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Cease and Desist By Nenia Campbell,

  • Title: Cease and Desist
  • Author: Nenia Campbell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Michael and Christina are back in the explosive conclusion to the IMA series The IMA is an international group of mercenaries who deal in blood the way other businessmen deal in oil or diamonds There is no commodity they will not provide and now, their operations have expanded to include human trafficking Public enemies of the IMA are disappearing, and when they re fouMichael and Christina are back in the explosive conclusion to the IMA series The IMA is an international group of mercenaries who deal in blood the way other businessmen deal in oil or diamonds There is no commodity they will not provide and now, their operations have expanded to include human trafficking Public enemies of the IMA are disappearing, and when they re found again they re in third world brothelsor dead AMI was created as a foil to the IMA s efforts everything the IMA stands for, AMI is against Everyone in the group has something to lose and the only goal that unites them is the desire for the death of the IMA s leader Adrian Callaghan But when one of AMI s operatives turns up dead, both Christina and Michael are forced to go undercover to infiltrate Adrian Callaghan s seediest venture yet This time, it s personal.
    Cease and Desist Michael and Christina are back in the explosive conclusion to the IMA series The IMA is an international group of mercenaries who deal in blood the way other businessmen deal in oil or diamonds There

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    1. I LOVED THIS.The fourth and final book in The IMA series delivered in spades We ve waited a long time for this, but don t worry, it picks up like it was yesterday and doesn t let up until the last page If you re not sure how things were left in book 3, then maybe refresh your memory But to give you a quick rundown Michael and Christina are heading up The AMI, an organization they spearheaded in response to the IMA s fall into depravity All thanks to the sociopathic Adrian Callaghan, now in charg [...]

    2. Holy Moley 4.5 stars Absolutely the best book of the series Every time I thought that Christina and Michael had the upper hand, Adrian seemed to be two steps ahead of them It made for some intense reading And I loved every minute of it Although I hated him, Adrian Callaghan was an insane genius mastermind.The way that Adrian met his end finally was at once satisfying and heartbreaking Why Nenia Why you do me like that So upset right now That ending though Any chance I could see what is in the me [...]

    3. 4 hope is the worst evil of all stars ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for a fair honest review Thank you, Nenia First let me start off by saying how much I absolutely LOVED this series Michael and Christina are one of my FAVORITE power couples My favorite part of this book, as with all of the other books in the series, is the seriously funny and often sexual banter that our hero and heroine partake in This book had it all love, sex, murder, action, torture, revengee list is endless The [...]

    4. This is book 4 in Nenia Campbell s IMA series I would advise reading books 1 3 before reading this one By doing so you will get a good idea of the character development, especially Michaels and Christina s.Cease and Desist picks up where Locked and Loaded left off.Michael and Christina have left IMA and are in the infancy of their own organization called The AMI If you read the previous books in the series you will know who Callaghan is, the head of the IMA , and why Michael and Christina s sole [...]

    5. 3.5 starsAll lines are gray in the dark.The fourth and final book in the IMA series, Cease and Desist continues the story of Michael and Christina If you read the first in the series, you ll know that our couple had a bit of a dubious start Michael kidnapped Christina Through the books they have quite the journey, hate, love, death, violence, sacrifice, and turmoil While this book carries forward the action plot with Christina and Michael still battling against the IMA and namely a sadistic trul [...]

    6. This ARC was generously provided by the author for an honest review Please fasten your seat belts and place your trays in the up right position, for this explosive, action packed, novel What comes to mind when I say espionage assassins mercenariesxrder Nenia Campbell takes you on one hell of a thrill ride, you re literally clinging to the edge of your seat The name Michael Boutilier use to instill fear, causing fellow colleagues at IMA to tremble at the sound while others pissed themselves Out m [...]

    7. yeah i know there is no blurb or official details on this book but that doesn t stop my excitement i mean it s Michael and Christina for lords sake one of my FAVORITE couples of ALL TIME they are AMAZING together and i get MORE CAN T WAIT write as fast as you can, Nenia now i m gonna just share a picke i always do D pdoesn t he just looks absolutely edible with that smile lol.

    8. Nenia Cambell is a fantastic author She knows how to write a book which is impossible not to like Her writing, her characters, her quotes everything put together is the creation of a master piece.The IMA is one of my favourite series out there I think it is what initially got me in to reading romantic suspense, there s just something about the crazy action filled settings that really get me I am a sucker for some badass characters with a badass romance There is love even for the wicked right I h [...]

    9. I m not judging you, sweetheart All lines are grey in the dark OK UM holy shit I m sorry about the profanity, but the IMA series has left me in a state of severe emotional turmoil The last time I was this WRECKED over a book was when Sirius Black fell through the veil in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix A part of me is truly devastated it has taken me so long to read this series Another part of me is beyond grateful I was spared the torture of waiting for the release of each book Books [...]

    10. 2.5 Stars from me What the f k kind of ending was THAT Even worse than a cliffy AND, to make matters worse, the author says this is the last ever book What the hell There was absolutely no closure at all, good or bad Lots of unanswered questions It felt like the author just gave up and stopped writing Not very happy I wish I could have rated this book higher, but the start was sooo slow and it did tend to ramble on about nothing A LOT Random thoughts about Christina s past, where she would have [...]

    11. You can spend your entire life making reparation for a single mistake.I feel emotionally drained after finishing this book After 4 books I ve grown so attached to Michael and Christina and to see them suffer so much was not easy Let me tell you, this book is not for the faint of heart, expect torture, rape, body mutilations and I feel like some readers might find certain things to be too much , but I think after 4 books we learned what to expect from Nenia Campbell, and let me tell you her shad [...]

    12. Ok, I want to start by saying I really liked this couple Their journey throughout this series was quite an adventure We got to see Michael and Christina really be a couple and show their love in this book I loved that they both were still affected by the events of the first book This was a very realistic portrayal of these characters The writing was absolutely stellar and I want that to be stressed It s not common to find books where the writing has such high quality I have to address the events [...]

    13. One Oh my my jumps in joy So that means there s going to be of Michael and Christina Can t wait for this book

    14. I ve come full circle with this series.This book is a 3.5 stars for me, just like the first book Extra 0.5 stars added because of the ending I like open endings like that If Michael had conclusively had died, and there was a funeral, I would ve given this a 4 Would ve packed in the emotional feels ORif Michael and Christina had an emotional reunionI would ve given this 5 Hahaha I m kidding.Michael had an excellent character arc in this novel You see him really stripped bare and vulnerable Christ [...]

    15. I still don t know how I feel about this series I mean, it was obviously intriguing, and there was something about it that made me need to finish it, but it was dark and disgusting This was a new level of darkness, a place that I hope I never have to experience in real life It s tragic and heartbreaking, and terrifying With the exception of Christina and not even always her , every character in this book was a terrible person There was something broken about each and every one of them But this s [...]

    16. EDIT I swear to God a review will happenI just got suckered into yet another writing project though, so I can t say when that will be But there will be a review Swears D

    17. This book was the most suspenseful out of the entire series Because it s the last one, I knew that anything could happen If you ve made it this far, then I don t think I need to warn you that the villain is brutal, and that this is not a story in which the hero always saves the day It s been a long time since I ve read anything in the thriller genre, so I don t know how much has changed I can tell you that this is different than anything I ve read in that genre before Back then it was always a l [...]

    18. How often does one get to say a series is nicely foreboding, unpredictable, funny, terrifying, sexy, disturbing, and romantic If you re a fan of Nenia Campbell, you already know what I mean, particularly if you ve read the IMA series The fourth book continues the brutality and attraction that drives the lives of the main characters, Michael and Christina Past events have forced both of them to grow from their former selves, and while they re understandably weary, they re also both terrified of t [...]

    19. Cease Desist picks up where Locked Loaded left off Michael and Christina are building their new organization the AMI in order to take down the evil mastermind and leader of the IMA Adrian Callaghan Michael and Christina are firmly together and Christina seems to have finally gotten over any remaining reservations she may have had about being in a relationship with Michael They make a good team.This time around Callaghan has gotten involved in the human trafficking business and the AMI decide to [...]

    20. Cease and Desist is the best of the series It has everything from action, romance, horror and I was both excited and anxious the whole ride sigh.There s a lot of gruesome scene from abuse, torture and rape I like the topic of sexist, human trafficking and psychological elements that the characters have to endure And Adrianoh a real psychopath I wish her suffer Anyway what s not impressive for me is that I somehow feel like Michael and Christina are too setted to be doom It made and interesting [...]

    21. Cease and Desist the last novel in the IMA series Christina and Michael are like most of couples in novels like these Unsuited for each other, but go perfectly with each other Balanced really well.Adrian Callaghan is such a disgusting guy Like really disgusting His hands are all over the place Not meant to be dirty, but is I have enjoyed this series because it has what I love, sex, romance, action, and everything that I haven t experienced in my life never really want to This is series is like a [...]

    22. I have been waiting for this book for so long because I love my obsessed anti hero s and Micheal was def that, the story was so engrossing but I had to take pints off for two of my worst peeve s apart from cheating which is rape especially once I feel like I have a connection with the characters I should warn people who like myself hate rape that both hero and heroine get raped by truly nasty villain and even though thankfully it s not described it s still horrible reading about it My next issue [...]

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