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Wetware By Rudy Rucker,

  • Title: Wetware
  • Author: Rudy Rucker
  • ISBN: 9780380701780
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 2030, bopper robots in their lunar refuge have founds a way to infuse DNA wetware with their own software code The result is a new lifeform the meatbop Fair is fair, after all Humans built the boppers, now bops are building humans rt of Its all part of an insidious plot thats about to ensnare Della Taze who doesnt think she killed her lover while in drug indIn 2030, bopper robots in their lunar refuge have founds a way to infuse DNA wetware with their own software code The result is a new lifeform the meatbop Fair is fair, after all Humans built the boppers, now bops are building humans rt of Its all part of an insidious plot thats about to ensnare Della Taze who doesnt think she killed her lover while in drug induced ecstasy.but isnt sure And its certainly catastrophic enough to call Cobb Anderson the pheezer who started it all out of cold storage heaven.
    Wetware In bopper robots in their lunar refuge have founds a way to infuse DNA wetware with their own software code The result is a new lifeform the meatbop Fair is fair after all Humans built the bopp

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    1. What a wild ride Seriously And I was just thinking that I d have boppers and meat sacks in some sort of wacky adventure.Little did I know that this would be about boppers making meat sacks or what it would mean for religion in this wild, wild world.Things are always changing in these novels Big changes Enormous changes No spoilers, but the results of the whole bopper human war is really freaky Rudy Rucker doesn t hold back with his idea storms He lets it all hang out.I love it And by the way, t [...]

    2. I enjoyed Software, the first book in Rucker s Ware series, but this second installment was even better The ideas were unique and disturbing and took the logical steps forward that a series should which deals with artificial intelligence For being such a slim read, it packs a punch and leaves the reader s mind scurrying down endless possible paths of what will happen next in the future Rucker has created I just love that as far this book is concerned, intelligence is intelligence, regardless of [...]

    3. Rudy Rucker has reprinted the series as a complete set The Ware Tetralogy As a bonus, he s also released the whole Tetralogy as a free PDF available on his site.

    4. Wetware, The Book That Made Me Reevaluate If I Really Want To Do A Cyberpunk ThesisWeird sex things are pretty staple in the cyberpunk genre but there was an uncomfortable amount of men and male coded robots wanting to do non consensual things to women There were instances of the phrase his penis stiffened than female characters in this book The plot not great, but there are worse cyberpunk plots took forever to get started and then the majority of the action was smushed into 20 pages It also t [...]

    5. Quite a bit better than Software, but wtf Software s Boppers have evolved Instead of needing to be supercooled they can run at room temperature And they have a plan to put a robot intelligence into a human body But humans have a plan to put a chipmold into Bopper bodies, that will kill off the AIs Who ll win view spoiler Neither, of course hide spoiler Suddenly we have moldies Yet another kind of Bopper How did that happen You won t find out here.

    6. He said that people and boppers are the same It s really true, but some people don t like hearing it Some people even think that sex and skin color line is that we re all information processorsInclusive thinking by the bopper messiah A saintly badass.

    7. Rudy Rucker is something of an unsung hero of the Cyberpunk movement Rudy should rightfully be considered the third aspect in a trinity that would include Bruce Sterling and William Gibson In fact, one of my favourite stories in the seminal Mirroshades anthology absolutely fundamental to understanding Cyberpunk is Rudy s Tales of Houdini Possibly one of the earliest examples along with Software of posthuman or transhumanist literature Wetware spins the central conceit of Software humans download [...]

    8. Another melting pot of ideas presenting the authors weird vision of the future of humans and robots and their uneasy, unharmonious relationship No doubt greatly influenced by Asimov s earlier robot stories but here is a much up to date exploration of AI by a man well qualified in the field Like it s predecessor, Software, this also won the Philip K Dick award.Despite this however, the story is all over the place with barmy plot developments and unfathomable character motivations they just do th [...]

    9. Once upon a time there were a mess of agitated robots on the Moon And agitated humans in Florida Also some agitated humans with a touch of robot in em, on the Moon and in Florida What is it about Florida that lends itself for these kind of stories, anyway

    10. So that was a book that happenedIt was good, not great, but also great and not good I don t know what to say other than that it was worth reading if only for the fantastic ideas thrown at you one after the other.

    11. Finally got to the end I think cyberpunk might not be for me.Full review of Software and Wetware on my podcast, SFBRP episode not sure yet probably about 227 or 228.

    12. More serious in style than the first book, but not in subject On the one hand less fun to read and tedious, on the other hand less cartoonish childish to read.While the first book introduced several different concepts and ideas, only one new main idea is introduced here, the merge drug and generally the DNA messing around with rapid growth etc So it was nice reading on in the series, but not much than that And definitely a slow read relative to its size still I ll probably continue on the seri [...]

    13. Like the first of the series, good sci fi with neat ideas on robotics and AI, occasionally marred by weird racial accents and stereotypes Explained away a tiny bit better in this book than in the first as an aspect of the society, butill weird and offputting.

    14. not bad, not outstanding turns out I ve read this before but decades ago it is kind of a landmark in the field and a quick read do it s worth a read for that.

    15. The first book in Rucker s Ware Tetralogy was okay but I had this to say about the ending The end was simply dreadful it just fizzled out There was very little conclusion and a lot of untied loose ends It was so bad I was literally looking around for missing pages Will I read the remaining books in the tetralogy Probably as I have bought them as an omnibus, but another ending like that one will likely stop me dead.Well I didn t even reach the ending in this second book Wetware it was simply too [...]

    16. If William S Burroughs and William Gibson had a strange lovechild, that is not doing justice to the weirdness that inhabits Rudy Rucker s Ware Tetralogy While the first of the books, Software, introduced us to the boppers and their quest for immortality via eating human brains , this book, Wetware, takes the story of the boppers to the next logical plateau boppers want to merge with the wetware of the humans He does this by first setting up the means by which boppers will be able to merge with h [...]

    17. I liked this book less than I did the first book That s why it gets 3.5 stars from me.I think maybe this should have been a much bigger book There is so much stuff the author wants to tell us about that the whole story starts to feel rushed More like the outline for a story rather than a real fleshed out story Even though everything comes together nicely at the end, the rest of the book has so many seemingly unrelated characters and events that it all started to feel a bit random for me The firs [...]

    18. I guess it was about 10 years ago when a guy I d done some work for couldn t afford to pay me in cash, so he gave me a pile of books by Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling, Jack Womack and maybe a couple of other so called cyberpunks We had a mutual interest in theoretical mathematics and philosophy and he was of the opinion that these books would appeal to me Which they did Despite my distaste for what I perceived as the sci fi aesthetic aliens, big laser guns, android babes, etc , the cyberpunks had u [...]

    19. Wetware, the second book in the Ware series, picks up 20 years after the events of Software Earth has attacked the colony of boppers, intelligent robots living on the moon, and driven them underground Since then, an uneasy truce has been obtained between the humans and robots Earth needs the cloned organs that the robots produce on the moon, and the robots require petroleum and raw materials from earth As the story takes off, this equilibrium is shattered by a robot plot to unleash meatbops on t [...]

    20. This one delves deeply into the philosophy of meat and consciousness than the first in this series and for that reason was a engaging read The characters have something of the dr Seuss about them still, individuals don t leave an impression and are interchangeable depending on their function eg A female character s prime importance is about whether she can reproduce, similarly, a male who can t reproduce becomes less important to the plot because the plot is focusing on that idea at the time T [...]

    21. You can t always tell the robots from the humans from the robotically engineered flesh encased humanoids in Rudy Rucker s Wetware, and neither can many of the book s characters A warp speed evolution of technology and ethics twists Rucker s future into the kind of place where protagonists and antagonists and the gawking supporting cast are occasionally called upon to stop and explain the day s scientific developments to one another, speculating to what ends these advancements are being deployed [...]

    22. Cyberpunk gloriously jazzy past future cyber slang for the win This novel was a blast a dash of humor here, a splash of future tech there Now mix in a big ol chunk of cyberpunk and an homage to asimovs three laws, and licky split, you got a crafty futuretastic wiggly story about software Read this If you like SF, for the love of our almighty noodly lord and savior, meatball god, spaghetti monster of the heavens read this damn it Totally rad story A blast from start to end different than the firs [...]

    23. This book takes place twenty years after the events in Software In the intervening years, the humans have taken over the bopper civilization on the moon, and forced the boppers underground The boppers are attempting to get their own back by attempting to merge their information with human, making what is termed a meatbop The world building is developed here than in the first book I m really enjoying these.

    24. With a very much matured writing style, Wetware is quite a lot better than Software and the genre blending is fabulous I m curious what exactly Rucker was reading that inspired the noir sci fi crossover, and what exactly the timing was sure, it s not at all unique any , but it was at one point but it s a brilliantly fun, well paced narrative.This series is excellent There are a whole lot of people sleeping on Ware I think I ll be gifting this to quite a lot of friends.

    25. The free robots known as Boppers have started putting control mechanisms into human brains , creating Meaties , but that s not enough for them They re trying to make fast growing human children with programming built into their DNA If the robots can t beat us , they ll outbreed us.

    26. Totally warped Original ideas on artificial intelligence, human robot relations and drugs Cyberpunk in all its twisted glory.

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