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Indigo Nights By Louise Bay,

  • Title: Indigo Nights
  • Author: Louise Bay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I don t do romance I don t do love I certainly don t do relationships Women are attracted to my power and money and I like a nice ass and a pretty smile It s a fair exchange a business deal for pleasure.Meeting Beth Harrison in the first class cabin of my flight from Chicago to London throws me for a loop and everything I know about myself and women goes out the windowI don t do romance I don t do love I certainly don t do relationships Women are attracted to my power and money and I like a nice ass and a pretty smile It s a fair exchange a business deal for pleasure.Meeting Beth Harrison in the first class cabin of my flight from Chicago to London throws me for a loop and everything I know about myself and women goes out the window.I m usually good at reading people, situations, the markets I know instantly if I can trust someone or if they re lying But Beth is so contradictory and confounding I don t know which way is up.She s sweet but so sexy she makes my knees weak and mouth dry.She s confident but so vulnerable I want to wrap her up and protect her from the world.And then she fucks me like a train and just disappears, leaving me with my pants around my ankles, wondering which day of the week it is.If I ever see her again I don t know if I ll scream at her, strip her naked or fall in love Thank goodness I live in Chicago and she lives in London and we ll never see each other again, right
    Indigo Nights I don t do romance I don t do love I certainly don t do relationships Women are attracted to my power and money and I like a nice ass and a pretty smile It s a fair exchange a business deal for pleasu

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    1. ARC kindly provided by the author, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was an easy read with little suspense or drama So if you re looking for something suspenseful you ll have to skip this one until you re in the mood For me it worked at the moment I give it 3.5 stars This is the story of Beth and Dylan Beth is an alcoholic She has been sober for 4 years and baking helped her through this hard period After posting some baking videos on YouTube, she now gets the chance to show h [...]

    2. 4.5 starsI received this ARC and fell in love with it It had steamy moments, characters with realistic flaws and strengths and a wonderful ending It was such a delightful read Fun, fast paced and definitely worth the read This book was filled with emotion and the sex scenes were incredibly well written I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there A review copy was provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

    3. If you are looking for a dreamy hot alpha male billionaire story, look no further First off, I absolutely love, love my new book boyfriend Dylan James He is hot, dirty talking, super sweet, caring, and head over heels, in too deep to realize Well, he did have a few issues by not telling the complete truth, but you have to give him a break as he did admit he was new to relationships.I am having a love hate relationship with Beth After being burned and becoming an alcoholic, she has some issues, w [...]

    4. When utube baker Beth Harrison has a chance meeting with sexy, rich Dylan James at an airport all they both expected was a one night stand Both have past bad experiences with relationships and are unwilling to trust again, until that chance meeting just keeps happening I loved this, the story line was so addictive and beautiful, the characters were lovable, their sexual chemistry was off the scale And it does happen to help when its narrated by the talented Andi Arndt and the wonderful Sebastian [...]

    5. 3 Airplanes, Cakes and Oh, My Stars Let s see what is on our menu todayWe have a dynamic, handsome, strong businessmanWith a resolute, equally strong, newly accomplished baker, unaware of her appealBoth are stuck on a plane flirting, banter and then.Stuck in the airport awaiting the cancelled flightOur man is interested enough in our gal to search her out, presenting a timely proposition of dinner, dessert and a one night of .For that is all he is up forShe takes this all in the offer has perfec [...]

    6. 3.5 stars safety gang note at the bottom Predictable and full of cheese BUT hot as hell with well developed charactersIndigo Nights uses the same formula as The Empire State Trilogy, which worked really well for me Now while I thought this was hot and I loved both Dylan and Beth, parts of this dragged and the urge to skip ahead was high I can t fault the writing the people or the whole idea but for me it was missing that extra bit of excitement A bit of drama or angst was needed It didn t even h [...]

    7. 4 stars ARC kindly provided bySmith Publicityvia Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This is the story of Beth and Dylan One cancelled flight brought close two persons that actually needed each other for so different reasons The story is really nice and the plot has a couple of twists but everything was quite predictable The value of this story is in the emotions that evoked me while I was reading it, especially towards the end The story is said by a dual POV Beth and Dylan and the writing [...]

    8. Genre erotic romanceYoutube sensation baker meets hawt gazillionaire in first class airplane and a ONS turns into something Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking but a pleasant piece of escapist the amount of cake both ate without gaining ANY weight was obscene erotic fiction.I have read everything LB has done and most of the time, she infuriates me bc her heroines are such pills This is my favorite from her by a mile.Tags dirty talk, London, Chicago

    9. This is the first book I ve read from Louise Bay and I have to say, it was a fun read What s not to like about great chemistry and cake Just like a yummy dessert, Beth and Dylan were sweet, sinful and totally scrumptious together.If I m being completely honest, things between Dylan and Beth happened a little too quickly in beginning for me It s on a flight from Chicago to London were they first meet I hadn t exactly fallen for Dylan at that point or even gotten a glimpse of what he was hiding un [...]

    10. Hot Hot Hot with helpings of Lemon drizzle Louise bay does not disappoint, I loved What the lightning sees and so consistent with another brilliant read.A chance meeting, a hot few one night stands that turn into a brilliant read where you just want to lock yourself away and absorb it all Told in dual povs so you can get into the head of each characters, I love that Great characters, Beth is a woman with sass such a great personality and Dylan is all alpha male, demanding yet funny sweet at the [...]

    11. OH MY GOOOOOD This book is too good to be true And it happens to be first first ARC, so this makes it even better It s my favorite type of romance and I loved it with all my heart I actually read it slooooowly, afraid to be over too soon This is the story of Beth Dylan She bakes cakes and he s a successful businessman They meet in airplane about to take of from Chicago to London Their flight is first delayed and then canceled, which gives them the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.Le [...]

    12. ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.To read of my reviews visit Carlene Corrupted.Mr 8A must be the best looking man in the world with the way the flight attendants are chattering about him and when he arrives Beth has to stare What she doesn t expect is for him to be staring back or for him to track her down when their flight is cancelled Stranded due to weather, Dylan offers a proposition of dinner and sex, but only when Beth wants it After a three year slump and overc [...]

    13. This is a standalone story that ties in with both the Lightning series and Calling Me series by this author, I wouldn t say you have to read them to fully enjoy this story but I am glad I had This is the story of a character you catch glimpses of throughout them both and it was lovely to catch up with the other characters too I love Beth she is a great character that isn t squeaky clean and owns up to her past mistakes including her alcoholism but sometimes she can try to compensate for those er [...]

    14. So I don t really know how to rate this book There were couple of things that I didn t like about this book So I ll give it 2.5 stars 1 When the H met the h he calls her baby I hate that he just met her literally 5 minutes ago it makes me think he calls his ows that too.2 He keeps thinking about the gorgeous women he fucks even having sex with the h his thoughts are like my cock loves gorgeous women I like to fuck gorgeous women I d fucked a lot of you guess again gorgeous women I was very irrit [...]

    15. 3.5 Cake fixes starsBeth Harrison is a baking goddess, which is a great byproduct, having taken it up to distract and keep her on the straight and narrow Her life is finally under control, so when she finds herself extremely attracted to Mr 8A on a Chicago to London bound flight, she contemplates whether she deserves some orgasms.Dylan James is a wealthy man, who has no problems in finding women to spend some time with, just not very much time, and definitely no relationships Having been burnt s [...]

    16. .5 delicious starsLouise Bay fans will not be disappointed with Mr 8A and Beth the Baker, as they come together in this sweet treat of a book he s gorgeous, rich and powerful, and I think his penis might have magic powers This is a standalone read, but as with several of Louise s books the characters may seem familiar, our leading lady Beth the Baker Harrison is Jake What the Lightning Sees series sister, Jake and Haven themselves feature in Indigo Nights, along with Luke and Ash The Calling Me [...]

    17. I saw this book blurb, it looked pretty steamy I didn t know that it was another billionaire meets beautiful poor girl story Honey, let me take you away from all this yeah yeah No, it s not that I read on It was a billionaire hunky guy alright But the girl woman was not poor I couldn t get how she made her money Beth flies 1st class London to Chicago back countless times She s moving up from YouTube baker sensation to having her own TV cooking show I guess this is book 3 in a sorta series Beth s [...]

    18. This was my first book by this author and I have to say am really pleased with how this story turned out I ve seen some of her other work, so it was only a matter of time before I read one of her books.Indigo Nights surprised me In a very positive way It wasn t until I read the authors notes at the back, that I realized that these characters was part of a series But it didn t ruin my experience On the contrary It only peaked my interest for the other characters That said, Indigo Nights can easil [...]

    19. This is the first book I have read by Louise Bay and after having finished it I had to ask myself why In addition to this being a thoroughly enjoyable read, which grabbed me right from the start, it introduced me to a new book boyfriend It is a well written, sexy, sensual romance story that will grab the reader right from the start and keep them engaged for the entire book Yes, there are plenty of hot steamy scenes between Beth and Dylan, but the author delivers a wide range of emotions througho [...]

    20. Bravo to Louise Bay for taking the initiative to pen a story where the female character is imperfect with very real issues Beth, an alcoholic, has struggled with her sobriety for three years Beth is an among woman who deserves an equally amazing man In walks Mr 8A, Dylan James Fabulously tall, sexy, wealthy, and of course, her soulmate Follow their journey of discovery, trust, and unconditional love Five stars because this little vanilla romance novel had me hook, line, and sinker from page one [...]

    21. I always jump at the chance to read books by Louise Bay I love her characters and the stories she writes for them This book is a standalone, however, it connects to two previous books each is a novella series and I am always happy to revisit characters I fell in love with This novella take s an interesting twist as well because one of the main characters is a recovering alcoholic and being inside her thought process was unique.Beth and Dylan are both complex characters, each of them shaped by a [...]

    22. Let me tell you something Fallers Louise Bay books are my anomaly I shouldn t like them If it was any other author, I d shrug them off, with a Meh, and go on my way There s something indelible about her writing that keeps me coming back, though I don t know what it is it s addictive And let me tell you, after a long wait, Indigo Nights was totally worth it I m giving it five leaves Beth Harrison used to be an alcoholic She s almost four years sober, but she still works at it sobriety isn t an en [...]

    23. Lousie Bay, this may be your best work yet If you love Louise Bay s writing, then Indigo Nights will not disappoint Mr 8A is perfection.Indigo Nights is the story of Beth Harrison Dylan James aka Mr 8A and can be read as a standalone If you are a fan of Louise, then you may remember Beth from When the Lightning Sees Beth is Jake Harrison s sister We also get to see Ashleigh Luke from the Calling Me series as well as Haven from When the Lightning Sees series I love that Louise blends her books to [...]

    24. Rating 5 5 8A Stars Wow Where do I even begin This book was amazing Dylan James is my definition of perfection He s handsome, charming, witty, rich and damn he has one filthy mouth I swear I felt like I needed to change my panties on multiple occasions Im addicted to this sexy billionaire and have added him to the top of my book boyfriend list of 2016 I was part thrilled, part infuriated and entirely consumed with a desire to have her naked beneath me I didn t know where to start with her I want [...]

    25. Great freaking book I loved it Wow I haven t read this author before, but I am glad I picked this one I want to read from her now Everything was good and I don t know where to start Dylan was a charming, sexy, good looking, sweet, kind hearted sex god He really doesn t start out that much of a jerk like most boy meets girl I thought he was sweet and he sure wanted her to feel good He really cared for Beth right from the start He was upfront and honest about everything I like his determination t [...]

    26. Beware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Beth 4 5Hero Dylan 4 5Plot 3 5Grovel good grovel by HCheating noneHEA yesTriggers noneAverage score 3.5 5Best Line H to h I have nothing that would ever stop me talking with you Worst Lines Neither of us was perfect but we were perfect for each other A little too sweet for mePersonal Review This was a typical one night stand to sex with no strings attached to I love you story Light on romance and heavy on the smut in the beginning and then became a little [...]

    27. Louise Bay is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors Indigo Nights is my second book by her and I loved Sexy business man, Dylan James, was pretty much the perfect man And when I say perfect I mean P E R F E C T He was strong and dominating, gets what he wants kind of guy But what I loved most about his character, was that he was sweet and gentle at all the right moments Dylan could admit his wrongs and there was nothing he wouldn t do for the love of his life.Beth Harrison Louise Bay could [...]

    28. 5 Chocolate Mousse Stars This book first grabbed my attention by the cover This book is then what is in the description, then just a one night stand becoming your forever Both Dylan and Beth have demons from their past they have to battle The situation with Beth don t want to put as it may be a spoiler I have never read in a romance novel before, but I m glad because it s something people struggle with everyday in real life and felt the author handled it well The connection and Chemistry betwe [...]

    29. Read it in 4 hours straight through I couldn t put it down Beth and Dylan are such amazing characters I love when you can relate to characters so much You can connect and feel what they feel those are the best books and this book is one of them I didn t read the first 2 books of the series but they re standalone so you don t get confused on some parts like in other series if you jump ahead I will read the first 2 now though A Must read a great book.

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