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The Blacksmith's Wife By Elisabeth Hobbes,

  • Title: The Blacksmith's Wife
  • Author: Elisabeth Hobbes
  • ISBN: 9780373298822
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • A passion forged from fire Rejected by her favored knight, Joanna Sollers knows she will never love again Especially when the man she s now forced to marry is none other than her beloved s half brother For blacksmith Hal Danby, marrying Joanna makes his lifelong dream of entering the Smiths Guild possible, even if the secrets in his past mean he ll forever keep his distA passion forged from fire Rejected by her favored knight, Joanna Sollers knows she will never love again Especially when the man she s now forced to marry is none other than her beloved s half brother For blacksmith Hal Danby, marrying Joanna makes his lifelong dream of entering the Smiths Guild possible, even if the secrets in his past mean he ll forever keep his distance But everything changes with one stolen night, and in the arms of his new bride, Hal wonders if this loveless arrangement could transform into something real
    The Blacksmith s Wife A passion forged from fire Rejected by her favored knight Joanna Sollers knows she will never love again Especially when the man she s now forced to marry is none other than her beloved s half brothe

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    1. The Blacksmith s Wife is my first experience with Elisabeth Hobbes work, but it definitely won t be my last I must say I have been really impressed with the Harlequin Historicals I ve encountered lately The research is good, the writing is clean, and the story is entertaining This novel is no exception.At its core, The Blacksmith s Wife is a marriage of convenience story However, it has the refreshing difference of being between a couple not of the nobility In fact, as the title implies, the her [...]

    2. Rating 3 1 2 starsThe Blacksmith s Wife is a four to five star book So why only three and a half stars Well, I dislike the plot device of Smaller Misunderstandings that lead to The Big Misunderstanding This is a lame device because once the H h get to know one another better they should be able to discuss things like adults and not keep secrets as if they were sullen teenagers Or they should be able to reason things out or directly ask questions So the Big Secrets nonsense is just utter nonsense [...]

    3. If you are a fan of romance then I will start with a warning that once you pick this book up, you better have nothing else to do for the rest of your day because you will want to devour it in one passionate sitting Although I was a Mills and Boon fan throughout my misspent teenage years, I hadn t read one for quite some time So imagine my surprise and utter delight to discover that historical romance has moved on a bit since those days This is a medieval romance that is full of rich and authenti [...]

    4. Blacksmiths are generally among my favorite heroes They re so earthy and strong, usually men of few words whose charms take time to make themselves known If there is a blacksmith in the story, I m likely unable to turn it down Hal, the blacksmith in this story hits all the points plus he s a bastard And while I liked the book for those reasons, there were others which made it a mixed bag.Our heroine, Joanna, thought she was going marry Hal s brother, Sir Roger He is a knight beautiful, charming, [...]

    5. The Blacksmith s Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes will hook you from page one Ms Hobbes writes with such depth that as a reader you are swept away on a tide of historical drama, deceit, ruthlessness but most of all romance The relationship shared between Hal Danby and Joanna Sollers is tense at first but as they get to know each other they could never deny the cackling awareness between them Full out engrossing, this book would be a treat for fans of historical romances Highly Recommended5 Stars

    6. Our hero, Henry Hal Danby is the half brother of knight and lothario, Sir Roger Danby, they share the same father but little else Hal is a gentlemen through and through, although his base born status would say otherwise and followed the trade of his mother s father becoming a Blacksmith and not a squire for his brother the knight which is usually the custom for an illegitimate son raised by his father He was a blacksmith after all and a man did not spend all day in such a job without some effect [...]

    7. Le r sum me plaisait car plut t original avec un h ros forgeron et une h ro ne elle m me ni ce d un forgeron Au final, j en suis ressortie mitig e car, si cette romance avait un r el potentiel, le manque de communication entre les h ros est vraiment quelque chose que j ai du mal supporter surtout que ces probl mes de communication aurait pu ais ment tre r solu Du plus, si le fait que l h ro ne soit passionn ment amoureuse du fr re du h ros tait d abord int ressant, cela n a pas t bien exploit pa [...]

    8. I m not quite sure exactly when this book is set Obviously in a time of knights and tournaments, but there are few clear pointers about an exact date so I m guessing 13th 14th Century Joanna Sollers is the niece of one of the leading members of the Blacksmith Guild in York For the last three years she has been fangirling over one Sir Roger Danby of the Yorkshire Moor Danby s at the regular jousting events in the city Roger is handsome and a charmer but not a noticeably considerate lover despite [...]

    9. Sepameistri naine on v gagi t piline armastusromaan See on nii raamatu n rkuseks kui tugevuseks nauditav, aga kli eedest kubisev.Joanna abiellub olude sunnil sepameistri Haliga, kelle k rgest soost poolvenda ta tegelikult armunud on Hali ja Joanna abielu on t is m dar kimisi, varjamisi ning k ige ebasobivamal ajal ning moel paljastuvaid saladusi Ometi arenevad nende vahel kiiresti kuumad tunded, mis varjutavad k ik eelnenu.K ik need varjamised ja poolvaled on ilmselge autoripoolne viis pinget le [...]

    10. Poco prima, mentre danzavano e Hal la teneva stretta tra le braccia, si era sentita trasportata da un turbine di emozioni che avrebbe voluto non avesse mai fine Qualcosa era nato tra di loro nel corso delle ultime settimane e lei non intendeva rinunciare a vederlo crescere sarebbe stato come augurarsi che il suo cuore cessasse di battere C era una volta una ragazza orfana e sfortunata, una cenerentola dal gran talento, che conobbe due fratelli un aitante cavaliere dalla lucente armatura e il suo [...]

    11. I really liked this one A nice feel for the time period, and I loved that the hero was a blacksmith instead of the ubiquitous knight and or warrior so often found in medievals I also thought the author did a good job with writing the heroine as vulnerable without turning the story into some horrid Rescue Fantasy where the hero swoops in and makes it all better.However the conflict did begin to wear on me during the final third of the book mostly because it centers around Big Misunderstandings an [...]

    12. I received an advance copy for review and devoured it in one sitting I ve enjoyed the author s previous books and absolutely loved this one The attention to setting and period details mean that you quickly become immersed in the tale and this tale has everything you need tensions and misunderstandings, a growing passion between two very engaging protagonists, and a dog called Simon It s brilliant.

    13. Hobbes Medieval world sparkles with detail and the premise of a rejected maiden being forced to wed her true desire s brother RT Book Reviews.

    14. So first of all I have to admit that this is my first medieval romance and I wasn t quite sure what to expect I love historical romance though so I couldn t wait to start What did I thinkIt s safe to say that I completely enjoyed it right from the characters through to the story I actually read it in almost one go and I only stopped because it was heading close to midnight and I had work the next day Joanna is definitely a determined character especially in her decision to marry Roger but after [...]

    15. 2.75 actually.That wasinful.Lesseeh, orphaned niece of blacksmith, catches attention of knight Has delusions that knight legitimate son of baron would offer for her Does downright embarrassing to reader things to catch his attention.H illegitimate half brother of said knight attempts to discourage her and, seeing that brother is toying with her and getting her hopes up, suggests he end it with her.Uncle wants old maid niece out from under his roof, offers her to H, who wants to be member of smit [...]

    16. I m giving this four stars because I think it s a really good example of what it is Because it is a Harlequin category romance, there are plenty of communicate, dammit moments the hero and heroine don t trust one another s love far too many times and there are some really dumb decisions made at various points However, the setting among the common folk is great, it feels approximately authentically medieval in a way that many medieval romances don t, and Hobbes has a deft hand with setting and ch [...]

    17. I love the storyline It s unique, not over done, and remarkably written Elizabeth Hobbes is a new author to me and I enjoy her writing style and it drew me in The hero heroine drove me a little nuts at times but I was still unable to put the book down.

    18. Great tale Joanna and Hal are perfect for each other, and share a beautiful story of a love discovered together.

    19. Wow, what a beautiful, believable story I have read Elisabeth s other books and I have to say that her writing style draws the reader into a magical romance where you want to stay indefinitely Her descriptions of people and places are so realistic that I could visualize the characters, see where they live, feel their joy and sadness I read at night, right before going to bed, and while reading I found myself saying, I ll read just one chapter, just a few pages I couldn t put down Hal and Joann [...]

    20. I was given a copy of the book ahead of publication in return for an honest review and I am so very glad I was What a story From the first sentence I was completely drawn into the vividly imagined world that Elisabeth has created.Joanna is living with her uncle and his family and pining for a knight who will never be hers Hal is the knight s half brother who has his sights set on one day being good enough for the Smiths Guild When the Joanna and Hal are forced to marry, the future looks grim for [...]

    21. Another great novel from Elisabeth Hobbes Much historical research clearly took place before this book was written, and it was fascinating to read about the familiar setting of York and the North Yorkshire moors in another quite different period of time I love the fact that Hobbes creates feisty and intelligent heroines, Joanna is no exception and as the relationship between her and Hal develops, their interactions are believable and sometimes amusingly familiar An interesting perspective is giv [...]

    22. For my 500th Goodread Read book, it s fitting that it be one by a friend I have known Elisabeth via online forums for around 8 years now, so for this her third novel I ve been lucky enough to receive an ARC you ll just have to hold on another two or three weeks before you can download it yourself via or direct from harlequinhistorical But mark it on your calendar and make sure you do what a tale is told I ll be honest MB has never been my thing, far less historical fiction, but if you re not roo [...]

    23. The Blacksmith s Wifeby Elisabeth HobbesHarlequin US Canada Harlequin RomanceI could cheat and say 5 stars but I have to go 4 and a half Why you cry Well the ending But in all other ways a GREAT READ Entertaining as well as being a story that strikes your heart A real emotion of love and sacrifice as well as life in dirty and clean forms A passionate story that unfolds with a great plot and well defined characters It is one that you will remember and a little out of the ordinary for its content [...]

    24. This is the third of Elisabeth Hobbes books I ve read now, and the third I ve loved but this has been my absolute favourite I was lucky enough to get an advance review copy and read it in a day, then sat down and re read it for a second time, slowly, because I d enjoyed it so much and also to try and spot the second Terry Pratchett homage Having never read any Mills Boon, or any romance, before reading Elisabeth Hobbes books, I wasn t sure what to expect, but The Blacksmith s Wife offers everyth [...]

    25. Joanna is one of those women, who you just want to wake up and realize she was wrong about who she thought she loved She believes the wrong half brother, who promises to marry her ha and that he loves her He is a total scoundrel.Hal is a promising young blacksmith, who is trying to break into the guild but he needs inspiration for his detail work He is lead to believe if he marries Joanna he will have a better chance of being accepted to the guild He finally proves himself as a blacksmith, with [...]

    26. I loved this read, it pulled me in and kept me so intrigued I stayed up a tad too late just to read a few chapters and lay reading in the bath until it turned cold I love that it was set in and around my own home town as the Author grew up here I always feel like the books are over too soon as I have enjoyed all of Elisabeth Hobbes books so far I love a good romance and I think Elisabeth got the feelings and relationship just right between the two main characters, including the fact that men an [...]

    27. Medieval EnglandThree years ago, Joanna gave her heart to Sir Roger when he first came to her uncle s blacksmith shop on business When Sir Roger does not offer marriage after the most recent tournament, Joanna s uncle runs out of patience and tells her she must marry.Hal, the bastard half brother of Sir Roger, fails to have his fine crafted sword accepted by the smith s guild When Hal escorts Joanna home, her uncle sees an opportunity and gives Joanna a choice Marry either Hal or an older widowe [...]

    28. This had me hooked almost immediately I loved the characters and was rooting for Hal from the beginning Also, loved how modern Joanna and Hal were in their attitudes to female male roles, especially given the historical period in which the story is set It was easy to picture the characters and the settings from the description and detail given Whilst the ending was not a surprise, it was what I had been rooting for throughout most of the book However, there were a few twists and turns which had [...]

    29. Wow What a book This is the third book that I have read from Elizabeth Hobbes I think this one was my favourite I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy in return for an honest review I couldn t put it down I have lost the whole day falling in love with Hal and Joanna I think the story line is great, it unfolds and you can smile as you see the clumsy couple Struggling to see what the reader can see This adds joy when they finally do I was never a fan of historical romance before reading th [...]

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