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Twisted By Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott,

  • Title: Twisted
  • Author: Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott
  • ISBN: 9781940346144
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s always saved her Now she s going to return the favor Gray Duffy never thought he d end up as the co lead guitarist of Oblivion, one of the hottest rock bands in the country Even better He s sharing the experience with his best friend, Jazz Since the day she d showed up as his family s new foster kid, Gray has protected her Loved her And not just platonicallyHe s always saved her Now she s going to return the favor Gray Duffy never thought he d end up as the co lead guitarist of Oblivion, one of the hottest rock bands in the country Even better He s sharing the experience with his best friend, Jazz Since the day she d showed up as his family s new foster kid, Gray has protected her Loved her And not just platonically either After all these years of wanting her in his bed, he still doesn t know what it would be like to have her mouth on his Except for that one time The time he d shared her with Nick The best worst night of his life Now they re living their dream They re making music together and spending every waking moment trapped in tight quarters With success at their fingertips, the time is right for him to finally make his move toward the woman he needs He just never figured he would lose control Or that she would find out They ve loved each other through everything But what if this time love just isn t enough
    Twisted He s always saved her Now she s going to return the favor Gray Duffy never thought he d end up as the co lead guitarist of Oblivion one of the hottest rock bands in the country Even better He s shari

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    1. 4.5 It Just Gets Better StarsHe could do anything, survive anything, but he couldn t turn away from Jazz She would sustain him where every other drug had failed.It s no secret that I m a huge fan of both of these authors, and I have been an even bigger fan of this series since i first read the prequel novella, Seduced I fell hard for the boys of Oblivion and admittedly, Gray and Jazz s story is the one that peaked my interest the most You have long time friends, unrequited or is it love, and oh [...]

    2. There s something about rock and roll that just gets to me e lifestyle, the music, the characters d Lost in Oblivion series is one of those rock series that keeps me entertained and very happy.Twisted, is 2nd book in the fascinating series by Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott and I loved it Gray Duffy, Oblivion s sexy lead guitarist Jasmine Edwards, adorable, lovable, quirky, talented drummer at last eir own story is finally here And I couldn t be happier.Gray and Jazz have known each other since their t [...]

    3. Originally posted on The Book NymphoA little backgroundGray Duffy has loved Jazz Edwards from the moment she came into his life as his foster sister and she with him, too Neither has ever let the other know this even though they acknowledge they care deeply for each other as foster siblings They ve just botched every opportunity to connect but now just might be the time for them to finally be on the same page Why I LOVED this storyWhat an incredible story Poor Gray was understandably haunted by [...]

    4. An alluring and poignant, sinfully sensual and gutting story wrapped by a beautiful rock ballad that you won t be able to put down until the very last page and still want The way you feel about her is the kind of love most women dream of That, my friend, is some epic Titanic type shit Gray met Jazz when she was fourteen and was brought to his home as a foster child and he s loved her ever since Almost a decade later and all he s ever been to her is a protector and friend because he hasn t acted [...]

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    6. The books in this series have been kind of hit or miss for me, but thankfully this one was a hit The tension between Jazz and Gray has been palpable throughout the series so far and seeing it all come to a head in this book made for a really solid read I m going to start off by saying that I skipped just about every sex scene in this book I didn t do it because they weren t well written, but because I m just not feeling that scene at the moment The plus side to that for me is that, even despite [...]

    7. I m having such a great time getting lost in Oblivion I love this group of people and I wish I could actually hear them play There s something awesome about a rocker book and the lyrics you get to see And I can t be alone when I say that I d love for Grayson to sing to me.Anywho, I love Deacon and Harper s story, but there s just something about a friends to lovers romance that makes me all swoony Gray has loved Jazz for years, but when do they get their shot Why can t the stars align just right [...]

    8. I curled up on the couch late this afternoon to start Twisted only planning to read a few chapters tonight Best laid plans and all that jazz quickly went out the window I didn t move off the couch until I finished the book a short time ago Wowza Pretty sure this book scorched the eyelashes and eyebrows right off my face Smoking hot burn the house down sizzlin chemistry between Gray and Jazz So many wasted opportunities, wrong timing, and misunderstandings have conspired to keep them apart only e [...]

    9. Twisted is aptly named It is a twisty, convoluted story of a forbidden love long denied only to be ripped from the couples grasp after finally being realized Wow, what a gripping ride it was Oblivion just finished their first tour and are getting settled with their new label They re set to start recording their next album but first their new manager wants them to take a writing retreat separate sequestered locations And if they break the rules it could mean the end of their band But Jaz has fina [...]

    10. Orgasm recovery planThe Lost In Oblivion series is one of my favorite rocker romances I had been anxiously waiting for this book after getting that first glimpse of the triangle between Nick, Jazz Gray in the previous installment And can I just say, it was well worth the wait Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott have been promoted to auto click status by this fangirl Their writing style is incredible, They are word wizards The book is written in multiple POV and alternating past present as we get to know Gr [...]

    11. As the third book in the Lost in Oblivion series, Twisted had some seriously high standards to live up to and did it ever Written in a different manner than the previous three, I adored the way that it went from current day to the past, filling in many holes in the back story of Gray and Jazz Before reading this book I was less than impressed with Gray aka Vapor and than a little pissed once I figured out in Rocked that he had a drug habit after the band tossed out Snake for that very reason BU [...]

    12. 5 This series just keeps getting better StarsThis book is Gray and Jazz s story Unique in the past present format we are able to not only see how the two work through their current relationship, but we get to see where it all started It is no secret going in to this book that Gray has a problem, the issue is that Jazz has no idea Their great chemistry continues to blaze through this book but, the fire could be completely doused by Gray s actions.At one point I was so frustrated with Gray He real [...]

    13. Advanced copy received from the author I just didn t get a chance to write up my thoughts until now sorry I loved it Gray and Jazz s story was a good one, and I hate Nick less now than I did at the end of the first book I enjoyed the insight into Jazz Gray s history with the then and now style of writing It made their codependence easier to understand.Though the sex is steamy and there is lots of it , that s not all this book is There s a real story under there Like in the first book, there is a [...]

    14. My Thoughts A 5 Star Rating OMG I m in love This book was absolutely amazing since the first book in this series I have wanted Gray and Jazz s story Needless to say I was giddy with excitement to finally get to read it Jeez this book blew me away I loved every happy and heartbreaking moment This book is definitely my favorite of the series by far There s not a single thing to say negative for me Gray was absolutely amazing I loved him to death Jazz was the same way I couldn t help but love that [...]

    15. Visit My Website Like Me on FacebookRating 4 out of 5 StarsPOV Hers His 3rd personNaughty Factor 6 out of 5Holy hot a guitar player Gray Duffy has always been the mysterious member of Oblivion In the previous books, he was alwys the reserved and quiet one Having never really completely bonded with the rest of the guys, he was always the reliable member that was solely focused on making music with the band but his true obsession is and always has been their drummer, Jazz.After the one night that [...]

    16. OMG This book was everything I was expecting and Since reading Rocked lost in Oblivian 1 I have been jonesing for Jazz and Gray s story and boy did these authors ever deliver.The authors flip between now and then past and Present but the change is well defined and the story easy to read, Gray Duffy has been in love with Jasmine Edwards almost since the first time he saw her Jasmine came to the Duff y s home as a foster child at the age of 14 and Gray was only 16 but these two just clicked There [...]

    17. What can I say this series ROCKS 5 ROCKER stars from this reader Lost In Oblivion has VERY FAST become one of my favorite rocker romance series Twisted is gritty and emotional and with just the perfect amount of angst to keep you GLUED to your kindle I couldn t stop and you dont even feel the length of the novel, because it is not short by any means But it s PERFECT AND, even though we do get our HEA, these two have story to tell The book is written in multiple POV and alternating between the p [...]

    18. I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross s performance is always stellar Each book gets better as they get to know the characters better I love the way each character shows the subtle nuances of emotions and moods as well as subtext in the story I would have missed had I just read the book I love the way these two work together I can t wait to listen to their next performance On Hold No LongerThis series must be listened to or read in order The first book i [...]

    19. I don t normally read new adult books but after accidentally stumbling onto the first book and falling in love with the characters, I had to learn about this talented band of misfits as the fumble their way to stardom But reading Gray and Jazz s story reminded me of all the reasons why I don t read the genre.I have no problems with the writing or the plot The authors are very talented and have done an amazing job orchestrating the series What bothers me most about the book is the content Living [...]

    20. I had forgotten how much I liked the first books in this series and reading Twisted has me dying for Love Jazz and Gray

    21. I m fence sitting on this one since I found this to be a bit of anaverage readGray and Jazz have shared a deep connection and loyalty to one another since their teens but due to circumstances and timing they never got to explore their relationship further beyond friendship and foster sibling status Now they re in a band, on the rise and up, Jazz is finally going to go after Gray but he is fighting his own demons namely addiction Although this was quite the engaging read, Gray and Jazz s story ju [...]

    22. I m just about twistedSo now we are meeting the newest members of Oblivion but you get the past present between Gray.Jazz and how those two formed such an amazing bond, and if you already read the first book you know some of the details and it will all start to make sense There was a huge back story as th what all happened after Jazz came to live with Gray when she was younger.So going back and forth was a great way to let us see this amazing bond and now you add in the rest of the band and it m [...]

    23. Wow What a fantastic love story I absolutely adore Gray and Jazz, I want them to make a million babies and have their perfect HEA I enjoyed the switch between the past and the present and how their past promised endless love More so, I found Gray s flaws to be endearing and gave him real character that made him relatable and oh so loveable The authors writing was seamlessly perfect and flowed flawlessly They gave the characters so much depth that made you invest your heart in them and root for t [...]

    24. At LastGray and Jazz got together at last after dancing around each other for a long time I like Gray from the first book when they were all introduced He is this mysterious quiet guy among all the craziness surrounding the band This book alternates between the present and the past Gray s drug addiction almost got him killed though I hope he learned his lesson Good story.

    25. I m reading this series behind I started on another series that kept mentioning these guys, whoops But I found them nowez I ve been missing out

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