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Lady Killer By Misti Murphy,

  • Title: Lady Killer
  • Author: Misti Murphy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • They called him the Lady Killer Able to get into a woman s panties in 3.6 seconds flat I know where he s been I know he keeps a list of all the women he s f cked.And there are so many reasons I m not interested in being another number I m the reason his boxing career is over The reason he almost died I can never stop running.Problem is, he s got his sights set on me They called him the Lady Killer Able to get into a woman s panties in 3.6 seconds flat I know where he s been I know he keeps a list of all the women he s f cked.And there are so many reasons I m not interested in being another number I m the reason his boxing career is over The reason he almost died I can never stop running.Problem is, he s got his sights set on me And for the first time I don t want to run From the minute I see her I know I m looking at trouble I shouldn t pursue her I shouldn t be trying to find out her secrets I m supposed to be looking for the woman who mailed me a two line pee stick and no return address.But Gemma Castle sees through the layers of my reputation And she thinks that guy is some kind of knight in shiny f cking armor She makes me want to be that Saving her might just save me.
    Lady Killer They called him the Lady Killer Able to get into a woman s panties in seconds flat I know where he s been I know he keeps a list of all the women he s f cked And there are so many reasons I m not

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    1. 3 Stars Tom Hadley is god s gift to women Known as the Lady Killer ,he makes women panties drop in 3.6 seconds or less.Not wearing any Better for him But all of that changes when he gets a certain package causing him to track down every woman he s recently been with I found this part quite hilarious and no it s not what you re thinking.After a hit and run leaves him with the ability to no longer fight,he s unofficially boxing s fallen star My whole life is a lie to those on the outside.Gem is on [...]

    2. 4 Fighting for Love Stars It s slow in the beginning but it picked up near the end Tom received a package stating he is the father to a mystery woman in his past If you want to find out about itad it.Gem was running from one place to the other Constantly looking over her shoulder and then she lands herself in Reverence Well she her past had up with her and guess who is saving her I think I ve been in love with you from the moment you walked into my gym I haven t been able to get you out of my he [...]

    3. I loved this one It was just the right amount of sassy and sexy all rolled into one You haven t answered my question She twists in her seat Yes it s pierced Ugh Yes put lease view spoiler He has his dick pierced hide spoiler Still, you re a teddy bear You re like the most amenable dildo a woman could ask for Ah hell He even has one of his nipples pierced Just kill me now with all this smoldering going on in this Bejesus br br br br br br br br br br br br

    4. I am in love with this series Gah I cannot get enough of the Hadley Family Tom AKA Lady Killer has moved on from his boxing career and now owns a gym to continue along the lines of dream But what happens when Gem walks through his gym doors Gem is a rough and tough kind of girl who is on the run and scared Gem fights to get passed all her demons They both kept secrets and i loved when they were all finally out on the table and work through their issues together But will Gem run away from everyth [...]

    5. Oh My It was so long since I laughed out loud reading a book It felt so good to finally have the time to cozy up to a series and its characters I think I chose the right books for that.The second book definitely outshone the first The characters struggles and problems on both sides felt real, lifelike Since everyone is still living in that amazing house everyone is always present and I love the brothers teasing each other, spicing up the whole story.Not a perfect book, but for me, for now, it g [...]

    6. Lady Killer Tangled Desires Series Misty Murphy5 killer starsNew review since reading Prick Tease Book 2 5 stars Thank you Misti so much for sending the first release over after reading my review I know everything there is to know and its oh so good I will be stalking you for the next release MACE YES I have a feeling its going to be a doozie Once again here is a really good story that I have missed the first release Prick Tease is the first in this series of standalones BUT I highly suggest you [...]

    7. Damn, that was awesome.Arc received in exchange for an honest review Misti Murphy has done again, with yet another great read with the perfect amount of everything to have me pages turning like a crazy person It is no surprise, if you know my reading choices alpha men are up there wtih my favs, and Lady Killer is another I can add to my favorites.We met Tom Hadley in Prick Tease which is the book, previous to this one Although these are standalone books I would suggest checking out Prick Tease t [...]

    8. FOUR Stars I received an ARC for an honest review of Lady Killer by Misti MurphyThis story about Tom aka the Lady Killer and Gem a former ring girl and princess to a wealthy family These two are have been connected since Gem reached out to him years ago, asking for help Now she s back in his life, his gym, his bed and needing his protection and help again But by revealing the truth she must reveal herself and so must he Even the secrets and the mistakes from their pasts The Hadley family is a ph [...]

    9. I really love the Hadleys and I think I liked this one even better than the first book in the series Tom and Gemma were a great couple and the story was interesting I d say this one is of a 3 and a half stars, pushed to a 4.

    10. This is a classic example of the first book in a series having a good premise that carries the book and then you realize in the second book that the writing borderlines on not good and that the author is pretty much writing the same scenes over and over with different characters To also be fair, I m not a big fan of the premise of this one mysterious girl in danger for mysterious reasons That probably didn t help but I finished it.To save you some time, you might be thinking that you ve read the [...]

    11. I m just digging this series I loved the first book in the series, and this one made me feel all warm and squishy inside And er.warm and squishy erother places This couple had serious chemistry.I liked the slight twist at the end for our Lady Killer Runs off to borrow Mace s story

    12. After reading the synopsis of the book, I wasn t excited to read it I had read book 1 of the series and was just trying to read the books in sequence so I could get to book 3.I ended up REALLY liking this book Tom was so in love with Gemma On to book 3 now

    13. Misti Murphy has given us another sexy and sweet Hadley man to fall in love with in this second installment of the Tangled Desires series This book can be read as a stand alone BUT I highly recommend reading the series in order to get the biggest bang for your buck You ll want to fall in love and be swept up in the love and closeness of this family And how all of their stories intertwine and develop throughout each book In the first book, I started to love Tom as he opened his house up to Claire [...]

    14. You re thinking about my cock, aren t you Wondering what exactly I m packing She gasps, but she doesn t let go of my shirt Something nasty, no doubt After all you re the one who said it s out of commission I chuckle I m willing to make an exception for you And every other girl Just you, pretty girl Lady Killer is the second book to a series called Tangled Desires by Misti Murphy This book is about two people who has a complicated situation in their lives that either s have them on the run or sea [...]

    15. Lady Killer by Misti Murphy was a great 5 star readRomance, Hot Alpha Male and Femalei869otobucket albums abFrom the minute I see her I know I m looking at trouble.What a great read I only wish I would have started with book 1 Prick Tease.We meet Tom who is currently trying to find his mystery pee stick lady He is working down the list of women he has been with to see which one is pregnant He has sworn to celibacy He is a retired boxer due to a career ending injury and has opened his own gym Tom [...]

    16. I received an ARC of this book for my honest review There may be some spoilers in this review so continue reading at your own risk This is a follow up novel to Murphy s previous book, Prick Tease The series follows the Hadley family Prick Tease was about the only girl, Claire and this one follows the youngest boy, Tom It follows Tom and Gemma and alternates their point of views Tom is a gym owner who was previously a professional boxer and Gemma is a girl on the run, new to town and reminds Tom [...]

    17. As I suspected, I loved this book I have yet to come across a book of Misti s that I m not a fan of I loved both main characters Tom s family was a riot to have around, as well I got a kick out of the names All of Tom s brothers have these unique, tough sounding names, and then you have Tom Kind of the weak sounding name of the bunch, but his actions spoke louder than his name The resistance Gemma showed was great She had secrets that involved Tom, which makes for an interesting plot Distance wa [...]

    18. This is the second instalment of Misti Murphy s Tangled Desires series.It is wonderful to continue following the same set of characters, and check back in with ones from the previous instalment, which gives this short book depth and those good, fuzzy happy ending feelings It s just a shame that the characters are so unbelievably self absorbed in their pasts, which I personally feel just are not developed enough to keep referring back to every single page I understand that the events need to be [...]

    19. Toms story actually started in the previous book, Prick Tease, and, honestly, it wasn t that great of a character reference In this book, we find out about him and why we should absolutely give him the benefit of the doubt and love him Instead of leaving a shoe behind, Tom s would be Cinderella sends him a positive pregnancy test but there s no name attached Tom s left to try and figure out who SHE could possibly be.Gem knows Tom from his previous life as a boxer She really doesn t know what to [...]

    20. Lady Killer is Book 2 in the Tangled Desres Series It picks up a couple of weeks after the end of Prick Tease Both are standalone novels that I recommend reading.Lady Killer is the highly enjoyable story of Tom and Gemma finding their way through the minefield of their pasts to emerge stronger, confident of who they are and what they truly want, determined to meet all challenges head on and never settle for less They learn what people think they know to be true may be only illusion and never jud [...]

    21. Brilliant this series keep getting better, i loved Tommy and Gem s Story i could not put this one down Tommy is a strong alpha softy hidden behind the man people think he is and i loved how he protects his family and they have this kind of banter between them that is hilarious.Gem is a strong willed girl shes in a lot of trouble but she isnt sitting in the corner crying about it.her relationship with Tommy i LOVED the most Gem is running from her past and can t see a way out and she seeks out To [...]

    22. Tom is known as Lady Killer , but is that really who he is, or just a reputation he feels he has to live up to, to get women A former boxer, he now owns a gym, where he helps train others Gemma knew him when he was a boxer, and feels responsible for the end of his career, because of her ex who was one of Tom s rivals She feared for her safety and went to Tom for help After the accident that ends Tom s career, Gemma flees, from her ex and from Tom Years later, Gemma walks into Tom s gym Tom doesn [...]

    23. Ms Murphy has done it again One hell of a book It has so much in it, a pinch of action, dash of mystery, and whole lot of hot hot sex Tom and Gem are wonderful together, the tension is overwhelming but it works for them I enjoyed reading and learning who they are as individuals and a couple But than anything I enjoyed their secrets and what happened when all the cards were on the table Tom holds a special place in my heart, you want to hate him for the way he treats women, but when you open him [...]

    24. ARC reviewWow The second book in the Tangled Desires series Lady Killer is one hell of a hot read Tom Hadley aka Lady Killer is a hot alpha male who has women flooring at his feet once upon a time he loved all the attention and embraced it now days he is scared to go near any women due to a past mistake Gemma Castle is a strong feisty women who is running from her past moving from town to town never setting roots in one place for long, a chance meeting has her running into Tom aka Harbinger Hadl [...]

    25. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review I am a big fan of Misti Murphy s work Her characters always have flaws and redeeming qualities that makes me relate to all of her stories.In this story we meet Tommy He is the hottest thing since sliced bread His sexiness practically oozes off the pages He meets Gem a woman from his past, a woman that he really can t remember and boom sparks are flying.I absolutely love that they get through their baggage together and find solace in each other. [...]

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