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The Cage By Ruth Minsky Sender,

  • Title: The Cage
  • Author: Ruth Minsky Sender
  • ISBN: 9780689813214
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • As long as there is life, there is hope After Mama is taken away by the Nazis, Riva and her younger brothers cling to their mothere s brave words to help them endure life in the Lodz ghetto Then the family is rounded up, deported to Auschwitz, and separated Now Riva is alone At Auschwitz, and later in the work camps at Mittlesteine and Grafenort, Riva vows to live, As long as there is life, there is hope After Mama is taken away by the Nazis, Riva and her younger brothers cling to their mothere s brave words to help them endure life in the Lodz ghetto Then the family is rounded up, deported to Auschwitz, and separated Now Riva is alone At Auschwitz, and later in the work camps at Mittlesteine and Grafenort, Riva vows to live, and to hope for Mama, for her brothers, for the millions of other victims of the nightmare of the Holocaust And through determination and courage, and unexpected small acts of kindness, she does live to write the unforgettable memoir that is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.
    The Cage As long as there is life there is hope After Mama is taken away by the Nazis Riva and her younger brothers cling to their mothere s brave words to help them endure life in the Lodz ghetto Then the f

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    1. I have to say I am fascinated by the Holocaust I have read a lot of Holocaust lit over the years and am just as moved, touched, startled, and emboldened as the very first one I read Jacob s Rescue when I was about 9 years old I find that as I get older what hits me the most has changed When I was young I was always taken aback by the physical pain I was able to sympathize with that the hunger, cold, dirtiness, etc but now that I am older I find what hits me is the mental and emotional anguish o [...]

    2. Haunting I couldn t put it down A young girl is forced to become a woman at an entirely too young age The horrors of everyday life for Riva and her family are unimaginable We should never ever forget what terrible things happened so that they won t ever happen again.

    3. This book makes me cry, no matter how many times I read it This woman struggle through the jewish concentration camps is epic A non fiction novel that I enjoy reading because it put life in prosective A can t even tell you how gloriouse this book is.

    4. I LOOOOOVED this book The best Holocaust book I ve ever read.I would give it 6 stars if I could This book was life changing for me, it truly was The love between the siblings was like no other IF THERE IS LIFE, THERE IS HOPE is something that has been ingrained in my head and my heart forever I wish I could meet this author, fall to my knees and thank her for sharing her story.

    5. This book is about a young girl who loses her mother in a holocaust raid She later gets separated from her younger siblings that she was responsible for ever since her mother was taken Riva developed an infection in her hand from working in he concentration camp She is treated by the kindness of the many officers of the concentration camp, even the commandant Riva is freed from the concentration camp, she has a wonderful daughter that always asks her about her grandparents, Rivas parents This st [...]

    6. A well written book I really enjoyed this book Ruth Minsky Sender does a great job of telling of her family struggles and survivals.

    7. The Lodz Ghetto Review of The Cage by Ruth Minsky In her Holocaust memoir, The Cage Simon Schuster, 1997 , Ruth Minsky Sender compares the Lodz ghetto not to imprisonment of human beings, but to a cage that animals are trapped in The metaphor is powerful and apt A medium sized city in Poland, Lodz had a relatively large Jewish population Out of the city s nearly 700,000 occupants, about a quarter of million were Jews The Germans established the Lodz Ghetto in February, 1940 They forced the Jews [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this book and the moral of it As long as there is life, there is hope is such a great learning experience to all and is used completely through the book As long as you are alive, you need hope to survive and go along through paths that may be a little bumpy to your destination This book shows that you need each other to show it and to live through the cage of life.

    9. The Cage is an unforgettable story of a girl living through the horrors of World War II and the decisions that she is faced with The beginning of this story is told through the flashbacks of Riva, the protagonist, and what it was like having to take care of her siblings and to have to work and work, just to see another day as a Jew during the holocaust Riva who was once a positive, carefree girl is forced to take on many responsibilities at a really young age and has to quickly learn to take car [...]

    10. It s hard to objectively rate or review a book you ve read since it was age appropriate As an adult I d probably give it a star less, but when I first got this book I thought it was wonderful, and read it many times Having holocaust literature coming at me from every angle for as long as I can remember, the story felt unremarkable I feel so horrible saying that though now I see that she had some fairly miraculous experiences and with 20 20 hindsight I always wondered why the people in the story [...]

    11. When there is life, there is hope is the quote that the teenage girl received from her mother before the nazis separated her from her mother and her brother, Riva is alone sent her to concentration camp Life has just gone bad for the poor girl, not only is she alone and scared but she is sick Going through many hospitals looking for help but only one caring hospital who subsided the fact that she was Jewish to keep her alive, all other hospitals not willing to help do to her Jewish background Ri [...]

    12. This book is about a thirteen year old girl who survived from the Holocaust The girl was named Riva, and the three children This book was a very good book, which it brought the sadness of the concentration camps The book was getting fast when it did happened in real life On the September 10th, 1942, which their mother had taken out of the ghetto during a Nazi raid This book was quickly, which there were some action, which the officers would kill some Jewish, put in the gas chambers, some dies wi [...]

    13. I remember the 8th graders at my previous school read this book, and since I have a propensity for reading Holocaust novels, I finally picked this one up This is an autobiographical account of Riva s life as a young girl in Lodz, Poland Riva, her mother, and her three brothers live in a ghetto there at the start of World War II Several older siblings had moved to Russia before the war started, and her father had died years prior Riva s story mirrors those of other Holocaust novels I have read, a [...]

    14. As long as there is life, there is hope I found this to be one of the most innocent memoirs of the holocaust that I have ever read It was very clear that Sender suffered however I think she downplayed some of the eviler aspects of her imprisonment, as if she wants the world to know what truly happened but also wants to protect her readers from it at the same time I wouldn t give a young teen Night but I would give them this book This book is defiantly a good introduction to the horrors of the co [...]

    15. I really like this book, because it makes me feel as if I am there It gets intense at some parts of the stories One of the examples is how Riva lost her mom and brother The author expresses her feelings in a new better way than other Holocaust authors write This is because, when other Holocaust books are mostly about hiding, this book talks about labor camps I think that Sender made me to realize how gruesome the Holocaust was and how lucky I am to be alive The Holocaust was one of the scariest [...]

    16. I am thankful that Riva Ruth lived her mother s motto of If there is life there is hope Without her survival we would not have her account of life in the ghetto and in a labor camp Thank you Riva Ruth for sharing your story with us Edited to add I just finished this book again We are reading it for our book club this month I love the simple way Riva Ruth tells her story There are so many times I choke up while reading this I love her story of trying to save the books that the Germans would burn [...]

    17. This book is called The Cage and this book is about a girl named Riva that she is by the nazis along with family and are sent to labor camps.Riva talks about the experience from the nazis and the things that ahpeened tp her such as when she got seperated from atleast half her family and some actually died too.The scene Empty homes bid us their last good bye p.138 is very interesting because Riva the girl in the book is leqaving her homeland along with some of her family and friends and its hard [...]

    18. I rarely have never read a Holocaust book, and this is my first I hesitated to read this book, because I would not want to have the same nightmares as the story would have But with my homework being in my father s car, and 2 hours to spare, I begin reading the first chapter, which I must say, is absolutely enticing Although I cannot say I absolutely love the ending, I do love the story, and the characters, and and Oh my, the tears are coming out again It makes me horribly sad to just think about [...]

    19. The Cage is a wonderfully written book of the Holocaust The Cage is the story of a Polish Jewish family with a brief glimpse into their live prior to the invasion by the Nazis It follows their life as family members and friends are killed or taken away by the Nazis never to be heard from again It covers their life in the Polish Ghetto to the concentration camps and finally liberation It gives the reader into a glimpse into the the life of Jews outside of Germany I am putting this book in our sch [...]

    20. I have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to reading books about survivors of the holocaust I love history I think that it s a good thing to each in school, history shows where we ve been and to learn from the past, and to make sure the past doesn t relive itself The holocaust is a very good example of hate and fearing what we don t understand, it s something we still struggle with as humans and are still learning to conquer They may break your heart but it s something I believe everybody can [...]

    21. The Cage is a fast paced story, and about the hardship and cruelty of being a Jewish person Riva, the perspective and main character of the story has to get through life, after everything is taken away from her In the beginning of the book, you figure out that her mom is taken away from the Nazis Even though this happens earlier in the book, the rest of the book can make you surprised, about Riva s decisions Her decisions change her life, even one little thing she did, with a risk If there is l [...]

    22. This was a truly and utterly heartbreaking read Ruth Sender s memoir almost had me in tears a couple of times and I found that I had to put the book down a few times just to walk away from the heaviness of it all for a bit The Cage is 100% worth your time, a super quick read packed with devastating, gut wrenching true twists and turns that will have you devouring the chapters in record time Not to sound like a complete narcissistic hardass but it genuinely takes quite a fair bit to disturb me Ha [...]

    23. The Cage follows the experience of 13 year old Riva and her life throughout the war It is a day like any other, until Riva notices that her neighbors are slowly drifting into the hands of the Nazis Kind neighbors that never thought about religion are suddenly disgusted that they live next to a family composed of Jews Riva s three older siblings knew the war was coming so they moved away to a safe place to avoid the Nazis Riva, her mother, and her three younger brothers attempt to continue life a [...]

    24. The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender is an amazing true story memoir about a teenage girl s experience during the holocaust She lived in a ghetto with her family, when the Nazis take away her mother She has to step in as the new mother of her family to take care of her younger siblings Ruth Minsky Sender tells this memoir in the perspective of which she experienced it, with dialogue, and even emotions The family faces hardships such as running out of supplies, having to face diseases, and even losing [...]

    25. 3.5 stars The Cage was a haunting story of survival and the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust I find the Holocaust a fascinating horror and a terrifying reality that humans are capable of going as far as eradicating an entire race The story did make the Germans appear a bit human as if the author was afraid to paint the darker parts of the journey Everything felt a bit distant at times and when I held my breath because something terrible was going to happen after Riva made [...]

    26. This book is beautifully written It displays what living in the concentration camps would be to us in such vivid language and detail that demonstrates extreme understanding of this period of time as if the author was there them self I enjoyed this book, yet I would most likely not read it for amusement Overall, it was a riveting novel, with mounds of information This book has made me informed on the hardships survived by the victims of these terrible crimes.

    27. in the book the cage, there is conflict, despair, loss but hope it not only shows how the holocaust affected the jews, but how a few words can affect somebody s will to live riva is an example of that it also shows that the people who survived in the holocaust felt guilty for them surviving and others not So, overall this book even with the main character surviving it doesn t feel like a happy ending

    28. The cage is about a Jewish family that lives in Poland during the holocaust They were a family of 5 but after the holocaust they were no longer a family of 5 Their mother was taken away and sent to a concentration camp and their youngest brother sadly passed away This book really showed me that it doesn t matter what age you are to help out your family I recommend this book to people that like history and want to know what truly happened in the Holocaust.

    29. As long as there is life there is hope said Momma Believe this What a sad sad yet true story How many of my relatives or yours perhaps went through this and were lucky enough to survive Not enough Let s all hope that this disgusting filth never happens again Jewish people are not to be blamed fir anything, nor Black people, Hispanic people, Muslim people or any people Down with prejudices if skin tone I recommend this fur all to read about life in Nazi Germany.

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