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No Comebacks By Frederick Forsyth,

  • Title: No Comebacks
  • Author: Frederick Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9780099228516
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deception, blackmail, murder, revenge these are the themes of stories that move from London to the coast of Spain, from Mauritius to Dublin to Dordogne Whether his subject is assassination by stealth, the cruel confidence trick or the cold shock of coincidence, Frederick Forsyth is never less than compulsive, the detail always authentic.Ten stories with the master s touDeception, blackmail, murder, revenge these are the themes of stories that move from London to the coast of Spain, from Mauritius to Dublin to Dordogne Whether his subject is assassination by stealth, the cruel confidence trick or the cold shock of coincidence, Frederick Forsyth is never less than compulsive, the detail always authentic.Ten stories with the master s touch a brilliantly readable first collection by an incomparable craftsman of suspense.
    No Comebacks Deception blackmail murder revenge these are the themes of stories that move from London to the coast of Spain from Mauritius to Dublin to Dordogne Whether his subject is assassination by stealth

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    1. If I had to introduce young people to the joy of reading, this is probably one of the books I d highly recommend Compelling stories, all masterfully crafted and well written by a smooth literary hand that never eases up the excitement There s a reason why Frederick Forsythe is one of the kings of thrillers This book has ten examples of that.Don t take my word for it Here read a sample of the first story and decide for your own selfazon No Comebacks Fr

    2. This is one of the best books ever written I absolutely love The Emperor This book left me hungering for another short story fest with Mr Forsyth but alas it was not to be I have read this book many times and find old hardcover copies to give as gifts.

    3. I have never been a fan of the short story I picked this up and was hooked on page one All the stories are excellent and no two are the same I would highly recommend this book The story called The Emperor will be one that stays with me a for years.

    4. This book languishes in the book collection of our beach house and this weekend I reread it again It is generally difficult for me to rate a collection of short stories because their quality can vary from excellent to dismal Duty and Sharp Practice are my least favourite stories but Privilege and A Careful Man are rare and precious gems that should be used as examples of how short stories should be written My best quote comes from Privilege, when the judge looks at the complainant and thinks, Yo [...]

    5. This read was a surprise for me A friend bought this book, originally published in 1972, at a library book sale and gave it to me Just glancing at the cover I determined this wouldn t be the kind of book I would normally read, figuring it was a kind of who dunnit read But am working through the 30 books unread on my bookshelf and chose this one this week.What a lovely surprise as I discovered this to be a book of 10 short stories, most about crime and whether it pays or not and a few that were [...]

    6. These ten stories keep you on the edge of the chair throughout, nail biting suspense,always with a twist at the end.My favorites Money with Menaces and Used in Evidence absolutely fantastic No spoilers here

    7. A great collection of short stories each with a unique twist at the end In true Frederick Forsyth tradition, each short has , good plot pacing and wonderful descriptions Would certainly like to read short stories by this author.

    8. No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth 4.5 5 Stars Forsyth is a master on the same level as Wilber Smith when it comes to being a raconteur of tales In the same was a Smith, he picks an area of the word he knows best for this set of short stories an pulls the reader in from the first paragraph Of the ten short stories, I actually have three favorites and a fourth that I loved although it has a slight flaw which may never have been pointed out in previous reviews First, a bit about my three favorites [...]

    9. My absolute favorite collection of short stories and a great accomplishment by the author All the stories herein succeeds in keeping the interest, twisting and surprising, while staying on the right side of disbelief No one will read this one and then fail to mention No snakes in Ireland , which is wonderful, but there are 9 great ones as well Recommended for reading aloud also

    10. I m a real sucker for short stories and this book did not let me down These I found were Forsyth at his writing best with some great lines and plenty of wit in some of the tales from the retired bomb disposal officer to the wealthy underworld entrepreneur gangster the characters are splendid and believable concoctions from Forsyth s imagination A good book.

    11. This book includes four short stories by Frederick Forsyth No ComebacksThere are some daysA Careful ManSharp PracticeIt was very short and easy for me to understand the plots so I could read it very quickly even when I was too tired to do anything.

    12. A collection of wonderful, unforgettable short stories Some, like the title story, appear to be studies or sketches for full length novels Others, such as Used in Evidence, are perfect gems, with nothing to be added.

    13. All the krimi stories were really impressive with surprising end But two last A Careful Man and Sharp Practice weren t really krimis and I knew from the beginning how this story ends.

    14. Verdict Not Recommended This is a collection of 10 short stories themed around deceit and revenge and blackmail as the cover of the book suggests But only 3 of them caught my attention and lived up to the claim No Comebacks, There are no Snakes in Ireland and Used in Evidence are indeed compulsive and surprising The detail did not work in the author s favor, at least not for me Going through 25 pages of pointless detail, only to not be surprised by the ending, leaves you disappointed.

    15. Can t possibly explain how much I enjoyed reading this book Read it during a very difficult and dreary time few pages everyday after too much of mental exhaustion, and it has been a great relief There are very few books, this included, that give you the feeling of pure enjoyment.The first story alone, though I enjoyed the rest, deserves five stars.

    16. An excellent collection of short stories by Mr Frederick Forsyth, all loaded with intrigue and ending with fiendishly clever plot twists The ending of the opening and titular story has arguably the most shocking and gut wrenching ending of them all IMHO, the most satisfying are The Emperor a bit of The Old Man and the Sea meets The Taming of the Shrew for lack of a better analogy and Privilege it s great to see an uppity, seemingly untouchable mainstream media journalist get his comeuppance and [...]

    17. I thought these ancient short stories were really good Nothing incredible, even a bit pat Three short stories are collected here, each tightly wound with tension, logic and suspense Set in Britain, Forsyth s investigations dwell upon the fine art of planned homicide Plots are built carefully a protagonist is introduced and defined, a motive is created, and events ensue with moribund rigor The title story focuses on playboy Mark Sanderson, a man who liked women, perhaps to a fault He falls for a [...]

    18. I put this done for several years So there must have been something missing in the first few stories in this collection Because at least six of the last 7 were just terrific I only exclude the last story because it was a little predictable.The other stories had such a reminiscent flavor of O Henry, who I read many years ago He uses a similar turn of irony in these stories.If I have a favorite story, and I m not sure that I do, it may be Used in Evidence In this story, a man is smeared in the Sun [...]

    19. An OK read, really Mr Forsyth tries to shove the twist in the end plot twist in every damn story, Thing is, it works with some and fails miserably with others Case in example being that story of the judge getting conned It was so plain obvious the priest wasn t who he was and that the other dude was playing him but the author had to drag the reader into an unnecessary court room scene and then the equally flat anti climax Pick this book if you are broke at a second hand mart to satiate that mont [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book I believe that anyone would enjoy you can short stories even if they are not spy enthusiasts Each story has its own unique setting and characters all of them completely believable and Each story ends with a twist the reader could not imagine I highly recommend this book.

    21. Really good, really quick read The book consists of 10 short stories, most involving some form of revenge Every story kept my attention, and the writing was clear and interesting.My favorite story, by far, is Privilege.The book is clever, and definitely worth a read.

    22. GFrederick Forsyth is one of my favorite authors This is a book of short stories, not my favorite favorite literary form These stories were Forsythian Favrian is to football what Forsythian is to literature Both men are at the top of their game Brett, that one was for you.

    23. I started this one but didn t get to finish it However these stories, written largely in the 1970 s, are a LOT of fun Very exciting read I will finish this one soon, I hope Tip Check out Forsyth s The Afghan and The Veteran.

    24. The title story is without doubt one of the best short stories ever writtens a whole new meaning to the term down to the wire

    25. the first short story in the book, no comebacks will stun you, well, you cant stop reading the others after the 1st one

    26. The unforgettable No Snakes in Ireland and other equally good ones one has come to expect from Forsyth.No snakes in Ireland especially remains in memory due to its twists and turns on a story of a person ridiculed and humiliated beyond endurance planning and executing a scheme to frighten and humiliate someone much larger, stronger and a bully in his own land, with a surprise and a fright the surprise however is an element that weaves its own course what with a live snake being involved, and whi [...]

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