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Nina a été adoptée By Dominique de Saint Mars Serge Bloch,

  • Title: Nina a été adoptée
  • Author: Dominique de Saint Mars Serge Bloch
  • ISBN: 9782884453134
  • Page: 250
  • Format: None
  • None
    Nina a t adopt e None

    One thought on “Nina a été adoptée”

    1. Max and Lili are hanging out one day at home when they overhear their mother talking with someone on the phone Oh, I know says Mom Adoption s not easy But it s so incredible when the paperwork finally goes through A real present from life Then she realizes the kids are listening and closes the door Lili s imagination goes into overdrive OMG Max she says We re adopted And they never told us Not me says Max I look just like Grandma But I bet they found you in a dumpster Lili gets even worried and [...]

    2. Very cute way to explain what adoption is, how the parents who adopted a child are indeed that child s parents, and that it is important to share information with our children.

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