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Oscar Season By Mary McNamara,

  • Title: Oscar Season
  • Author: Mary McNamara
  • ISBN: 9781416539919
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hollywood is about to getits wake up call.Everyone goes a little crazy during Oscar Season the campaigns, the parties, the seductions, the paybacks Hollywood is never so cutthroat as it is at the turn of each year, when celebrities and their millions of fans across the globe begin their weeks long, exclusive obsession with the Academy Awards With so much money, so mHollywood is about to getits wake up call.Everyone goes a little crazy during Oscar Season the campaigns, the parties, the seductions, the paybacks Hollywood is never so cutthroat as it is at the turn of each year, when celebrities and their millions of fans across the globe begin their weeks long, exclusive obsession with the Academy Awards With so much money, so much power, so many egos, and so much to hide, how surprising is it when Industry players begin turning up dead At the heart of Los Angeles Times reporter Mary McNamara s novel, Oscar Season, is the Pinnacle Hotel, the hub of the Oscar maelstrom Everyone who s anyone winds up under its luxe care and the watchful eye of its PR director, Juliette Greyson When Juliette begins to suspect that conspiracy, nrather than coincidence, links what some are calling an Oscar Curse, than just her job is threatened.But this is Hollywood after all and during Oscar season it s almost impossible to know what is real and what is staged Even when it comes to murder Who is lying and who is merely acting When does murder stop being murder and start becoming really good publicity Erudite and whip smart, suspenseful and sexy, Oscar Season is the perfect read to sneak in between red carpet interviews.
    Oscar Season Hollywood is about to getits wake up call Everyone goes a little crazy during Oscar Season the campaigns the parties the seductions the paybacks Hollywood is never so cutthroat as it is at the turn

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    1. Oscar Season is the first book published by author Mary McNamara McNamara worked for the Los Angles Times for seventeen years giving readers an inside look at Hollywood She uses much of her insider knowledge in this mystery centering around some nefarious activities during the Oscar ceremonies The action is rather convoluted and I found the constant name dropping rather distracting The main character, Juliette, is the PR director at a posh hotel that all the Hollywood crowd stay at I found her r [...]

    2. If you couldn t smack your head against a wall sooner.Great start to the book, really got me into it.Interesting characters and sub plots Had me thinking will she, wont she until the last 10 or so pages.It was about as pleasant as biting into a wormy apple it was too late to spit it out.Disappointing end to what could have been a terrific thriller meets chick lit book I found there was far to be explored and that the protagonist was not fully developed She had a repour with other characters tha [...]

    3. Starts off promisingly enough giving off a Molly s Game vibe that s set to be steeped in mystery once the murders begin however the mystery is somewhat lacking The dramatic centrepiece considered the lack of real tasty investigatory murder mystery is hugely disappointing With Mary McNamara s obvious inside knowledge from her writing present here understanding Hollywood s inner workings is obvious thanks to her experience as a reporter this could have been a gripping story but instead the focus r [...]

    4. Oscar Season, which opens with a superstar found dead in the water right before a big awards ceremony, was originally planned for 2012 but was pulled from the schedule after an unfortunate case of life imitating art right after it started So here we are, finally getting to see what happens.Juliette Greyson is the mega wonderful second in command of a busy Hollywood hotel who will be hosting a menagerie of stars over the Oscars Two issues emerge Issue 1 people start getting killed Issue 2 Juliett [...]

    5. This book started out good It was fun to get the behind the scenes on life in Hollywood during Oscar season and reading about the best hotel in L.A I mean, it was total guilty pleasure, but I m alright with that Atthe beginning, you learn that a new producer is taking over the Oscars broadcast and has promised he ll raise the ratings by 10 points and he seems willing to do anything to make it happen The night before the nominations, various actors are murdered all over L.A in the fashion of famo [...]

    6. Oscar season in LA s trendy Pinnacle hotel is busy and intense Juliette is an important member of the hotel, working closely with the handsome GM But this year s Oscars turn morbid when a man is found floating in the hotel s swimming pool In between helping a favorite Hollywood leading man through chemo and making sure the two months between the Oscar nominations and the Academy Awards run smoothly, she drives herself crazy trying to uncover what she believes is a conspiracy to ruin Hollywood s [...]

    7. Despite not caring for the writing style in this book, McNamara managed to get me to want to know the ending That being said, I found the ending to be disappointing and the big reveal to be anticlimactic The reveal happened too fast by the time it did happen, and while the non reaction was the point, it was completely unsatisfying Perhaps, the book would have been better if Juliette discovered who the murderer was early on, and the rest of the book had her coping with Hollywood and those who kno [...]

    8. Such a fun book If you re a movie lover specifically a big fan of the Oscars , then you will enjoy this lighthearted book Obviously now is the perfect time to find yourself a copy before the big show It all centers around the Academy Awards and has a vibe of playing the board game CLUE Important and elite members in the Hollywood community continue dropping dead while Juliette not on only has to determine if they re connected to one another, but make sure that the Pinnacle hotel hosting the maj [...]

    9. I found this book at a favorite small bookstore down the street that specializes in the mystery genre They have a section in the back for resale books Quite brilliantly they set up a table of recommended authors they had chosen out of the used book stacks These were authors I probably wold have never found on my own or thought to read if I had So for very little money I found some really.Oscar Season is the first book by Mary McNamara I m about half way through and know that if she has any other [...]

    10. The author is a long time Hollywood reporter and sprinkles the book with fun tidbits about real and fictional movie stars It s a fascinating inside look at how a swanky hotel operates during their busiest month of the year and how the movie industry and the awards committee and ceremony really work There is also a murder mystery aspect, but I think the book is enjoyable if you view it as a novel rather than a mystery to be solved The author has spent time backstage during the Oscar ceremony and [...]

    11. To start, I ll say that when it comes to Beverly Hills hotel life this book is SPOT ON I read this while working at one of the book s mentioned properties during awards season for fun and found myself LOL ing at the accuracy That was the most entertaining part for me I really wanted to love this book It started off so strong but lost it s momentum somewhere in the middle I was really disappointed in the ending, which seemed rushed and was a disservice to the story s characters A fun read but it [...]

    12. I was a bit unsure about this book when I first bought it, it was at my local pound store so I thought it must be a bad book that people have forgot about then I read some really bad reviews on here I decided to try it and see what it was like and was really surprised at how much I liked it it was interesting and really surprised me but at the same time was boring and I felt at times dragged out the story line I didn t like the ending too much and thought it could have been written better but I [...]

    13. In spite of the seemingly fluff premise, there s some real meat here it s not a beach book in the traditional sense McNamara s a solid writer and the than surface look at celebrity culture works well My sole gripe is that Juliette moves in and out of the mystery at intervals, which makes it a bit disjointed in places hopefully just some first book kinks.

    14. Nice mix of Hollywood glitz and mystery with a little romance thrown in It s clear the author has some knowledge of the doings in Tinseltown but I was a little disappointed in the wrap up of the mystery not as satisfying as I d hoped.

    15. This was a fun read during Oscar season as I live in southern California Interesting setting in a hotel hosting the stars With the author s background as an LA Times reporter, many of the subplots are probably true Good escape reading.

    16. Wow, if this really happened at the Oscars there would be so much shock and astonishment I would get a job that involves the Oscar s if this actually happened It is a sad situation, but you would never get tired of your job

    17. I honestly don t know what to say about this book It wasn t horrible but it wasn t good The plot wasn t horrible but it wasn t good.I didn t hate the characters but I didn t like them either.

    18. Fun for the name dropping and Oscar season detail, but a total muddle as a mystery novel A proliferation of red herrings and a very unclear motive for murder make it a difficult story to follow or care about.

    19. I would not have bought this book, but i received it for free froth and fun and a lovely respite for what is going on in the world Hollywood as a cut throat business where realty is not as real as a movie.

    20. easy to read i forgot who all the charachters were though bc they have long complicated names but, obviously easy enough to figure out

    21. A fun novel to read at this time of the year The inside scoop on Oscar season hey good title for a book from a seasoned journalist who covered this beat.

    22. It s never a good sign when you find yourself half way through a several hundred page book and still not caring how it ends.

    23. Although It is not an Oscar winning book, the story is upbeat and intriguing It is a fun chick lit, murder mystery.

    24. as i begin working on my second oscars show, this book appealed to me SO much i love the behind the scenes stuff at the hotel and the mystery of the whodunit i liked this one a lot.

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