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The Ladies of Lyndon By Margaret Kennedy,

  • Title: The Ladies of Lyndon
  • Author: Margaret Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780385272278
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Ladies of Lyndon None

    One thought on “The Ladies of Lyndon”

    1. I was wary of Margaret Kennedy s first novel for a long time, seeing that it had mixed reviews both on its original publication and on its later reissues and wondering that if I had read it first it might have changed my feelings about progressing through her work, if maybe I might not have come to love that work as much as do.Now that I ve read the book, I m sure that it wouldn t have changed things too much I would have liked it than enough to pick up her second book her huge success and the [...]

    2. Margaret Kennedy s Ladies of Lyndon follows the lives and exploits of several ladies who are in some way associated with an English country estate called Lyndon Agatha Cocks yes, I know , the bride of the owner of Lyndon, Sir John Clewer, Mrs Cocks I know , her mother and a long time belle of society, Lady Clewer, the dowager stepmother of John, John s two half sisters, the competitive, manipulative Cynthia, and the resentful, smallish one with pretentions to Intellectual opinions, and a housema [...]

    3. When Agatha Cocks marries Sir John Clewer, she becomes one of the ladies of Lyndon, the Clewers country house She finds her marriage unsatisfying and looks elsewhere for love, with a former lover, and friendship, with her brother in law James, an artist regarded by his family as mentally deficient and eccentric, particularly when he forms an unorthodox relationship with a housemaid Though the writing is elegant and engaging, I thought the infidelity subplot rather predictable the bits involving [...]

    4. The Ladies of Lyndon was Margaret Kennedy s first novel, coming a year before her best known work The Constant Nymph In this novel Margaret Kennedy explores themes she would revisit later in The Constant Nymph unsatisfactorily matched partners within a socially conventional marriage, fidelity and artistic temperaments.Read full review heavenali.wordpress 2014 1

    5. Actually 3.5 stars.The Ladies of Lyndon is not without its flaws bumpy jumps in time for instance , but, at its heart, it is oh so charming and amusing in a Noel Coward kind of way.It s the kind of very English writing that I love a type of comedy of manners, full of class consciousness and social conventionsonasbooks 20

    6. Sturdy green paperback so recognizably Virago with its period society portrait reinforced with some clever plastic laminate on cover and extra on the spine, making it a difficult to fully open to read the fuzzy Virago type Did they simply copy an out of print book instead of resetting the type What a mess of a novel, and how worthwhile to push through all the chaos In this first novel, Kennedy is trying out her voice In each chapter, that voice is different, quavering up and down a scale like an [...]

    7. I think English readers will get much out of this book very surprised by many of the reviews on here It is in no way a small domestic novel or simply a country house book but a focused study of the catastrophic effects of the Great War on English society and institutions.

    8. I liked this much better than Kennedy s famous The Constant Nymph, but was rather frustrated by the ending, which felt liked it just trailed off rather than stopping on purpose I think Kennedy wanted to leave things ambiguous, but it unbalanced the book for me Still, it is quite a fine first novel, and left me wanting to read the rest of the author s output, which is always pleasing.

    9. This is a wonderful country house book with ladies marrying into wealthy famlies to the satisfaction of their mothers However it is also full of interesting unusual characters who are potrayed with a great deal of subtetly Some very amusing situations shine a light on the changing social conventions of the time.

    10. Well written, but the combination of social comedy and romance left a rather bitter taste Perhaps we were never intended to sympathise with anyone

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