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A Comedy of Terrors By Michael Innes,

  • Title: A Comedy of Terrors
  • Author: Michael Innes
  • ISBN: 9780140100907
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Foxcroft family has gathered to discuss some problems of inheritance over tea, biscuits and murder It takes the genius of Detective Inspector John Appleby to sift through the clues and discover that perhaps there was no crime at all.
    A Comedy of Terrors The Foxcroft family has gathered to discuss some problems of inheritance over tea biscuits and murder It takes the genius of Detective Inspector John Appleby to sift through the clues and discover th

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    1. I found this, my first Michael Innes, received through the Crime Classics Review Club, a bit of a mixed bag The early chapters presented a group of insufferable people engaging in tedious and too clever by half conversation within a first person narrative Fortunately, with the arrival of Inspector Appleby on the scene, the narrative takes up the puzzle of the attempted murder, the tedious conversation recedes and the reader at least this one engages The device of airing the theories and prejudic [...]

    2. Belrive Priory, consisting of a mansion, park and medieval ruins, is surrounded by the noise and neon signs of its gaudy neighbours a cotton mill, a brewey and a main road Nevertheless, Arthur Ferryman is pleased to return for a whole family Christmas Will the head of the family sell to the mill owner or brewer The latter two plus a doctor are there too Inspector Appleby arrives on the scene when one of the family is shot in the study Full of false confessions and accusations, I defy you to solv [...]

    3. I was pleased to be given a free digital copy of this book by the Crime Classics Advanced Readers Club in return for an honest review, because I ve been a great fan of the Golden Age of crime writing since my school days a long time ago But despite owning several of Michael Innes novels in the original green and white Penguin format, have never actually read any Unfortunately I found this one very hard work and tedious in the extreme I was reminded of a piece of school literary criticism, which [...]

    4. Thank you to NetGalley and Ipso Books for the digital review copy.First published 1940,under this title in Britain, and in the US as A Comedy of Terrors , this is the sixth John Appleby Mystery.It is unusual in that it has a first person narrator, author Arthur Ferryman, who gives an account of the events surrounding the shooting of his cousin, Wilfred Foxcroft, at the family house, Belrive Priory, one Christmas.Belrive is full of relatives of the current owner, Sir Basil Roper, who is intent on [...]

    5. Having enjoyed two of Michael Innes Inspector Appleby novels last year Hamlet, Revenge and Lament for a Maker I was drawn to this one next, because I liked the title and thought it would be appropriate as we d had some snowy weather here recently Actually, although the novel is set during the Christmas period and there are a few mentions of snow, it doesn t have a particularly wintry feel and could be read at any time of year.It begins with our narrator, Arthur Ferryman, arriving at a family gat [...]

    6. Like many, I enjoy detective novels written by 20th century authors from the description and the excellent cover I expected an exciting read Originally published in 1940, and part of a series of books about Inspector Appleby, this is the story of a relatively well to do family coming together at Christmas They seem a little eccentric and rather idiosyncratic and there are many opportunities for them to grumble and gripe at each other Things come to a head when someone is shot, just before dinner [...]

    7. I read about this book in an overview of some period mysteries with unusual elements, so when I saw it at NetGalley I requested it at once thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity.I enjoyed it overall, though it s a mixed bag of elements I don t see often enough a rare whodunnit and elements I loathe at one point Appleby is horrifyingly unprofessional, and everyone is veddy blas about it.Most of the country manor characters are present and much of the type, so you may love or ha [...]

    8. The book is interesting even if it is a bit slow The characters are interesting but it takes quite a long time before the action starts.I m a fan of Golden Age mystery but it took quite an effort to keep on reading and sometimes had to go back in order to see if I understood everything.Quite a good book but it did not age well and it is an interesting picture of an era than an engaging mystery.Many thanks to Ipso Books and Netgalley

    9. Classic British with all the elements you would expect several twists Appleby falls somewhere between the lower class I know people the upper class I will solve this with my knowledge of Greek and Latin detectives of the period One thing I personally love is having to look up words made especially easy in the ebook format Great fun and one of a considerable series AKA A Comedy of Terrors

    10. This is a reprint of a classic mystery from the golden age This is my first but not my last Michael Innes book, what took me so long If you enjoy a trip back to the thirties to visit with a slightlyeccentric family and solving of a mystery with numerous twists you ll like this book I did, classics in my future.

    11. Again Michael Innes does not disappoint, his books are of the era and very unusual storylines They do take a while to get into them, but once immersed they really are hard to put down, this one is no different and whiles some of the twist and turns were predictable, it provides entertainment to the end

    12. A reunion of the eccentric Ropers and Foxcrofts in Belrive Priory brought about target shooting, painting with mirrors, the question of inheritance, chapterizations and basically everyone pointing suspicion to each other in turn in the case of the shooting incident in the study I m really starting to like Innes countryhouse mysteries with its wacky characters.

    13. This is my first by this author It had a tedious beginning, but I am glad I stuck with it Enjoyed the solving by discussion I received an Advance Reviewer copy from Crime Classics The opinions are my own.

    14. A Comedy of Terrors by Michael Innes 1st published 1940 is another of my vintage mysteries I always look forward to reading a Innes novel His writing is a little off beat and humorous, but almost always smooth and satisfying When I opened up A Comedy of Terrors, I was beginning to think I had picked up the wrong book This has one of the slowest, most convoluted opening chapters of any Innes novel I ve read so far Fortunately I hung in there and in chapter two he righted himself and we were well [...]

    15. Originally published on my blog here in July 1998.There Came Both Mist and Snow is another early Appleby novel, one which reads almost like a spoof of the crime genre.The story is narrated by Arthur Ferryman, a literary author who goes to stay with his cousin, Basil Roper, at his mansion Belrive Priory This was originally in the countryside, but is now surrounded by a manufacturing town the ruins of the medieval priory are now lit up at night by a huge neon sign advertising Cudbird s Brewery.As [...]

    16. Innes, Michael A COMEDY OF TERRORS 1940 This is one of the early Sir John Appleby mysteries, and takes place at a country estate the Belrive This estate, aside from the manor house, also contains an acient priory and church, and is the valuable property of the Ropers A semi formal family gathering has been called The entertainment scheduled for the event is target pistol shooting Each of the arriving family members is provided with a pistol and allowed to practice on the range that is on the pr [...]

    17. Arthur Ferryman heads out to Belrive Priory for a family gathering of his cousins, nephews and nieces only to find his relatives seem to have taken up pistol shooting as a new sport A shooting range has been built on the grounds for the sport, and Arthur watches as his relatives and 2 businessmen from the town make sport of shooting at targets on the range.Inspector Appleby has been invited to dinner but no sooner does he ring the doorbell, when a servant girl cries out that Basil Roper, Baron o [...]

    18. I quite enjoyed this Appleby mystery.Again it is full of literary references I loved how Appleby s Watson is a poke at Aldous Huxley and all those earnest ridiculously pointless conversations that were the norm in 20s 30s social novels It is a bit of a romp through Stewart s feelings towards late 30s mystery, as well as social situation English novels It does help to have these as a background to fully appreciate his acid wit.I knew the title would be important in the solution was annoyed my onl [...]

    19. Another mystery set in an English country house during Christmas I am addicted to this subgenre This one has a very slow start as it provides psychological sketches of all the family members as seen through the eyes of a literary bachelor uncle, and the point of the novel is about the interactions of the family of intellectual eccentrics This novel is definitely about the journey than the answer to the mystery, and some readers may think the ending something of a cheat.

    20. All good sleuthing fun Country house, gathering of the clan, shooting, no fatalities Everybody has a theory The narrator is Arthur, a bewildered onlooker, whose words I can hear Brian Sewell reading in my mind, and he s anxious that there be no scandal The vulgar businessman is really quite clever The arty people are, well, arty Appleby, of course clears it all up with one of the most unlikely solutions ever imagined.

    21. A fun mystery with a young Inspector Appleby I haven t been able to pinpoint any literary pastiche this time but maybe I just don t recognize it but the there are plenty of suspects and motives which kept me guessing up to the very end.

    22. Actually 3 and a half stars, but I round up Cute, very fun and funny, drawing room mystery with many interesting characters and a wonderful twist at the end Very witty and well written.

    23. Great to read a book with does due justice to the English language and literature A Don at Oxford in my era, and didn t know he wrote crime books.

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