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Enshrine By Chelle Bliss,

  • Title: Enshrine
  • Author: Chelle Bliss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL After a phone call changes my life, I shut the world out Paralyzed by the fear gripping me, the darkness becomes inescapable When I refuse to open my door, my best friend goes to the most notorious man in town.Bruno s known to everyone in the neighborhood he s feared and only spoken about in whispers Only there s a problem after he bre THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL After a phone call changes my life, I shut the world out Paralyzed by the fear gripping me, the darkness becomes inescapable When I refuse to open my door, my best friend goes to the most notorious man in town.Bruno s known to everyone in the neighborhood he s feared and only spoken about in whispers Only there s a problem after he breaks down my door, he doesn t want to leave I never expected to find a man with a heart bigger than his reputation.But just like illusions, things are never what they seem With fear surrounding me, only he can chase away the shadows.This isn t your typical love story it s a story of fight and survival Most importantly It s about finding the light and basking in the rays.
    Enshrine THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL After a phone call changes my life I shut the world out Paralyzed by the fear gripping me the darkness becomes inescapable When I refuse to open my door my best friend go

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    1. I hold my glass up in a silent toast to Chelle Bliss s greatness This book put me through the ringer My heart was in my throat nearly the entire time I read it And sometimes I couldn t breathe properly The intensity of what I was feeling consumed me I d be smiling one minute and crying the next I went through every possible emotion and feel everything in between Enshrine is the heartwarming and emotional story of Callie It was just tragic to see such a wonderful person like her brought down so l [...]

    2. My heart is so fucking happy right now.I just finished Enshrine by Chelle Bliss and I want to do cartwheels naked round my room This book was OMG fucking amazing and so fucking heart warming I just want to put this out there and say, Bruno, dude I want to do dirty, dirty things to you Oh my shit you made me MOTHERFUCKING SWOON He was so fucking smooth I just wanted to butter him all over my muff I mean how can you not love a fucker when you breaks in to your house and never leaves Callie k just [...]

    3. I want to live I want my life I want everything I had before and .Callie is was successful She has had a job of her dreams Her newly acquired apartment means meant a lot to her She owns owned an enormous shoe collection Shopping is was a passion of hers Now she understands that material objects do not matter at all One phone call from her doctor changed everything.Now she has to fight for her life before this incurable disease takes over Before cancer wins this battle.A war is going on inside me [...]

    4. 4 Overcoming all odds StarsI haven t read a Chelle Bliss book in a long time I actually haven t read one since her debut book, so I was very curious to how her writing style has changed.The one thing I really enjoyed when I read Enshrined was the dialogue It s a heavy dialogue based book and it s 100% my cuppa The writing flowed nicely and I really enjoyed the pace There was never a dull moment I liked how she developed the characters I felt the character s tension and mild angst.Callie is at a [...]

    5. Everyone needs someone This book wasn t at all what I expected The story is one of strength and determination, and about how one persons love can heal another I really liked Bruno, he was the one that held my attention Right from the beginning I was intrigued by his character, and I wanted to get to the end to see if I was right about my suspicions I really wish that his POV was in the book at least a little bit because too much of Callie was just annoying me I felt for Callie s character, and l [...]

    6. This is a great read Blurb was not very revealing so I had no idea what I am getting myself into, but I was pleasantly surprised Great characters and beautiful writing.

    7. I was not expecting this The blurb is severely lacking and the cover grossly misleading.I started Enshrine expecting fast paced action and some seriously hot chemistry I mean, the hot ass cover indicates some action, maybe mafia related, a muscled alpha badass and a mysterious, gorgeous h The blurb is just really vague and doesn t tell much about the plot So I was naturally intrigued Perhaps if I hadn t expected what I described above I wouldn t have been so disappointed There was absolutely no [...]

    8. 4.5 Emotional Stars I wasn t sure what to expect going into this story the blurb is pretty vague but I had a inkling, so I wasn t completely taken by surprise Enshrine is my first read by Chelle Bliss and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style and the storyline captivated me from the very beginning, it completely sucked me in and my emotions were on a rollercoaster ride Things are just that things They don t make us who we are They make us look better on the outside, even when we r [...]

    9. WOW, what a totally surprising and inspiring read from Chelle Bliss The synopsis is purposefully vague and I won t give anything away here but the book begins with Callie waiting for a telephone call that could change her life She is keeping a secret from everyone close to her and she realizes the call could be life changing I m on pins and needles waiting for an important phone call One that could change my life, and I haven t told a soul about it Telling people makes it real, and I m not ready [...]

    10. Normal is overrated This new Chelle Bliss standalone is different from her other works I didn t really know what to expect since the synopsis was kind of vague Well, now I understand And for that very reason, there s not much I can share with you without giving away things better discovered for yourself I was very intrigued by the tease that, He s dangerous and the warning for her to stay away from him Trying to figure out what his secret was drove me crazy He stubbornly held on to it for a long [...]

    11. A beautiful story clearly written from the heart Enshrine is every book lover s dream From pain and sadness to finding love with an unbreakable bond, Callie and Bruno s story is breathtaking.This was such a rewarding story Despite covering a difficult theme, Chelle Bliss managed to draw me into a story of hope and determination and a desire to overcome everything that life throws at us Callie is a Molecular Biologist but her professional endeavours are put on hold when her future is turned upsid [...]

    12. Ok first lets start with the Cover That is what I did when I saw it and then I swooned There are so many different levels to this book and I don t want to give anything away so it will be short and sweet This is a story about a man and a woman named Bruno and Callie They stole my heart.These two have known each other for what seems like forever The glances that they gave each other from across the room spoke volumes It was just a matter of time before something would bring these two together and [...]

    13. I went into this book knowing what I was diving into Instead of diving, I leaped This book shows an entire different angle to Chelle Bliss Yes, there is the steam we ve all learned to expect from this amazing writer but you see a side to Chelle you ve never seen before I m not going to touch on that, what I will say is this You will melt for Bruno You will cry with Bruno and you will fall hopelessly in love with him Callie our beloved heroine without a doubt is one tough woman when she s hit wit [...]

    14. ARC received for honest review.Where the heck do I begin with my review of Chelle s upcoming novel It has everything from a sexy tough guy who you will fall in love with, to a sassy independent woman who will have you in tears.Callie has only ever thought about which pair of shoes to wear with her favorite Donna Karan dress, or the others in her closet, until that one phone call shatters her life Nothing will ever be the same again, and it s while she s still in shock that Bruno breaks down her [...]

    15. An alpha male with a heart of gold Bliss takes us through an array of emotions Secrets, anger, pain, fear and love Enshrine is a must read

    16. 5 Fearless Stars hellolittleredreadinghoodI really love Chelle Bliss s books so I was sure this book won t be disappointing And this time, I was right But it was so much This story isn t like any of the author other books It will hurt, but will heal you at the same time I m completely speachless after this.From the first chapters, I knew it won t be an easy ride And it wasn t But it was also a very unique, very beautiful story about fear, surviving and true love And it totally shocked me.I like [...]

    17. Did I read the same book as everyone I must be the minority I struggled through this one Only reason I didn t DNF is because I wanted to know what Bruno actually does Spoiler Alert You never find out Emotional Not really like whiny I really have a thing against woe is me heroines News flash you are not the only one who deals with this Now before you guys pull out your pitch forks about how non compassionate I am being I have dealt with this situation in real life twice over and her actions did [...]

    18. This is honestly one of the hardest books I have ever had to write up because I loved it that much I want to tell you everything I loved even if it spoiled the story for everyone But I won t, because I hate people who do that.This book, knowing it was written by Chelle Bliss, was a no brainier to review for me I saw her name and signed up, didn t even read the description So when I started reading, I was a little taken aback by the fact that it was so different from her other books but in an awe [...]

    19. Beautiful Emotional Heartbreaking Inspiring Chelle Bliss brings her readers something so different and so moving in ENSHRINE A story of hope A story of acceptance A story of love This story will rip your heart to shreds, but through this heartening journey, Ms Bliss carefully pieces it back together and it will be fuller than ever before We all need someonemeone to bring the light into the darkness, someone who fights with us and helps us battle the demons and the darkness, someone who gives us [...]

    20. Enshrine cements the fact that Chelle Bliss was born to be a storyteller This book had me smiling, crying, sobbing, cheering and believing that love conquers all A rollercoaster of emotions that had me holding my breath with every page i turned, and rooting for the characters to overcome everything thrown at them Chelle Bliss sits firmly on my must read author list and this book confirms that she will be there for a very long time to come.

    21. When I started reading Enshrine, I realized that it was not the typical sexy and suspenseful, and hot and hilarious book I m used to from Chelle Bliss No Enshrine is nothing like Chelle has written before Nearly immediately, I knew this book was bigger Deeper Thought provoking At twenty percent in, I still could not decide how I felt about the story Then, at a quarter into the book boom It clicked Enshrine went from just words on the pages to tugs of my heart I was no longer just reading but fee [...]

    22. My First 5 Star Read of 2016 Having only read Chelle s ALFA PI series and knowing this was a complete standalone different from any of her other books, I didn t quite know what to suspect before starting I will admit, a few times I pulled up the book on my Kindle, opened it to the first page, looked then clicked off and read something else I don t know why, maybe those times I just wasn t ready to read it Does that make sense Most of those times, it was the middle of night and to be honest, I wa [...]

    23. 5 We StarsHow odd Suddenly, I m part of a we and no longer just me.Pure romance I could end my review right there and I would have said it all Ms Bliss has written an emotional, romantic tale that will be your next book hangover One that will last a while.Callie is blindsided Her life takes a turn she never expected Never wanted Everyone thinks they ll handle shit with grace, but in reality, our fears start to suffocate us I m no different my fears are many and real.Bruno The Butcher has a reput [...]

    24. There are so many definitions for Enshrine 1 to enclose in or as if in a shrine2 to preserve or cherish as sacred3 to remember and protectThe second one is the one I like best as I feel this describes the story and how I felt after reading it.I cherished everything from the first words to the last When I first started reading it I was hooked and it took everything I had to remember that I had to put it down to deal with my real world when all I wanted to do was crawl back in and immerse myself i [...]

    25. 4.5 STARS I literally want to undo the past few days and go back to before the day I ever flipped the first page because I really wish I could read this for the first time all over again This book was nothing, and I mean NOTHING like I thought it would be I really wasn t prepared for it, but OMFG I loved it I couldn t stop reading Chelle Bliss really blew me away with this one I can t even begin to explain how much I loved this book I don t want to say much because I would hate to ruin the exper [...]

    26. Chelle Bliss did a fantastic job This story kept me on my toes, needing to know the secrets the main character was holding Along the way I fell in love with Callie, seeing her struggling to keep herself in check, but then realizing there is so much to this wonderful world than materialistic things Bruno and Callie share an epic love, one that battles with every cell in their bodies, literally don t miss out on this amazing read

    27. I really enjoyed this story Bruno had my heart flipping through the whole story From reading the blurb, I had no idea what the story was going to actually be about Had I known, I might not have purchased it and I would have missed out on a wonderful love story No cheating or love triangles, just a romance to envy.

    28. Wow Just, WOW Let me start off by saying that the synopsis for this book is somewhat vague, and the story was not what I imagined it would be Let me also say that IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER and exceeded every expectation I had This is Chelle Bliss as you ve NEVER read before, and she took me on an emotional journey that I was unprepared for I started Enshrine around 8pm at night and I didn t want to put it down The story is sexy, realistic, gut wrenching, and endearing You will fall in love with Brun [...]

    29. Even several days later, I am still trying to gather my thoughts and process what all the feelings that I have after reading this book I had so many feels after finishing this one that my finger tips were tingling These characters were written with such a complex and amazing degree of sensitivity that in most books I would have probably be screaming for them to suck it up and grow a pair already, but I didn t feel that at all about Bruno and Callie It s hard to explain, but I have seen many auth [...]

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