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This Above All By Lindsey Roth Culli,

  • Title: This Above All
  • Author: Lindsey Roth Culli
  • ISBN: 9781620073407
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • When sixteen year old Piper is cast as Romeo in her school s production, she s as surprised as everyone else Not only because she s a girl, but also because she s from one of the region s most notorious ultraconservative families But when the school principal demands that the part be recast appropriately or the show cannot go on, Piper faces a choice become the figureWhen sixteen year old Piper is cast as Romeo in her school s production, she s as surprised as everyone else Not only because she s a girl, but also because she s from one of the region s most notorious ultraconservative families But when the school principal demands that the part be recast appropriately or the show cannot go on, Piper faces a choice become the figurehead to appeal the principal s decision or accept the message the administration s ultimatum sends to the school s gay students, including her new friends Namely, that they should be ashamed of who they are or whom they happen to love Pitched as Dirty Dancing meets Saved , when the daughter of one of the region s most notorious ultraconservative families is cast as Romeo in her school production, drama is sure to follow.
    This Above All When sixteen year old Piper is cast as Romeo in her school s production she s as surprised as everyone else Not only because she s a girl but also because she s from one of the region s most notorio

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    1. 2.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes When I read the description I was thinking This sounds like something I might actually like way than I at first expect Sometimes, I really enjoy these coming of age stories With This Above All, however, I felt conflicted Starting, I felt No, this isn t for me after all I didn t really like Piper, and it was not even all because of the obvious her family s very conservative idiotic viewpoints She was annoying beyond that Also, there were so [...]

    2. Full review at samanthascw.wordpress 2014.5 5 stars because the repetition of several phrases turned me off a little.This book addresses several different topics, but the main topics are homosexuality and religion conservative Christianity , which of course, grabbed my attention instantly because 1 I am a firm supporter of the LGBTQ community and 2 I am not particularly religious Well Okay, maybe that s not 100% true I just don t quite 100% agree with the teachings of Christianity Not an attack [...]

    3. I tend to avoid YA novels that take place in high school Most of these have predictable character types, dynamics and plots This Above All contained those elements There were false rumors, bullying and relationships plagued by miscommunication Juliet was played by a stereotypical popular mean girl It seems that the director of this Romeo and Juliet didn t prioritize chemistry between the leads.Sexuality was a theme, but This Above All didn t really focus on sexual relationships as is appropriate [...]

    4. This book was a surprise I got it from Netgalley Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for a fair and honest review Once I had obtained it, I wasn t sure I really wanted to read it Even once I started it, I wasn t quite sure how I felt about it As I kept reading, however, I saw a lot of my younger self in Piper, including my journey with some truths involved in my faith In the end, I really truly loved this little book and the story it told.This book reminded a lot of the movie Saved Piper is very [...]

    5. Excerpt from my review originally published at Offbeat YA Pros Original premise Funny and heartfelt Likeable main character, with a clear, pleasant voice.Cons The last third of the book takes a dive into tropes land Will appeal to Those who like theater acting Those looking for a coming of age story.First offDISCLAIMER I received this novel from Curiosity Quills in exchange for an honest review To be precise, I specifically requested a review copy That didn t affect my opinion and rating in any [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This book This friggin book This book tackles questioning your faith, and those trying to tell you what to believe, and how to properly worship God so perfectly, i cried several times I was raised LDS, and while the LDS church, at least my ward, never actively preached hate, or acted as extremely as the Baptist church in this book think Westboro , the way Piper questioned things really resonated with me I could go on, [...]

    7. First off, I would like to thank the publisher and author for providing me this ARC to review Please note that the version I read was an advanced copy, and certain events language may be changed in the published edition.Stars Out of 10 8 10 StarsFavorite Character TonySpoiler Free Looking back, I m not 100% what made me request this book from NetGalley, since it s not the type of story I usually enjoy, but I m really glad I did.I was originally quite put off by our narrator, Piper, because her i [...]

    8. An extremely intelligent and captivating story about a girl who has the courage to follow a dream while questioning everything she s been taught to believe Anyone who has dealt with the hate, homophobia and rigidity of Christian fundamentalism will relate to what Piper goes through in this story It s one I would encourage teens and adults to read and for all libraries to add to their collection.

    9. It s a good book, but for a book about lgbt rights and censorship there s ack of lgbt characters The main character was a straight girl who was standing up for lgbt rights and while this is great allies are great and necessary there weren t enough people she stood up for like she suddenly has a gay bff and that one guy suddenly makes her realize what her dad s been preaching is wrong I m not saying it would have needed than one lgbt character for her to realize that, but I feel like it could ha [...]

    10. Thank you Netgalley for proving me a free review coy in exchange for an honest reviewWhen you ve been looking for LGBT YA for as long as I have, odds are you re going to find the whole gay liberal kid in an ultraconservative family trying to balance their personal feelings with what they ve been taught to feel narrative sooner or later It s a narrative I don t necessarily tire of because of how much can be done with it and no where is that evident in This Above All.Culli did a fantastic job wit [...]

    11. I received an arc from the publisher for review consideration thanks Curiosity Quills this in no way affected my review, cross my heart.Piper is already going behind her father s back when she auditions for the school play Then to make matters worse she is cast as Romeo, a role her uber religious father will most definitely not approve of As to him, a woman playing a man s role in a play a romantic one no less is an act of homosexuality, which he considers, a sin against God Piper is forced to d [...]

    12. I Recommend This BookYesI really loved this book.The premise was all I was looking for and hadn t realized until I saw this book The book touches such an important topic, and something I have argued about with a lot of people, makes me want to shove this book on their faces Which I wont, because I m sure it s not the best example.At first I thought the book was gonna be about how Piper continued her drama club activities despite her father s protest I expected conflict on this area, honestly an [...]

    13. And I think about the nature of censorship, of being told which way of thinking or being is acceptable and which way is not And how sweeping something say, gay students under the rug or pretending they don t exist won t make it go away.This book is fascinating Absolutely fascinating.It s going to turn off some readers at first The main character, Piper, is an extreme Christian, and her father is an anti gay or pro God pastor When we meet Piper, she shares her father s beliefs Sins are sins, and [...]

    14. I requested this book from NetGalley because the title is from my favorite Shakespeare quote This above all to thine ownself be true The quote is actually from Hamlet, but this story focuses on a high school drama class performance of Romeo and Juliet.The main character, Piper, comes from a very conservative religious family and she s the daughter of an evangelical pastor Despite knowing it s not allowed, she tries out for the play anyway and gets the lead role Romeo She quarrels with herself ov [...]

    15. This above all by Lindsey Roth is a book about a Christian girl who thinks homosexuality is a sin Everything changes when she s casted in Romeo and Juliet as Romeo.It was a very hard book to read, because of the harshness of Piper s family I m not talking about what they believed in, because everyone s free to think what they want, but how they expressed their beliefs Putting fornicators under the spotlight quite literally , calling homosexual people faggots and dykes, yelling that everyone who [...]

    16. 3.75Bulletpoint Review The writing style wasn t great, and there were a few grammar sentence structure mistakes The writing could have been refined I think the characters were well written, and although there were a few characterization cliches ex Chole, stereotypical mean girl I think this was a fun group of high schoolers to read about Good, diverse cast I really liked the main character, Piper She finds herself really struggling with what she has been raised to believe and what she is findin [...]

    17. A fascinating portrait of a girl from an evangelical family learning to make her own judgments about the world and what she believes Piper s dilemma deeply wanted to pursue the role of Romeo when it is offered to her, coupled with a very real desire to stay in her family s good graces was compelling I especially appreciated how nuanced the portrayal of religion and belief were in this book It was never a simple either or, and Piper s struggle to reconcile the faith she had been taught with her o [...]

    18. I felt that This Above All had an interesting premise and the actual execution of the book was much serious than I expected There was a bit of banter, but mostly it was a serious coming of age story about a girl discovering that maybe her father s views aren t her views There were a few instances of words that made me cringe in reference to LGBTQA , but I understand that it was how the main character, Piper, was raised to view things I feel that her character arc was solid and understandable, a [...]

    19. Piper is one of the middle kids in a really religious family so religious that it s a little blasphemous when she even wants to TRY OUT for her high school play But when she s cast as Romeo, things really fall apart This is such a sweet novel I love stories where people grow in their faith and yes, I think questioning things can count as growth and I love that Piper can do that without doing a complete 180 and deciding that there isn t a God Recommended.

    20. Great debut novel from this author I love the way the main character comes to grips with the reality of struggling with the faith she has been raised with and coming into her own Well done.

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