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  • Title: Secret of the Knights
  • Author: Jim Gasperini Richard Hescox
  • ISBN: 9780553236019
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Mass Market
  • You have traveled back to the age of knights.A squire has just accused you of being a sorcerer You must prove yourself in a duel with quarterstaves, but you ve never used them before.You can try to defend yourself or escape through the angry crowd Your decision can lead you to safety or leave you stranded in time ARE YOU READY TO FACE THE DANGER
    Secret of the Knights You have traveled back to the age of knights A squire has just accused you of being a sorcerer You must prove yourself in a duel with quarterstaves but you ve never used them before You can try to de

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    1. The first entry in this series presents a historical adventure and provides a bit of education on the subject Unlike the CYOA books, the reader cannot actually die in this book, due to the timely intervention of the time machine You can, however, go in an infinite loop if you do not learn from your mistakes.

    2. I thought it was a good book because it was about some knightsAnd it is a good book because it sounds real than you think.They have this big war and everything else knights do in a castle and other things.You should read this book you will get addicted to it some times and you won t want to stop reading it I rate it a 5 beacause it the best book I have ever read.They have many of these books There s like 5 of them They are all different ones.

    3. This series approach differs from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure tm series in that the choices given are much less arbitrary there is almost always a logical choice at any decision point, usually keyed off a historical fact related to the period you ve time traveled to The book provides a Data Bank of relevant facts about the time period you can refer to you when you want and even a cheat sheet matching particular facts with relevant page numbers So you get a bit of educational value and [...]

    4. Secret of the Knights is on the higher end of the scale among gamebooks I ve read, easily worth two and a half stars, and the balance between it tipping forward to three stars or back to two is a close one Time Machine junior novels are different than most gamebooks because there is only one ending to Secret of the Knights, suspense can t be generated by the threat of death or a failed mission When the imminence of disaster arises to where it can no longer be averted by natural methods, the wors [...]

    5. I read this because Matt brought it home from the library We both read these Choose Your Own Adventure stories as children Like many things, it was much easier this time to make the correct jumps in time to solve the puzzle, but I still had to look at the hints.

    6. I m much smarter than my grade school self.The book does a really neat job of having characters in each class that appear throughout the book.

    7. I read some of these Time Machine books back when I was 10 ish years old Just looking at their covers is really taking me back

    8. I read this over and over when I was a kid I doubt I d like it much today, but then I m not the target audience any back when I was, this book was amazing

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