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Smoke By Dan Vyleta,

  • Title: Smoke
  • Author: Dan Vyleta
  • ISBN: 9780385540179
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
  • England A century ago, give or take a few years An England where people who are wicked in thought or deed are marked by the Smoke that pours forth from their bodies, a sign of their fallen state The aristocracy do not smoke, proof of their virtue and right to rule, while the lower classes are drenched in sin and soot An England utterly strange and utterly real An elitEngland A century ago, give or take a few years An England where people who are wicked in thought or deed are marked by the Smoke that pours forth from their bodies, a sign of their fallen state The aristocracy do not smoke, proof of their virtue and right to rule, while the lower classes are drenched in sin and soot An England utterly strange and utterly real An elite boarding school where the sons of the wealthy are groomed to take power as their birthright Teachers with mysterious ties to warring political factions at the highest levels of government Three young people who learn everything they ve been taught is a lie knowledge that could cost them their lives A grand estate where secrets lurk in attic rooms and hidden laboratories A love triangle A desperate chase Revolutionaries and secret police Religious fanatics and cold hearted scientists Murder A London filled with danger and wonder A tortured relationship between a mother and a daughter, and a mother and a son Unexpected villains and unexpected heroes Cool reason versus passion Rich versus poor Right versus wrong, though which is which isn t clear This is the world of Smoke, a narrative tour de force, a tale of Dickensian intricacy and ferocious imaginative power, richly atmospheric and intensely suspenseful.
    Smoke England A century ago give or take a few years An England where people who are wicked in thought or deed are marked by the Smoke that pours forth from their bodies a sign of their fallen state The a

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    1. DNF 50%This book has a fascinating premise Part historical fiction, part paranormal dystopia, it imagines a Victorian world where sin is visible in the form of an ugly smoke that leaks directly from a person s body Imagine it your anger, lust and shame displayed for the world to see.The beginning opens in a rich, upper class boys boarding school near Oxford And, at first, it is compelling Thomas and Charlie are the protagonists each likable and sympathetic enough to capture our interest The narr [...]

    2. Smoke is stunning and sublime A piece of fiction like this does not come along very often This is a firm favourite of mine now forever Totally adored it I m stunned by so many low reviews Truly.This book has the most fascinating plot Quite simply your sin shows to the world as soot, smoke, grime on your body and clothes Thinking something bad about the person you are with Careful your white shirt doesn t start to spoil with smoke and soot.There are seekers who are determined to find a way for Sm [...]

    3. Smoke , by Dan Vyleta was bloody marvelous From the first line in the book Thomas, Thomas Wake up, which did grab my attention the very last sentence of the book I m still smiling ear to ear, but I m not dishing out this line ,I had a BLAST OF FUN hanging out with the teenagers, Charlie, Thomas, and Livia all of noble birth There is adventure, dystopia adventure , mystery, rich vs the poor, and young love There are political and moral overtones with the Tories, liberals, and Radicalsturning this [...]

    4. This is a novel in which I admired what the author was trying to do I appreciated his vision and cleverness of story but ultimately, this is a flawed book and it didn t completely work for me.Smoke is set in Victorian England, but it s a revised version Characters in this world show their sin by smoke So if you have sinful thoughts or deeds, different colors of smoke will rise from you, and everyone can see it.The story opens at a prestigious boys boarding school, and we see the bullying that ha [...]

    5. I received this on a read to review basis from NetGalley Thank you to the author, Dan Vyleta, and the publisher,Harper Collins, for this opportunity.Smoke is the name for the physical transmutation that appears on a person s body and clothing as a physical sign of their internal sin Whether in thought or deed, the sinners are marked for society to judge by the severity of the smoke that marks their physiognomy This leads to an almost religiously fanatic feel to permeate the book and often reads [...]

    6. This is a dark atmospheric and imaginative dystopian novel that feels intensely like a world that is Victorian and Dickensian This is society divided by Smoke which marks the poor, whose clothes and bodies are clearly marked by soot and smoke The rich and powerful use it as an instrument of power and control The well off do not smoke either through discipline or through underhand subversion of smoke with the use of specific sweets and cigarettes available to those in power We become acquainted w [...]

    7. One of the benefits of a cross country airline flight is a lot of sitting without other distractions competing for your time Without a back and forth trip this weekend, I m not sure how long it would have taken me to finish this book.I should start by saying that upon reflection, I m not sure this is really the book for me however, I think a lot of people will love it Smoke tells the alternate history version of Victorian England where people emit a smoke whenever they do something bad like tell [...]

    8. The concept of this book was very intriguing It deals with a world in which you literally start smoking when you sin In other words, sin is very visible, and at school you are taught to try and hide your sins It s exactly at a school that we meet our two main characters, Thomas and Charlie Circumstances, however, lead them away from school one Christmas, and that s where the story really takes off I really liked the two boys as well as this mysterious, yet fascinating world I think that s why th [...]

    9. I loved Dan Vyleta s previous novels, particularly, The Quiet Twin, a dark, historical mystery, and so was thrilled to have the chance to review his latest offering Smoke, is a very different novel to his previous work, but will hopefully bring him a whole new audience, which has to be a good thing.The novel begins at a prestigious boys boarding school in an alternate England It has a sort of Victorian, steam punk, feel to it from gas lamps and carriages to public executions this is a dark and a [...]

    10. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI saw Smoke in O Magazine as part of their summer reading list The concept sounded fascinating and I immediately suggested it to my library they bit, and I got to be the first one to read that sucker Score for me In SMOKE, sinful thoughts and actions are accompanied by bursts of smoke from the body of various colors The upper class are not supposed to Smoke as much and do their damnedest to control it, whereas the lower class live in a crust of Soot.Thomas and [...]

    11. I m quite certain that reviews of this book will make much of its Dickensian atmosphere and setting The author is clearly aiming for such, with quotes from Dickens included However, something kept poking at me, saying, Dickens Hmm that s not quite it And suddenly it sprang at me Joan Aiken Yes, Aiken has than a touch of the Dickensian herself But that s the feel of this book exactly If you loved Joan Aiken s books as a kid, you will LOVE this book now It s aimed at a slightly older audience I d [...]

    12. I m simply astounded at the comparisons this book is getting Harry Potter Perhaps, in so much as it contains a school can we please get over fantasy with a school in it Harry Potter It s ridiculous His Dark Materials Well, there s some talk of sin, religion, and Oxford I suppose This book has a fantastic premise, but ultimately I found it pretentious, misogynistic, and poorly written.Let s tackle pretentiousness shall we It oozed out of every word The author tries to make incredible metaphors, s [...]

    13. Smoke is a scifi fantasy set in an alternate past of Victorian England, in which peoples sins are revealed by the Smoke that they exude, staining their clothes and even the air around them The story begins in a very Harry Potterish way in a school for wealthy upper class boys who are learning to control their Smoke The first scene pits the two main characters, Thomas and his friend Charlie, against their arch enemy Julius, the prefect, who delights in tormenting the other boys and driving them t [...]

    14. It brings me a little sadness to review this book because despite an exciting beginning I had unfortunately fallen completely out of love with it by the end.The premise of this book is undeniably unique and undoubtedly what peaked my interest when I was offered a copy to review from the publisher The story takes place in an England unlike that that exists now potentially a future version of the country but one that feels although it is set a couple of hundred years in the past That is, with one [...]

    15. Smoke had an absolutely brilliant premise an imagined alternate world where peoples sins show up in the form of smoke, to simplify matters there is to it than that, but that is the basics The world is Victorian in feel and setting and quite beautifully drawn, imaginative and intelligently described Thats the good part.The first 3rd of this novel is intriguing, addictive and full of flavour Sadly from then on it dips, for me into boring exposition and the story kind of drifts along I will absolu [...]

    16. In an embargoed, Victorian era esque England, the smoke is rising Not only is it belched from chimneys in plumes that hurtle themselves straight into the miasma of your average London pea souper, an amalgamation of roiling fog, smoke, soot, sulfurous acid, and the like but also from the mouths of babes A somatic symptom of a greater illness to a few, a tangible representation of sin to the weighty and wealthy religious aristocracy, smoke fans from lips and slips from pores More importantly, to t [...]

    17. Smoke takes place in what feels like Victorian England, except the soot and grime is not a product of factories, but rather it comes from people Smoke is a representation of sin As there are different types of sin, there are different types of smoke Everyone emits smoke from their bodies however, those who come from wealth and nobility are taught how to control their smoke Thus, those from wealth and class are often white and clean, while the poor are covered in soot and grime Smoke not only wor [...]

    18. Ziemlich d ster und abgefahren aber gro artig umgesetzt Das ganze war v llig anders als erwartet, denn ich hatte nach dem Klappentext ein Abenteuer erwartet, ein unterhaltsames, viktorianisches Abenteuer mit einem Hauch Mystik Doch es ist so viel mehr Schon der Anfang hat sehr gut die Atmosph re eingefangen, die zurzeit der Geschichte in England herrscht, bzw vom Rauch beherrscht wird Jeder b se Gedanke, jede b se Tat wird durch den Rauch offenbar, der den Menschen aus den Poren str mt und so f [...]

    19. 2.5 stars, to be sure.SPOILERSThe core concept of Smoke, while clever and well developed in the incredible opening scenes , was hammered relentlessly at the expense of deeper characterization and pacing Some scenes were gripping, others dull The uneven quality of the writing combined with upper class tweeness than I could stomach led to eventual disappointment for this reader.But your mileage may vary, as always.

    20. Actually 3.75 stars hey if people can do half stars, why not the occasional quarter star What a delightfully strange book Picture an England on the cusp of the industrial revolution but held back by a quasi religious fear of emotion and technology Hold on a minute, I thought the Brits did avoid emotion and new fangled things In this world people emit, imbibe, and carry around Smoke An ethereal thing that makes their passions visible and tangible and fungible to the world around them.So what happ [...]

    21. I don t want to denigrate Vyleta s feat here although I ve personally only given it three stars, it s quite remarkable The most original story I ve read in a long time.I just never felt gripped, unfortunately I suppose that s down to two things I didn t take to the way the plot unfolded, and Vyleta s fantastical concept of Smoke was too clever and complex for me to ever fully get my head around and understand the rules of The author clearly lived and breathed his alternative England in writing t [...]

    22. I received a free ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Smoke by Dan Vyleta is a historical fiction cross mystery novel set in a world in which people who are wicked in thought or action are marked by the taint of a strange Smoke that pours from their bodies The lowest of sinners, those most profoundly marked by Smoke, are considered the most evil members of society, the lower class and common folk are not much better, barely able to control their corruption This alternative [...]

    23. I was sent this for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This book sets up with an interesting premise, a world where sin is visible in the form of Smoke tendrils and Soot, and where the rich can control their Smoke, but the poor can not I think as far as ideas go, it s an interesting one with a hell of a lot of potential I do think that the originality of this alone could have been a driving force for the story, but actually I felt as though this really wasn t pushed as far [...]

    24. Thinking about your auntie s knickers Smoke.Sneaking a nip of the communion wine Smoke If the moral pestilence that rises with the corrupt could be made discernible how terrible the revelation, Charles Dickens once wrote In this evocative novel of Olde England, smoke is the visible manifestation of vice London lies beneath a blanket of smut, the sun a dim orange glow at noon Smoke envelops the city, soot blackens the faces of the lower classes and the crumbling architecture and hovels in which [...]

    25. This was a book I thought I d enjoy for sure The concept of it just seemed so magical I was even wiling to overlook the fact that it may be a YA, at least if going by ages and not context Alas, the YAness of it is the least of the detractors, the most being that it just somehow didn t work Despite the audacity of premise and the atmospheric setting of recognizably Edwardian England it just didn t grab the reader by the in this particular case of an audiobook ears and commanded undivided attentio [...]

    26. Smoke geh rt zu den B chern, die ich ohne Empfehlung wohl niemals gelesen h tte, da ich nicht wirklich wusste, was mich bei dem Buch erwarten wird Da ich jedoch bereits viele positive Bewertungen gelesen habe, wurde ich dann doch neugierig und habe der Geschichte sehr gerne eine Chance gegeben.Man muss zwar sagen, dass die Geschichte an sich viele kleinere Schw chen besitzt, ich jedoch ber die meisten von ihnen hinwegsehen konnte Zwar finde ich, dass der Autor sich besonders zum Ende hin etwas z [...]

    27. Dan Vyleta s Smoke is what you would get if you crossed Henry James with Philip Pullman and is set it in some post apocalyptic Victorian ish England in which Smoke is the manifestation of humanity s emotional existence the soul, the spirit, some other sublime aspect of ourselves London itself is a cesspit of Smoke and Soot, running rampant with all sorts of behavior There is a lot of interplay with levels of class, with the ideas of right and wrong, and with adhering to social expectations of pr [...]

    28. Meine Meinung Wie immer fange ich mit den Schreibstil an Dieser war aber bei diesem Buch eben mein Problem F r meinen Geschmack beschreibt der Autor einfach zu viele Details, dadurch wirkte das Buch oft sehr langatmig Auch die Schreibweise und Ausdrucksweise wirkte auf mich eher altbacken Dennoch oder gerade wegen der vielen Details konnte man sich nat rlich gleich in die Geschehnisse und die Umgebung hineinversetzten Auch die Charaktere wurden einen genau beschrieben und man konnte sich ein gut [...]

    29. How do you start a revolution You baptise a corpse.Over the past few years, and based on just two of his books The Crooked Maid and The Quiet Twin I have become quite a fan of author Dan Vyleta his plots have been fascinating and his writing masterful When I saw that he had a new book, Smoke, coming out, I was delighted there are so few givens in my reading life, but I knew I would love Vyleta s new bookd I didn t love Vyleta s new book The setup was really intriguing, and then it got boring, an [...]

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