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Southern Comfort By Ciana Stone,

  • Title: Southern Comfort
  • Author: Ciana Stone
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A page turner I couldn t put it down Ciana has a way of weaving a tale that leaves you spellbound Sweet, Funny, and a Splash of Danger Definitely a story you can get lost in Candid Book Reviews A man hiding from his past and a woman running from hers Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared with one another in Facebook A page turner I couldn t put it down Ciana has a way of weaving a tale that leaves you spellbound Sweet, Funny, and a Splash of Danger Definitely a story you can get lost in Candid Book Reviews A man hiding from his past and a woman running from hers Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared with one another in Facebook messages They ve never heard the other s voice, or seen a photo Analise Becke writes romance with western heroes, men she has dreamed up by combining the looks of her favorite western actor with the qualities she discovers in her online chats with the Texas rancher, Riley Morgan She s cooked up than a few fantasies about Riley over the last year, but knows them for what they are fantasies of a lonely woman whose marriage is falling apart Riley looks forward to the online chats than he is willing to admit but has never considered asking what she looks like She s just an online friend Yeah, they have a connection, but certainly not enough to even consider that a face to face meeting will spark anything other than a solidification of their friendship Riley Morgan and Analise Becke are in for a big surprise actually a series of surprises Their lives are about to be turned upside down as passion and danger come to Cotton Creek, Texas And they say nothing ever happens in Cotton Creek Southern Comfort is the prequel to a new series starting in January, HONKY TONK ANGELS Come and meet the folks who call Cotton Creek home and who brings their tales to Honky Tonk Angels in down home, good old fashioned romances with perhaps a bit of a twist
    Southern Comfort A page turner I couldn t put it down Ciana has a way of weaving a tale that leaves you spellbound Sweet Funny and a Splash of Danger Definitely a story you can get lost in Candid Book Reviews A man

    One thought on “Southern Comfort”

    1. This book needs some serious editing This is not it s only flaw They say I think I love you, then I love you, then I think I love you It s inconsistent So s the talk about wanting to be married and then not needing a piece of paper to prove love No talk about safe sex No condoms used or discussed What the heck was the paranormal character thrown in for Had no relevance to the story I just couldn t connect I liked that the H h were older She s in her 40 s, he s in his 50 s I forced myself to fini [...]

    2. Cute cowboy story, but I took a star off for the pnr stuff that just got tossed in there outta the blue It didn t fit the tone of the book and was frankly a bit ridiculous And there were some editing issues that were pretty annoying But the love story was sweet and the characters felt pretty genuine I definitely plan on reading the next book.

    3. A bit slow for me A good romantic suspense with an excellent plot The pace of the story needed to pick up a bit though Overall not a bad read.

    4. Adult to mature adult romance in the midst of Texas I very much enjoyed There was than just sex There was a story, a life, a connection Ana and Riley were a perfect fit Riley s other life threw Ana fir a loop but she was resilient Ana s life was way complicated than she even knew.Secondary characters and the storyline made for a good read I love adult romance This one came at a different direction.J Scott Bennett did his job well I knew women were women and the men had their own voice.

    5. AwesomeThis is a wonderful start to this series It gives you a bit of suspense with a twist I enjoyed how Analise became her own person Riley Nate was her online friend She was an author with a almost ex husband that was doing bad things He was a retired actor who went home to run his ranch.

    6. I loved the premise to this book and wanted so much for it There were so many things that were good with it thankfully that helps overcome the little issues I had with it For one, there were so many southern country isms that I was wanting to punch myself in the throat if, for some reason, I ever spoke any of these out loud, which, granted, I have done before, but never on a multi hourly basis like these characters.Also, our h was a little too perfect She was so sweet, and so wonderful, and suc [...]

    7. This book s description of things was choppy, to say the least, and the dialogue left a lot to be desired At the 74% point there was a random ghost angel thrown into the mix that made things a little confusing I won t say when where the random tornado crops up, but there is one I don t remember a description of a storm leading up to a tornado but I live in Texas, and tornadoes have storms that they come out of they don t just magically appear at random I m also annoyed I bought the next two book [...]

    8. The story was okay, and I actually liked the H h What ruined the reading experience for me was the ton of typos and other editing issuesdidn t anyone read through this at all SPOILER ALERT The introduction of the guardian angel threw me for a loop as well He was just sort of thrown in suddenly, which was jarring, as the story didn t present itself as being paranormal at all it could have done better without Joe.2.5 stars.

    9. The story was good, had some love scenes easily skipped for us who don t want that Some cussing, fbombs Then, at 76% into the book, it took a ridiculous paranormal twist It just was out of the blue, and absolutely blind sided me I m guessing the characters were from a different book Who the heck knows Not cool, not needed, and really ruined the story for me.

    10. Yeah, I flounced it The errors got worse as the book went on, it was getting predictable, the chemistry between Annie and Riley was slow to develop and I just didn t like them or the plot enough to keep reading.

    11. DON T BOTHERAlthough the storyline has potential, that is all it has going for it The characters are never developed, and too many storylines are introduced The proofreading is atrocious Don t waste your time

    12. 3.5 Countrified Stars for Southern ComfortAn author and a cowboy They ve become close friends over Facebook over the last year, though never seen pictures of each other or heard each other s voice Her soon to be ex husband, unbeknownst to her, is deeply, literally and figuratively, in bed with the mob though I can t help but wonder where she thought the millions in offshore accounts she took half of came from There there s the cowboy s big secret, that is really only a secret to his author frien [...]

    13. Book Review Southern ComfortI am an independent reviewer This book is the 1st in the Honkey Tonk Angels series and ends in an HEA Annie and Riley have been on line friends for a year When they meet, Annie is ready to divorce her husband and Riley is ready to love again The small town life is beautifully portrayed in this book Riley s backstory includes 3 divorces from his time in Hollywood Riley is described as a very thoughtful and down to earth man I could see 1 divorce due to Hollywood lies, [...]

    14. This was tolerable clich d characters, inst lust, poor SPaG but I was awake and it filled in time But then at 75% it went totally WTF There had been NO forewarning of anything paranormal before in the book and I checked the blurb carefully afterwards, wondering if I had somehow missed a vital sentence Nope Yes, the title talks about Honky Tonk Angels but that could refer to anyone As it was I gave up I had the feeling that the author lost her way at the 75% mark, decided to add in an angel or tw [...]

    15. This was an OK romance, with some flaws There were a lot of editing errors or lack of editing errors which was distracting The folks in Texas are way over the top in their folksy expressions and yes, I lived in Texas for 30 some years There was an odd paranormal element of a guardian angel and a paranormal task force that wandered through at one point I m fine with paranormal elements upon occasion, but this one seemed to be thrown in rather gratuitously Besides the romance, there was a suspense [...]

    16. Uncaged Book ReviewsOnce in awhile, a nice down home southern charmer will do the trick, and the first book in the Honky Tonk Angels series does the trick The author gives us the small town friendliness and tosses in some big city danger Even though this story was a bit over the top and unbelievable in places, and there are some glaring editing issues, I still enjoyed the story The one thing that really bothered me, was the switching of POV without any warning it really interrupted the flow of t [...]

    17. Lengthening shadows slanted across the yard like fingers seeking purchase.Riley and Analise met on Facebook when she was looking for information on ranching to write a book Their yearlong relationship has strictly been online until Analise leaves her cheating husband who is also laundering money for the mob.This was listed as a paranormal romance and that aspect of the story didn t even show up until about three quarters of a way into the book It was a little odd and totally out of the blue The [...]

    18. I am willing to bet this book was not edited If it was edited, then not by an actual editor The book was full of mistakes Having that many issues with the spelling and grammar makes the entire book really hard to get through Putting that aside, the story itself was enjoyable At least it was until a random angel, who we are not introduced to at all before the very end, showed up It was completely random and made no sense in the story at all I skimmed through the rest.I will not be reading any of [...]

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters in this book What older woman wouldn t enjoy reading about an older handsome, kind, sexy man I only gave it 3 stars because of the paranormal element and it really needed a good editor Some of the mistakes are so easy to fix because other than that, it was a well written book I understand the paranormal bit was to introduce new characters and books and to give the son a focus I would recommend this book to friends who want an easy read.

    20. Poor editing, stilted dialogue, and unoriginal plot and characters Then 75% in, suddenly a paranormal aspect is tossed in for no reason, complete with a character not everyone can see and special FBI paranormal investigators Nowhere in the blurb or categorization does it imply this book is PNR That was enough to jolt me out of the story and dnf it You don t wait until 2 3 of the story is over to throw in something like that with no warning.

    21. I enjoyed this book The main characters were older than I m use to but that turned out okay The suspense with her ex husband added a little spark to the story The paranormal Joe did not add anything to the story.

    22. 5 stars for this new series.I love everything about this series The characters are well developed, the story is really entertaining and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes romance, friends and family

    23. Southern ComfortThis is a really good book It held my interest from the beginning It was well written Well edited The plot has you eager to see what happens next I highly recommend it Phyllis

    24. Free EbookShe s a writer who has friended a Texan on Facebook He really appreciates her friendship She is leaving her husband and traveling cross country in an RV Her ex is mixed up with the mob, much trouble follows her

    25. DNF I couldn t handle this I live in the country Texas I do not know a single person who talks the way these people do I couldn t handle it It got on my nerves.

    26. This book has scenes in Texas and scenes with Annie s husband who has crome connections I skimmed the husband parts Then the book had a paranormal element introduced and well I was done I wanted a cowboy story.Got this via Prime Reading so I dont feel babd about stopping

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