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Indebted Epilogue By Pepper Winters,

  • Title: Indebted Epilogue
  • Author: Pepper Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Series INDEBTED EPILOGUE is a bonus book to be read after Debt Inheritance First Debt Second Debt Third Debt Fourth Debt Final Debt Life after death love after debts is it possible after so much pain No information will be given so no spoilers are slipped, but if you enjoyed the Indebted SerNew York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Series INDEBTED EPILOGUE is a bonus book to be read after Debt Inheritance First Debt Second Debt Third Debt Fourth Debt Final Debt Life after death love after debts is it possible after so much pain No information will be given so no spoilers are slipped, but if you enjoyed the Indebted Series, you ll want to read this final edition.
    Indebted Epilogue New York Times Wall Street Journal USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Series INDEBTED EPILOGUE is a bonus book to be read after Debt Inheritance First Debt Second Debt Third Debt Fourth Debt Final D

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    1. Indebted Epilogue book 6.5 of 6.5 Extended glimpses into the lives of Jethro his Nila Revelations Truths Resolutions Closure Perfection Books in Indebted Serial should be read in order Book 1 Debt InheritanceBook 2 First DebtBook 3 Second DebtBook 4 Third DebtBook 5 Fourth DebtBook 6 Final DebtBook 6.5 Indebted Epilogue Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4.5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelli [...]

    2. I m a woman who s chosen her soul mate I m strong enough to love you unconditionally I m smart enough to know some days will be good and some days will be bad And I m brave enough to solemnly swear that we will be together until the end Pepper, my Queen Thank you so much for this amazing journey Jethro Nila I m gonna miss you so much That s it This is the End It s time to say goodbye

    3. 1 Debt Inheritance 2 First Debt 3 Second Debt 4 Third Debt 5 Fourth Debt 6 Final Debt My heart cannot take this roller coaster ride any longer I just went from giving Final Debt one out of five stars and complaining that I had to pay for the epilogue, to rolling around on my bed like an idiot without a doubt in my mind I was giving this amazing little book five out of five stars Is this real life I feel so confused and dirty I can t help my feelings, and I loved this book I m just going to ignor [...]

    4. If you haven t read the previous books this review may contain spoilers for you Read only if you ve finished the series You re the sunbeam in my black diamond The extended epilogue brings us months and then years after the ending of the last debt Nila and Jethro have been trying to erase the bad memories of the debts, making a home at Hawksridge replacing old and hurtful memories, with new lovely ones We see the changes that this new life holds for them What happens with the brotherhood and the [...]

    5. Nila And Jethro s Happily Ever AfterThis epilogue was a nice little extra In contrast to the darker themes of earlier books in the Indebted Series, this quick read provides the unicorns and rainbows part of the story We are given a glimpse of life for the happy couple spanning from the end of Final Debt to approximately five years later.In addition, Indebted Epilogue explores other relationships a bit The siblings are basking in their newfound freedom as well New relationships are forged as the [...]

    6. 4 STARSThis was the HEA ending to a long and painful series A much needed shot of happiness emerging from a world of pain and vengeance Honestly, I think it should have been included at the end of the last book And after all that pain, so much sweet was almost hard to swallow Maybe I m a masochist at heart, but my teeth were getting sore from the amount of sugar infused in this HEA Glad I read it yes It was a much needed salve for the wounds inflicted earlier But a separate book I d say no I m a [...]

    7. Facebook facebook TheHopelessRTSU tsu HopelessRomanticsBlog thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bJust as we thought it was all over, that we d heard the last from the Hawks and the Weavers, Pepper Winters goes and throws us one hell of a bone with this epilogue OMG did I squeal with excitement when I found out there was just one little bit to come This really was the icing on the cake when it comes to the Indebted Series giving the readers such a perfect conclusion to this crazy, amazing story that re [...]

    8. This epilogue is so sweet, steamy and romantic A much needed break from all those dark stuffs that made me cringe It s definitely a quick read and finished in one sitting GAH I swooned over this It s so adorable I m gonna miss this dark romance series.

    9. Contains major spoilers so only read this after you have completed the Indebted Series The Epilogue is filled with TONS of goodies and yummy scenes Very creative ending to one of my favorites series Enjoy

    10. 4 Stars Once upon a time, there was a seamstress named Needle and Thread Perfection This was the ending that I wanted after reading Final Debt It just wraps everything up into a nice little story and I got those nice and fuzzy feelings While I hate that this series is over, Jethro and Nila will stay with me for a long time And if you are wondering how it ends The only way such a tale can endThey lived happily ever after.

    11. The most beautiful ending, for a chilling series of debts, anguish and suffering Felt good to reminisce, seeing what the present and future held for everyone A number one beloved story

    12. FULL REVIEW TO COME Incredible Stunning Heartbreaking Powerful CaptivatingMagical Dangerously SexyThat s just a few words to describe this series It s OVER and I feel so lost I have lost a piece of my heart I feel so emotional, I don t want to say goodbye but I ve had too and I just feel like a piece of my soul is missing now, not just my heart Prepare yourself ladies for one of the most anticipated books of the year Don t rush take your time because once it s over there is no going back, you ll [...]

    13. My destiny might ve been to kill you, but I ve rewritten fate Now, I m going to do everything in my power to make you immortal My heart skipped at the passionate vow in his tone How will you do that He nudged my nose with his By turning our duo into a family By making you a mother Bu seriyi okurken nas l gerim gerim gerildi im daha d n gibi akl mda Ve bundan sap k a bir zevk ald m da Indebted Epilogue da 6 kitab n arkas ndan adeta yemekten sonra yenen erbetli tatl gibiydi Jethro ve Nila n n ini [...]

    14. 5 Delectable Stars I can t tell you what you re missing, but I can tell you it s beyond delicious and past yummy It s a guilty pleasure full of so much goodness you will need to visit your dentist afterwards You will feel so satisfied that you won t even feel guilty for the indulgence Actually, you ll probably partake again and again, it s that filthy, and delectablegh.

    15. Perfect ending to the perfect series The ending to this series was just than perfect actually One cannot literally fathom my feelings which I have for both the characters in this series I just loved it He made me than just human He d made me immortal Immortal in his love Immortal in his passion.

    16. In this book, we vision Jethro and Nila s happily ever after I think that after all they have been through, they deserved it

    17. I could read about Jethro and Nila forever It s wonderful to learn the future after their dark past If you ve read the Indebted series, you need this final installment

    18. So, remember in my last review when I said I got all my answers, and I was happy I lied NOW I have every answer I am so HAPPY that Pepper decided to go above and beyond to write this epilogue, and give us even perspective into the story If you read the series, then you NEED to read this It s short, especially compared to the other books, but packs just as big, if not a bigger punch than all the others.I am very sad that this is the end, for now, but it gives me even reason to go back and rerea [...]

    19. How can you write a review for an epilogue to one of the most tumultuous series I ve read without giving anything away It s impossible, so I m not going to.What I will tell you is that if you haven t read the first six incredibly written books that make up the Indebted series, you are seriously missing out They re not for the faint hearted They re dark, twisted, gut wrenching, hopeful, passionate, loving, buoyant, promising and optimistic They ll take you on an incredible journey, travelling the [...]

    20. I was so pleased with the end to Final Debt but I needed some Jethro and Nila A little story I needed my dessert And this was the perfect dessert with a cherry on top.This short epilogue revealed so much and even though I was expecting some of it, it still hit right home for me.This is of course about Jethro and Nila but Vaughn and Jasmine is also present with some great story.While I was reading the epilogue I couldn t stop smiling I felt the love The love these characters have for each other [...]

    21. Pure pure bliss What a journey it is I will have book hangover from Indebted series for life Jethro, Nila and all the characters in the series will stay with me forever and I will never ever forget the emotions I have while reading this series The pure bliss of words created by Pepper Winters, this is truly a master piece It is absolutely extraordinary.

    22. I do love an epilogue and 100 pages of epilogue is even better While book Final Debt finished this series, this novella really puts that cherry on top, the proverbial bow to a present to make it all nice and pretty This is life after The Debt Inheritance Loved it.

    23. Pepper is amazingNot once was I disappointed Nila has gone through so much, but it has made her stronger Jethro is definitely my most favorite character I loved him from the beginning, even though he was horrible in the first book.

    24. It deserves than a 5 just does WOW WOOOW JUST WOW I daresay this book was the best in the series doesn t mean that others were any less but this was ThePERFECT ENDINGto Nina and Jethro s story.Where every other book in the book made me hurt, cry and be afraid of life i know it sounds weird but seriously, halfway through the books in this series, i couldn t fathom how any human can be so mentally demented , this book returned all that in happiness ten folds Indebted epilogue is sunshine, hope, [...]

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