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Awaken By G.R. Thomas,

  • Title: Awaken
  • Author: G.R. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780994506900
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Product DescriptionSOME PEOPLE AREN T DESTINED TO BE ORDINARY.With a special gift held close to her heart, it was always going to be hard for Sophia Woodville to live an ordinary life.As a 20 year old nursing grad, she thought she had her future all sorted.However, destiny was about to intervene.Her secret was not so secret The gift she possessed was just a hint of somethProduct DescriptionSOME PEOPLE AREN T DESTINED TO BE ORDINARY.With a special gift held close to her heart, it was always going to be hard for Sophia Woodville to live an ordinary life.As a 20 year old nursing grad, she thought she had her future all sorted.However, destiny was about to intervene.Her secret was not so secret The gift she possessed was just a hint of something far beyond her wildest imagination.Sophia will be pulled, kicking and screaming, into an unseen, ancient world that challenges all that she thought to be true of herself, her family and the origins of humanity.Original sin, forbidden love and her life in constant danger.Will Sophia survive this dark twist of fate Will the devil be her saviour Will an Angel be her downfall
    Awaken Product DescriptionSOME PEOPLE AREN T DESTINED TO BE ORDINARY With a special gift held close to her heart it was always going to be hard for Sophia Woodville to live an ordinary life As a year old

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    1. I received a copy of Awaken from the author to review This is the first time an author has sent me their book to review.I thought Sophia was pretty cool and loved the sound of her rainbow hair She s been thrust into a situation she really hasn t been prepared for at all and instead of crumbling under the weight on her shoulders she decides to try to do her best She definitely has moments of doubt but doesn t let them stop her from trying to do good I was also glad to see that she wasn t going to [...]

    2. Awaken is the debut novel from Australian author, G R Thomas It s a heady mix of history, mythology and biblical references along with the creation of an entirely new fantasy realm for us to dwell in That s a tough call for any author to pull off but Thomas does this beautifully The main character, Sophia Woodville, is a likeable protagonist, who is thrown into a new life that she never dreamt existed We see her struggle with her new found status, never losing her sense of morality or love for h [...]

    3. This is not a genre I usually read in fact, I d have to say this is my first urban fantasy dystopian book I ve read And I wasn t disappointed The author wrote an engaging, descriptive world that I felt drawn into I was left totally amazed at how she was able to create an entirely new world complete with language and people and be able to blend it so seamlessly with the modern day Well done GR Thomas

    4. When a copy of Awaken came my way, I reluctantly agreed to review it I m not ordinarily drawn to animated covers, but, hey, it s a young adult angel book Boy was I surprised Awaken had me from the first page The book begins with a fairly ordinary twenty year old nursing student, Sophia She s bright, responsible, and has a great support system She does, however, have some oddities that hint to who she really is, i.e hair colour and her seemingly spiritual healing capabilities But things aren t al [...]

    5. 4 out of 5 stars for Awaken by G.R ThomasAwaken is the debut novel for writer G.R Thomas as well as the first in what promises to be an incredibly engaging urban fantasy series Sophia Woodville has always known she was different A nursing student with rainbow hair and the extraordinary ability to heal others, Sophia just wants to live a semi quiet life The polar opposite from her best friend Jasmine who is a ball of energy Jasmine and her brother Ben have been there for Sophia for a long time Th [...]

    6. 4 StarsAwaken by GR Thomas is the first book in the series and is also her debut novel as well It s the first book I ve read from this author and it was so good The fantasy aspect is so captivating that I couldn t put the book down Sophia has been sheltered from the world she lives in by her Nan Living with only her for the past 20 years, it was easy for Nan to keep it that way Starting her job as a nurse gives her a great sense of satisfaction with being a healer One day, it all changes for her [...]

    7. I first discovered this book on Sarina Langer s blog Her praise assured me that I had to read it And I am extremely glad that I have Sophia Woodhouse is a young nurse with a unique mark on her face and a special talent for healing But she is an ordinary girl by all other means, working during the day and spending time with friends at night The normalcy of her life is swiftly ended when a coworker is attacked and Sophia learns that someone is after her and has been watching her for some time.A cl [...]

    8. Awaken is the debut novel of Australian author GR Thomas I give it 5 stars I highly recommend this book Thomas s writing is concise and filled with energy Sophia Woodville is a young a nurse who thinks she has an ordinary life until she is catapulted into an amazing existence she could have never imagined She is an engaging protagonist and I was immediately drawn in to her story I love how GR Thomas entwines biblical and historical links throughout the story, while creating a new mythology for S [...]

    9. Oh, for the love of all things wonderful this book was an absolute delight G.R Thomas does an amazing job creating a multidimensional world Cleverly crafted, this book is a mix of history, mythology and biblical stories From Noah s Ark to England s monarchy, there are surprises at every turn Truly, a one of a kind read Take a chance on this well thought out book.

    10. This book definitely has a lot of religious and mythical subtext, but Thomas has taken these elements and worked them into a unique, fantasy story of angels, satans, and higher beings Don t worry if you shy away from books with religious tones, as this is definitely a fantasy However, Sophia s story really does make you question what is out there.There is a wealth of interesting characters and beings, and the world building is well researched and woven into the narrative Sophia is a relatable ch [...]

    11. Well, there you have it This book is AMAZING Okay, there were a few slow spots here and there, along with a little too much description, but overall this is an excellent piece of work.I loved Sophia and her rainbow hair The author did a great job of creating a well rounded protagonist, who is easy to fall in love with My absolute favorite character was Jaz, Sophia s best friend I have a few friends who have mixes of Jaz s personality and they are the best No fear to tell the world what is on her [...]

    12. Since I ve joined Twitter and Instagram, I ve found some books I would never have come across otherwise and Awaken is one of my favourite finds The characters were brilliantly developed, the world was beautifully built, and the story itself was intriguing but on that in a moment.I was a little worried when I started because there are recurring biblical subtones, and I m as far away from religious as you can get, but as it turned out there s nothing like the rise of a new Satan to catch my inter [...]

    13. Awaken by G.R Thomas is a four star read It starts with a great quote from an even greater writer Be not afraid of greatness Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night This quote explains the premise of this book.Awaken is the first book in this series Surrender is the next book.The main character Sophia Woodvile is a 20 year old nursing grad, she thinks she leads a pretty ordinary life, apart from her hair, she has [...]

    14. Awaken by GR Thomas is a book I would recommend for anyone who likes adventure and fantasy books It s about a girl by the name of Sophia who comes from a family of gifted people who are mostly healers, mystics, seers, etc She is starting work as a nurse in the ER when something happens and life as she knows it gets turned upside down As it turns out, pretty much everything that she has been told and grew up believing were lies and she found out that she was important than what she originally be [...]

    15. This book told such a magical and tragic story, blending the past with the present in such a way that actually makes you think, is this real The way that Thomas intertwined history with fantasy was a real treat to get caught up in I was really impressed with the way the biblical elements were executed in this story From the names to the descriptions, everything was well put together and beautifully written.Too many times throughout this book, my heart ached for Sophia Geez, that poor girl could [...]

    16. Awaken is the debut novel of Australian author, GR Thomas Her new adult tale encompasses intense, well paced drama in an imaginative and complex story world Sophia Woodville, nursing graduate, must accept her destiny and save her people Awaken combines the essential elements of the new adult genre and intertwines it with world history events, making it an enjoyable and compelling read This novel will appeal to fans of new adult and fantasy With its vast array of weapons, villains and fighting st [...]

    17. I thought I d had my fill of YA girl finds out she has super powers books I thought wrong Awaken is a well written and cleverly constructed read, introducing us to Sophia Woodville on the cusp of her 21st birthday when her nicely ordered and normal life is turned upside down Sophia discovers she is in fact an angel, and not just any old angel, but the chosen one, the angel whose destiny is to lead the colony of angels abandoned on Earth back to their homeland.Being such a ordinary girl, this com [...]

    18. Awaken is a fast paced journey that never pulls its punches It is a really cool take on mythology, as well as biblical themes such as angels and demons The main character, Sophia, is by no means a weakling and takes some pretty heavy stuff in her stride I love books with such strong female characters like this This book will take you on a wild ride and you will not be able to put this book down.

    19. i really enjoyed this book i found it was a little slow to get into initially as it starts out a few thousand years ago i understand that the scene we go through was important to the story, but i was really put off by it once i got to the first chapter, and was introduced to sophia and her life, i felt a lot better about the sort of book it was.honestly, the biblical aspects really threw me off i m not a fan of christian related stuff idk why, i just find it boring probably because it s forced o [...]

    20. I always knew I was different Not weird or quirky, just different Sophia Woodville is a normal young woman on the surface Her career in nursing allows her to use her gift of healing and the worst thing she has to worry about is trying to get out of nightclubbing with her best friend, Jasmine But dark forces are after Sophia and events are about to change her life forever Is she strong enough to survive and fight for everything she loves This book is an interesting blend of fantasy and action, we [...]

    21. Awakened by G.R Thomas4 Stars Sophia Woodville is an ordinary girl who never liked being the centre of attention She never had a normal childhood She lived with her Nan and was homeschooled until junior high She has a birthmark that covers half her face which she covers up whenever she goes out She has an innate ability to heal so it was a natural choice for her to become a nurse Unfortunately for Sophia, she is far from ordinary Circumstances happen and she finds herself fighting for her life T [...]

    22. I give Awaken by G.R Thomas 4 starsSophia Woodville is a nursing grad, and she loves her job She seems drawn to healing people and has a special gift for it Her best friend Jasmine, her polar opposite in every way possible, is also a nursing grad and together they are learning the different areas of the hospital Sophia is just a typical 20 year old introvert She has rainbow colored hair, is addicted to coffee, and hates spiders And then there s Ben, her other best friend and Jasmine s brother Sh [...]

    23. Such an amazing story G.R Thomas takes her readers on an exciting adventure Her words are so beautifully descriptive that her book devours and consumes you.Awaken is about a young girl named Sophia, who thinks her life is completely normal She has her best friends, a possible boyfriend, and a beautiful horse One day her life completely changes Nothing and no one are what they seem Sophia has no idea who she really is and what she is capable of She soon discovers she is not from this planet and s [...]

    24. Awaken is about a 20 year old nursing graduate that has a very unique gift She knows that gifts run in her family but isn t sure how they work Her nan has kept her sheltered for most of her life so she doesn t come into contact with the evil in the world that would use her for their purpose Sophia thinks she is just a healer because that is what she does She can t stand to see someone or anything in pain or distress While I found that it was a little hard to follow, GR Thomas has written a uniqu [...]

    25. Powerfully enchanting I was completely blown away by this enthralling book From the very first page, I was completely captivated until the very end and found it extremely hard to put down The writing was just superbly excellent with intricate attention to details The characters were well thought out with palpable emotions that made me actually feel in touch with them With a completely unique storyline, Awaken brings an all new take on the classic Angels vs Demons theme This book has a little bit [...]

    26. Awaken by GR Thomas gets a huge 5 Stars An age old war has been waging in the shadows for aeonsgood evil, angels demons Poor Sophia Woodville is dragged into a world and destiny she s been protected against, all the while, little did she know she is a chosen one, a child of the light, the Earthborn Angel, she holds the destiny of mankind and angelkind in the palm of her hand only she holds the key to salvation A story of biblical proportions, that travels the globe, cleverly interwoven with Engl [...]

    27. I couldn t put this book down It transported me to another realm of existence where fiction and mythology religion collided in my own backyard I find myself wanting to visit the places so beautifully written about To see the world of Sophia I ve not had that feeling since reading Playing Beattie Bow in the 1980s.By the end of the book, however, I was disappointed Not with the book With me For reading so fast that I now need to wait longer for GR Thomas to write another This is precisely why I pr [...]

    28. Grace Thomas is an excellent writer and her story builds on great vocabulary, imagery, intense scenes, in depth background information, and an excellent ending that had me wanting her next one Hopefully her release will come sooner rather than later, because the cliffhanger had me wanting needing I love the characters she designed, and it shows in her story, her true care and understanding of her character s personalities and actions You will definitely see of this author, so get started on her [...]

    29. What a great first novel from Australian author GR Thomas Awaken spans time itself intertwining biblical tales and medieval history with a modern day world in a thrilling adventure filled with love, lust and humour.The reader is taken on a whirlwind, worldwide journey left at a cliff hanger at the end, cannot wait to read the second book of the series Highly recommended for both young adults and adults who are young at heart.

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