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Angel's Tip By Alafair Burke,

  • Title: Angel's Tip
  • Author: Alafair Burke
  • ISBN: 9780061561023
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Angel s Tip is a riveting read that snaps with the beat of New York.A knuckle biting journey that ll keep you turning pages until the very end Faye Kellerman, bestselling author of the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus novels Alafair Burke has created a winning heroine in Ellie Hatcher, someone to root for Tami Hoag, bestselling author of Down the Darkest Road Complex pl Angel s Tip is a riveting read that snaps with the beat of New York.A knuckle biting journey that ll keep you turning pages until the very end Faye Kellerman, bestselling author of the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus novels Alafair Burke has created a winning heroine in Ellie Hatcher, someone to root for Tami Hoag, bestselling author of Down the Darkest Road Complex plotting, multi layered characters, a creepy serial killer in Angel s Tip, Burke has once again proven herself a terrific storyteller Sandra Brown, bestselling author of LethalAcclaimed thriller writer Alafair Burke delves into the underworld of the Manhattan nightclub scene in Angel s Tip Burke is the daughter of crime fiction superstar James Lee Burke, creator of Cajun detective Dave Robicheaux, prompting the Fort Worth Star Telegram to proclaim that this fast paced but human thriller proves that writing talent is genetic A superb crime novel featuring NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher a strong female protagonist in the tradition of Sara Paretsky s V.I Warshawski and Marcia Muller s Sharon McCone Boston Globe , Angel s Tip follows Ellie s investigation into the murder of a young college student, quite possibly by a member of New York s young moneyed elite, and fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, Harlan Coben, and Sue Grafton will most definitely want to trail along.
    Angel s Tip Angel s Tip is a riveting read that snaps with the beat of New York A knuckle biting journey that ll keep you turning pages until the very end Faye Kellerman bestselling author of the Peter Decker an

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    1. A terrific read great plot, tension, detecting, and an interesting group of characters What could you ask for in a crime thriller

    2. Spring break in New York for three girls from Indiana couldn t start out exciting nor end tragically Chelsea Hart, Stephanie Hyder and Jordan McLaughlin are best friends and plan to spend their last night in New York checking out all the clubs Two girls survive the night but for one it will be her last night.Ellie Hatcher is a Manhattan South Homicide detective Ellie is single and currently lives with her brother Jess While out for a morning run the two discover the body of a young girl Ellie [...]

    3. Ally McBeal gets a badge I decided to read this book because I have heard many good things about the mysteries written by Alafair Burke s father, James Lee Burke Unfortunately, I found the experience rather disappointing Ms Burke seems to be a capable enough plotter, but this novel suffers from an excess of twists and some supremely laughable dialogue for example, when asked if she went out the previous night, main character Ellie Hatcher responds Nah, maybe back in my old skanky days I kicked i [...]

    4. Just beginning her career as a homicide detective, Ellie Hatcher and her brother Jess are among joggers who discover the mutilated body of a young college student.Hatcher and her partner J J Rogan are assigned the case They discover the girl had been on spring break with two friends from the Midwest and separated from them at a trendy club It isn t long before the last man the victim was with becomes the prime suspect.Despite compelling evidence and the certainty of her colleagues and the prosec [...]

    5. I think the author has a good, solid writing style, the characters are realistic and the plot was anything but predictable After reading two of the books in the Ellie Hatcher series, I can definitely say that I will read the rest of this series, and from this author I would recommend that others do the same

    6. The second in a series of police procedurals starring a female homicide detective Much realistic in terms of the main characters actions than the first in the series Good story, interesting ending.

    7. This is the second book in the Ellie Hatcher series and it is a page turner A young college girl is murdered in NYC during spring break and Ellie catches the case Ellie has only recently been promoted to homicide because she solved her father s cold case and there are lots of people who resent her But her African American partner does not and is happy to back her plays But when she starts talking serial killer, even he has to ask if she really knows where she s going As she starts connecting old [...]

    8. PROTAGONIST Detective Ellie HatcherSETTING New YorkSERIES 2 of 2RATING 3.0A group of young women from Indiana are just about to return home after some time vacationing in New York City For their final night in the City, they decide to party at a club called Pulse When her friends are ready to leave, Chelsea Hart decides she d like to stay a little longer She s been drinking too much, but having such a great time that she wants to make the evening last as long as possible That turned out to be no [...]

    9. The way that Dead Connection ended, I figured this one would be Ellie going back home for a while, and was pleased to see I was wrong I really appreciated the way that Burke fed us details on Ellie s trip to Kansas to investigate her father s death in bits and pieces rather than in one big dump of information somewhere along the way and or a novel length tale I m sure at some point we will get a lot time and attention paid to that story, but for now, I m satisfied keeping the focus on Ellie s w [...]

    10. Angel s Tip by Alafair Burke is her second Ellie Hatcher novel For the second in a series it is a remarkably well written and detail oriented book Often, as the reader we have a good idea who the bad guy is, yet, this one kept me guessing For those who this surprises, it was well written, it IS a mystery, and I do not read mystery novels trying to solve them firstriously who does that I loved the character development, having not read book 1 and getting a deal on this one via kindle, I was worri [...]

    11. main character, Ellie Hatcher, is a likeable and believable character She s a straight shooter who can do things the easy way or the hard way Regardless, she ll get results She s smart, tough, aggressive, calculated, and pretty darn hot But she also likes to drink Margaritas with friends and relax.I liked the chemistry with her brother Jess and new partner JJ Rogan I appreciated the balance as its no fun to have a completely wound up protagonist The minor characters were engaging and fun to watc [...]

    12. When new homocide detective Ellie Hatcher takes her usual early morning jog with her brother, Jess, they stumble right over a murder victim Chelsea Hart, a beautiful blond Indiana college student, has been dumped there in East River Park with her hair weirdly chopped off.As the first detective on the scene, Ellie takes charge Her find, her case She calls her new partner, J.J Rogan, and together they begin to put together the pieces of this seemingly random crime Attractive college girl, in town [...]

    13. Detective Ellie Hatcher catches a homicide one morning while she s out jogging in the park with her brother roommate Jess They find the murdered and mutilated body of 19 year old college student Chelsea Hart from Indiana Chelsea and her friends had come to Manhattan for spring break, and Chelsea disappeared on her last night in town after partying it up in a VIP room with some yuppies All the evidence points to the last man to see her alive, obnoxiously coiffed Jake Myers, but when Ellie comes a [...]

    14. This second book in the Ellie Hatcher series is remarkable for the vicious Barber of Manhattan Bodies begin to line Hatcher a path as she and partner, J.J Rogan strengthen their bond as NYPD detectives in seeking the killer of young, blonde women who stay out too late and don t go home when their friends warn them to do so Ellie, JJ, Ellie s brother, Jess, and the rest of the characters are believable The villain evokes fear Burke is a master of plot, and this one does not disappoint However, so [...]

    15. Gripping novel that I couldn t put down Angel s Tip is the 2nd novel in the Ellie Hatcher series I would recommend reading the novels in order since this novel did speak about events that happened in the 1st book Even though Ellie Hatcher brought down the bad guy in the first novel, she still needs to prove herself to the NYPD that she isn t just a pretty face that the media enjoys showing While out for her morning run with her brother, Jess, they stumble upon a body of a teenager girl who was k [...]

    16. First Sentence The man leaned forward on his stool to make room for a big boned redhead who was reaching for the two glass of pinot grigio she d ordered.A young collage woman is missing after a night bar hopping with her friends in New York City Her body is found severely mutilated As Detective Ellie Hatcher, investigates, she finds similar murders in the past This was another sociopathic serial killer who attacks young women, mutilates them, keeps a souvenir and gets off on it The protagonist i [...]

    17. If I had to describe my experience with this book in one word, I would say typos Oy I hope I m not getting an editor in trouble with that, but it s the truth Hell, at one point, there was even a mix up with a character name If I didn t say typos , I d just say enh The book had the elements of an entertaining murder mystery dead bodies, hot female detective, possibility of a serial killer, discord within the investigative team, yada yada yada but it just didn t really deliver in an interesting en [...]

    18. Wow Talk about a page turner, lots of twists and bodies Sex and drugs and rock and roll Also, an interesting main character Ellie Hatcher and enigmatic partner seems 100% straight shooter but has too much money for a cop.Young Indiana University student on Spring break in New York city stays out late at a dance club, gets wasted, and is found the next morning murdered As bodies pile up, the killer appears to focus on Ellie is she the target Or just being taunted Or is it in her mind My one issue [...]

    19. This is the first book I ve read by this author, so obviously the first book I have read in the series I thought it was very good and very interesting A definite police procedural, with some twists and turns I really didn t know who the bad guy was until the very end, and was actually a bit surprised Ellie was very likable and realistic as character, I think this was actually true of all the characters in this book I will definitely read another book in the series, hopefully sooner than later.

    20. This is the second book in the Ellie Hatcher series, and while there was quite a bit of reference to what happened in the last book, it was not distracting enough to detract from the story All in all the plot was interesting, the characters are likeable, and the story moved along at a good pace Eliza Foss narration was excellent.

    21. A solid, straight forwardly told American crime thriller with a female lead character, who may lack a little in personality but makes up for it with some good quips The author is not attempting to replicate James Lee Burke s unique style, but she settles in nicely as a lightweight companion to Michael Connelly, and his novels.

    22. This story had a well thought out plot, although not crazy about the brutal murder of young women and love the team of Ellie Hatcher and JJ Rogan Ellie is one smart cookie and is able to piece the case together in the end Just an OK listen for me 6 out of 10 on this one.

    23. Good book Just enough plot twists and turns to keep things really interesting without delving into the confusing and absurd This is my third Alafair Burke book and I look forward to reading She always has interesting plots in her books, and I love her writing style.

    24. In Angel s Tip , three best friends decide to spend their last night in New York at a popular club called Pulse but for one of them, it will truly be her last night When detective Ellie Hatcher stumbles upon the body of young Chelsea Hart, she is determined to nab the killer Despite having lots of evidence pointing to one particular suspect, she soon finds that there s than meets the eye in this caseThis murder mystery was gripping from the moment the victim s body was discovered and thanks to [...]

    25. In Alafair Burke s Angel s Tip, the second installment in the Ellie Hatcher mystery series, you ll be thrusted into an intense fast paced high octane thriller that would chill you to the core It all started for Ellie Hatcher, when she went jogging with her brother Jess, and were the first ones on the scene to discover a grisly dead body of a college girl named Chelsea Hart Newly assigned to her partner JJ Rogan, they worked together to identify her and build a case of suspects Although her boss [...]

    26. Durante la corsa mattutina prima di recarsi al lavoro, Ellie Hatcher trova, suo malgrado, il cadavere della giovane Chelsea Hart, studentessa in vacanza a New York strangolata Le indagini porteranno al Pulse, il locale dove stata vista l ultima volta, e termineranno negli archivi dei vecchi casi irrisolti della polizia ci sono infatti altre vittime, con le stesse caratteristiche di Chelsea, che non hanno mai avuto giustizia Il detective Hatcher dovr scattare in una lunga corsa contro il tempo, v [...]

    27. I absolutely love Ellie Hatcher She is such a strong and dynamic character that is out to prove everyone wrong In this particular novel, I thought the case was all too real, which was confirmed by the author in the acknowledgments, which makes the story all the intriguing I also was totally thrown off by who actually had done the murders because I thought I had it down before Hatcher figured it out Good, quick read

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