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Giving It Up By Audra North,

  • Title: Giving It Up
  • Author: Audra North
  • ISBN: 9781619233157
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • She dominates his body and his mind but can he give up control without handing over his heart Pushing the Boundaries, Book 1If Beatrice Lawrence didn t know better, she d swear the universe is out to make sure she is totally, completely screwed It s not enough her family s restrictive rules drove her away from home at a young age She had to go and fall for a guy whose meShe dominates his body and his mind but can he give up control without handing over his heart Pushing the Boundaries, Book 1If Beatrice Lawrence didn t know better, she d swear the universe is out to make sure she is totally, completely screwed It s not enough her family s restrictive rules drove her away from home at a young age She had to go and fall for a guy whose mere presence heats her body like Death Valley.Except he seems to harbor a special brand of dislike, just for her He even seems intent on ruining one of her biggest wedding photography gigs by dodging every key shot to make a phone call.It s not that SWAT officer Warren Davis isn t attracted to Beatrice He is God, he is But between supporting his parents and helping raise his single mom sister s kid, there s no time to build a relationship.Besides, Beatrice is too innocent for some of his darker appetites Until she catches him on the phone with a professional Domme He must be crazy to let her talk him into hiring her instead Even crazier to risk letting their professional relationship get personal Product WarningsContains an out of her element, wannabe Domme who has no idea the power she wields, and a SWAT officer who can t wait to show her just how deeply he needs her command Buckle up and keep your safeword handy.
    Giving It Up She dominates his body and his mind but can he give up control without handing over his heart Pushing the Boundaries Book If Beatrice Lawrence didn t know better she d swear the universe is out to

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    1. I d heard about author Audra North before, and the male lead is a submissive SWAT guy Curiosity got the better of me Giving It Up fascinated me not only because of the seemingly dichotomous hero although there is no real conflict or connection between one s occupation and bedroom preferences but the other unexpected layers to this novel Warren s main conflict isn t about accepting his submissive side, as I expected, it s interpersonal drama Warren is responsible for his ill father, a sister who [...]

    2. This review is also posted at Dear Author dearauthor book reviews ovDear Ms North,When I saw the synopsis of your recent release, Giving It Up, I was intrigued A book exploring themes of Dominance and submission but without the extra trappings of a sex club dungeon sounded very appealing as did the idea of two characters that are wholly inexperienced in the world of this particular kink By no means am I an expert on the BDSM community but one thing I have learned is that at its core, it s a powe [...]

    3. I liked this I liked that it s a book about two people getting to know each other and themselves, and exploring the beginning of a BDSM relationship Certainly there could have been kink, and I think I would have liked to see a little than what we got, but ultimately it s a story about two people who are both very new to the idea of kink and D s so I did like what we got This is a very introspective book, and both characters go on a journey of self discovery throughout the course of the story W [...]

    4. I wasn t looking for a book to read when I stumbled across this one, reviewed by Heroes Heartbreakers One mention of subby SWAT guy and Audra North s name and I tossed everything aside and settled in Warren Davis is a different kind of hero, kind of like an alpha beta Who knew that was a thing In fact, his alpha tastic life is SO ALPHA adrenaline, responsibility, control that the poor guy needs to wind down And by wind down, I mean hunt down a dominatrix Whaaattt But have no fear, North weaves t [...]

    5. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.What is a girl to do when she overhears the crush of her dreams on the phone with Queen Dommes She tells him that she will do it, no need to hire a professional.The problem with that scenario is that Beatrice is green as grass and doesn t know what to do or how to act Thank goodness she knows the owner of Queen Dommes The best advice she s given Listen to the sub, take your cues from him and remember, safe, sane and consenua [...]

    6. So here s what s weird about this for a book that s ostensibly about kink, very little of it is what I would call kinky And maybe part of that is that I have read Some Things after almost two decades in fandom, but if you tell me that a book is about a woman acting as a domme for a man, I m not expecting massages and light paddling and some anal play But despite the fact that the book wasn t what I expected, I really liked this I liked what the book was actually about, which was people needing b [...]

    7. Fantastic book I love Audra North s writing already but this is probably the strongest of her books Great storytelling, emotional and it just worked.I will post a full review closer to the release date, but it was just completely up my alley Heroine comes from a repressive religious household and has a hard time expressing her desire and wants forcefully Hero is overwhelmed from years of over performing in order take care of his family Both the hero and heroine are afraid of rejection and riskin [...]

    8. 4,5 starsAnother day, another new to me author seems to be the theme in my 2016 reading Audra North fits that theme and is joining the league of new to me authors whose writing I immediately loved Though it took me a little while to wrap my head around Beatrice offering to be Warren s Domme when she had no experience in that at all and was pretending in the beginning I wasn t quite on board with the learning to be a Domme in a few days premise but North s writing and the way it clicked with me e [...]

    9. Giving It Up is a contemporary erotic romance novel with a BDSM tinge to it Sounds intriguing, but ultimately falls flat both in terms of a compelling romance and as erotica Warren Davis is a SWAT officer who is constantly in control His job demands total discipline and he is the head of his household, taking care of his sick father, worried mother, ne er do well sister, and teenage nephew Which is why he s looking for a woman to dominate him in the bedroom.Beatrice Lawrence is a photojournalist [...]

    10. What a great beginning of a new series This is the first Audra North book I ve read and I will definitely be reading of her works Warren Davis is a super hot SWAT officer He has a full plate taking care of his family mom, dad, sister and her son His responsibilities to his family even cost him his girlfriend He takes care of everyone else and doesn t do anything for himself He s known Beatrice for a bit and thinks she d never be interested in someone like him, so he puts that thought on a back [...]

    11. What is the most bourgeois safe word you d come up with if you needed one Bourgeois is the first thing I thought of when our sub was assigned his Bourgeois and cute LOL This review might be spoiling the story a little, so read at your own risk You know how you always read men, normally rich men, as the Dominants in BDSM relationships Well, Audra North has decided she s not having that Our Dominant isn t rich at all As a matter of fact, she s struggling with money, trying to pay for her grandmoth [...]

    12. Oh what an awful ending Don t worry, it s an HEA and everything s hunky dory It s just it was a pretty good book there for awhile Actually a far far better book than the cheesy generic cover The heroine used photography to gain insights into the truth about herself, to learn how others saw her, to reveal truths about her loved ones, and ultimately to give herself a new life It was fascinating.Plus she explored feminine nature versus nurture how to shed that good girl learned behavior that s muff [...]

    13. Giving it upBeatrice overhears him on a phone call with a female domme Coincidentally she needs some extra cash to help with her responsibility of caring for her grandmother What better way to earn some extra dimes than having hot sex with the man of your dreams Well may not be quite that simple While Davis may not know exactly what he desires, he knows what he doesn t want After being the responsible one on a daily basis caring for his family and always putting himself last, could it be so easy [...]

    14. Lightning review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksI wanted so much to like this book Because hello female photojournalist Domme and SWAT hero submissive But to be frank, I found it to be rather boring.I understand the connection between Beatrice and Warren Beatrice grew up in a household where she had very little control, while Warren is too busy running around taking care of everyone that he just wants to not be in control for a while However, their transformation Beatrice learning to take control [...]

    15. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I really rather enjoyed this book a slightly different take on an age old story and a good mix of romance and D s lite And I don t say lite in a belittling way, but in a not too intense way It examines the issue from a very different standpoint and I liked that a lot These were two intelligent, adults with messy lives, but at the same time with successful careers, and reasonably solvent They were to me equal, both positively [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars Warren is a SWAT team officer who has a thing for Beatrice, who is a photographer Problem is Warren s life is already pretty full if not spiraling out of control with all the responsibilities he carries He wants Beatrice but he thinks he will have no time for her and she will hate him for it Beatrice overhears him talking to a Domme about giving up control as a form of release from his stress.While I enjoyed the book, the storyline of Domme and sub could have been stronger Beatrice was [...]

    17. Everything about Audra North s Giving It Up suggests a sexy, erotica, romantic read From the image on the cover, to the name of the series Pushing Boundaries , to the tongue in cheek warning on the back cover that reads Contains an out of her element, wannabe Domme who has no idea the power she wields, and a SWAT officer who can t wait to show her just how deeply he needs her command Buckle up and keep your safeword handy Unfortunately the story wasn t all that sexy or erotic, and worst of all, [...]

    18. Really sexy emotional read And of course a sexually dominant somewhat heroine, so extra win there.I liked how things played out between them although X maybe I would ve liked it if I was in a different mood because I kinda page skimmed the really deep stuff just because of what I d been reading.I can see myself definitely re reading and getting into it .C

    19. 4.5 stars This was a surprise, a really good surprise With a hero who has responsibilities than he can handle and a heroine who has become a spectator in her own life, I wasn t entirely sure how the D s elements would work but I shouldn t have worried, because they work brilliantly Mostly because for me this isn t really a tale of dominance and submission, but rather one of a man s willing surrender and a woman s attempts to finally seize control.I liked Beatrice a lot She s so much stronger th [...]

    20. I had a love hate relationship with this story Though I m not a fan of BDSM, I was intrigued by the aspect of the female Domme and curious about the man who would seek out such a woman The story that unfolded wasunexpected.Beatrice and Warren know each other through mutual friends, but for whatever reason, they each believe that the other dislikes them This incorrect assumption has them avoiding each other and makes social settings awkward When Beatrice overhears Warren on the phone and realizes [...]

    21. Giving it Up is the first book I read by Audra North and definitely won t be my last It s a very emotional journey of two people trying to break free from all the jails life sometimes put us in.Warren is so damn tired of being in control all the time He works for SWAT in the bomb squad and also has to be there for his family big time, as they depend on him for many things The weight of those things are crushing him, he desperately needs some time for himself where he can give it up control to so [...]

    22. I really enjoy femdom romances there aren t enough good ones around in my humble opinion so I was looking forward to reading Giving It Up Unfortunately though I had a couple of problems with it and ended up just liking the book instead of loving it I did still enjoy it, just not as much as I was expecting to.Beatrice has fallen for handsome SWAT officer Warren Davis, but unfortunately he seems to dislike her and actively avoids her Warren is very attracted to Beatrice but due to family demands h [...]

    23. Since the abomination that is the Fifty Shades phenomenon, the romance genre has been glutted with BDSM, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff I liked this book about two novices exploring kink together Beatrice overhears the cop she s crushing on on the phone with a professional dominatrix service, and decides to offer her services instead Neither of them know what they re doing, but they find their way together by going slowly and by paying attention to each other If you re l [...]

    24. idk there were parts of this I really liked but parts I found incredibly frustrating I m not hot for SWAT and action manly man heroes so that really flat for me, and I felt like the BDSM sexual arc of the story was built up and then disappeared into average alpha male and the one woman who melts his heart meh The final sex scene was completely vanilla, and though there was a throwaway reference to their ongoing kink dynamic, I didn t get to see them exploring domination and submission as a comm [...]

    25. More about learning yourself than BDSM in and of itself.Beatrice and Warren know each other through friends but when Bea overhears a telephone conversation, their relationship changes drastically.Bea really isnt dominant but what she is willing to take control of their interactions when Warren feels overwhelmed by all his responsibilities.Despite being a SWAT police officer he is seemingly unable to delegate in his personal life, with family members relying on him and draining all his energy.Tow [...]

    26. This author has potential, she could be great, although not quite there yet.This book is entertaining and well written I enjoyed reading this book This is not a strictly D s, BDSM book, which I am grateful of It is sweet, passionate and heart felt.There are several scenes in the book that I felt, should have been dealt with differently The ending, the final grand gesture of winning the girl back, I felt it was corny, unnecessary and felt forced It didn t flow organically, and seem jarring and ou [...]

    27. I had such high hopes for this book because it s a rarity that the hero is the submissive However, I felt a bulk of the romance was showing rather than telling Beatrice s Nana kept telling her how different she seem, even though I didn t really feel it in the story Same with Warren I think I would have preferred less of a focus on Beatrice s family, since that wasn t really resolved or used much, and would have loved to have some interactions with Beatrice and Warren before she overhears his ph [...]

    28. The hero and heroine were really strong in this one, both overcoming past and present situations The hero is all alpha and growly except when he needs someone else to take control, so he can get a break The heroine is on the cusp of coming into her own confident, glorious and strong Watching these two figure it all out was so satisfying There was plenty of angst and some pretty hot Domme and male sub scenes with pretty mild equipment, not hard core at all They felt real I was rooting for their H [...]

    29. Good throughout in spite of some of the mirrored language between the protagonists povs, which flirted with pushing the message a bit too much Then it got to the end and it became a story written for the Hallmark channel with a conspicuous and staged grand gesture, ILY monologues, speeches about past hurts, and utter snappiness Killed the flow Kelly s real life snark and straight up ness provided a nice contrast coming as it did just before the rainbow section ETA oh yeah, I forgot about the D s [...]

    30. The story synopsis totally hooked me and I did enjoy the learning to be a domme angle I thought Beatrice was refreshing with her willingness to try new things and put herself in uncomfortable situations Warren I had a harder time appreciating Initially I was sympathetic to his plight, but the longer the story went on the I began to feel that he was whiny and playing the victim The two of them ended up in a good place, in my opinion it just took too long to get them there.

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