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Murder in Miniature By Margaret Grace,

  • Title: Murder in Miniature
  • Author: Margaret Grace
  • ISBN: 9780425219805
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A MINIATURE MYSTERY First in a big new series Geraldine Porter thought that being the chairwoman of the local Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair would give her leisure time to spend on her favorite craft That was before a fellow miniatures afficionado is suspected of murder, leaving Gerry to prove the woman s innocence or die trying.
    Murder in Miniature A MINIATURE MYSTERY First in a big new series Geraldine Porter thought that being the chairwoman of the local Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair would give her leisure time to spend on her favorite craft T

    One thought on “Murder in Miniature”

    1. Murder in Miniature is the first book in the A Miniature Mystery Series, and although it was a good book, i can t say that I am climbing the walls looking for book two The story was fine, and I enjoyed the details of the miniatures world, but something about it made it difficult for me to read.Maybe it was having grandma as the heroine, but I don t think it was that, but no matter how I tried i just could not relate to this book.Geraldine is a grandma who lost her husband two years ago, and gets [...]

    2. murder on Miniature by Margaret Grace is the first book in A Miniature Mystery series retired English teacher and miniaturist, Geraldine Porter, is phoned in the middle of the night by a friend to be picked up at an abandoned gas station Shortly after this the police find a woman shot dead at the same place I found this book very slow and confusing I have loved the other series by the same author but this one seemed to drag Geraldines involvement in trying to solve the murder was tenuous and the [...]

    3. Geraldine Gerry Porter is concerned when her friend Linda disappears from a craft show She s even concerned when Linda turns up in the middle of the night near the scene of a murder and refuses to talk about what happened to her I loved the characters, except for Linda Just could not stand her The plot was decent if slow at the beginning.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    4. Oh, look, Murder She Wrote only instead of being a writer, the retired teacher with deceased husband in a small town works with miniatures.Actually that s not a good analogy because I like Murder She Wrote I never really bonded with the characters and there was nothing else to keep me hooked, the mystery itself was mediocre.This is probably a book that only fans of contemporary gimicky mysteries written in the first person would like.

    5. Margaret Grace writes well, however, I had a little trouble getting interested in her characters, the mystery was acceptable While I would not rush out to buy a second in the series, I would probably buy it in paperback form if I was searching for something to read.

    6. This was a bit too cheesy for me I learned about the Grandmother grand daughter dynamic than the characters in the murder.

    7. This mystery series is new to me The writing is very good, which is always a big plus Also, I like the main character A perfect book for reading on the bus.

    8. This was a fun, crafty read Delightful.Gerry Porter, retired, loves to make rooms and buildings in miniature scale Her ten year old granddaughter, Maddie, is visiting Gerry s friend, Linda, also makes dollhouses and has gotten herself in a pickle She was at the scene of the crime and around the time of the murder Gerry and Maddie went to pick her up that night, but Linda won t say what she was doing out there So that leabes Gerry to figure it out.

    9. I enjoyed the plot and some of the secondary characters but Gerry was hit or miss with me and some of the others really irritated me Not sure if I ll read the rest of the series or not.

    10. its ok, her husband died, she does minatures as a hobby her friend that she really doesnt like dont we all have those took off during a show, called her after midnite, she takes her grandaughter in the car to some seedy location to pick her up and she wouldnt say why she was there then there as a dead body found there she told her nephew the cop she was there the granddaughter picked up that it was the janitors truck on the survelance camera tape the lady from teh fair adopted son is always in t [...]

    11. Widowed Geraldine Porter is a retired high school English teacher and owner of a classic Eichler style home Gerry makes miniature scenes, rooms, and accessories for doll houses and at the beginning of the story is helping to run a weekend dollhouse and miniatures fair During the fair her table mate goes missing and calls Gerry for a ride at 3 am When the pickup place later turns out to be the scene of a murder Gerry tries to figure out what Linda may have gotten herself involved in With the assi [...]

    12. Writing as Margaret Grace, Camille Minichino has crafted a delightful cozy mystery featuring the craft of miniatures Geraldine Gerry Porter, a widow and retired teacher, devotes her time to creating tiny rooms and dollhouses At a local craft fair, one of Gerry s friends Linda is acting stranger than usual After picking up her friend in the middle of the night at a deserted gas station, Gerry discovers that a woman was murdered right there at that gas station With the help of her visiting grandda [...]

    13. Murder in Miniture Grace, Margaret A First in new series Geraldine Porter, a recently retired high school English teacher in a small northern California town, has time now to spend on her lifelong hobby building dollhouses and miniature scenes Before the doors open to the crafts fair that Geraldine has organized, there s a snag in the program Geraldine s friend and fellow crafter, Linda, has failed to appear at her post Also missing is the last piece of furniture Linda painstakingly built a min [...]

    14. I enjoyed this first in a series Geraldine Gerry is a fun character, has deep feelings for her friends and family and gets involved in a murder or two through no fault of her own The descriptions of how she and her friends design and build miniature houses and rooms is fascinating I don t have the patience to even attempt doing it but have an admiration for those who can do that kind of detailed work.It was a good mystery I sorta guessed who dunnit and I liked the characters so I ll be reading [...]

    15. I d been trying to figure out why there hadn t been any new Periodic Table mysteries by Camille Minichino and discovered she was writing a 2nd series under the name of Margaret Grace This is the 1st and it s a nice little cozy of the craft sub genre You can enjoy the adventures of widowed, retired English teacher Geraldine without being interested in miniatures, but if this is your hobby, the series will really appeal to you She s a Bay Area writer Good offering for someone who s cooped up in be [...]

    16. I love my cozy mysteries as well as proper mysteries and this is one of the better crafts based ones I have read Geraldine Gerry is not quite as naive as some of her younger compatriots, which is refreshing Yes she still does some silly things, like withholding evidence until she figures out what she s going to do but she does actually use her brain over her heart emotions 80% of the time Her granddaughter Madison is a spunky one too.

    17. I truly didn t care for this book at all I was never able to connect with any of the characters, so I didn t really care what happened with them The writing was fine and the story moved fairly well, although it felt like it was dragging because I wasn t enjoying reading it The premise struck me as very convoluted, once I knew the solution, and not believable Definitely won t be reading any further in the series.

    18. This book was full of miniature fun and has my fingers itching to make miniatures again Set in the small town of Lincoln Point the book is also full of all things Abraham Lincoln including some interesting quotes Geraldine Porter and her granddaughter solve crimes, eat lots of wonderful food, and make some miniatures The characters are fun to read about and putting it all together makes for a great cozy mystery.

    19. Enjoyed the style of writing like she was just sharing this tale with a friend There really wasn t much mystery to it I liked the depth of character for the family relationships, but all the others seemed a little flat The pace and setting were good, but when I finished I just felt like I wanted a little mystery suspense.

    20. I really wanted to like it but found it very boring it took a long time for me to get into but I did like how all the theives were caught, and I adored maddie I felt no women could possibly be as clueless as linda I really did not care who killed jason s mother, and they did not give enough information about chuck.

    21. The main character in this new series is a crafty miniaturist The story is built around this interesting hobby And around her Eichler home, a gem of a mid century architectural style with an atrium mid house The mystery is well done and in a new twist a visiting grand daughter helps Geraldine figure out whats going on in this small California town I m looking forward to the next saga.

    22. The only reason I picked up this book is because the AAUW summer mystery group read it last year during the month that I missed and I wanted to see what it was about I can t believe I persisted and read it all the way through It had to be the most boring murder mystery I ve ever read Do yourself a favor and pass this one by.

    23. Read for 02.2015 Cozy Mystery Corner BotM.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    24. Easy read Nice puzzle of a mystery little too simplistic in the reasoning but overall enjoyable A bathtub book, pick it up, put it down you don t get grabbed by the characters and yanked into the book.

    25. I really enjoy this series of cozy mysteries The relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter is fun to read about This book had less of that then most but was still good I also like dollhouses, miniatures and learning how they use household items to make things to scale.

    26. I haven t quite figured out what went wrong I liked the stuff about the miniatures There was good preceding suspense But I got just over 50% with the book and just gave up with it I can only think that the writing style just didn t suit me.

    27. This was a pretty typical cozy mystery I enjoyed it The plot development was a little slow while the author focused on character development I enjoyed the grandma granddaughter relationship It is a series worth continuing.

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