I had Would have liked about his home life, etc This book had too much of everything too many characters, too many stories, WAY too much violence and torture That seems to be a trend in some books I ve read recently OK, it happens, but I don t have to read about it, especially in explicit detail This also seemed than unlikely I realize it s a novel, but some realism should pop up now and again Scottish det [...]

    14. Full review and special interview with author David Mark here shelfstalker blog crueCruel Mercy is my first foray into the Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy series following the burly, fiercely determined, and strongly moral Scotsman of which this book is the sixth.I was a little apprehensive to dive blindly into a series following a character I had not yet read anything about I imagined attempting to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince without having the faintest idea of what a Muggle wa [...]

    15. The newest in Mark s terrific Aector McAvoy series finds the gigantic, but gentle Scottish policeman in New York City trying to track down his wife Roison s brother, Valentine Teague, who went to the Big Apple under some confusing and perhaps shady circumstances In New York McAvoy crosses paths with then one crime boss, a crooked lawyer who caters to the Mob, some bizarre spiritual people and a killer who has been hiding for decades McAvoy, his boss Trish Pharoah and Roison continue to be fasci [...]

    16. Detective Sargeant McAvoy risks his life again in another twisted mystery called Cruel Mercy.McAvoy is headed to New York to work with Detective Alto who is investigating the disappearance and murder of some Irish men McAvoy s brother in law is one of the men who is missing, and two traveler families are about to feud if McAvoy can t find Valentine the brother in law and convince everyone that he s not the murderer.As is always the case when McAvoy is involved, there s much to this story And be [...]

    17. This is the third book by David Mark that I have read I went back and checked some of my past reviews and I found one thing in common He likes to start off his books coming out of left field You start reading and you have absolutely no idea what in the heck you are reading about This I can truthfully say Because this is the third book and the third time this has happened Ha So, I will alert you that you should read the first part, put it in a file in the back of your mind, because it will be exp [...]

    18. Received a copy on Netgalley recently For those who haven t read any in the McAvoy series I d always recommend starting at the beginning You can dive into any of them, but you miss out on seeing both the characters and storylines evolve on a bigger scale I ve read them all, and this is, in my humble opinion, the best yet That s an accolade in itself, as the previous titles are superb.Cruel Mercy sees McAvoy cross the Atlantic and head to New York His brother in law is missing and two men are dea [...]

    19. Mark s use of language, like many of his British peers, is elegant As the author lacks deep understanding of New York as a locale, he has used the direct references to his own time in the city to portray the feeling and observations of his lead character throughout the book.David Mark s work gets better by each book Cruel Mercy is a notable police procedural.Overall, the fans of Aector McAvoy will be satisfied with this new release and the title can also make an entertaining read for those who l [...]

    20. I received a free copy of this book through a giveaway Some interesting characters but the plot was too convoluted and the whole serial killer thing was just plain weird, those poor girls, what happened to them was just a side plot really, there was enough going on in the story anyway without having to read descriptions of young girls being murdered Why is it always girls who have to suffer these horrendous fates anyway

    21. This feels to me like two different books.First there is the story of the three Irish Roma men who come to New York to meet with a boxing coach, and somehow windup running afoul of the Chechen mob and tangentially with the Mafia One ends up dead, one in a coma and one disappears Valentine Teague, the disappeared one, is a member of a clan that has been involved in a longstanding, multi generational feud with another Roma family Teague is the brother in law of Aector McAvoy, a Yorkshire cop, who [...]

    22. 4.5 I really, really liked this book, couldn t wait to get back to reading it Very complex story line involving boxers and cops and both the Italian and Chechen mafia, McAvoy in New York, looking for his nasty brother in law who may or may not be dead and or a killer or not There is the catholic church and priests who may or may not be corrupt and stuff that happened many years ago playing a big role here There are also New York cops and McAvoy consulting via e mail and skype with his boss Phara [...]

    23. I liked this a lot More than I should have done It s very difficult to move detectives it work, certainly not this far Perhaps because McAvoy is almost an observer of bad things it works I read it mostly on the train in 30 minute bursts, so it drew me in I missed the things that annoy me about detective fiction, so it was a simple pleasure New York was there yet not, it was a tourists city, coffee shops out of town locations, not the everyday grittyness of Reggie Nadelson s home town, or Rebus i [...]

    24. I was lucky enough to receive this as an advanced copy and have also been lucky enough to meet David Mark at a book event last year So, the question was, how could this down to earth Yorkshireman, the creator of the dour Hull based Scottish born detective Aector McAvoy, place said creation in a rather dark contemporary New York Thanks to three missing Irishmen, one of whom has family links to his wife, going missing in New York, McAvoy is given the opportunit.y to try out some of his approaches [...]

    25. I have enjoyed David Mark s previous books in this series, but i couldn t wait for this one to end Mark is very talented His writing is beautiful and poetic His characterizations are superb But elements of this one didn t appeal to me It was the U S Mafia all mixed up with religion and mysticism and violence, etc And I m growing tired of Hector s over the top obsession with his wife, whom I don t particularly like, and his frequent lack of judgment when his emotions take over This may be the las [...]

    26. I m enjoying this mystery series because the protagonist and recurring supporting characters are very well drawn, and because thus far, the mysteries have been pretty interesting The recurring supporting characters were not as big of a part of this book as they have been in others, and I missed them I also did not enjoy the story going back and forth between what the protagonist was doing and backstory, but that s a personal preference in favor of mysteries that pick a point of view and stick to [...]

    27. The 6th in David Mark s DS MCAVOY SERIES is a sophisticated crime mystery with a real sense of love, friendship and family and a well adjusted, honourably detective main character who refreshingly isn t haunted by personal demons, has a spin marriage and gets on with his awesome boss who has his back, all of which makes a thoroughly enjoyable read that makes me want to read the other books in the series.

    28. Love David Mark s series and Aector McAvoy in particular Missed the claustrophobic atmosphere of the usual Hull setting and felt the plot was a little too labyrinthine in places but fully understand the attractions of going for a broader canvas and a US setting Maybe not quite as good as some of its predecessors but still a cut above most of his competitors and well worth a read Ready for the next one.

    29. Well this is one complex and gruesome tale I ve read others of the McEvoy books and noticed that Aector is a catalyst for lots of really terrible things coming to the forefront it s almost as if things bounce out of the darkness, ricochet off of him and land in the brilliant light And he just glides on through with his focus on Roisin and his kids The tales of violence and penitence in this are not for the faint of heart.

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