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Eighteen: 18 By J.A. Huss,

  • Title: Eighteen: 18
  • Author: J.A. Huss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eighteen is hard And so is Mateo Alesci Hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts He wants things from me Dirty things, nasty things, forbidden things And I have to give in His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can t say no The way he looks at me the way he watches me through my bedroom window the way he drags me deeper and deeper intEighteen is hard And so is Mateo Alesci Hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts He wants things from me Dirty things, nasty things, forbidden things And I have to give in His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can t say no The way he looks at me the way he watches me through my bedroom window the way he drags me deeper and deeper into his completely forbidden fantasy just turns me on He knows it turns me on He holds all the power He holds all the cards He holds my entire future in his hands And I have to give in Because Mr Alesci is my teacher And I need everything he s offering.
    Eighteen Eighteen is hard And so is Mateo Alesci Hard to read hard to predict hard in every way that counts He wants things from me Dirty things nasty things forbidden things And I have to give in His atte

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    1. Eighteen 18 stand alone Turn eighteen Care for my niece Have reckless and kinky sex with my teacher Make it through the year Should we make it even Wha How I ll let you watch me get off tomorrow in class Don t be late The year she turned Eighteen stand alone changed everything for high school senior Shannon Drake In fact a series of events coming to a boil that school year would turn he life upside down, change the direction of her life, even threaten her future It started when her sister passed [...]

    2. 5 stars When I first saw the blurb for this book, I was crazy excited to read it It s got all kinds of things I love and I just knew it would be a winner I mean, look at this Student Teacher18 28Forbidden LoveTabooSteamy Written by JA Huss Yeah, it was pretty much a guarantee I was going to love this book 18 starts out on our heroine, Shannon s 18th birthday She is having a pretty awful day and as it goes on, it only seems to get worse Eighteen had better improve fast Because if this is what it [...]

    3. 4 Stars Even if this was my first full length novel by J.A Huss, I didn t know what to expect reading this one The blurb will tell is a student teacher romance and that s it But it won t tell you how addicting or steamy it is Oh yeah it really is Is safe to say this little gem was the most unconventional student teacher I have ever read Honestly I ve never expected to be so steamy, but hey I can complain, because I enjoyed every one of these scenes Eighteen had better improve fast Because if thi [...]

    4. 4.5 STARSJ.A Huss delivers a based on a true story read that is well written, fast paced, and so very addicting He holds all the power He holds all the cards He holds my entire future in his hands And I have to give in Because Mr Alesci is my teacher Eighteen year old, Shannon Drake s life gets thrown off course with the death of her sister She s moved to yet another new school and this time it s in California The information presented to her that she has to attend night school if she has any ho [...]

    5. We know when it comes to romance with a twist JA Huss does it like no other so when the blurb for 18 surfaced and I learned that her next project was going to be the of the student teacher variety, I was excited I knew this would not be typical I knew that she was going to push the envelope I knew I d have to struggle to balance my kindle on my knee as I took care of those damn pesky pants Why are they always in the damn way Shannon is having the worst birthday ever Scratch that The worst life E [...]

    6. 5 Trig STARSEighteen is just one of the countless reasons why Julie Huss is one of my all time fave authors From the first word, this book had it s hooks in me and I Could Not Put It Down Holy Sh t This was one HOT read Mateo Alesci, can you be MY teacher Welcome to eighteen, Shannon The age when life gets to kick your ass over and over and all you get to do is stand there and take it This story starts on the day of Shannon Drake s 18th birthday This girl has had a rough life and now finds herse [...]

    7. 4.5 Welcome to Eighteen Stars First of all, I AM SO SORRY guys, it s been like forever since I read this book and well with all the holidays and family reunions I haven t had time to write this review Again, I apologise for taking so long I appreciate your patience, really 33I was so exicted to read this, I mean who does not enjoy a taboo teacher student romance Eighteen is my first book by J A Huss but now I can say it will not be the last one I really enjoyed this, even though it was pretty cr [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsWell, that was crazy hot Eighteen 18 is a teacher student romance book that is laced with a dark theme The story started off when Shannon Drake turned eighteen Life should be great now that she s celebrating her birthday However, that s not the case for Shannon Life started to suck big time when pressure from her studies got into full swing Not to mention the fact that her sister just recently died and she was left with a baby niece and an abusive brother in law Turning eighteen also me [...]

    9. JA Huss is one of my absolute favorite authors, so when she announced she was doing a student teacher book I about went crazy Here s why, because I absolutely love forbidden books and student teacher is about as good as it gets I went into this book with extremely high expectations and I wasn t disappointed It is everything forbidden love should be You re an unmissable girl You re a fucking explosion in a bottle waiting to happen People talk to you because they can t help but see you We first me [...]

    10. When I saw JA Huss had a new book based on a true story hers come out and it was listed for.99 amzn 1MB6xsX I didn t even think twice You can t buy very many things in life for.99 and this one promised to give us a glimpse into an author I ve been reading for the last 3 years life Happy birthday Welcome to eighteen Shannon has a shitty 18th birthday I remember my 18th birthday and what my life was like and I can honestly say I don t know anyone who had this type of upbringing It made her into a [...]

    11. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewEighteen JA Huss can only make turning eighteen so suspenseful, sexy, and intriguing In true JA Huss signature and fashion, Ms Huss paints a literary tale with her gorgeous and deliciously steamy prose and raw characters Eighteen may have be considered a forbidden trope but only J.A Huss can make a forbidden romance a suspenseful twisty journey If you didn t get the message, then I will say it again JA Huss is a genius mastermind who can ski [...]

    12. JA Huss has enthralled me, AGAIN This book is slightly disturbing, very compelling, and completely captivating The raw, gritty and almost hopeless perspective had my gut churning at times I will not lie parts of this book gave me some serious anxiety I really felt like I may have a nervous breakdown, right alongside the main character Shannon.There is nothing better for me than a book that takes a hard look at life and the people we encounter in it Knowing that this book is self reflective of th [...]

    13. I have just three words for this bookHOLY FUCKING SHIT So yesterday I kept thinking about Teacher Student books I always have theses little periods where I just have to read one and move on.I was searching through and found a shelf full of Teacher Student romance and having read most I was finding it hard to pick one.So I come across Eighteen by JA Huss.I ve only read one of her books before and it fucking blew me away The reason I loved that book was there was so fucking much going on that it m [...]

    14. 4 HOLY HOTNESS stars Eighteen is hard And so is Mateo Alesci I ll fu your brains out and you will forget all about starting over because what I will do to your body will be so addictive, you will never want me to stop Do you understand Me This is my first book by JA Huss and needless to say I was impressed I expected a forbidden sort of romance Some dirty times and cheesy moments but I waswrong This book delivers a lot And the fact the it s based on a true story was one thing to keep reading Th [...]

    15. It s an absolute PLEASURE to read such a kinky, dirty and taboo book Impossibly smutty and sinfully addictive I think I m a little bit in love with J.A Huss now Make sure to readEnd of book shit at the end.About the plot It begins at Shannon 18th birthday, which she spends on consultations at her new school, where she learns that in order to finish school must pass additional classes in her senior year She is not happy about it, and this is just the tip of the recent rough and unpleasant events [...]

    16. 3 STARS I almost DNF this book.Shannon Drake just turned 18 when all shit happened to her Her eighteen really sucks at this point after she met the mesmerizing green eyes with fucking hot biker boots came to the school office Shannon never expect that the green eyes man is gonna be her teacher for extra credit It seems Mr Mateo Alesci isn t just a regular teacher He s super hot with tattoos and holy awesome body.Shannon is emotionally unstable and childish She s irritated me many times Her only [...]

    17. 1.5 stars.The writing is good The author knows what she s doing and there is a certain confidence that lingers between the lines.However, there is absolutely no romance here So if you re after a forbidden love taboo romance, there s a lot of sex here, written in explicit detail, right down to the string of saliva that lingers afterwardsbut very little chemistry or romance to justify the risks the two main characters take.I truly hated the heroine in this book Truly She was so naive and immature [...]

    18. 3.5 STARSGenre Gritty RomaneCover 6 10 Writing 8 10Heroine 7 10Hero 6 10Humour 3 10Hotness 6 10Romance 1 10Extra book Details Heroine POV 1st person Stand alone, possibly a first in a series.Eighteen is about Shannon, who has a hard life, and is getting an even harder birthday, now she s Eighteen, things should be looking up But stuff goes awry And to top it all off, her new private teacher, Mateo, is pretty demanding This one is a hard one for me to rate It s biggest flaw for me was that I didn [...]

    19. 4,5 5 We re home STARS I can t understand the answer to my problem unless I understand the process of working it out Are you my problem, Mateo Or my answer Which do you want me to be BOTH J.A Huss can write anything This woman GOSH.And that EOBS at the end Damn, you naughty girl PP.S I have to admit that Danny Alexander, aka Sunday, totally stole the show for me I mean, he has a My Chemical Romance shirt guys How can I not fall for him after THAT as one of the biggest MCR fan ever cough cough Yo [...]

    20. This book.oh this book is all kinds of cray cray I started out reading and I was not sold on the whole thing I was trying my best to get there when suddenly a taboo love story between a come from nothing high school senior and her math teacher tutor got real Taboo Ummmmetty much, but then again it s Huss so it is all kinds of wrong Before getting all bent out of shape, take note that Shannon is EIGHTEEN and the only thing inappropriate here is my absolute love for the dark intensity that I just [...]

    21. It s scary, Mateo It doesn t have to be, Shannon This book is not at all what we expected to be honest that is exactly what we were expecting, after all this is JA Huss we re talking about You never know what you re going to get as she likes to mess with your mind After our last few reads which were quite emotional and morose we needed something easy to read with a few laughs and some heat We sure got that in abundance whilst at the same time thinking bloody hell this is effed up Do you like tab [...]

    22. I must say I was a little conflicted about reading this type of book I m not a fan of teacher student relationships, especially when I have kids that fall in the range of the story But I decided, as I really enjoy the writing style of the author, to give it a go and I was so glad I did The 18 28 year old characters 18 yr old Shannon and 28 yr old Mateo This was wrong on so many levels but on so many levels it worked The time and place of the story the needs and wants of Shannon s her vulnerabili [...]

    23. 3.5 I Need Mateo NOW StarsShannon s eighteenth birthday was supposed to be a good one, being an adult and all that But instead of having a good day she has a shit tastic day and it all starts with being told she needs to take another Math class in order to graduate She goes after school to meet her math teacher who has agreed to teach a math class just for her so she can graduate But when she get s there she never expected to see the hottest guy she s ever laid eyes on sitting in the classroom W [...]

    24. OK, where do I start I do NOT love Teacher Student Romances The last one I can remember reading only got 3 stars because the teacher was just too old and it was too creepily pedo for my tastes.This here was much better She s just turned 18 and he s 28 And he s not really her school teacher, but a guy at the night school she has to go to, to get her missing credits I m kinda ok with that I just don t know what s so hot about those teacher fantasies There s so many better things to fantasize about [...]

    25. Student Teacher romance, JA Huss style Please sir, may I have some This is student teacher like you ve never seen before Shannon is not a vulnerable child, she s a world weary girl who s just turned 18 She s lived through a lot already, and the first half of her eighteenth year is not going to be any easier than the seventeen years that proceeded it But this teacher he might just change everything.

    26. 3.5Alright My first Huss as well as the first NA that I ve read in forever Let s start with what I did like JA s writing style The story had an effortless flow I didn t find myself skimming Not once At all I tend to do a lot of skimming when books get a bit long winded I kept being shocked when I would look at my progress bar and see how far I had gotten I also liked Sunday There aren t enough words to describe how much I loved Sunday Shannon should have been with Sunday Case closed.Because I di [...]

    27. 1 Not for me starOk, so I tried reading this, but it s just not working for me I m a huuuuuuuge fan of teacher student romance They re my favorite by far BUT this one simply didn t do it for me It was all sex and no story I guess if you re looking for a sexy, fast paced and easy read, this is the perfect book for you However, I was looking for something with substance I don t enjoy books that don t really have a story other than sex, sex, and sex Also, the writing wasn t all that great, to be [...]

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