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The Viscount Always Knocks Twice By Grace Callaway,

  • Title: The Viscount Always Knocks Twice
  • Author: Grace Callaway
  • ISBN: 9781939537232
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Hoyden s PrejudiceA spirited and unconventional miss, Violet Kent has a taste for adventure All she wants is the freedom to be herself and to not be judged, especially by that stuffed shirt Viscount Carlisle, her best friend Wickham s older brother When an impulsive act brings her into scandalous contact with Carlisle, animosity flares, along with shocking, smolderingA Hoyden s PrejudiceA spirited and unconventional miss, Violet Kent has a taste for adventure All she wants is the freedom to be herself and to not be judged, especially by that stuffed shirt Viscount Carlisle, her best friend Wickham s older brother When an impulsive act brings her into scandalous contact with Carlisle, animosity flares, along with shocking, smoldering desire A Gentleman s PrideA man of duty, Richard Murray, Viscount Carlisle, has always protected his brother Wickham, whose latest trouble involves a debt to a cutthroat To survive, Wick must marry an heiress instead he s distracted by that improper minx Violet Kent As Richard strives to extricate his brother from Violet s wiles, the last thing he expects is to find himself ensnared by passion When Murder Leads to LoveSparks fly when Violet and Richard are thrown together at a house party Yet their forbidden passion and blossoming romance are not the only adventures afoot For a guest is soon discovered dead and Violet and Richard must join forces to solve the mystery and protect their loved ones before the murderer strikes again.
    The Viscount Always Knocks Twice A Hoyden s PrejudiceA spirited and unconventional miss Violet Kent has a taste for adventure All she wants is the freedom to be herself and to not be judged especially by that stuffed shirt Viscount

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    1. Yayyyy for the return of the Kents Ok so the plot is not so original but I loved Violet and Richards chemistry The way they treat other is hilarious but the sizzling chemistry could literally burn the pages if I was reading a paperback There is not much to say about this book except to read and enjoy it It was a decent challenge to guess the identity of the killer, so it was good mystery too.I can t wait for the next Kent book

    2. The Viscount Always Knocks Twice bk 4 was a very well developed story and I enjoyed it a lot If you like suspense and murder mysteries to solve in your History Romance story this is for you Violet Kent and Viscount Carlisle confirmed enemies, stumble upon a dead body in the early morning hours in a library while they are attending a House Party These two don t get along but as they set out to prove Carlisle s brother Wickham Murray didn t murder the women they grow Passionately in love There are [...]

    3. This was not as good as the other books in my opinion I think it is because I found Violet really annoying She has, what appears to be, ADHD and cannot stay still, nor focus I found some of the things she does to just be immature Because of that, I had a hard time imagining that a mature man would be attracted to this young woman Violet and Richard Carlisle are at a house party and when there is a death, they end up in the thick of the investigation Violet s brother is actually a private investi [...]

    4. 3.5 starsAs always, Callaway delivers such steamyyy scenes fans self But I loved the couple in this one Violet s a total tomboy and is usually labeled hoyden, while Carlisle is all propriety and sticks to the rules Egads, I love the opposites attract trope The murder mystery was a nice addition, if a bit dull sometimes hello yes it s me I just want to get to the snogging bits P.

    5. This was so much fun I absolutely love love hate relationships There was so much tension and chemistry between Violet and Richard especially during their early interludes, yet they were very much a fun couple They were always bickering and with each interaction, the tension and heat rose higher and higher eventually leading to the inevitable.At first glance, anyone can see that Richard and Violet are complete opposites she s a lively and active hoyden and he s a traditional and stiff man But the [...]

    6. Violet and Richard have been added to my favorite characters list He felt very Darcy ish to me and that is definitely a good thing I loved their banter and the use of period expressions As always with GC, the chemistry and heat was there in spades as well The story was wonderfully rounded out by all the characters from the series and a bit of intrigue I look forward to from this series and hope that, in addition to the rest of the Kents, there are stories for Miss Billings and Garrity as well a [...]

    7. this was so goodI couldn t have asked for a better book Violet was perfect the kind of girl your route for not conventional and Richard is a dream and her perfect match I don t want to give it away but it was funny and super hot I enjoyed this so much I would recommend it if you want to have a good time thank you Grace Callaway

    8. I enjoyed reading this book The author writes well and is quite inventive in her characters and how they eventually get together.

    9. The Viscount Always Knocks Twice is the 4th book in the Heart of Enquiry series by Grace Callaway Although it s part of a series it can easily be read and enjoyed without having read the other books first.This story is about Violet Kent She is not your average lady in society She loves adventure, and she doesn t like to do what is expected of her She has many friends, some of them male The latter includes Wicks, whose brother Richard thinks she is a flirt and a hoyden out to snare his brother He [...]

    10. I read the first half of this book until 1 o clock this morning then woke up at 6 30am to finish it so this should tell you how much I loved this book and couldn t wait to finish it I would have finished it in one sitting but sleep was winning me over I am never disappointed by anything I have read by Grace Callaway She is an amazing historical romance author and I can t wait this fall for her next book.Something you should know about the Kent family is that they marry for love, not for wealth o [...]

    11. Fun Feisty Romance with a Good Mystery and Lots of Sexy Scenes He had no doubt that Miss Violet Kent was responsible for the state of his mind and body FINAL DECISION This is a fun romp of a historical romance with plenty of sexy scenes, a enemies to lovers story, and a little mystery tossed inE STORY Violet Kent is an unconventional woman She likes sports and wearing trousers She is always getting into trouble because of her curious nature Her best friend is a man and his brother wants to keep [...]

    12. All of Grace Callaway s books have been a winner and a pleasure to read Her style of writing creates such visual clarity where the reader feels like they ve been tossed back into the past and are experiencing every incredible nuance, from the characters, the scenes, the events unfolding, where the reader becomes involved within the story and dreams of them taking on a leading role within the book The Viscount Always Knocks Twice was a pure gem Violet and Richard were a mismatched pair or so it s [...]

    13. 5 starsI really liked this installment of the Heart of Enquiry Series Richard aka Carlisle and Violet are perfect together.The beginning of the book was a little reminiscent of another book I have read recently Lady Bridget s Diary , but this is Grace Callaway I should have known that she would take these two in a totally different direction There were so many things I really loved about this book but what I really loved was Richard I LOVE insecure, possessive jealous heroes Call me crazy and Ri [...]

    14. Another awesome, sexy historical romance from Grace Callaway While I was annoyed by Violet and her antics as I am with overly independent heroines I enjoyed her intelligence and loving, loyal personality.Richard was a sexy, masculine, and oh, so delectable I loved him right off, and I was very pleased with his naughty, hawt, sensuality I m a BIG fan of dirty talk as long as it doesn t turn into mean, degrading hate talk , so Richard s whispered words for Vi s ears only were off the charts yummy. [...]

    15. Grace Callaway is one of my all time favorite authors Anything she writes is on my automatic to read list and I feel she never disappoints Her stories are fun, sweet and suspenseful, with plenty of romance and steaminess through out as well The Viscounts Knocks Twice is part of series featuring the Kent Family, but can read very easily as a standalone This particular story is one I was really anticipating because I just loved the improper and fun loving heroine Violet Kent And she met her match [...]

    16. What a fun and fantastic read this was I just loved the characters from the past novels and Violet and Richard were awesome Violet was a hoot with her hoydenish ways and outrageous exploits Richard was just perfect for her and it was so enjoyable to see how their relationship developed I loved how Richard s insecurities from past rejections made him vulnerable Then the murder mystery just added entertainment to the plot Did I mention how scorching hot the love scenes were They were off the char [...]

    17. Another great story of the Kent family Violet just loves life and adventure until a stodgy Viscount spread rumors about her She confronted him and pushed him into a fountain of champagne It seems that there is heat between the two When they are thrown together at a house party and both come upon a murder victim They will work together to help find the killer and make sure Wick the Viscounts brother is not arrested Violet and Richard were so perfect together Can t wait to read about the other Ken [...]

    18. This was my favorite sister so far I loved Emma and Thea but Violet with her antics I loved her I know at times she was childish but I loved that about her The free spirit she has And Richard was a perfect match as her opposite Loved the murder mystery and it took me till the end to guess who it was I loved that we had a lot of people who could have been the killer Another good one.

    19. A cracking story I just lurve Richard For me, this is the best book of the series so far It is so exciting, with hot sexy scenes, and an unexpected murder mystery I especially enjoyed how the relationship between Richard and Violet developed.This is a thrilling and delightful read PERFECT 5

    20. A Must Read Passion, romance, intrigue, and mystery had made this beautiful story a one of a kind romance novel Enjoy

    21. Love itI love everything Grace writes, they are all winners I just hate waiting so long for the next great book lol Hurry up Grace just kidding Great job

    22. Lovely light hearted read with murder and mayhem thrown in to add a little mystery into the mix and what a wonderful character Violet was vibrant, passionate and humorous Delightful

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