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Everything I Found on the Beach By Cynan Jones,

  • Title: Everything I Found on the Beach
  • Author: Cynan Jones
  • ISBN: 9781566894364
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • A dark tale of slavery, immigration, and murder set on the west coast of Wales, this is a startling portrait of three ordinary lives taken to extremes In the aching cold where night bumps into day, Hold hears noises confirming he isn t alone At the edge of his nets, a rudderless dingy thumps against the rocks, prey to the ebbing tide What he finds there changes everythiA dark tale of slavery, immigration, and murder set on the west coast of Wales, this is a startling portrait of three ordinary lives taken to extremes In the aching cold where night bumps into day, Hold hears noises confirming he isn t alone At the edge of his nets, a rudderless dingy thumps against the rocks, prey to the ebbing tide What he finds there changes everything Meanwhile, Grzegorz works hard, with no time for rest and little thanks All he needs is an opportunity when it comes, with no apparent strings attached, what can he do but take it On the other hand, the Big Man knows only one kind of life where all that is needed are a code of honor and a reputation but it s leaving him behind and he s struggling to keep up One random technical hitch later and the three men are set on a journey that none could have foreseen, none can halt, and that ends as abruptly as it began.All three men want the chance to make their lives better and are tied together in a fatal series of decisions and reactions.
    Everything I Found on the Beach A dark tale of slavery immigration and murder set on the west coast of Wales this is a startling portrait of three ordinary lives taken to extremes In the aching cold where night bumps into day Ho

    One thought on “Everything I Found on the Beach”

    1. A very atmospheric tale about chances in life Making decisions and what s following once a decision has been made It s also about guilt and love unanswered because it seems impossible.

    2. In his introvert style cynan jones tells this tale of brutality with much compassion for the main character There is suggested than explicitly spoken of the naivity of this man, his love for his family, the duality to do well but being attracted by what he finds on the beach He decides to introduce himself in a world he does not know with fatal implications Everything is suggested than told explicitly one has to guess much of what happens between the lines Like in the Dig Cynan Jones writes wi [...]

    3. This is a brilliant writer at work in the grand tradition Steinbeck and Hemingway seem influential, but his voice is truly unique He takes you up close to the smallest of details and explores large universal themes in the process The struggles of a beetle and a pigeon are as important as those of the humans in this dark novel The reader is forced to struggle at times too Very effective

    4. What I love about Cynan Jones s writing is the way all his characters experience existence, not merely the main figures, but all of them There are no caricatures in his work Each is permitted his or her own store of dignity and motive force All are fragments of some lost and broken force and each is afforded a spirit and a share in humanity It s something that s very much in accord with the strong moral thrust of his work When I started reading this novel, I d positioned Jones a sort of inherito [...]

    5. A harsh reality lyrically laid out in a manner that reminded me of No Country for Old Men Two men, their story told in alternating chapters, desperate and willing to take a chance just to make it, to prove something to those whom they love.

    6. That was amazing Jones writing reminded me of Annie Proulx or Cormac McCarthy He captured the very essence of what it is to be poor and unable to get out from under To have the circumstances of your life keep you from doing any better than those before you He captured this so well that I had to take breaks every few pages to keep from crying I always read Annie Proulx this way especially It hurts the heart By the same token, it makes you count the blessings you have.

    7. This is not a book for the faint hearted There were many times I wanted to put it in the freezer It s pretty obvious from the beginning that things are not going to go well for Grzegorz, a Polish immigrant who is enslaved by poverty, as he ruminates about wastefulness he sees in the slaughterhouse where he works This gratefulness to an animal, he thought, is what s gone here There is a sorrow for it, as there always is, but it is without gratefulness and eventually you just go numb to it It s th [...]

    8. This is Cynan s second book and it is nothing short of brilliant The talent shown in The Long Dry develops further in this book as we follow two men that come from very different lives yet are strangely similiar First we meet Hold, a Welsh fisherman who is struggling to make ends meet, raising another s son, as he discovers a body on the beach that holds a possible way to make life a little easier Then we meet Grzegorz, a Polish immigrant who shares a house with his own family and that of anothe [...]

    9. An interesting read but ultimately too heavy handed Every sentence seemed to be triple underlining that the story was going to have an unhappy ending Lots of, the bird was trapped, if it had made one choice differently in its life it would have been free, but once it was on the path it was trapped, in a net, etc.

    10. Wow Feel exhausted and thrilled at the same time brave writing that doesn t pander to the reader, and a haunting ending Why haven t we heard of this guy

    11. Another fine book from one of my favourite writers The prose is not quite as lean as in The Dig or The Long Dry which remain his masterworks for me but everything else is in place The full reality of living inside a man s head, several different men, is unerringly evoked, despite many an unuttered thought or poorly understood emotion on their part Female characters get less space, as always but this isn t a criticism as such since the light touches offered feel genuine and are often devastating [...]

    12. This book was so good on so many levels It is a really good what will happen next page turner It raises questions of what if for several of the characters and explores how people in tight situations might be tempted to make choices that they might otherwise not and the possible consequences of those decisions In this way it is a very thought provoking novel The prose is intense and detailed and skilfully adds to the tensions the characters experience.

    13. Disappointed The first half is great taut, beautifully written But the second half reads like a burst balloon it just goes everywhere Plus I really hate dream sequences.

    14. EVERYTHING I FOUND ON THE BEACH 2016 Cynan Jones 1 2.The author is a Welshman whose works have been picked up and published in this country by The Coffee House Press in Minneapolis This is a relatively short novel that tells the story of three different men two of them are looking for the main chance to get them out from under the system What that chance needs to provide is money money enough for them to start their own businesses and work their way out from the pit of poverty they find themselv [...]

    15. Hold is a Welsh fisherman, trying his best to help out Cara and Jake, the widow and son of his late friend Danny The chance discovery of a body on the shore presents him with a risky opportunity, for the dead man was carrying packages of drugs Hold decides to go ahead and deliver them, so he can use the money for Jake s and Cara s benefit Alongside Hold s story, we read of Grzegorz, a Polish man who came to Britain hoping to improve his lot, but now stuck working in a slaughterhouse and picking [...]

    16. A startlingly acute and poignant literary thriller set in an unnamed town somewhere along the West Wales coast Pacey, and at the same time powerfully vivid in description, Everything I Found on the Beach examines issues of immigration and the harsh realities of life for the local Polish community, as well as the seedy criminal subculture that runs through the town A random technical hitch sets in motion a chain of events that puts three ordinary men on a collision course and sends them hurtling [...]

    17. A book about responsibility that sounds a whole heap of fun doesn t it And indeed, Everything I Found on the Beach isn t any part of a heap of fun Cynan Jones has however created two compelling characters in Hold, the native fisherman burdened with responsibilities from a young age so that he knows no other way, and Grzegorz the Polish migrant also weighed down with responsibilities he choses to shoulder These two men are kindred spirits they have a similar grave manner and respect for all life [...]

    18. Bleak So bleak.I ve been debating what rating to give this book for the last few days since I finished it and it has 229 pages and not 200 as seems to think and I think I have to go for a 3 instead of a 4, though I would rather go with a 3.5 if I could I really enjoyed the writing and the story caught me early on However the ending two fold, with the ending to Hold s story and then the Big Man and Stringer s story left me feeling very empty.The story hinges around men trying to make the best of [...]

    19. I liked it But I wanted to love it, for two reasons 1 Call me shallow, but because Cynan Jones is gorgeous Honest Look at his profile picture See Gorgeous.2 Because I recommended Jones to the lovely Kinga, whose opinion I respect In my defence, though, she was fully aware that my recommendation was based purely on 1 above, not on his writing ability.And his ability is considerable The first half of the book was great the sweeping landscapes of Hold s life and work, and the tragic minutiae of Grz [...]

    20. I loved Cynan Jones The Dig so when Coffee House announced its US release of this novel, I immediately pre ordered it Sadly, this was a bit of a let down I thought this book was just OK It seemed to lack the focus and psychological complexity that I had come to expect from Jones work Despite its recent release in the US, this work is actually earlier than The Dig, so his craft seems to be improving.With this novel, at times the writing got a bit tedious and too drawn out with inconsequential de [...]

    21. Characters who ve been reduced to appetite are the crucial element in a successful noir That reduction often makes for a straightforward, even simple plot It s the case here and, again, its simplicity is one of this novel s supreme strengths In fact, Jones skillfully reductive use of drugs for story and expansive employment of a three headed narrative for structure call to mind another bare bones literary thriller, Cormac McCarthy s 2005 novel NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN Indeed, McCarthy is the autho [...]

    22. This book, an immigrant story really, has the sparse atmospheric feel of Per Petterson s I Refuse and the inevitable bad outcome of Scott Smith s A sSmple Plan It is a story of hope and desperation In many ways it is a novel of our time, just not set in the part of the world we have come as of late to associate with immigration woes These are men trying to get that one break so that life will be better for them and those they love And better, in the case of these characters, is not really wealth [...]

    23. Very good indie press but not great, let alone brilliant as many reviewers have noted There are some fine moments and riveting details here but the prose is so forced stylized, it s hard not to ridicule it afterward Because not a paragraph goes by where you won t encounter some great thing or some ancient sense or insert garbage simile here As for characterization, there s really only one voice, and it sounds like this If I had one chance, he told himself If just one chance came along And if you [...]

    24. I won this book in March through First Reads.I wanted to like this book I really, really wanted to like it It tells a story of men immigrants, drug mules, and a seemingly regular guy trying to do right by his friend s widow and son who are driven by money, or the lack of it The writing is mostly good, lyrical and poetic, with a few parts that run on confused me, and the story is poignant, but doesn t flow easily, and, at times, didn t hold my attention I feel like it s all style with very little [...]

    25. Unremittingly bleak, yet certainly draws you in slow paced to begin, and you get a real sense of who these people are, the desperation in their lives, before the pressure begins to build and, like water being sucked down a plughole, they gather speed heading towards the inevitable or is it conclusion Overall, perhaps too bleak and one tone for my liking it s not impossible to insert flashes of humour or even just light into a story of desperation, but Jones doesn t alter the tone at any point, a [...]

    26. This book really grabbed me It was chillingly realistic, I found myself willing him to stop believing in fortune not plunge into disaster The characters were convincing, I found the storytelling very gripping Great to have something mainly set in rural Wales, as well.

    27. A dark dark book the writing is incredible.Each character so clearly drawn couldn t put it down even when I wanted to cover my eyes from the horror.So highly recommend Grab this book,

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