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Buried By Graham Masterton,

  • Title: Buried
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beside the old woollen mill in Blarney, Cork, a worker s cottage guards its secrets In 1921, a mother, father and their two young children disappeared from this house And now, ninety five years later, their mummified bodies have been discovered under the floorboards The gunshot wounds in each skull look like the mark of the IRA But as DS Katie Maguire investigates, theBeside the old woollen mill in Blarney, Cork, a worker s cottage guards its secrets In 1921, a mother, father and their two young children disappeared from this house And now, ninety five years later, their mummified bodies have been discovered under the floorboards The gunshot wounds in each skull look like the mark of the IRA But as DS Katie Maguire investigates, the flames of old rivalries flare up once Because in this part of Ireland, where people neither forget nor forgive, the past can never stay buried
    Buried Beside the old woollen mill in Blarney Cork a worker s cottage guards its secrets In a mother father and their two young children disappeared from this house And now ninety five years later

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    1. Buried Another Katie McGuire MasterclassThe Katie McGuire series is rapidly becoming one of the best police procedural thriller series around today Graham Masterton has a real ear for the genuine Irish burr which he has always used to full effect throughout the previous outing of Katie McGuire and continues with this one Detective Superintendent Katie McGuire is feisty principle character, a red headed dynamo who is not afraid to take on corruption, bullying and downright lies and that is just i [...]

    2. I started this without knowing it was a series In fact I just assumed it was a horror novel And while horrific at times it was a really good police procedural set in Ireland I am now on the hunt for the earlier ones PS there was numerous mentions of what I think were past events in previous books so if you are non spoiler types don t read out of order PPS you will be tempted to start talking like an Irish policeman or criminal while reading just don t.

    3. This is my first reading of a novel by Graham Masterton, and therefore my first in the Katie Maguire series which is now 6 volumes old Well, it gave me much to chew on There are two parallel story lines, one the discovery of a family buried beneath the floorboards of their home in the distant past with all the marks of a political murder The other concerns a present day Cork hoodlum who appears to be beyond the law, involved with smuggling cigarettes from international sources, a hidden organiza [...]

    4. Ah, Katie Maguire, I m surely gettin ta know yeLet s see how many of the typical story elements show up in this one, shall we 1 Katie is either moving toward John or away from himor both Check.2 A good cop gets killed Check.3 Katie does something that pisses off her superior officer Check.4 An awkward sex scene that goes on too long Check.5 There s a long standing cop on the force who s somehow in league with the bad guys Check.6 A villain shows up at Katie s home Check.7 Katie walks her dog Che [...]

    5. A fantastic read I found with this book I couldn t just read one page and just leave it I had to keep reading to see what happens next Kate Maguire is a gutsy cop that does not back down from anything in fact she just keeps pushing boundaries I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

    6. The sixth entry in the Katie Maguire series is another excellent crime novel The discovery of murder victims who have been hidden under the floorboards for a century and Maguire s pursuit of a slippery and very nasty gangster provide two fascinating plots When Masterton wrote horror books, he never held back, and he has carried on that fine tradition following his switch to the crime genre I love Masterton s style, whatever the genre He write easy to read, fast flowing prose and doesn t worry ab [...]

    7. Coraz bardziej lubi i ceni sobie tw rczo Grahama Mastertona Nie horrory, z kt rych jest najbardziej znany, lecz cykl thriller w o irlandzkiej detektyw nadkomisarz Katie Maguire Mimo e Pogrzebani to ju sz sty tom, mo na od niego rozpocz przygod z seri , poniewa ka da ksi ka stanowi zamkni t ca o , przynajmniej w kontek cie prowadzonych przez g wn bohaterk ledztw Jednak ze wzgl du na dosy skomplikowane prywatne ycie Katie, warto poznawa jej perypetie od pocz tku, wi c lepszym rozwi zaniem jest jed [...]

    8. Katie Maguire is a police officer in Ireland, dealing with what seems to be the worst of the worst A murdered family is found under the floorboards of their home, ninety years after they were killed At the same time Maguire and the Garda are trying to bring down local kingpin Bobby Quilty, so after a young detective is killed during the investigation You can tell that Masterton made his name as a horror writer from the occasional stomach churning descriptions of people s deaths This was the six [...]

    9. Unfortunately this series is getting very unrealistic this one would have made a decent short story but as a full length book I don t think it worked The characters that were developing nicely in previous books are now decidedly iffy Katie started out as a very well put together guard but is now a very flaky vigilante and Johns poor mother who died in book 1 but came back to life around book 3 now has Alzheimer s Add to that an ending that wasn t actually an ending I doubt I will read any which [...]

    10. Oh my Buried presents a hit and run, shootings, bombings, sexual and physical abuse of women, and torture all in grand, graphic, and gory detail The violence is over the top, even for the genre and has an intimacy about it that is upsetting to me While I found many things to like about this book, I will have to think long and hard before reading another Masterton novel Further, I m not sure who I know that I could recommend this one to.

    11. Another brilliant book by Graham Masterton, his books never lose your interest from start to finish, and one thing I love about them, is that although the Katie Magure books are a series, each book is finished off properly, and do not just come to a sudden halt, leaving you disappointed, I spent a good part of the book with my hand clamped over my mouth and my heart racing, a truly brilliant author who I can t recommend enough, if you like Crime Fiction books, then these are the ones to read

    12. I had to take a point off for the main character doing something not normal for her, but I really liked it overall 4.5 out of 5 for me.

    13. This seemed slightly different to the others in the series While I know Katie Maguire is classed as a crime series there is usually a hint of the supernatural horror in the tales even though it always turns out that an ordinary mortal has done it This has it feet firmly in crime mode with a story based on the fight between IRA Loyalists The story revolves around a family of four killed some 90 years previously the political implications that the discovery of their bodies brings Meanwhile Katie i [...]

    14. Another brilliant read in the Katie McGuire series that is definitely one of my favourite police crime series As I ve said before I not only like and enjoy Katie herself but also her whole team and it s truly sad when anything happens to any of them.This book was very graphic and hard hitting than any others I ve read but maybe it was because in Ireland Northern Ireland people got shot and their bodies buried never to perhaps ever be found But the scenes of the entire family including such littl [...]

    15. Pogrzebani s nie tylko wietnie skrojon powie ci sensacyjn , ale przede wszystkim opowie ci o tym, e o pewnych sprawach si nie zapomina i e niekt rych rzeczy po prostu nie spos b przebaczy To r wnie historia o sile mi o ci, lojalno ci oraz o odwadze drzemi cej w ludzkich sercach Mam nadziej , e dacie si nam wi na lektur tej ksi ki, bo naprawd jest tego warta Ja tymczasem wiem jedno musz nadrobi zaleg o ci i si gn po poprzednie cz ci cyklu o nadkomisarz Katie Maguire Pe na recenzja na moim blogu m [...]

    16. Another enjoyable story in the Katie Maguire series It contains the usual high body count from a variety of means and a determined detective superintendent to do the right thing to seek justice for the people of Cork All while dealing with a kidnapping, an older multiple murder, new murders and the illegal selling of cigarettes She also has to deal with her usual complicated personal life, ex lovers, new lover and want to be lover Plus there is the added problem of criminals who think they are a [...]

    17. Graham Masterton writes a great novel, however I must admit I don t think the Irish Tourist Board would be too thrilled with his efforts He paints a very bleak picture, but is not afraid to tackle to the big issues.There are some very graphic images in here too Not one for the faint hearted, but still a great read.

    18. Katie Maguire once again spinning her magic in a police thriller working slightly outside the lines of what is legal As with a lot of Graham Masterson s stories it can get a little gruesome but truly leaves one comprehending the evilness of the opposing force.

    19. Great as everJust gets better and better I can t wait to start the next one in the series and have already pre order the latest one in December

    20. This was a review copy.This is a book that grabs you by the throat from the very beginning and doesn t let go A tautly and intricately plotted thriller that really moves along at a brisk pace It opens with two workmen, Declan and Colm and their dog Christy renovating an old house It hasn t been decorated in years and needs to be completely refurbished However, Christy is refusing to come inside They soon discover he reason for Christy s reluctance when Colm jemmies up a floorboard and finds that [...]

    21. This the fourth Graham Masterton book on Katie Maguire that I have read and unfortunately they are becoming a bit samey whilst I enjoy the story it is very predictable.

    22. Buried by Graham Masterton is book 6 in the Katie Maguire series but the first one I have read I am not sure what I was expecting but Masterton tale is a tour de force of violence, darkness and the power of crime and unrest in Ireland There was a chukk noise, like a plug being pushed into a wall socket, and then the sudden high pitched whine of a electric drill The next thing he knew, John felt a pain in his left foot so intense that he jolted up and down on the mattress and shrieked out loud Je [...]

    23. Incredibly violent, the characterization of the protagonist was strange But interesting premises, the IRA related stuff at least.

    24. Katie Maguire is trying to solve a historic murder, whilst at the same time threatened by a seemingly untouchable criminal Engrossing thriller.

    25. I have read all the Katie Maguire books and yes each one gets increasingly outlandish and nuttier However I still love them and will pick up the next one as soon as its available.I think they will be like Marmite to many either loved or hated I would recommend not taking them too seriously.Molloy and Gerity are not mentioned in this book despite their high status in others.Dallas with the death of Bobby for a whole series and then his reappearance with the whole series being a dream is mild comp [...]

    26. Bullets, nails and drills plus C4 and grenades A good plot with DS Katie Maguire at the helm plus all the usual suspects and some old characters, fast paced and full of action,and a few twists and complication that make Katie Maguire a very dangerous woman to work for or even know.But be warned that this is violent and gory like few books, nothing is left to the imagination even the noises are described in detail, no one is safe not puppies or babies, if it can be killed it probably will be and [...]

    27. An OK read, detective Katie Maguire solves the mystery of a family buried in a bog An OK read, entertaining but not very original.

    28. I won this book in the first reads draw It is a hugely enjoyable book A story full of action, much of it violent and at times very bloody action at that A story that combines a ninety year old murder, Irish nationalism, smuggling and police corruption Superintendent Katie Maguire finds herself in the middle of an enquiry that kills one of her colleagues and sees a powerful gangster apparently immune to the the law swagger around Cork sure of his safety, aware that no witness will ever dare speak [...]

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