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Here and Now By Cheryl Etchison,

  • Title: Here and Now
  • Author: Cheryl Etchison
  • ISBN: 9780062471062
  • Page: 244
  • Format: ebook
  • The Rangers of the 1st 75th fight hard, train hard and play hard They are physically strong and mentally tough, disciplined and courageous But all their military training hasn t prepared them for falling in love.Former Ranger Medic Lucky James feels right at home working long night shifts in the ER, but less so during the day, when his college classes are filled with fliThe Rangers of the 1st 75th fight hard, train hard and play hard They are physically strong and mentally tough, disciplined and courageous But all their military training hasn t prepared them for falling in love.Former Ranger Medic Lucky James feels right at home working long night shifts in the ER, but less so during the day, when his college classes are filled with flirtatious co eds When his 19 year old chem lab partner shows up at his work with dinner for her Lucky, he quickly enlists the help of Rachel Dellinger, a nurse and fellow third shift vampire.Rachel is a people pleaser at heart, but she s finally decided enough is enough when it comes to her on again, off again boyfriend When Lucky begs Rachel to help him ward off the advances of his teenager pursuer, she blackmails him into helping move her things out of the apartment she shared with her ex into a place all her own.From there a friendship is born between two people just trying to make it through the night Neither are living in the past or planning for the future Until one day changes everything.
    Here and Now The Rangers of the st th fight hard train hard and play hard They are physically strong and mentally tough disciplined and courageous But all their military training hasn t prepared them for fall

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    1. I fell in love with author Cheryl Etchison s writing style and the way she can pen a romance novel The lady is truly amazing when it comes to Military Romance Here and Now is the second installment in the American Valor series, and readers we are back again with the 75th Ranger Regiment This time it s former Ranger Medic Lucky James to find romance with the woman that s his happily ever after Rachel Dellinger is the lucky lady who claims Lucky s heart Ever since they were in high school together [...]

    2. What a diamond in the rough I found On a whim, I picked up Cheryl Etchison s Here and Now, the second book in her American Valor series I didn t read the first book, but from reading the synopsis, it appeared to me that I didn t have to read the first book to understand what was going on in the second book It certainly didn t hinder my entertainment Rachel Dellinger has gotten herself into a rut of a life By happenstance, she s ended up living with her boyfriends, one right after the other, and [...]

    3. I am enjoying this American Valor series about former Army Rangers coming home and trying to find their way after years serving their country Lucky was a medic with the Ranger battalion for twelve years and decided to leave the army to enroll in college classes in preparation for med school at the age of 30 Rachel is a nurse and was the sister of a good friend of Lucky s, who joined the military right out of high school, and within months, died in combat Rachel blamed Lucky for his death.Lucky a [...]

    4. There were so many things I like about this book Lucky, first and foremost , but I just could not bring myself to like Rachel I wanted to, having grown up in a poor and struggling household myself But this chick is so selfish First, she hits Lucky with her truck and tries to blame him Then their relationship is all about her, her, her She dates a man who treats him, her best friend, like shit on a daily basis, even when he tells her it hurts him After he chooses not to have sex with her when she [...]

    5. I freaking LOVE this series, and Here and Now was SO good I originally skipped over this book in order to get to Michael s story From the Start , who is the older brother from the first book in the series Once and For All I ll just confess that for whatever reason, I really wasn t that interested in reading Lucky s story WHAT WAS I THINKING Lucky and Rachel may be my favorite couple of the series so far Ms Etchison, please, please tell me there will be from this series Having known each other g [...]

    6. Find this review and at Ramblings From This ChickHere and Now is the second book in the American Valor series by Cheryl Etchison I am really loving this series, and am becoming a huge fan of Cheryl s This series is emotional and both stories so far have been so good that I couldn t put either one of them down If you are a contemporary fan and love military heroes, this series is a must read Former Ranger Medic Lucky James is adjusting to civilian life and has decided to work nights in the ER wh [...]

    7. I don t think any of us have trouble understanding the difficulties facing those who return from war, but Cheryl Etchison brings a story that is all about moving forward, and avoiding glances in the rearview mirror Lucky is a former Ranger, a medic for his unit After his military career ends, he s decided to return to school while working 3rd shift at the local hospital Not interested in much than getting through his next set of tasks, he s slowly reintegrating into civilian life If only his cl [...]

    8. Lucky James is not your average college students for 1, he is 29 years old and an Army Ranger veteran, but when he left the 7th Ranger Regiment, he didn t think about the years of schooling ahead of him or the age difference between him and the other students but also going from the adrenaline rush of protecting his brothers at arms from life or death situations to being a almost 30 year old college student and a ER tech But the one person he crashed into literally was than likely the one perso [...]

    9. SERIES American Valor 2This is my second book by Cheryl Etchison and though I didn t enjoy it as much as the first one, it was still amazing I thought it was wonderful to have Lucky and Rachel be friends first and real friends, not just people who have the hots for each other but hide it Though they each find the other attractive, their friendship is real and builds naturally as it progresses into something I also loved the scene when Lucky admits his feelings to Rachel because he makes things [...]

    10. Totally in love with Lucky Cheryl really captured the struggles military go through when returning to civilian life Having been living with my husband going through this, this past year, it really touched me This is definitely a stand a lone but read her Once and for All as well You can t miss it

    11. Lucky James and Rachel Dellinger are two people trying to move from one path to another and finding it really difficult to take each step Lucky is using his GI Bill to become a doctor and struggling with the age difference, and releasing the indelible print the military left on his psyche He loves being home but something is not fitting together as it should and he needs to figure out what that is, because right now he is thinking it might be Rachel While Rachel is trying to move away from a rel [...]

    12. ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review Here and Now is a book that hooks you from the very first word and carries you right on through the story until the end It s a book I read in one sitting because I couldn t bring myself to put down and leave it behind The characters and story were unique, interesting, and realistic And not only that, but reading this book made me long for my own Oklahoma hometown, and the towns I used to visit, some of which were mentioned in thi [...]

    13. Lucky and Rachel had a bit of rough start, but soon became really good friends as they are both starting a new phase of their lives Pretty soon they are spending their working and non working hours together and it seemed like they became a couple without almost without them noticing it, except that is was strictly platonic Or at least it was until it wasn t Lucky has always had a thing for Rachel, but after a moment of weakness brings them together intimately and a misunderstanding has Rachel se [...]

    14. Originally posted on From the TBR Pile I thought this was an enjoyable second chance romance Lucky and Rachel both have a lot of demons to work through Rachel struggles with her parents as Lucky struggles with adjusting to the normal world after being in the Army for so long His struggle with adjusting came across as very real His frustration at having so much medical training from the Army that he can t use in the civilian world was also a reality and unfair The couple was cute together and I l [...]

    15. Lucky is having a hard time adjusting to civilian life He loves his work at the hospital but adjusting to college at 30 isn t how he imagined His one saving grace is his friendship with Rachel, his 3rd shift co worker Rachel can t seem to stay away from Lucky and she lays down tons of rules to avoid getting hurt again The chemistry between Lucky and Rachel is so far off the charts it s like the 4th of July every time they re near each other I love that Lucky is sexy, protective and unique in the [...]

    16. i enjoyed reading this book It has a military hero who is at a crossroad in his career and while Lucky is visiting home he gets re acquainted with Rachel, a nurse who blamed him for her brother s death This is the 2nd story in the American Valor series and I did not read book 1 The couple from that book was back for an appearance in this one so I m sure people who read book 1 will be happy to see how they are doing I liked Rachel and Lucky and sympathized with their career decisions and the deat [...]

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