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Uprooted By Naomi Novik,

  • Title: Uprooted
  • Author: Naomi Novik
  • ISBN: 9781447294146
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay But he demands a terrible price for his help one young woman handed over to serAgnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay But he demands a terrible price for his help one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as falling to the Wood The next choosing is fast approaching, and Agnieszka is afraid She knows everyone knows that the Dragon will take Kasia beautiful, graceful, brave Kasia, all the things Agnieszka isn t, and her dearest friend in the world And there is no way to save her But Agnieszka fears the wrong things For when the Dragon comes, it is not Kasia he will choose Uprooted is a hugely imaginative, engrossing and vivid fantasy novel, inspired by folk and fairy tales by Naomi Novik, the author of the Temeraire series It is perfect reading for fans of Robin Hobb and Trudi Canavan.
    Uprooted Agnieszka loves her valley home her quiet village the forests and the bright shining river But the corrupted Wood stands on the border full of malevolent power and its shadow lies over her life He

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    1. OH MY GOD A DRAGON A TERRIBLE DRAGON WHO KIDNAPS A VILLAGE S BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRLS DO THEY GET EATEN DO THEY GET TORTURED WHAT IS THEIR TERRIBLE FATE They forget how to live here they remember to be afraid, my father said That was all Then they took their dowry silver and left Mostly they would go to Kralia and go to the University Often as not they married some city man, and otherwise they became scholars or shopkeepers.Are you fucking kidding me seethes I swear to god I m the only one in the w [...]

    2. Hey You there Please listen On May 19th this book will be released on that day go to this page or this page or another retailer of your choice and download the free sample of this book If, by the end of that small sample, you are not convinced that this book is amazing, never think of it again BUT, I sincerely doubt that will be the case.Because it took me ONE CHAPTER well, a few pages really to make me realize that this book was going to steal every bit of my spare time until I d devoured it al [...]

    3. I love a good fantasy rooted in folklore, and Novik does a great job mining the mythology of Eastern Europe for this novel Young Agnieszka lives in a small town in an out of the way valley where nothing much ever happens except for the fact that they live near an evil Wood that occasional swallows trespassers, drives villagers mad, or sends monsters to destroy neighboring villages Oh, and also they are protected by a wizard called the Dragon who lives in a tower and does his best to keep the ev [...]

    4. This book is underwhelming AS FUCK.I ll probably be damned for saying this but screw sugar coating This book makes me so angry Uprootedis one of those books with a pretty outside look full of sweet promises Yes, sweet and yet they re EMPTY promises The book covers scream BUY ME NOW OR REGRET IT FOR ALL ETERNITY and the synopsis is so vague to the point of mystery It lead me in to having such sky high expectations only later that I have those expectations thrown back into my fucking face.The begi [...]

    5. This novel effortlessly conjured up the familiar magic of my childhood favorites it was like reaching for a sweater and finding my old worn favorite pushed into my hands I m going to wear it gleefully for a week, no matter the weather This concludes my garment simile Possibly fuller comments to come closer to publication date.

    6. When it comes to rating books like Uprooted, I keep wishing I could give than 5 stars Because honestly, 5 stars are not enough.Beautiful That s the word I ve been searching for Uprooted is a beautiful book Naomi Novik narrates the story of young Agnieszka, a constantly unkempt girl who to everyone s astonishment was chosen to live in the dreadful wizard s tower for 10 years as the price for his assistance against the evil Wood Agnieszka imagined how desperate and empty her life was going to be, [...]

    7. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsImagine a powerful sorcerer living in a tower in the middle of a forest He is over 150 years old, yet still has the appearance of a young man Every 10 years, he leaves his tower to pick a girl from one of the local villages and take her back to his tower And the villagers allow this, b c the sorcerer protects them from the Wood.The villagers don t know what happens to the girls during their time in the tower, only that they come back changed Grander, polished Educated and [...]

    8. WOW I need to create a new shelf and label it all time favorites and put like three books on there, of which, this would DEFINITELY be one What an incredible fairy tale This book is a lot like the The Wood that dominates this story, luring you close, whispering in your ear, offering you the most tantalizing temptations, if only you ll be persuaded into it The difference between the two is that where The Wood is a dark, twisted creation that speaks only lies, this book delivers on its promises It [...]

    9. Buddy read with Fantasy Buddy ReadsMy first review in 2017 and it started with a new milestone, my first ever 1 star rating I wish I could give this a negative star as right now, this is literally the worst book I ever read in my entire life You could see my other reviews and you ll see I m quite generous with my ratings but giving this book even a 2 star are way too generous for me Look, this will be an extremely unpopular opinion, I hated this book and I m disgusted with almost everything in i [...]

    10. Have you ever loved the first half of a book but hated the second Well I have and it sucks It leaves you feeling rather torn in a review So, I m going to tear my review in two and review the two halves separately Here goes First Half A lovely magical friendship 4 In the beginning I had a real reason to carry on reading The character known as the Dragon was a complete enigma Discovering what drove this lonely man was, essentially, the reason I carried on with the book He s such a cool guy Well at [...]

    11. This was another favourite of mine Completely different to A Court of Thorns and Roses and Cruel Beauty, Uprooted is dark and gothic Unfortunately there is also a lot less kissing But not to be discouraged What kissing there is, is very lovely and, importantly, Uprooted has a solid plot and is paced with ardent fervour It s also funny as all hell and sit on the edge of your seat type of action packed When I started reading it, I really didn t want to put it down unless forced against my will A [...]

    12. It s nor here nor there I m going to steal a bit from Chester and say this is the epitome of Blur Rating Are you one of those readers who really gets fed up with series It s like every corner you turn, every book you read, you find out it s a trilogy Or some kind of saga I remember I used to whine and cry about this all the time because I don t know about you but if I read a book today you can sure bet your butt that I will not remember details about it in two months time unless it was utterly e [...]

    13. If you love fairy tale ish books and don t mind if things get bleak and violent for a while and haven t read this book yet, I strongly recommend Uprooted This fantasy is one part Polish folk tale, one part coming of age magical fantasy, and one part horror The main character is Agnieszka, a 17 year old village girl who is chosen by the local wizard, called the Dragon, to be his servant for ten years, the latest in a long string of local girls who each serve the wizard for a decade, emerging at t [...]

    14. I read Uprooted as an ARC or Advance Reading Copy I promise that I do not review books I have not read.This tale does have a distinctly fairy tale aura to it, but not in the sense of that distance we get from a tale when characters are The Princess or The Younger Son Instead, this is a tale that the reader steps into, and experiences with the viewpoint character I m going to tap dance around spoilers as I loathe and despise them, to instead point out that I loved the distinctive names of the cha [...]

    15. This is one of the few books in the last year that managed to captivate me From the opening paragraph this story grabs and hauls you off into the wonders of darkly wooded world and just as sincerely holds you captive Ms Novik did everything right here There s no learning curve, as the story starts small, simple, and yet captivating The the reader is introduced to a pleasant and likable young woman, whose life is drastically altered, not in some horrible way, but rather in an unexpectedly nice wa [...]

    16. I read this in 2015 and again in 2016 it is on sale today 23May17 on for 2.99 hereBuddy Re Read with my fellow fantasy aficionados at Buddies Books and Baubles Our Dragon doesn t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley We hear them sometimes, from travelers passing through They talk as though we were doing human sacrifice, and he were a real dragon Of course that s not true he may be a wizard and immortal, but he s still a man, and our fathers would band toget [...]

    17. I think we can all agree that the woods are fucking spooky.Or is it just me Because every time my husband drags me off to a campground, I look like this So Yeah Already prejudiced against the Strangle Trees or whatever they re called in this story shudder Ok, from the blurb, you probably think that the story centers around a guy named Dragon or a dragon named Guy and the girl he falls in love withfairytale style But it doesn t It s all about two wizards mages witches whatever fighting off a sent [...]

    18. DNF at 241.I just can t bring myself to finish this book The writing is beautiful, everyone seems to love it but I m incredibly bored There I said it.Also am I the only one that was disappointed with the Dragon the magic system how quickly she became stronger than the most powerful wizard

    19. Solid, solid, solid As solid as wood Honestly, I was feeling a bit of trepidation before reading this, and I m very happy to say that I didn t have any issues with the novel.What No issues at all No, not really I honestly enjoyed opening characterizations, all focused upon the hopes and the realistic expectations when it came to the Dragon who may or may not be an evil nobel wizard, and I enjoyed the bait and switch enough that I just got suckered into the rest of the story despite all the old [...]

    20. Naomi Novik is a goddess, y all No lesser being could create such an unique and magical book such as Uprooted.I ll admit, though I didn t particularly love this book as much as I expected Don t get me wrong it s a BRILLIANT book all caps worthy , but I had trouble getting into the book because it was HUGE And I m just a measly little girl What I mean is big books often intimidate me, so it took a while for me to find time to continuously read it.I guess the writing had something to do with it, t [...]

    21. Basically, I loved everything about this book except for the actual reading of the book part I KNOW The shame is great with this one It s so promising and epic I mean, fairy tales Polish influences Beautiful cover Uber creepy wood that wants to KILL ALL THE THINGS Give me a unicorn and a party hate and SIGN ME UP Unfortunately, I withered faster than Snow White s apple A lot of my expectations got thumped in the head And the writing style was so not for me But let s go about this review logicall [...]

    22. A wonderful folkloric fantasy by the author of the Temeraire series The characters are excellent, the descriptions of magic are brilliant and original, and the story is action packed from start to finish, yet the author manages to fit in character development and to engage the reader s emotions as they follow Agnieszka s journey from ordinary village girl to wizard s assistant to read it and find out The author has built the book s world on the Polish culture and folklore of her family backgroun [...]

    23. BR with the BBB gang starting January 8, 2016 DNF at 31% What the hell is wrong with this world When I DNF a YA book, I expect to DNF it in a blaze of glorious ranting, not in a blaze of glorious snoring Damn you, you Crappy Books Gods If you are going to put me through a Freaking YA Novel, you could at least give me something to rage about But no That would be too considerate of you You are nothing but a cruel and merciless bunch, so all I am left with is a sleeping pill of a book No kidding Th [...]

    24. Uprooted is one of my favourite books I ve read this year and probably one of my favourite fantasy novels of all time It has everything I could ever want in a book and is just so perfectly balanced Having said that, it was surprisingly difficult to write a review for this novel The thing I loved most about Uprooted was the feeling it gave me How do you describe that Uprooted was both unlike anything I ve read before and yet oddly familiar Throughout the book I kept wondering why, why I knew this [...]

    25. I was very hesitant to read this as I heard so many mixed reviews, it seems to be a book you either love or you hate Thankfully, I FREAKING LOVED THIS Uprooted tells the tale of a clumsy, plain girl named Agnieszka Pronounced Ag Nyesh Ka Thankfully I often read author notes first, so I knew how to pronounce it who lives in a village protected by a wizard who goes by the name title Dragon The Dragon lives in a tower and protects the surrounding villages from the evil, corrupt Wood and once every [...]

    26. Once upon a time, I read myths, folktales and fairy tales Thankfully, this was way back before Disney was ubiquitous, so I subsisted on Andrew Lang s The Color Fairy Books, Ruth Manning Sanders Book of Magical Creature s And even Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, though they were usually devoid of the embellishment I enjoyed Uprooted brought back the memory of those days, of reading an unfamiliar fairy tale for the first time I was transported as I read at least for the first two h [...]

    27. Our Dragon doesn t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley Forget everything you think you know about folklore and enter Novik s realm of dark fantasy in this stunning debut full of lush and terrifying fiction Uprooted is easily a unique masterpiece with plots and characters unlike any others in its genre I started off reading this book as one would begin a thrilling but harrowing task I m never one to be put off by the size of a book, however at first glance [...]

    28. 3.5 stars I think in the end I absolutely loved certain elements, but the story as a whole didn t click with me But hear me outLet me start with the coolest part the Wood The antagonist in this story is a freaking woods and it worked so well See, I get started on elements like this and I m like 5 STARS ALL THE STARS But just wait So people who go into the Wood don t come back, and if they do they re possessed by it they came out with their own faces but murder behind them, something gone dreadfu [...]

    29. 3.5Really mythical, magical and romantic story Very unique with a interesting writing style Thanks WEEREADER for recommending this I will be checking out another work from this author

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