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Find Your Brave: Courage to Stand Strong When the Waves Crash In By Holly Wagner,

  • Title: Find Your Brave: Courage to Stand Strong When the Waves Crash In
  • Author: Holly Wagner
  • ISBN: 9781601428806
  • Page: 127
  • Format: ebook
  • Navigate Life s Storms and Discover a Courage Like No Other Have you ever found yourself in over your head, wondering how you would possibly get through with your faith and sanity intact It can happen any time Life seems good and then BOOM out of nowhere comes a storm that threatens to drown your hopes Your storm might be a job loss, loneliness, a crumbling relationNavigate Life s Storms and Discover a Courage Like No Other Have you ever found yourself in over your head, wondering how you would possibly get through with your faith and sanity intact It can happen any time Life seems good and then BOOM out of nowhere comes a storm that threatens to drown your hopes Your storm might be a job loss, loneliness, a crumbling relationship, financial ruin, a serious illness, or the death of a loved one Whatever it is, as the winds howl and the waves rage, you have a choice will you cower in fear or will you rise to the challenge Cancer survivor Holly Wagner has endured her share of storms In Find Your Brave she examines the dramatic shipwreck faced by the apostle Paul in Acts 27 There she uncovers profound truths that will guide you safely through life s most difficult moments Through solid biblical teaching and relatable personal stories, Holly offers an uplifting, friendly voice in the midst of the gale force winds and overpowering critical voices She shows you how to anchor your trust in the God who remains faithful in every storm and in whose strength you can Find Your Brave RefuseToSink So take courage For I believe God It will be just as He said Acts 27 25 NLT The apostle Paul, held as a prisoner on a ship bound for Rome, encounters a fierce tempest on the Adriatic Sea Chaos and calamity surround him as the crew frantically attempts to lighten the ship, undergird the vessel, and keep her afloat Paul stands in their midst and makes a simple, yet course altering statement Be of good cheer In the middle of your storms, are you able to declare the same In Find Your Brave GodChicks founder Holly Wagner combines insight found in Acts 27 with lessons learned from her very personal battles with cancer, betrayal, and turmoil to create the essential storm survival guide Her words will encourage and empower you with practical tools to navigate life s greatest storms, steady your heart against fear, and inspire you to rescue others as you make your way safely ashore.
    Find Your Brave Courage to Stand Strong When the Waves Crash In Navigate Life s Storms and Discover a Courage Like No Other Have you ever found yourself in over your head wondering how you would possibly get through with your faith and sanity intact It can happen

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    1. Find Your Brave was a book that God sent into my life, just as I needed it My dad died last month Well, about a week or so before that whole thing happened, I received this book God knew the storm that was coming for me He knew that I would need some help to get through it I m so glad I read this book Holly s writing is clear and easy to relate to, as she tells you how to go about finding your brave The book is part memoir and essay collection, and part Bible study on Acts 27 Acts 27 is the stor [...]

    2. Excellent read Holly Wagner gives great insight into how to weather the storms that life throws at us As a very anxious worrier, I found this book to be extremely helpful to me.

    3. Loved this book I received this book from a giveaway I started reading it many times, but for whatever reason I couldn t make myself continue reading it The book is awesome, I just think it stepped on my toes and I didn t want to read what the author had to say, and what God was trying to tell me The book is for all of us who are trying to make it through the storms in our lives, we just all need to remember that God is always with us The author reminds us that once we are through our storms we [...]

    4. Excellent read This book was very helpful and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that might need help finding their brave.

    5. I really enjoyed listening to Holly Wagner speak last year so when I heard she wrote a book on the same subject she spoke on, I knew I had to pick it up Overall, I enjoyed the way speaks than her writing but she does inspire me greatly.

    6. Holly Wagner has experienced shaky times, including a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Los Angeles in 1994 that caused devastation in her community She writes, Figurative earthquakes can rock our lives with chaos and fear And the aftershocks can feel just as devastating In her book, Find Your Brave, Holly talks about how to find courage during the shaky times, the dark seasons, and the difficult circumstances in life.Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the book for me were her insights on the apos [...]

    7. This is the first thing I ve read by Holley Wagner, but I doubt it will be the last The subtitle of the book drew me in, as it is so easily relatable to most if not all of us Holly writes through Acts 27, weaving together her own teaching, story telling, and life experience I appreciated how she slowly walked through Scripture, leaving the reader feeling like they have a much better understanding of how that Biblical story applies to life in the 21st century.Normally I judge a book by how much I [...]

    8. Wow I was not expecting this to be so good.A gift from my cousin to me after Mom s Memorial service.This was great reading, reaffirming a lot of things I already came to discover, while teaching me many things I did not know But I think I m kinda done with these Christian living resource books, and I just want to read the Bible only not trying to sound extra holy sanctimonious , but I ve been itchin for the real Word for a long time now, but I just wanted to finish these other resources first T [...]

    9. This book title caught my eye on Blogging for Books, so I hopped over to to read the sample using their Look Inside feature Though I wasn t really in the mood to read another book drawing its meaning from the Bible, I was immediately taken by the author s humor, like this passage At first I was rather put off by Proverbs 31 15, the verse that challenges us to rise while it is yet night What I don t think so I sleep while it is yet night I expected to see that type of humor throughout this kind o [...]

    10. This is a small book personal, devotional, Christian, and for women I am not a woman but had this book selected for me to review.Hilarious.The author, a mother, survivor of a California earthquake, and breast cancer, is not my immediate choice for a writer My flavor in religious books tends to C.S Lewis or Hugh Ross Devotional readings I generally find derivative and pallid, telling me what I can glean from the scripture itself and illustrating it in rather pedestrian terms.That all having been [...]

    11. Find Your Brave by Holly Wagner is a very encouraging read This is a short, easy to read book I read it in two days Holly focuses on finding your courage to fight and stand up to whatever storm you may be facing She talks about how storms are normal and necessary in life We all need storms The main thing is how we handle them They can either make or break us Holly encourages her readers to embrace the storms and stand up to them She gives very practical advice on how to embrace stand up to the s [...]

    12. Find Your Brave by Holly Wagner is a bold, empowering treatise on finding strength through the word of God, no matter the circumstances one faces Wagner opens with a powerful story about her family s terrifying ordeal when an earthquake struck close to home Northridge, California and she uses that image to great effect Each of the 12 chapters are quick to read but chock full of helpful advice, examples, and guidance My favorite of all the chapters was Anchored She quotes Acts 27 29, They dropped [...]

    13. If you have ever been through difficult times and feel like you re being pounded to the ground by waves but not sure how to ride the waves rather than sink under them, this book is for you All of us have been or are going through situations that seem so impossible to get through We get hit with health scares or relationship problems and there doesn t seem to be an answer This is where Holly helps us not only get through these things but gives us the tools to overcome these situations.I loved how [...]

    14. Being raised in a Christian family, it has been quite the struggle for me growing up to see what the fuss about having my very own relationship with the LORD It was years later when I got the chance to see and experience this wonderful thing that having a personal relationship with God is But, I would not lie There are still times when I get so discouraged There are times when I get so out of focused that I start doubting myself, and worse, I start doubting the power of the LORD I don t think it [...]

    15. This book was such a comfort The writing is authentic and friendly with a mix of tough love Not only does she delve into an array of issues that can come our way but she also addresses the ones we make ourselves Holly describes the different anchors we need to drop when we find ourselves in the midst of a raging storm what will keep us grounded when we think it can t possibly get any better I highly recommend this book to anyone who s just going through it and can t seem to find ground anywhere [...]

    16. I received this book from Waterbrook Publishing and Blogging for Books to review Honestly, there is just so much good stuff in this book I am having trouble picking examples because I want to share the whole thing with you This is the kind of book that you need to have multiple copies of, so you can give them to friends who are struggling I honestly believe that if you follow the advice she dishes out so warmly, you will maybe come out a little less battered and bruised the next time you are fac [...]

    17. Find your brave is a really good book, in every ones life they go through tribulations and this book is a great read to let everyone know that all of us go through storms in our lives I love how the author uses bible teaching and personal stories, she lets us know no matter the storm have faith and be brave to know that God is with us getting us through every step of the way.I received a book called Find Your Brave Courage to stand strong when the waves crash in By Holly Wagner for free for my h [...]

    18. Holly Wagner does a wonderful job entwining the words of the Gospel with her own storms and ones that we all go through daily, she shares words of encouragement, strength bravery This book gives you guidelines and tips on getting through the lows that this world brings us, being financial troubles, marriage troubles or health issues This book is filled with hope and comfort for those who are hurting and guidance and a light for those who are lost.

    19. A good book and perfect for anyone going through a difficult time It s personal, well organized, and helpful The tone is real but inspirational There are a few Bible passages at the end for encouragement as well I found this book extremely beneficial and will be passing it on to a friend who is also weathering life s storms Recommended I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

    20. This is an excellent read if you are going through a challenge The author uses the story in Acts of the apostle Paul going through a storm on a book that causes shipwreck as the base of the book She shares storms that she has gone through and examples of storms As she tells her stories,she gives solutions to get through each storm She writes about hope and courage Each chapter is full of examples and solutions This book will encourage you and you are going to want to refer to it again.

    21. I enjoyed this book as it took the Biblical view of going through a storm and how to go through your own storms Having lost my husband in the San Bernardino terrorist attack this book really spoke to me and gave me some ideas on how to tackle my own fears.

    22. This book is encouraging, uplifting, and full of glimpses of God s grace and mercy it sparks the listener reader to embrace the tough things you are dealing with and face them with God s strength through his word.

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