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Love's Brazen Fire By Betina Krahn,

  • Title: Love's Brazen Fire
  • Author: Betina Krahn
  • ISBN: 9780821728369
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whitney Daniels hailed from Rapture, Pennsylvania, where barter was a way of life So when a federal agent threatened to arrest everyone for violating an unfair liquor tax, she enticed him with her beauty And soon Major Garner Townsend was interested in holding Whitney close than in upholding the law
    Love s Brazen Fire Whitney Daniels hailed from Rapture Pennsylvania where barter was a way of life So when a federal agent threatened to arrest everyone for violating an unfair liquor tax she enticed him with her bea

    One thought on “Love's Brazen Fire”

    1. Heated and raw, like bootleg whiskey full of crude sex and backwoods humor, yet strangely touching and even heartwarming at times.

    2. Superb Storytelling in This Tale of America s Whiskey Rebellion Sometimes, but not always, I know I m reading a 5 star novel very early in the story in this case in the first few chapters There s just something about the way a story draws me in and the characters have me laughing or crying or wondering that tells me, yes, I m reading a really good one After reviewing nearly 500 romances, I just know Krahn has written a superb romance, yes, but even , she has developed winning characters, people [...]

    3. So the copyright on this is 1989, and I guess we ve made some progress This starts with two near rapes bad enough in and of itself, but then this leads our young wench to get all starry eyed around her second aggressor, as he s managed, with his rough embrace, to awaken her to her womanly self It took me a while of teeth gritting to be able to set that aside, and there were some interestingly original scenes I appreciated much of the bargaining although the theme began to get a bit stale after a [...]

    4. Wow This was a great book I don t usually write reviews but I just had to on this one I am shocked by the negative reviews People get so offended by everything in this day and age I hate to burst anyone s bubble but things happened this way back then Women didn t have any rights, most were not independent and I m sure near rape and rape itself happened all the time Read modern romance if you can t handle it Author s just don t write this way any Modern historical romances and so watered down and [...]

    5. its rare for me to find a book i cant or wont finishbut this goes down in the hall of fame i like historical romances alot but theres a such thing as going overboard the dialouge was difficult to read because nothing was said normally its allcents and colloquialisms in historical fiction i think its important to balance facts.with modern realities like realizing that the characters speech needs to be toned down some so it isnt painful to read but still i trudged on hoping it would get betterl th [...]

    6. So at first I was not liking the flow of this book at all, just couldn t get into it, then boom I was hooked.First off, Major Townsend is a insufferable bastard and damn lucky she stayed with his crusty ass This man scowled in this book then anything else Just wanted to punch him through the pages.I thought for sure it was going to end with them falling happily in love, he was going to find Blackstone in the woods, empty all the crates, set him free and end up living in Rapture Imagine my surpr [...]

    7. It is so bad for some reason everyone in this town is a half wit and talks with what i suppose is backwoodsy accent one expects some stereotypical characters, but this is over the top if i had found even one of the characters likable i might have plodded on, but since i cant tolerate either the hero or herione i have to say its doubtful i will ever finish this i recommend this only as a form of torture

    8. If you enjoy romance novels, this is the book for you It made me laugh and cry In my opinion it s a 5 star book and I would definitely purchase other books by this author now.

    9. Whitney Daniels who helped her father distill liqueor meets up with the officer Major Garner Townsend who is sent to quell the distillery making.

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