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The Twelfth Keeper By Belle Malory,

  • Title: The Twelfth Keeper
  • Author: Belle Malory
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When sixteen year old Kennedy Mitchell is proclaimed the world s last keeper, she thinks it s a cruel joke Come on her Impossible She s no warrior She isn t wise beyond her years, or importantly, capable of keeping Earth safe.Except one will listen And since all evidence says otherwise, the job is hers whether she likes it or not.During the highly demandingWhen sixteen year old Kennedy Mitchell is proclaimed the world s last keeper, she thinks it s a cruel joke Come on her Impossible She s no warrior She isn t wise beyond her years, or importantly, capable of keeping Earth safe.Except one will listen And since all evidence says otherwise, the job is hers whether she likes it or not.During the highly demanding training regime that follows, Kennedy struggles to fit in with Earth s renowned protectors Especially Phoenix Jorgensen, who openly despises her Problem is, he may be the only one she can trust The keepers have big secrets surrounding them Secrets Kennedy isn t comfortable knowing, much less being apart of With Phoenix s help, she ll have to find a way out.Either that, or die trying.
    The Twelfth Keeper When sixteen year old Kennedy Mitchell is proclaimed the world s last keeper she thinks it s a cruel joke Come on her Impossible She s no warrior She isn t wise beyond her years or importantly capa

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    1. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review I must start by saying that just because the main characters name, Kennedy, is the same as my last name that was only one small reason why I loved this book and the hot leading man being named Phoenix with a sexy British accent sure didn t hurt either I confess I have not read many books about aliens and space but I am glad I read this one I will be continuing this series as the world created was so easy to live in, I cou [...]

    2. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review This was a great read by Belle Malory I found it hard to classify it into just one genre It was sci fi, dystopian and even a little bit paranormal and I loved every bit of it I liked the whole idea of the charcters living in a space station, it was fresh scenery for me lol I felt like the author did a great job to describe the location and the events that take place in the novel but there are also a lot of unanswered ques [...]

    3. 2.5 StarsSo many mixed feelings about this book I loved the concept of this one Kids who were born from the spirit of one of the 12 constellations and carry elemental powers to help keep the world safe That s pretty awesome With that said I have quite few problems with the book.First is the setting I had no idea what the hell was going on till about halfway through They had cars that drove themselves, bracers and fancy hospitals I had no clue what year it is, and still don t for that matter I do [...]

    4. 2.5 3 starsI m glad I one clicked this Frankly, the world building wasn t perfect I couldn t clearly picture this world Kennedy was living in But, the concept of the Twelve Keepers or Protectors of Earth based on their Zodiac signs, was incredibly unique, intriguing, and dare I say, original YES major points for originality However, it would ve been great if the characterization was fleshed out I also would ve preferred the multiple FIRST PERSON POVs but that s just a personal preference Also, t [...]

    5. It s nice to find a good sci fi fantasy book with ideas that haven t been done to death Spoiler alerts I really liked the whole concept of the elementals and I liked Phoenix and Kennedy too Although, I wish she would ve tried to use her gifts soonerI think it wasn t until the book was at 80% I would ve liked to see of her using her gift but I guess that will be in the sequels I thought the showdown in the tunnels and her in the tank could ve been stronger as far as the suspense element in the w [...]

    6. Belle Mallory has a talent for taking us on fantastical journeys, whether it be into the mysterious lives of gypsies or the near future I loved this story for its heroine in all her sweetness and faults It was refreshing to read a story where the lead isn t already a sassy confident hero And even rewarding when she comes into her own in the end The mythology of earth keepers throughout the ages is original and intriguing Looking forward to learning in the sequel Great cast of characters, espec [...]

    7. It was a very compelling read ,i was too curious that i couldnt stop reading for a whole day ,The twelve keepers has an intriguing concept ,plus an amazing mc ,honestly maybe my favorite kinda of MC so far,she was Very selfless ,kind,humble ,she did deny a lot but honestly who could blame her i would do the same that just makes her even realistic ,but i wish if the book was detailed,it will help me enjoy the world the author created but it was very limited,and the supporting characters felt s [...]

    8. I thought The Twelfth Keeper was great my kind of YA reading This book has been out since 2013 and I m surprised people haven t discovered it.Why I loved this story 1 It s written in a basic way with a good flow easy to understand and I didn t have to keep looking back to figure out what I missed.2 I learned about the main character in a natural way Her past unfolded throughout the story.3 The main character began as a shy girl with low self esteem, but she still had the courage and sense to pu [...]

    9. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book The story was well done and engaging The characters were simple to empathize with and like My only real complaint would have to be the quickness and simplicity with which the story was wrapped up.There was a lead in to the next book, but it wasn t a cliff hanger You could easily read this as a stand alone.My thoughts here on reviewers feeling left out of the world building process I prefer a world that leaves out the big picture and presents the little [...]

    10. Elementals, space stations, the discovery of aliens and a unique girl who sees herself as nothing special This book contains all of that plus a bit of intrigue I wasn t sure I wanted to like this book, but I did There were a few minor editing issues but nothing that disturbed the flow of the story Overall, I think it is a good beginning to a new series and I am ready to find out how things turn out.

    11. the tweelffh kepperA adult read for people who are in to the series recommend highly can t wait for the next one of the series a really enjoyable read but slow to start but picks up towards the end

    12. I went into reading The Twelfth Keeper on a happy cloud of Disney induced happiness And I m glad to say the happiness held onr a while Initially I was really getting into the book, with the soundtrack of Paperman playing in the background and a funny narration, things were going good But after the first few chapters I started to lose some of that goodness Instead I started becoming befuddled, then flabbergasted then back to befuddled again The reasons why are as follows Numero uno The mystery su [...]

    13. Review is also posted here The Book TwinsFirst I would like to thank Belle for giving me the opportunity to review her latest book.At first I wasn t too sure how I feel about the book It took a little bit to get into, but at the same time kept me interested enough to keep reading The setting is kind of confusing You can tell that it s set sometime in the future, but not sure exactly when I ve read books before where the first book isn t about world building It just gives you enough information s [...]

    14. unique , interesting , rushed Interesting premise This story is a prime example of you cannot write a good book with only a great idea , you need to be great at storytelling.The author did a great job writing a futuristic, fantasy novel.I thought this would be about a guy and girl getting each other and then realising they were wrong type of story I get annoyed with insta love in stories Don t be fooled by the synopsis This is insta love This girl Kennedy, who is the protagonist does think the g [...]

    15. I liked this but didn t love it Most of the reviews are right about it lacking detail about the world and being confusing If I hadn t known some things ahead of time from reading reviews id be confused The love story is ok I liked the characters but it was rushed and there was some serious insta love Pheonix is the typical cold bad boy at first but soon warms to Kennedy after a best death experience she has where he swoopsIn to save the day It was just weird And then after that happens he goes f [...]

    16. The Twelfth Keeper is a new and interesting series It proves to be promising but there are some things I did not like about the first book.For one, it was too short I basically read it in half a day I also felt that there were storylines just left hanging I don t see the connection between the world now and the future world in this book I guess will be explain but I still feel the author should have developed her dystopian world better I think a lot of the book was wasted on Kennedy s self este [...]

    17. I enjoyed this then i thought i would, it was one of those bored at lunchtime purchases as it tickled my fancy.First what i liked about this book is Kennedy She isn t one of those yeah i can handle this very odd situation straight away because i m a kick arse female Kennedy is scared, she acts like a 16 year old girl, this i liked she felt totally believable and i liked her Second thing i liked was that is was set in the future where space travel is possible and the way they communicate seems l [...]

    18. The concept of this story is actually pretty amazing It promises so much The problem I had with this book is that id didn t take full advantage of the concept It mostly focuses on Kennedy, and I would ve loved world building and fleshed out characters.I also wondered about why they had powers over the four elements It would ve been interesting to have their powers somehow linked with the Zodiac in some way, or something celestial Either way, the actual powers seemed like an odd choice to me.Ov [...]

    19. Good story with interesting characters Although I found the story quite slow I really love the idea The story is set in Earth s future I loved the descriptions and the word that Malory has created is full of technological advances that I d really love to try out myself.My only real qualm with this story is that to say that the keepers hold such an important part of the story, I don t think that enough attention was given to their introduction Maybe Twelve keepers are too high a number The idea i [...]

    20. Great, unique story line Unexpected twists and some to die for characters This is a must read book that follows Kennedy as she is forced to leave her old life behind and join the keepers a group of talented people who help save the world with their special powers Surely Kennedy can t be one of them The most difficult task she will have is not fitting, but coming to terms with what she is and always has been With the help of Pheonix, the first keeper to have been found who openly despises her, sh [...]

    21. Alright so if you take a look at my books I give all books that I read 5 stars If I completed the book I give it 5 stars, even if I hated it I also don t take the time to write reviews I m taking the time for this one This book put all of my favorite elements EVER and threw it together in a story that has kept me entertained I can t wait for the sequel Not kidding Like I want it now I loved the characters I m hoping the sequel we will get action and backstory, I can t wait to see how the chara [...]

    22. UGH So much could have been done with this book The theory was great but the execution was just sopoor The way Phoenix and Kennedy came together was odd, Kennedy didn t accept who she was until 96% of the way through, and the scenery was not explained nor was the year the story took place in This book felt as if the author got the idea in her head and two seconds later she wrote it all down in a rush So much was left unexplained or painfully oversimplified, which was super disappointing Sadly, [...]

    23. Ok so I really liked this book The story line was good and the whole idea about protectors of planets is really original Down part this book is like a fanfiction than a book Everything is rushed and emotions and ideas change too quickly for it to seem even a little realistic It s was also pretty cheesy, most if the time I m rolling my eyes going why did I buy this Lastly the writing was a little underdone it seems like its of a rough draft that someone decided to publish.

    24. Ok so this was definitely an original idea and I loved it for that and that s the only reason I finished the book oh and Phoenix of course The main problem with this book was the fact that I felt like the author hadn t really thought through the fact that this is set in the future I mean, it took me almost half the book to realise this Other than all the annoying inconsistencies throughout the book, I did enjoy it but i m not going to read the second book.

    25. I was curious about the idea of this book and was hoping for the best but fearing the worst Alas, my fears proved correct the concept and some of the background world building was in place but the characters were ridiculous cookie cutter YA placeholders and the main character was frustrating and rather annoying Really not my cup of tea If you want to try YA sci fi I d give Andrea K H st s Touchstone trilogy a try.

    26. Surprisingly goodIt was a little annoying waiting for the main character to finally admit to herself that she was the twelfth It literally took the entire book Also, when Phoenix came out his shell he really came out It was like he was a different person Not in a bad way, but he definitely had a dominating and possessive personality than it originally seemed Overall tho, i enjoyed the story and will be reading the second book.

    27. This book is great I loved how it was something new Its a mix of scifi, romance, mystery, and good old growing up fiction I liked how I was confused at first This might seem strange to some of you, but it was a good confused It made me keep wondering of what was going to happen next This book is one of a kind and a great read

    28. Kennedy is proclaimed as the Twelfth Keeper and she is convinced that the powers to be are wrong After all, she isn t clever, a warrior she s afraid of a lot , or so she thinks is worthy of such a title.With the help of Phoenix, another Keeper, Kennedy comes to believe she can help save the Earth.A very enjoyable book and I will be reading the rest in the series.

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